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>> No. 9171 Anonymous
4th May 2013
Saturday 12:51 pm
9171 spacer
Let's talk those shitty little takeaways and kebab houses near you. Everyone has their favourites and stories.

There's a small place in my hometown called Star Burger part way down an alley that's been there since I was a kid, a good 15 years at least. I genuinely don't know how it's stayed in business this long especially when there's a McDonalds and KFC five minutes away. It's only open in the day, not even a late night place, and the town is only small. I've not once walked in there but next time I'm home I may go in one day just to see what the fuss is about, maybe it's actually really decent.
Oh hey I found a real image of it

Anyway what do you lot have around?
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>> No. 9172 Anonymous
4th May 2013
Saturday 4:11 pm
9172 spacer
From what I've heard at lot of these improbable takeaways are basically there for money laundering and not much else.
>> No. 9173 Anonymous
4th May 2013
Saturday 8:09 pm
9173 spacer

Looks like they've been redone since then OP, where'd you get your picture?
>> No. 9174 Anonymous
4th May 2013
Saturday 9:34 pm
9174 spacer
Mine are all halal chicken shacks/pizza places run by hairy, swarthy types who I assume jizz in the food. I just go home and make toast now.
>> No. 9175 Anonymous
4th May 2013
Saturday 11:52 pm
9175 spacer

There was an Indian takeaway across the road from me and it was a road with a lot of takeaways but this one virtually never had customers. After it shut at like midnight, loads of Indian guys would go in there. I mean like a dozen Indian men all arriving seperately. It was bizarre.
>> No. 9176 Anonymous
5th May 2013
Sunday 12:37 am
9176 spacer
This was in Rochdale, was it?
>> No. 9177 Anonymous
5th May 2013
Sunday 12:37 am
9177 spacer

>> No. 9178 Anonymous
5th May 2013
Sunday 12:47 am
9178 spacer
Just through Google images, how on earth did you find it? I'm slightly concerned

Anyway another place, up in Norwich there's a chicken shop along the nightclub road called DFC chicken. This place sells spicy chicken. Now when I say spicy, I mean burn your mouth off from one bite spice, and I consider myself to be able to handle my hot foods, I love them.

So twice after night's out now I've attempted to finish the DFC challenge which consists of 6 pieces of chicken (big KFC style) of this hot as hell food. I've managed 5 both times, giving the last away to a friend so they can experience it. genuinely the hottest food I've ever eaten
>> No. 9179 Anonymous
5th May 2013
Sunday 5:57 am
9179 spacer
I can't leave this thread without mentioning Kurry Corner in Bolton.

Curry with a "K", Corner with a "C".


☑ Autism
>> No. 9180 Anonymous
5th May 2013
Sunday 6:56 am
9180 spacer

Sounds like a sacrificial tax write off to me, I've seen Chinese restaurants do exactly the same.
>> No. 9182 Anonymous
5th May 2013
Sunday 10:58 am
9182 spacer
>how on earth did you find it?
In google maps, search for 'starburger' in the UK and it's the second result.
>> No. 9183 Anonymous
5th May 2013
Sunday 12:35 pm
9183 spacer


A competitor?
>> No. 9184 Anonymous
5th May 2013
Sunday 1:18 pm
9184 spacer
Coming back from the theatre last night through Brixton I noticed a joint near the train station that offered a large chicken wings with chips for £2, or a 12" pizza for £4.
I didn't stop to try it but I think I'll have to give it a go some day.

If you're ever in Fort William (at the end of the West Highland Way) there's a well good 'styrofoam café' that does deep fried pizza with chips, white pudding, all the famed delicacies of our gentle Alban neighbours.
>> No. 9185 Anonymous
5th May 2013
Sunday 9:44 pm
9185 spacer

Curry Land, round the corner from me. They do stunning Chicken Tikka Naans, absolutely massive naan wrapped up and stuffed full of chicken, sauce and salad.
>> No. 9186 Anonymous
5th May 2013
Sunday 11:09 pm
9186 spacer
The pizzas on the sign just reminded me of this joint in my town.

Pizza city, renowned for its shit pizzas but they serve good burgers and chicken.
>> No. 9278 Anonymous
12th May 2013
Sunday 2:36 pm
9278 spacer

I have always been intrigued by KFC in Hull. Another anecdote about a takeaway, this time D&F Kitchens down Holderness Road in Hull - Derek, th mad chink who runs the place has been barred from driving, so he borrows his other chinky staffs' driving licenses so he can continue driving, because the Humberside Police think they all look alike.

I remember a thread on /b/ about setting up a criminal front in somewhere like a tanning salon, I guess a fair few takeaways operate like that.
>> No. 9279 Anonymous
12th May 2013
Sunday 4:22 pm
9279 spacer
^ This, very much so.

Round where I live, there are pizza places that do curry too, literally next door to curry houses that do pizza. And fried chicken joints on either side.

