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>> No. 6279 Anonymous
26th September 2020
Saturday 4:47 pm
6279 spacer
I'm getting older yet remain single and therefore feel the need to step up my skincare routine. Before I end up spending tens of pounds though I'd like your advice on what you would recommend. Frankly I'm a bit lost and this could really start crowding my bathroom.

So going by google I need to pick up:
1. Specialised face wash
2. Face scrub/exfoliator
3. Moisturising balm (I assume this is different from moisturiser?)
4. One of those sonic wand gizmos
5. Face masks
6. Night cream
7. Toner
8. Stuff to put around tired eyes

It seems like there aren't any kits that cover all of the above on Amazon but I'm aware that products aren't made with mix and match in mind. Also seems like they're putting charcoal in everything now.

/fa/ put together a guide but didn't include any specific product recommendations so I'm still left scratching my head.
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>> No. 6284 Anonymous
26th September 2020
Saturday 8:33 pm
6284 spacer
It bothers me how much this speech resembles Max Ehrmann's Desiderata poem. It's not so much the content, but how similar their names are too.
>> No. 6285 Anonymous
6th November 2020
Friday 10:58 pm
6285 spacer
>I use a few drops of pure jojoba oil to moisturise.
>It's more effective than any cream/lotion moisturiser I've tried, and cheaper than most.

I picked some of this up recently to see what all the fuss is about. It's okay but seems like people are selling it as a cure for everything when really it's just faintly smelly oil.

There was a suggestion I read that a bit in your hair makes it shine. Well, let me tell you, putting oil in your hair will make it shine but not necessarily in a way you'd want. I might try the suggestion that it's good for shaving but I'm not bloody cooking with it.
>> No. 6286 Anonymous
7th November 2020
Saturday 1:44 am
6286 spacer
As a longhair metalhead type for whom my luscious hair has always been my primary pulling technique, I can't recommend Argan oil enough. It's my secret weapon.

A few squirts before you brush or comb and your hair will be lavish like those wierdly erotic shampoo ads with all the little vitamin molecules wierdly floating into the hair.
>> No. 6287 Anonymous
7th November 2020
Saturday 3:08 am
6287 spacer
The dapper bloke at my local newsie recommended this. Shall be trying.
>> No. 6288 Anonymous
7th November 2020
Saturday 11:51 am
6288 spacer
I have some argan oil and had to try using different amounts, it always just seems to make my hair greasy, even with the smallest bit. Am I somehow doing something wrong or is my hair just weird? I suppose it's not going to work for everybody.

pozilei robin reliant.jpg
>> No. 6276 Anonymous
10th September 2020
Thursday 5:31 pm
6276 Going abroad for cosmetic surgery
I've been thinking about going to Prague to get some facial surgery for about 1/3 of the price in the uk. The surgeons are highly trained and have good reviews but still... is it a good idea?
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>> No. 6277 Anonymous
10th September 2020
Thursday 6:06 pm
6277 spacer
Depends on how risky the surgery is I guess. I did similar for some expensive dentistry many years ago, but I knew the country where I was going, very well indeed. ie if it went wrong and I needed local help or treatment, I knew I could get it and it was pretty easy for me to evaluate the dentist offering it. It was half the price of doing it in the UK and I don't regret it at all - how well do you know Prague?
>> No. 6278 Anonymous
10th September 2020
Thursday 6:19 pm
6278 spacer

I've never been there. I'd take out medical insurance for the trip. What else would I need to do?

bald_2526587b-large_trans pJliwavx4coWFCaEkEsb3kv.jpg
>> No. 5641 Anonymous
21st September 2016
Wednesday 10:24 pm
5641 Hair loss and what to do
Since hitting my mid-twenties, my hair on top is thinning, which I'm pretty sure is male pattern hair loss. Seems to me there must be plenty of poofs that've gone through this so I thought I'd ask for some advice.

I'm not really that upset about it, I did use finasteride for 4 weeks but there doesn't seem to have been an improvement. So I'm ready to just suck it up and accept the loss.

