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>> No. 10589 Anonymous
15th April 2014
Tuesday 5:06 pm
10589 Sandwich Spreads
I'm aware this is a pitifully elementary question, but what's a healthy(er) spread to put on a sandwich? Or even just something that's not mayonnaise would be kewl?

Also I suppose you can talk about sandwiches here once my rubbish question has an answer.
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>> No. 10591 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 1:00 am
10591 spacer
Houmous. Not exactly super healthy but it's a bit better than mayo or butter.
>> No. 10592 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 1:08 am
10592 spacer

I think vinaigrettes are meant to be healthy but I'm not very keen on them. Vegan mayo's probably better than the normal type.
>> No. 10593 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 1:55 am
10593 spacer
Could you just not use spread? Throw a bit of tomato in your sandwich if you want some moisture.

Otherwise, a tablespoon of mayo, or Heinz sandwich spread, or salad cream, they're all only about as calorific as a single boiled egg. Just don't slather your sarnie in the stuff and you'll be fine. But basically any 'creamy' spread is not going to be great. There are plenty of low fat versions but they usually don't taste of anything so you end up using more, and you're no better off.

Branston Pickle is only 15 calories per tablespoon, and things like marmite and bovril are even lower.
>> No. 10594 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 2:51 pm
10594 spacer
fuck all this nasty slimy mayonnaise bullshit, it's supposed to be an adult's meal not mummys creamy breastmilk for babby. Put some goddamn chili sauce on that sandwitch and stop being a fat baby.
>> No. 10595 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 3:09 pm
10595 spacer

Only a 12 year old could possibly think as soon as you turn 18 it's chilli sauce 'till death.

If you make it out your twenties without a lactose/gluten intolerance and don't regularly get heartburn and indigestion, I'll be very surprised.
>> No. 10596 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 3:20 pm
10596 spacer
For me it's been chilli sauce til death since I was about 16

No idea regarding lactose, I don't eat dairy products, gluten is fine, eat bread errday. I'm already nearing the end of my 20's and my enthusiasm for hot sauce is only getting greater. I've never had any gastric complaints that weren't drug-induced. My digestive system seems to handle spice incredibly well, I never get curry shits or any of that other crap other people moan about. I'm telling you, once you get used to chilli it just improves everything it touches...except your eyes and your bellend, those hurt like fuck
>> No. 10597 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 3:24 pm
10597 spacer
Agree with >>10596, I'm past 40 now and bring on more Scotch Bonnets. Oh you delicate little flowers with your sensitive digestive tracts and faddy intolerances...
>> No. 10598 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 3:41 pm
10598 spacer
I'm a fan of olive oil.
>> No. 10599 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 4:02 pm
10599 spacer
The only sandwiches I ever make contain ham, loads of cheese, butter and lettuce. Fuck anything else.
>> No. 10600 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 4:12 pm
10600 spacer
Your militant and aggressive stance on sandwiches has caused audible mirth. Cheers.
>> No. 10601 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 4:21 pm
10601 spacer

The only sandwiches I eat are ham and cheese toasties. Cold sandwiches are for plebs.
>> No. 10644 Anonymous
25th May 2014
Sunday 6:39 pm
10644 spacer
>eating sandwichs
get all that filling and chuck it in a bowl with some couscous

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 10645 Anonymous
25th May 2014
Sunday 6:53 pm
10645 spacer
I think you mean Boursin.
>> No. 10646 Anonymous
25th May 2014
Sunday 10:08 pm
10646 spacer

You're sill a prole with your toastie maker.
>> No. 10647 Anonymous
26th May 2014
Monday 7:28 am
10647 spacer

M7 my butler makes my toasties.
>> No. 10648 Anonymous
26th May 2014
Monday 12:29 pm
10648 spacer


Try this hot sauce. It's not very hot, but the taste is amazing and its a really pretty colour. Goes with various cold meats and cheese. Or you could try mustard. Lidl do some good one Dijon and French mustard.

I like to put various salad stuff in sandwiches to create a variety of textures and tastes. Gherkins or something vinegary like mint sauce often works well.

I realise this post sounds like I am plugging the condiment industry. I probably am. I have received no money, though.

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