The spaces between fast-food shacks are taken up by nail bars, beauty salons and hairdressers. All with Audi Q7s parked outside. The locals here must be eating out, havin g their hair done and getting new nails twice a day for them to be doing that kind of business.
>> No. 9303 Anonymous
13th May 2013
Monday 11:24 pm
9303 spacer

I always wanted to try a munchie box or else I heard you can get doner meat rolled up in a Naan bread which sounds pretty amazing.

>> No. 9304 Anonymous
14th May 2013
Tuesday 6:14 am
9304 spacer

You can get chicken tikka wrapped up in naan elsewhere too. Absolutely gorgeous when dipped in their fresh made mango chutney or their mint sauce.
>> No. 9305 Anonymous
14th May 2013
Tuesday 8:45 pm
9305 spacer

This is what a late night kebab looks like in Holland. Notice that it's not a slab of chips, 'meat' and withering salad cemented by watery goo, accompanied by an unwanted hunk of lemon.
>> No. 9306 Anonymous
14th May 2013
Tuesday 9:09 pm
9306 spacer
I'm sure it's delicious at 2AM, but those chips do look pretty pale and soggy. Better than the luminous yellow of some kebab shop chips I suppose.
>> No. 9307 Anonymous
14th May 2013
Tuesday 9:15 pm
9307 spacer

For the record, the whole time I was in Holland, both my earwax and shit was luminous yellow, tinged green. Inexplicable.
>> No. 9308 Anonymous
14th May 2013
Tuesday 9:27 pm
9308 spacer
I'm pretty sure yellow shits are a sign of poor liver function.
>> No. 9309 Anonymous
14th May 2013
Tuesday 9:30 pm
9309 spacer

I heard anemia or lack of protein can cause it too. Taking iron supplements most definitely makes your shit darker.
>> No. 9310 Anonymous
14th May 2013
Tuesday 10:02 pm
9310 spacer

Come on, a kapsalon, surely? *The* superior dutch nocturnal dish.


Both green shits (lack of bile, caused by a wonky liver) and very pale shits (caused by a totally fucked liver) are pretty bad news, yellow eyeballs / skin mean you're probably about to croak. Never heard of yellow shits being a liver thing though.
>> No. 9311 Anonymous
14th May 2013
Tuesday 10:16 pm
9311 spacer
Well, I'm probably wrong. My medical knowledge is a hodge-podge of hearsay and paranoid google searches. Jaundice doesn't mean you're dying mind, my nan had a bout of it when I was little (I don't know why but she certainly wasn't an alky) and after recovering was around for at least 10 years. And she was fucking old.
>> No. 9312 Anonymous
14th May 2013
Tuesday 10:30 pm
9312 spacer

It's also what a late night kebab looks like in most of England if you know where to look. Shawarma places rarely close and they're always good. Lebanese especially, those hairy bastards know how to flame grill a chicken.
>> No. 9313 Anonymous
14th May 2013
Tuesday 10:33 pm
9313 spacer

There is a place in Leeds that does what they claim is colloquially known as a "baseball bat" kebab, but that is a slight exaggeration. I would call them kebab babies, as they're about eight pounds in weight and all swaddled up in a giant naan and foil. In one of these kebabs you might expect to find whole beef burgers, samosas, along with the usual doner and such.
>> No. 9314 Anonymous
14th May 2013
Tuesday 10:36 pm
9314 spacer

That sounds fucking gorgeous.
>> No. 9317 Anonymous
15th May 2013
Wednesday 12:10 am
9317 spacer
My mate often talks of a place in Cardiff that used to do that kind of thing, all wrapped in tinfoil, you just peeled back as much as you could handle at one sitting. He says it'd last him three days.
>> No. 10817 Anonymous
1st August 2014
Friday 3:03 pm
10817 spacer
>> No. 10852 Anonymous
2nd August 2014
Saturday 8:09 pm
10852 spacer
I had the best kebab of my life in Bulgaria, likely influenced by their Turkish neighbours but also covered in Russian winter salad. It had the meat, chips and salad all mixed together and wrapped up almost like a burrito.

I can't look at any standard UK kebab and see anything but grease since then. The only thing that saves them is large quantities of booze before and a hefty covering of the chunky chilli sauce that burns your mouth.
>> No. 10855 Anonymous
2nd August 2014
Saturday 8:21 pm
10855 spacer
Another takeaway to try out in Hull is Victoria Bay. You can get the Khan burger (8 burgers), the Gang Bang burger (4 chicken burgers) and the Big Mamma burger (8 burgers, but this one comes with jalapenos), amongst others.
>> No. 10856 Anonymous
2nd August 2014
Saturday 8:25 pm
10856 spacer

The best wraps are the Greek chicken souvlaki. Food. Of. The. Gods.
>> No. 10857 Anonymous
2nd August 2014
Saturday 8:27 pm
10857 spacer
Grubbs burgers, Brighton. Best greasy burger joint imaginable.
>> No. 10860 Anonymous
2nd August 2014
Saturday 8:37 pm
10860 spacer
I can imagine one that isn't in Brighton.
>> No. 10861 Anonymous
2nd August 2014
Saturday 8:38 pm
10861 spacer
>> No. 10866 Anonymous
3rd August 2014
Sunday 8:40 am
10866 spacer

They're pretty beefy m7.

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