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>> No. 10427 Anonymous
8th February 2014
Saturday 9:29 pm
10427 spacer
One pound twenty five.

Fuck the ingredients, I'm hungry.
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>> No. 10428 Anonymous
8th February 2014
Saturday 9:57 pm
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I have anxiety attacks because of all the scandals involving our food. I just read another article about how a third of everything we buy isn't what it says on the tin. I don't know what to do any more.
>> No. 10429 Anonymous
8th February 2014
Saturday 10:03 pm
10429 spacer

Cook from basic ingredients as much as possible, don't sweat the rest. It still passes some basic health standards.
>> No. 10431 Anonymous
8th February 2014
Saturday 10:13 pm
10431 spacer
The Dr Oetker Pepproni tradizionale is probably the most unhealthy bit of food I've ever seen. Look at the health warning thing on the bottom left of it and they are all red and in the 90%. Its bloody lovely though.
>> No. 10432 Anonymous
8th February 2014
Saturday 10:17 pm
10432 spacer

download (1).jpg
I mean the 'Ristorante' one.

This, but I can't seem to find one with the label.
>> No. 10433 Anonymous
8th February 2014
Saturday 10:33 pm
10433 spacer

There's a great chippy in Hebden Bridge with a free pin board.
>> No. 10437 Anonymous
8th February 2014
Saturday 11:07 pm
10437 spacer
This is how it must feel like living in a shithole third-world country.
>> No. 10438 Anonymous
8th February 2014
Saturday 11:24 pm
10438 spacer

Not quite, not unless a Kalashnikov wielding militiaman has sexually abused a female relative recently?
>> No. 10439 Anonymous
8th February 2014
Saturday 11:29 pm
10439 spacer
>>Not quite, not unless a Kalashnikov wielding militiaman has sexually abused a female relative recently?

Post the win. Discarded Dr Oetker box optional.
>> No. 10440 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 12:23 am
10440 spacer


I love China more than anything else in the world, but it's like the bloody wild west out there. Counterfeit eggs. Fuck me.
>> No. 10441 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 1:04 am
10441 spacer

Surely no one would get to the stage where they'd be eating those right? Even if you did you'd hold it 5 inches away from your mouth and, well, honestly if you get any closer you probably already have dementia.
>> No. 10442 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 1:13 am
10442 spacer

Big unexplained radiation space thing will hopefully kill us all by the morrow. I'm off to bed now.
>> No. 10447 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 3:07 pm
10447 spacer

Are we dead yet?
>> No. 10448 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 3:31 pm
10448 spacer

Sadly not. More from China:

>> No. 10450 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 3:42 pm
10450 spacer

Damn it, I thought I wasn't dead. That's for confirming.

Yet more Chinese madness.


There was another video next to it titled 'FAKE Chinese Steam Buns Made From Cardboard Boxes' but the report was all in Chinese.

I've always been told that Western Chinese food is nothing like food you'll actually find in China, I'm starting to think this is actually a good thing.
>> No. 10458 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 4:11 pm
10458 spacer
Everything I hear about China sounds completely distopian to me. Sure it's probably not as bad as North Korea or war-torn African nations but I still don't get why anyone would choose to go there...
>> No. 10460 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 4:31 pm
10460 spacer

>Western Chinese food is nothing like food you'll actually find in China

I always assumed that, but I never realised it was just a byproduct of our stricter food regulations.


I understand that if you know the right people you can live very well. Which still sounds vile, but what are you going to do?
>> No. 10461 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 4:58 pm
10461 spacer
Next time some 'Kipper goes on about unnecessary regulations, I guess we can point them at this thread.
>> No. 10464 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 5:03 pm
10464 spacer

God. That really is fucking disgusting.
>> No. 10466 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 6:00 pm
10466 spacer

The best analogy I can give is riding pillion on a really fast motorbike, being ridden by an absolute madman. It's a terrifying ordeal that could end badly at any moment, but you've never felt so alive.

As an electronics engineer working in the west, the business is safe, reliable and fucking boring. If I want a prototype manufactured, it takes three weeks and costs hundreds of pounds. If I want a brand new chip to work with, I essentially have to beg the manufacturer and prove that the project I'm working on is worth their while. Lots of paperwork, lots of NDAs and licensee agreements, lots of waiting. It's all risk assessments and quarterly forecasts and certificates of compliance.

In Shenzhen, I can take a taxi down to the SEG market and buy anything I could possibly want, there and then, cash in hand. If it exists, someone has it or can get it. I can walk up to a little booth with a pocketful of Yuan and walk out with a tray full of chips that I couldn't get for love nor money at home, complete with illicitly photocopied data sheets. I can get a prototype PCB made in a matter of hours and a prototype chassis in a couple of days, at a tenth of what it would cost in the west. If I want to go into production, I can just hop in a taxi and visit ten different factories in an afternoon. Things just happen. You know those dreams you have where you're flying? That's what it feels like working out there. The market is flooded with counterfeits and swindlers, the man making my prototypes is probably selling my designs to my competitors, the air smells like burning plastic and the water tastes like petrol, but by god it's exciting.


That thrill is palpable in any Chinese city. Factory wages in Shenzhen are going up by 15-20% a year and have been for years. Kids are getting off the bus from the provinces and walking into a job that pays more in a month than their parents earn in a year. There's a constant, headlong rush towards a better future. Everyone you talk to has a real sense of ambition, in a way that seems to have all but died out in the west. The guy on the corner selling lou mei wants a proper shop, the factory girl on the bus wants to become a doctor, the businessman selling air conditioners wants to conquer the American market, and they're all utterly driven to achieve that goal.

If you went away to university, you'll remember the sense of trepidation and excitement when you moved into your new digs and started exploring your independence in a new city. On the one hand you're terrified that you'll get stabbed by a black man, on the other you're thrilled at the prospect of cheap booze, pretty girls and no parents. China is like that times a thousand, every single day. Absolutely anything is possible - that's the joy and the horror of China in a nutshell.
>> No. 10467 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 6:13 pm
10467 spacer
Fascinating, thanks.
>> No. 10468 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 6:22 pm
10468 spacer


I remember an old colleague of mine telling me a tale years back about a friend of his who went to China.

He was walking around some random market when a China-man comes up offering him some 'latest' Microsoft software. Obviously knowing it was 99% going to be fake and probably virus ridden, he knew better than to buy it for personal use. However, he thought a m8 of his who worked for Bill Gates Corp. might be interested to see what was on it.

Apparently the people at Microsoft got into a bit of a huff, the CDs contained some software years away from actual release (might have been Office 2003) and it contained source code that had never been published before. It also contained viruses.

They couldn't believe that this came from some random bloke walking around a random market. Guess they probably double checked a few security settings internally after that.
>> No. 10469 Anonymous
9th February 2014
Sunday 6:42 pm
10469 spacer

These posts pretty much made my Sunday. Thank you.

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