What I'm unsure about now is how to carry it. Asking for my normal haircut, which I've had for about a decade, is no longer possible. Are there people I could rely on to advise me on how best I should carry it? E.g. full slaphead, number 3 all over, etc. I just don't trust myself to make a good call and once you commit to a drastic haircut like that, you live with the consequences a bit.
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>> No. 6271 Anonymous
17th August 2020
Monday 2:07 pm
6271 spacer

Not if you want to be sure there are no scraggly bits at the back and you've done the bits around your ears properly.
>> No. 6272 Anonymous
17th August 2020
Monday 3:42 pm
6272 spacer
You get that with practice - the first couple of times its a bit of a horror show, but people soon point it out and you get the hang of it.
>> No. 6273 Anonymous
17th August 2020
Monday 3:54 pm
6273 spacer

Also, you can feel it. It should be really obvious if you're doing a razor shave, and at least quite easy to tell with clippers/shaver.
>> No. 6274 Anonymous
17th August 2020
Monday 4:12 pm
6274 spacer

It's not that obvious.
>> No. 6275 Anonymous
17th August 2020
Monday 11:58 pm
6275 spacer
Buy a second mirror you can use to check the back of your head (or use the camera view on your apple watch to scout out the area) and you'll be fine. As others have mentioned, pay attention to the area around your ears (behind the ears in particular), if using clippers there's really no harm in going over an area several times to make sure. Feel your scalp "against the grain", you'll need to figure out which way your hair grows, and you can find bits you clearly missed.

Your hair generally grows forwards on top of your head, downwards at the back and sides of your head and then you get the really nasty worly area where those directions meet. The large bits that grow in one direction are easy, the borders are what you need to pay the most attention to. With clippers you'll get nothing going one way, then change your angle slightly and you get a whole carpet's worth. Rub in circles to find what you missed.

If all else fails, you can use your phone to film a 360 view of your head, using as many angles as you can, to find missing spots. With a bit of practice, though, you'll know your problem areas and automatically pay extra attention.

>> No. 6158 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 3:51 pm
6158 spacer
Let's say that all of your clothes were thrown out and you were given a budget of, say, up to £1,000 to get fully kitted out again. How do you spend it?
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>> No. 6260 Anonymous
12th August 2020
Wednesday 9:51 pm
6260 spacer
If it's holiday clothes, then go to TK MAxx or Sports Direct. Maybe take one nice short sleeve shirt with you and a pair of sensible shorts in case you end up at dinner somewhere.
>> No. 6261 Anonymous
13th August 2020
Thursday 2:39 am
6261 spacer
This is literally why Gap exists.
>> No. 6262 Anonymous
13th August 2020
Thursday 7:51 am
6262 spacer
I thought they shut down pretty much all of their stores?
>> No. 6263 Anonymous
13th August 2020
Thursday 10:25 am
6263 spacer

I was forced to buy a load of new jeans and trousers a while back because they all seem to have inexplicably shrunk around the waist. I still have a load of tops I've been wearing since I was about 19 though.
>> No. 6264 Anonymous
13th August 2020
Thursday 10:34 am
6264 spacer

I have concert shirts I got at 14 which still fit me 15 years later.

>> No. 6056 Anonymous
21st September 2019
Saturday 8:12 pm
6056 Safety Razor
I can't seem to find any impartial comparisons of safety razors versus more modern multi-blade razors. I've been using a Gillette Mach 5 I got a couple's of Christmases ago and changing the blades once every couple of weeks, but I'm not particularly satisfied with it - it doesn't seem to shave particularly closely, and I often find myself with razor burn.

So, I'm looking to change razor. Every site that seems to have comparisons seems be called like, "The Victorian Hipster Gentleman's Male Quality Grooming Goods Emporium" and extolls the virtues of safety razors like they do this week's artisan craft beer.

Are they really better? I do like the slight environmental advantage - not chucking plastic every couple of weeks, but seems like they can be somewhat snake-oily to actually buy the razor holder; some being 3 figures.
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>> No. 6057 Anonymous
21st September 2019
Saturday 8:29 pm
6057 spacer
It works out a hell of a lot cheaper, you can get a better shave, but there is a learning curve. A multi-blade cartridge razor is designed to give you a decent shave even if you're completely cack-handed, but it takes a bit of practice to shave well with a safety razor. You don't need to spend a fortune - this kit costs less than £15 and is perfectly good to try out DE shaving. There are loads of decent tutorials on YouTube.

>> No. 6058 Anonymous
23rd September 2019
Monday 1:10 pm
6058 spacer
> Are they really better?
The razors are cheaper than cartridges, sometimes drastically.
Using a straight razor requires slightly more agility than the multi-blade thingy - it's easier to nick yourself.
I find that it shaves cleaner than the multi-blade, I don't have to make several passes over most areas of my bony face.

