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>> No. 82553 Anonymous
28th May 2017
Sunday 1:29 pm
82553 spacer
This man is going to be the next Prime Minister of Canada and it's going to be fucking awesome.

Canada's opposition Conservative Party has just elected a new leader. He is primarily known as a backbencher, and beat out senior party figures, including former ministers, to the job. Despite being somewhat popular with the party members, he is considerably to the right of centre, and people are already suggesting that his positions are reminiscent of something out of the 1980s. So far the response from several MPs from the governing Liberal Party has been along the lines of "well this is going to make the next election much easier".

Remind you of anyone?
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>> No. 82554 Anonymous
28th May 2017
Sunday 2:59 pm
82554 spacer
I could not give less of a shit about the Canadian opposition if I tried.
>> No. 82555 Anonymous
28th May 2017
Sunday 7:35 pm
82555 spacer

Canadian politicians are a fucking train wreck across the spectrum.
>> No. 82565 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 8:57 am
82565 spacer

Well he's not ugly as a brick wall so he's in with some facet of a chance.

The problem is that Trudeau is also ULTRA open to immigration so I assume the Chinese and Indians will still vote for lolWeedman while calling this guy an ultra right wing nationalist for asking something like 'where do we get the money for these programs now our oil sales are ruined?'.

But given the world standard, Trudeau will win and whoever is opposed to him will just fade into nothing unless he manages something akin to a 49/51 parliamentary split.
>> No. 82566 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 9:38 pm
82566 spacer
I was reading up on Canadian politics the other day and while we might complain about our MPs, those cunts get ~£100k + expenses.
>> No. 82567 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 10:04 pm
82567 spacer
Only thanks to Brexit. Before sterling fell off a cliff it was only around £80k, and the consensus among people who aren't reactionary cunts is that our own MPs were substantially underpaid until recently.

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