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>> No. 82525 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 6:15 am
82525 Facebook blocks Pulitzer-winning reporter over Malta government exposé
Remember when we started talking about Facebook gaining a worrying power to censor the news?

>Facebook has censored a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist for publishing a series of posts alleging corruption by the prime minister of Malta and his associates. Matthew Caruana Galizia, a member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ award-winning Panama Papers team, was temporarily locked out of his Facebook account over four posts, which were deleted for violating the social network’s community standards.

>“For me, this process was enlightening because I realised how crippling and punitive this block is for a journalist,” Caruana Galizia told the Guardian by email.

>The posts, which were written in Maltese, contained allegations of wrongdoing by prime minister Joseph Muscat, his chief of staff Keith Schembri, and minister of energy Konrad Mizzi. Each post included images of documents from the Panama Papers leak. The censorship of Caruana Galizia comes amid considerable political turmoil and intrigue in the Mediterranean island nation, where a snap election is scheduled for 3 June. It also again raises concerns over Facebook’s incredible power to disseminate – or block – news and information.

>On 7 May, Matthew Caruana Galizia, who is the son of Daphne Caruana Galizia, began publishing his own reporting on offshore companies and Maltese political figures on his Facebook page, using the hashtags #FattiKorrotti and #CorruptionFacts. The posts include scans of documents from the Panama Papers, including passports, bank statements, and letters, as well as Caruana Galizia’s explanation of their meaning.

>On Tuesday 16 May, Caruana Galizia was locked out of his account for 24 hours. Several #FattiKorrotti posts were deleted.

>The deletions raise questions about how Facebook moderates journalism. In 2016, the social media site ignited a global controversy when it censored an iconic Vietnam war photograph of a naked child fleeing a Napalm attack. Facebook initially defended its decision, going so far as to delete a post by the Norwegian prime minister, because it was consistent with its policy barring nudity. Facebook subsequently amended its policy, announcing that it would allow people to publish material that would otherwise violate its standards if it was found to be “newsworthy, significant, or important to the public interest”.

>Documents related to alleged wrongdoing by public officials in the weeks before an election are in the public interest, and they have certainly been deemed newsworthy by the Maltese press, which has followed Caruana Galizia’s lead in reporting on them. “It’s important that journalists can publish information that is in the public interest,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. “We are investigating these posts and have spoken with Mr Caruana Galizia today so that he can publish what he needs to, without including unnecessary private details that could present safety risks. If we find that we have made errors, we will correct them.”

>For Caruana Galizia – as for much of the news media – Facebook represented an opportunity to reach an important audience. “I decided to start posting [on] Facebook because I was realising that very little of the information that was being published by newspapers was reaching people in their late teens and early twenties (university students included),” he said. “The response was incredible. I never expected anything like it.”

>Caruana Galizia also expressed suspicion that the prime minister or his staff had pressured Facebook to delete the posts, an allegation that Kurt Farrugia, the head of communications for the office of the prime minister, denied.


That'll teach him for spreading fake news.
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>> No. 82526 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 7:38 am
82526 spacer
To me this seems like a very isolated case. Had the post been in English, or even Spanish or Italian or any other more common language it would be very worrying, but Maltese is an incredibly niche language, according to Wikipedia only about half a million native speakers. Just how many fluent Maltese speakers does facebook employ, and out of them how many are going to be non-biased? Facebook might even be relying on google-translate to review complaints from Malta.
>> No. 82527 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 8:17 am
82527 spacer
And people still look at me like I'm cracked in the dome when I tell them I don't use Facebook.
>> No. 82530 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 7:58 pm
82530 spacer
It is an incredibly niche language - it is essentially Arabic, mixed with some French and Italian, but uniquely for an Arabic language, is written in mostly Roman alphabet.

Also, I speak it fluently.
>> No. 82531 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 10:44 pm
82531 spacer
Are you the lad who moved there recently? How is that going then?
>> No. 82532 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 11:32 pm
82532 spacer

As an amateur philologist could you give me an example? If you'd asked me prior what Maltese was I'd have assumed it was some mildly bastardised version of Spanish or Italian that dons the cloak of 'separate' language by virtue of borders. You sound like an interesting fellow.
>> No. 82533 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 6:28 pm
82533 spacer

>> No. 82534 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 8:37 pm
82534 spacer
How old is this?
>> No. 82535 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 8:44 pm
82535 spacer

The Youtube video, oct 8 2005.

The jokes, old as time it self.
>> No. 82536 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 9:17 pm
82536 spacer
You've managed to trigger my PTSD.
>> No. 82537 Anonymous
23rd May 2017
Tuesday 9:35 am
82537 spacer

You are reminded of trauma old as time it self?

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