Sage because I usually don't faff with it, electric shaver does the job even if it's not quite perfect.
>> No. 6254 Anonymous
31st July 2020
Friday 4:49 pm
6254 spacer
I swallowed the trad shaving bait the other week. I blame lockdown boredom.

I haven't got the technique yet, but I think shave quality will be okay once I do. The razor itself is a nice object, and lobbing less plastic away will save the dolphins or something.
It's not a revelation of shaving bliss, but I'm coming from the one blade Bic disposables. I might be more enthusiastic if I'd been using the multi blade things.

I like the shaving soap and brush more than the canned gel. I think I'll stick with it even if I drop the razor. It smells nice, and there's a lot of choice, but you might end up like the shaving forum mentalists with rooms full of the stuff if you're not careful.
>> No. 6255 Anonymous
31st July 2020
Friday 4:51 pm
6255 OP
I forgot I even made this thread.

I got a safety razor, and it's much better than the cartridge ones I was using before, and a hell of a lot cheaper since a pack of 10 really good quality blades is only a fiver.
>> No. 6256 Anonymous
31st July 2020
Friday 5:07 pm
6256 spacer
I too feel the need to recommend safety razors. It's funny to me that it's a hobby to some chaps, but the upside of that is that there's actually a lot of information out there for it. I never even thought about it, but there's reviews even for the razor blades.

I realise this thread has reached its conclusion already, but it really is much better than your typical multiblade, and if you start with a "mild" razor, and watch a video or two on proper technique, you'll probably not actually suffer any injury.

I've only really been using one regularly since about March, but I can reliably shave even my head completely smooth with no hassle at all. You definitely have to go a bit slower than a Mach3 but not so much that it's an inconvenience. And not to be one of them wankers, but it does feel more of an occasion, I truly do enjoy the process in a way I never did before.

>> No. 6243 Anonymous
28th July 2020
Tuesday 11:50 am
6243 spacer
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>> No. 6249 Anonymous
29th July 2020
Wednesday 12:57 pm
6249 spacer
To be honest I envy people who can dress like this. If I wear anything that tight around my crotch I just have a great big bulge. I'm not even that big I just presume it's the way my junk is and just seems to stick out more? It's a right fucking pain anyway.
>> No. 6250 Anonymous
29th July 2020
Wednesday 1:05 pm
6250 spacer

A "humblebrag" if I've ever heard one.
>> No. 6251 Anonymous
29th July 2020
Wednesday 1:22 pm
6251 spacer
It really isn't mate. I'm a bit above average, not hung by any means. It's just a right fucking pain.
>> No. 6252 Anonymous
29th July 2020
Wednesday 1:41 pm
6252 spacer

I have an undewhelming penis too, and it's laughable when soft, but I still have an obscene bulge when I wear any sweatpants, and most formal trousers. Maybe my boxers are too tight and so are mushing my cock and balls into one conspicuous lump? Or maybe I wear my trousers too high up. I haven't really thought about it too much.
>> No. 6253 Anonymous
29th July 2020
Wednesday 1:56 pm
6253 spacer
Glad it's not just me. I don't get how guys like in the picture can have nothing showing there at all. I've tried different underwear, styles of clothing etc.

>> No. 6225 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 1:05 am
6225 spacer
Lads, would it be wrong/sad of me to pay a professional photographer to take some pictures for a dating profile? I did a quick google and found £99 for a two-hour shoot. Told to bring a few changes of clothes and we'd travel around to get about 200 photos.

I just feel like I'm not able to sell myself well with the smattering of old photos of me drinking or the goofy selfies I take. Normally it's fine because I've at least been told by women that the awkward selfies look cute but I seem to be on a dry-spell which doesn't help with how things are at the moment. Posted in /poof/ because I feel silly and know every picture will be transparently staged.
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>> No. 6237 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 5:55 pm
6237 spacer
I figure that you can't have a dry spell if you never had a wet spell in the first place.

I find myself deleting and re-making my Tinder once every month or so, because that exact thing happens to me. I get about 2 days of occasionally getting matches and then that's it, never shown again. I've tested this with friends and despite being in the same room as them and me being able to see them, it simply does not show me to them.

