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>> No. 83195 Anonymous
20th July 2017
Thursday 6:21 pm
83195 The Brexit Negotiations
We finally have some hard information on the specifics of the positions of both sides.

Today was the first joint technical document release, with each side's position on citizen's rights. It's patchy.


I will attempt to keep this thread updated as the weeks go by.
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>> No. 83196 Anonymous
20th July 2017
Thursday 7:39 pm
83196 spacer
They're finally agreeing on at least something.
>> No. 83789 Anonymous
22nd December 2017
Friday 4:57 pm
83789 spacer

For fucks sake. What utter bullshit.
>> No. 83790 Anonymous
22nd December 2017
Friday 5:33 pm
83790 spacer
I know right, I mean just what were they thinking when they made them red?
>> No. 83791 Anonymous
22nd December 2017
Friday 6:41 pm
83791 spacer

Does the new passport give me special parking privileges?
>> No. 83793 Anonymous
26th December 2017
Tuesday 1:55 am
83793 spacer

Every British honourable should have the right to earn enough to buy a passport, if you can't be bothered then move to bongobongoland and try to avoid being eaten by the savages.
>> No. 83796 Anonymous
27th December 2017
Wednesday 8:05 pm
83796 spacer
Best part is no-one under 45 will have even seen this alien blue passport.

"nostalgia", for those elderly Brextremists who are a slowly dying minority.
>> No. 83797 Anonymous
27th December 2017
Wednesday 8:15 pm
83797 spacer

The Brexiteers will be disappointed to learn that the passport will remain exactly the same apart from the colour of the cover - ICAO rules determine the shape, size and format of a passport. We might be leaving the EU, but we're still subject to UNDEMOCRATIC FOREIGN LAWS.
>> No. 83798 Anonymous
27th December 2017
Wednesday 8:16 pm
83798 spacer

There's also the irony that making EU passports maroon was a non-binding recommendation that we endorsed; there was noting stopping us from having blue passports all along.
>> No. 83799 Anonymous
27th December 2017
Wednesday 8:26 pm
83799 spacer
Exactly this - we could have done it years ago, if it fucking mattered.
>> No. 83800 Anonymous
27th December 2017
Wednesday 9:03 pm
83800 spacer

Quite. When Croatia added the EU rubric to theirs, they seem to have gone from their old blue to an even darker blue. Looks black to me, but apparently it's still officially blue.

Of course, the greater irony is that adopting the burgundy was the first time we'd really exercised any self-determination on the matter. The old blue was forced on us by the League of Nations, as was having everything in French. The contents of the current passport go above and beyond the requirements of the ICAO at the behest of the US. Proper TAKIN ARE CUNTRY BACK innit.
>> No. 83801 Anonymous
27th December 2017
Wednesday 9:15 pm
83801 spacer

>apparently it's still officially blue

They should have ordered them from Habit Hat.
>> No. 83802 Anonymous
28th December 2017
Thursday 4:37 am
83802 spacer
You beat me to it but I literally had this exact same conversation with my brother the other day about Croatia's passports and managed to get the reference in first.
>> No. 83803 Anonymous
28th December 2017
Thursday 6:11 am
83803 spacer

I find this whole affair rather Kirksome.
>> No. 83804 Anonymous
28th December 2017
Thursday 3:14 pm
83804 spacer

Do you know who else has a blue passport? I wonder how long it will be before every airport in the world has a "blue passport" line.

I am quite sure the line will move really quickly, particularly those based overseas - nobody discriminates on colour, right.

International travel in five years time is going to be just great.

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