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>> No. 84272 Anonymous
8th May 2018
Tuesday 5:07 pm
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Tax on pensioners proposed to heal inter-generational divide

A £10,000 payment should be given to the young and pensioners taxed more, a new report into inter-generational fairness in the UK suggests.

The research and policy organisation, the Resolution Foundation, says these radical moves are needed to better fund the NHS and maintain social cohesion.

The Resolution Foundation says its goal is to improve outcomes for people on low and modest incomes.

Recommendations include:-

• Give £10,000 to all young adults at the age of 25, funded by a new "lifetime receipts tax" that would replace inheritance tax.

• Scrap council tax and replace it with a new property tax targeting wealthier homeowners.

• Use the proceeds from property tax reform to halve stamp duty for first-time buyers and increase public funding for social care.

• Make earnings of those above state pension age subject to National Insurance contributions.


"Those still working after State Pension Age are most likely to be those too poor to be able to afford to retire, so we'll penalise them by making them pay National Insurance.

Also, we've no idea how to fix the housing market so we'll throw money at young people to try and shut them up, even though this will distort the situation further."
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>> No. 84273 Anonymous
8th May 2018
Tuesday 5:49 pm
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Why the FUCK did no one tell me I could talk shit for a living at a thonk tank when I was in school? My whole life's a series of half-baked nonsense.
>> No. 84274 Anonymous
8th May 2018
Tuesday 6:31 pm
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You've got to wear the right kind of tie to get into a thonk tank.
>> No. 84275 Anonymous
8th May 2018
Tuesday 6:44 pm
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The resolution foundation sometimes comes up with good stuff, but even by the most pessimistic opinions of them this seems like something a work experience kid wrote in 2 weeks.

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