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>> No. 9631 Anonymous
18th July 2013
Thursday 12:46 pm
9631 spacer
Has anyone here ever tried chewing mastic gum?

I ordered a box on a whim recently and the flavour/consistency is really nice. Tastes like sweet pine or cedar, even a bit like ginger, and the chewiness never seems to run out.

It's also meant to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, among other medicinal uses, but I just like to chew things.
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>> No. 9632 Anonymous
18th July 2013
Thursday 12:56 pm
9632 spacer
No but it sounds interesting. I have sugar-free polos and extra mints all the time because my throat's always horribly dry and I don't particularly like either.
>> No. 9633 Anonymous
18th July 2013
Thursday 5:50 pm
9633 spacer
I used to love it when I was in the mid-east. In fact, I miss them. Where did you get them? Arabian shops?
>> No. 9634 Anonymous
18th July 2013
Thursday 6:03 pm
9634 spacer

They're on eBay.
>> No. 9712 Anonymous
4th August 2013
Sunday 8:28 pm
9712 spacer

Looks perfect for scamming Ravers.
>> No. 10117 Anonymous
15th November 2013
Friday 11:58 pm
10117 spacer

Well I found some on eBay but I wasn't very keen. It's like tasteless and overly gooey chewing gum.

Some broke off and got really, really stuck to my front teeth and wouldn't just scrape off so I had to spend a couple of minutes removing it with floss and a brush.
>> No. 10118 Anonymous
16th November 2013
Saturday 1:01 am
10118 spacer
I love reading my old posts. Everyday, it seems like a bit of me dies, and I look and wonder how joyful and happy I used to be.
>> No. 10120 Anonymous
16th November 2013
Saturday 1:10 am
10120 spacer

I just tried again without chewing (it's supposed to be good for heartburn, right?) and this time it stuck itself all over all of my teeth. I just spent five minutes scraping, brushing, picking and flossing them and I can still feel it. Ugh, horrible stuff.
>> No. 10121 Anonymous
16th November 2013
Saturday 1:15 am
10121 spacer

You need to add bigger, harder lumps in. These are actually chewy rather than sticky. The smaller lumps on their own aren't much good.
>> No. 10122 Anonymous
16th November 2013
Saturday 1:34 am
10122 spacer

OK. Thanks. The size of the tears is supposedly "medium" but they do look pretty small.
>> No. 10123 Anonymous
16th November 2013
Saturday 1:54 am
10123 spacer

The biggest pieces should be about the size of a Brazil nut. These are the ones that can be broken up and used to toughen up the gum.
>> No. 10124 Anonymous
16th November 2013
Saturday 2:37 am
10124 spacer

I've just tried chewing a palmful of little tears at once and it's not sticky at all. It's very tough in fact. Presumably if I have about six of them, that should make normal consistency chewing gum.
>> No. 10665 Anonymous
22nd June 2014
Sunday 11:45 am
10665 spacer
The tupperware full of this stuff has somehow kept well all this time. I'm chewing a lump. Forgot how nice it was.

I hope I don't die or get some weird infection.
>> No. 10666 Anonymous
22nd June 2014
Sunday 7:45 pm
10666 spacer
I've had one that was a couple of years old. Nothing bad happened.
>> No. 10667 Anonymous
22nd June 2014
Sunday 8:01 pm
10667 spacer

He says in a post containing both the number of the beast AND the date of the battle that ended true English culture forever.

The be cursed.
>> No. 10668 Anonymous
22nd June 2014
Sunday 10:45 pm
10668 spacer
But the 1966 World Cup wasn't until July!

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