People will say that Tinder isn't real life, etc etc etc but the fact of the matter is that Tinder isn't some niche platform that only a few people use; it's a massive part in the whole dating scene these days and you simply can't discount it.
>> No. 6239 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 6:02 pm
6239 spacer

I suppose it depends on your definition of ugly - my point is that most lads don't look like models but still do fine. I'm bald and one eye is droopier than the other, i don't have a particularly square jaw and i'm not really buff - if I'm being generous I'm a 5/10 at best, but I still match plenty of people on tinder.

I have no doubt a Calvin Klein model gets inundated with matches, far more than I'll ever see (if you really want to get into it, go see how many matches and messages even a fairly average lass gets), but it's not like I can change that.
>> No. 6240 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 6:43 pm
6240 spacer
>if I'm being generous I'm a 5/10 at best, but I still match plenty of people on tinder.
You're either misjudging how attractive you are, or you need to start a business where you oil lads up and take pictures of them with spanners and Land Rover bits.
>> No. 6241 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 7:15 pm
6241 spacer

Maybe I'm a 6/10 then.

I dunno though, the latter might be the case. Try and tell me this bloke couldn't bag a twentysomething instagram model if he wanted - he's holding a raccoon for fucks sake. You only get that sort of character building from fighting rust and oil leaks for 30 odd years. He is everything a woman wants.

>> No. 6242 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 8:30 pm
6242 spacer


>> No. 6189 Anonymous
25th June 2020
Thursday 5:48 pm
6189 Clothes, what do they mean?
I'm not quite sure how to phrase this question or if I am over thinking it.

But how much are clothes an expression of personality, and communication to you? And how much do you make assumptions about people based on their clothing choice?

It occurred to me that I consider my fashion choices an expression of my inner self, if I wear something I would never normally would I feel like an imposter.

I also make assumptions about personality the most obvious example I can think is this picture >>/x/19373. When I first saw it back in 2011 was driven wild by it. But later on I found out it was of famous performer Taylor Momsen, my attraction immediately dropped, because I went from assuming the choices were those of a person, to a cynically curated presentation, it was like I was told Father Christmas wasn't real and with that the magic was lost forever.

I'm waffling but I guess my question is, what are you trying to say with the clothes you wear .gs? is it saying something genuine about you? Is it a costume? Who do you wear your clothes for the benefit of? And what things do you think people unintentionally say with them?
They seem like an enormous indicator of culture and the zeitgeist (the man on the street, there’s nothing cultural about the fashion industry), but one I have just taken for granted because it is always just there.
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>> No. 6220 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 8:47 pm
6220 spacer

Quite wrong there lad, I see you're also in a semantic hell of your own. Never mind, I'm here to help you out.

A bad argument is easily reduced to 'because I say so', of course people with bad arguments won't admit that because it admits one's own stupidity or lack of argument. That's why the suspect is clinging hopelessly to the notion that nondescript isn't clear. You can observe this easily with children bickering amongst themselves.

A good argument is different, you can't boil it down to 'because I say so'. Take smoking for example, you should not smoke because it's bad for you and has a dramatically negative impact on your life. That's a good argument because it's true, it's not true because I think it is.

Now, if I were to say you should stop posting on this board because you're an insufferable cunt, then I can't really back that up with anything— it's reduced to 'you should not post here because I say so'. The argument is weak and ridiculous, the only hope would be the unlikely event that people would echo that. Even, the argument would make me look immature, like a child having a temper tantrum.

Don't worry, if I see you struggling again I'll step in and help you out. We'll get there.


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 6221 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 9:56 pm
6221 spacer

Well I highlighted the point multiple times that people that don't live in their head don't know what they mean if the use vague non committal terms you can't get more clearer argument than that.
>> No. 6222 Anonymous
29th June 2020
Monday 12:03 am
6222 spacer
Well this is only the second most insufferably bland cunt off of 2020, keep it up lads. There's time yet.
>> No. 6223 Anonymous
29th June 2020
Monday 12:08 am
6223 spacer
Would you say it's a rather nondescript cunt-off?
>> No. 6224 Anonymous
29th June 2020
Monday 12:42 am
6224 spacer

Boom boom.jpg

>> No. 3281 Anonymous
28th September 2011
Wednesday 10:58 pm
3281 spacer
Have any of you chaps stopped using shampoo and conditioner?

I'm considering giving it a go, but I've heard that before your hair starts to clean itself (which usually takes up to 6 weeks) it can be a greasy mess.
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>> No. 6182 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 7:53 pm
6182 spacer
I've been cutting my own hair once every couple of weeks since this thing began - and into a style too, not just buzz all over.

People haven't noticed on Zoom calls and even in person (one person commented on how my hair's looking about the same as it was in March), so I reckon I could have a shot at this barbering lark.

The only thing is getting a straight line round the back; that's a bit wonky since I'm doing it with 2 mirrors.
>> No. 6184 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 9:20 pm
6184 spacer

412jGMM mOL.jpg

>The only thing is getting a straight line round the back

I can't vouch for it myself as I went bald before I learned this trick, but apparently you can wrap a belt around your head to guide your neckline. I feel like you might just end up with a bowl cut look unless you're very good at fading, but I don't know, I keep hearing about it.

There's also this which I'm sure is fine and not an insane object to own at all.
>> No. 6186 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 10:30 pm
6186 spacer
>but apparently you can wrap a belt around your head to guide your neckline

Local Man Dead in Apparent Scissor Wank Fiasco

>> No. 6187 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 10:32 pm
6187 spacer
Soz, I didn't know h2 was that big.
>> No. 6188 Anonymous
8th June 2020
Monday 12:17 am
6188 spacer

That made it funnier somehow.

>> No. 6075 Anonymous
5th January 2020
Sunday 12:39 pm
6075 spacer
Do I need to buy relatively expensive facial scrubs or will clay do the job just as well?
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>> No. 6082 Anonymous
5th January 2020
Sunday 4:47 pm
6082 spacer
A dirty brush is a useless brush.
>> No. 6176 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 4:43 pm
6176 spacer
Today I've given my face a good scrub and now I'm sat with a nose pore strip on. I should do this more often; I feel quite refreshed.
>> No. 6177 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 5:13 pm
6177 spacer
For a little while now I haven't been washing very thoroughly. I've been scrubbing my body with a brush each day but the soap remains dry. Today I found a number of dense, dark blackheads in both creases of my nose. Quite deep, some leaving a noticable hole after extraction. They were really firm.
>> No. 6183 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 8:02 pm
6183 spacer
Those might not be blackheads and you shouldn't be picking at your spots anyway.

>> No. 6185 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 9:58 pm
6185 spacer
Yeah, these were definitely blackheads - no smaller than 1mm in diameter which, when coming out of your face, is pretty big. But yeah I'll definitely stop touching those 'sebaceous filaments' now that you mention it. Thanks!

kot draw.jpg
>> No. 6144 Anonymous
22nd February 2020
Saturday 11:41 am
6144 spacer
How painful is getting a tattoo? I want to get one on my scalp to cover up a surgical scar. Would that area be more painful than normal?
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>> No. 6153 Anonymous
24th February 2020
Monday 3:33 pm
6153 spacer
They have other things going on besides being overweight. Like you have things outside of being a sneering web-weirdo to keep you alive. You do have other stuff going, yeah... ?
>> No. 6154 Anonymous
24th February 2020
Monday 3:36 pm
6154 spacer
Calm down, fatty.
>> No. 6155 Anonymous
24th February 2020
Monday 3:42 pm
6155 spacer

Are you alright mate? Do you want a nice pie? Come on mate, we'll get you a lovely pie from the chippy, that'll get you right.
>> No. 6156 Anonymous
24th February 2020
Monday 6:43 pm
6156 spacer
>> No. 6157 Anonymous
24th February 2020
Monday 8:29 pm
6157 spacer
It would seem they're mocking you for having the gall to defend yourself/fat people.

>> No. 6136 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 2:08 pm
6136 spacer
I've got a wedding coming up, and I'm tempted to use it as an excuse to get a suitsupply made to measure thing. There's a styleforum spreadsheet that rates them quite highly, but they're Americans and the service there might be different, or there might better options here.
Can one of are citylads tell me if this is a good idea?
Expand all images.
>> No. 6137 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 2:43 pm
6137 spacer
Is this a tailored suit or a bespoke suit? And what purposes do you see yourself using the suit for? If you are just going to buy a dull all purpose suit, I wouldn't see the point in paying the extra for something you could buy a decent version of on the high street.

The point of getting a tailored or bespoke suit is not about a quality of manufacturing but a choice of materials and style.

If all you are doing is getting the suit made to measure are you sure it is justified? Without knowing what you will be paying is it worth that over the regular store suit?

To justify a suit like that, it has to be something special.

>but they're Americans and the service there might be different, or there might better options here.

As a general rule people looking for suits from abroad get them from east Asia as a normal Joe you can afford to pay a skilled tailor for their valuable time there rather than one in America.
>> No. 6138 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 4:30 pm
6138 spacer
It depends. If you can find a decent fit by having a high street suit altered, it's not really worth the risk and hassle of ordering online. If you're a weird shape and have always struggled to find a good fit, I can wholeheartedly recommend one of the cheap MTM tailors.

If you do go for it, I'd strongly recommend paying a local seamstress to measure you up - it shouldn't be too expensive and you'll avoid the risk of cocking up your own measurements.
>> No. 6139 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 5:22 pm
6139 spacer
>paying a local seamstress to measure you up
>> No. 6141 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 6:49 pm
6141 spacer
Is that foreign chap who used to post ads in Private eye still going?
>> No. 6143 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 12:18 am
6143 spacer
As others have said, unless you're a particularly odd shape, buying off the peg then getting it fitted at a seamstress is likely a much better idea and will look exactly as good.

Even with accurate measurements to give, I don't think I'd want to rely on a suit being sent to me I've never tried on - even the worst alterations shop will at least be able to see how a suit wears on you in real life, and can adjust accordingly.

Unless you're really set on the idea of choosing your own fabrics and so on, I'd advise against it.

Whichever way you go though, I'd also recommend getting your shirts fitted too. That was a game changer for me.

>> No. 6100 Anonymous
24th January 2020
Friday 1:15 pm
6100 spacer
Why do quite a lot of people wear jeans that are too long?
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>> No. 6133 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 9:32 pm
6133 spacer
Don't really understand how anyone could "like" someone like Gavin McGinnes. He just seems like such a fuckwitted, brain wormed yank grifter cunt. How on earth you could derive any value from his "CONTENT" is beyond me.

He just seem to be a genuinely detestable, pathetic and hypocritical human being with no sense of self awareness. All those videos posted are (to use internet parlance) cringe asf mate.

Just awful yank shite. Get too fuck.

>> No. 6134 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 10:11 pm
6134 spacer

I think you linked to the wrong post lad.
>> No. 6135 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 10:18 pm
6135 spacer
Yep. Ah well, you get the idea.
>> No. 6140 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 5:43 pm
6140 spacer
>half a dozen XXL hoodies all of which are about 20 years old and way too big for me.
Depressingly, I now fit my old XXL hoodies rather well. They are still comfy as fuck, those gym rats can keep their lycra as far as I'm concerned.
>> No. 6142 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 7:41 pm
6142 spacer
Once I hit my late 30s and had a bit of a mid-life crisis, I went the opposite way. The sudden realisation that I was creeping up to 22 stone and getting married, was the kick up the arse I needed to lose weight. I am at the heaviest I have been in 5 years at 16 stone, but at my lightest I was 14 and a half.

>> No. 6083 Anonymous
15th January 2020
Wednesday 1:03 am
6083 spacer
Any tips on waxing your balls and taint?

I've ordered some hair removal wax off ebay and I'm not sure how to do it. Has anyone here ever done it?
10 posts and 1 image omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 6094 Anonymous
17th January 2020
Friday 9:48 am
6094 spacer
From what I've seen it's more of a ladies forearm thing. A bird tried using it on my leg but it managed fuck all and overall seems like very tedious work.
>> No. 6095 Anonymous
17th January 2020
Friday 9:56 am
6095 spacer

How long did you use it for? It says you need about 8 treatments.
>> No. 6096 Anonymous
17th January 2020
Friday 4:30 pm
6096 spacer

I wet shave my balls and the irritation really isn't that bad - it's definitely worth the extra sensitivity. I think the mistake most people make is not applying a liberal amount of skin cream directly afterwards, along with in the morning and evening. Everywhere else I just trim short with an electric razor.
>> No. 6097 Anonymous
18th January 2020
Saturday 10:01 am
6097 spacer

I've been doing some research and apparently they work quite well. I might get one for xmas.
>> No. 6099 Anonymous
18th January 2020
Saturday 12:34 pm
6099 spacer
This thread gives me the shivers.

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