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greek poverty.jpg
>> No. 437886 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 9:49 pm
/b/437886 Poverty Protips
Due to various poorly timed low-IQ schemes collapsing thanks to Based Virus I got what I deserved and have been catapulted from posh cunt to getting £525.2 a month without any significant savings.

Now I think I have it somewhat under control by simply not going out and learning to cook poorly at home - but I realized doing my grocery shopping that I lack any good sense on what to buy and what's price efficient. Can some protips be shared here anonymously for idiots like me?

One thing I can contribute, which may be common sense again, is that I had never realized my broadband/phone contracts were negotiable. Apparently if you call and whine a bit the call center lad has the authority to give you a discount.
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>> No. 437888 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 10:01 pm
437888 spacer
I actually removed telly from my life a few years ago due to autism, but that reminds me - how to ebay shit efficiently?

Like I have a 32" tv that's displaying stuff with some problems sitting in a box and taking up space, because if I tried to sell it the shipping would probably cost more than the TV and well no one I know wanted it.
>> No. 437889 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 10:07 pm
437889 I'm not sure whether this is relevance or autism
Two pairs of socks and a jumper before you decide to put the heating on.
Pay as you go phone with limited use (proper PAYG not these £10 a month for X calls/texts/data).
Library/free wifi for internet.
Radio and DVDs instead of TV license and Netflix.
Turn off your fridge freezer or atleast use it only seasonally (hang your milk out the window).
Charity shop clothes and a sewing kit.

You generally get to learn the cheaper places to shop and come to notice some of the pricing tricks supermarkets use to fleece your wallet. Always check the price by weight before picking up the promoted items 'on offer'. Don't be afraid to use the weighing scales to compare fresh fruit and veg with the packaged varieties.

These days it's not poverty, but comparative poverty. Atleast where I'm from - though i'm outside of the major population densities so i might have it easier.
>> No. 437890 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 10:09 pm
437890 spacer
I was so glad to see that place shut down on my highstreet. It was there for maybe 6 months and i never saw a person in it.
>> No. 437891 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 10:20 pm
437891 spacer
You can list as "collection only" on ebay. If the TV has problems though, I'd recommend using gumtree instead because ebay has the dispute system which almost always favours the buyer. If someone picks up your dodgy TV, then cries to ebay about it not being perfect, chances are you'll lose your money and the TV.
>> No. 437894 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 10:39 pm
437894 spacer
If you have an Aldi or Lidl nearby, shop there - it's decent quality and the lack of expensive branded products makes it hard to overspend.

Eat a decent breakfast, because you can set yourself up for the day with something cheap and filling like porridge or toast.

Stock up on cheap staples. Pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes, eggs and cheese will make a meal out of anything. Plan out some cheap and simple meals and stick up a list in the kitchen - often the hardest part of cooking is just figuring out what to make.

Most local libraries are closed at the moment, but make good use of yours when it re-opens, especially in winter.

If you need to, don't be too proud to visit a food bank. You'll usually need a referral voucher, which you can get from Citizens Advice (0808 2082138, 10am - 4pm Mon - Fri). It's probably worth speaking to Citizens Advice anyway to make sure you're getting all the benefits you're entitled to and you should definitely speak to them if you've got any debts. has tons of useful information on, well, saving money - budget planning, the best deals on household utilities that sort of thing.


>> No. 7934 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 6:55 pm
/£$€¥/7934 spacer
How crazy is it to buy a flat/house in Liverpool area as an investment?

Are there any chances of development in this area or it will stay as it is for the foreseeable future? I am quite sure it won't return to the past industry (pic very much related).
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>> No. 7937 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 8:47 pm
7937 spacer
Prescot is an absolute shithole right now, but it's on the cusp of major regeneration. They're building a £20m Shakespearean theatre which is due to be completed in 2022; they're also putting £14m into a new train and bus station. You can get a modern two-bed flat for less than £80k, which I reckon is a safe bet with considerable potential upside.
>> No. 7938 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 8:56 pm
7938 spacer
Property investing allows for leveraging. £20k in equities in ISA doesn't look as attractive when it's compared to being used as a deposit on a ~£100k house.
>> No. 7940 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 9:59 pm
7940 spacer
>£20k in equities in ISA doesn't look as attractive when it's compared to being used as a deposit on a ~£100k house.

I've never known an ISA to need an emergency plumber or tenants kicking out. If you're leveraging that kind of investment then you need a good wash and putting in the cupboard because you're a mug.
>> No. 7942 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 8:04 am
7942 spacer
I know lots of people who have moved from the South to the area because it is affordable. Lots of areas around Merseyside are very decent places to live.
>> No. 7943 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 10:36 pm
7943 spacer
We've got the best organised crime outside of London. Try Seascale instead.


>> No. 437875 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 9:11 pm
/b/437875 spacer
In all seriousness, do we need a fully ratified contingency plan of what we're to do if we're in a TEACON 1 situation and the site has gone down for good?
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>> No. 437879 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 11:10 pm
437879 spacer
I tried Googling ' Discord' but it was primarily the expired link in the /e/ thread that came up.
>> No. 437880 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 1:36 am
437880 spacer
The domain going down is easy to deal with, I could simply run a cron job to resolve the IP every day and if it ever throws NXDOMAIN I could simply reirect e.g. to the latest IP address. The trick would be having people remember to use shedchan or whatever if britfa goes down.

If the server itself goes down / sets on fire / gets held hostage by the popo then that's a whole lot harder to deal with.

Years ago I used to archive this site with a set of basic python scripts and it wouldn't be that hard to start back up again. The problem there would be if people started using the cloned site and then a week later the real site came back up.

I guess I'd actually have to install Discord (whatever the fuck it actually is) and hash it out with the mod lads in the case of an actual TEACON1 "purpz dropped the server in a giant glass on vegan wine" situation.

Sage for addled rambling.
>> No. 437881 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 9:19 am
437881 spacer
Someone suggested Twitter in the other thread, if someone has a spare mobile number to set up a teacon account with that the mods have access to that would work. Just have a visible link to it somewhere on the site so we all remember it's there and what to search for when it's needed.
>> No. 437892 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 10:25 pm
437892 spacer
Why is a mobile number needed?
>> No. 437893 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 10:30 pm
437893 spacer
Because Twitter has a habit of suspending accounts it thinks are bots based on fuck knows what criteria and the only way to un-suspend it is by setting up 2fa.


>> No. 435367 Anonymous
16th March 2020
Monday 8:52 pm
/b/435367 LADS
I've suddenly got two weeks off work, fucking class, and I was wondering what you two were doing and how we should celebrate? I'm not leaving the house.

That other fucking thread is miserable, and full of lies. If the virus is going to take us, we might as well go down ranting, happily.

What are you doing with your recently found time off?
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>> No. 437864 Anonymous
7th July 2020
Tuesday 3:16 pm
437864 spacer
That's been pretty much my experience so far. My mate says I wont start falling to bits until I hit mid 40s so I can handle a bit of hair.
>> No. 437871 Anonymous
8th July 2020
Wednesday 10:35 am
437871 spacer
Once you hit 30 all you're really doing from then on is gradually turning into a bush.
>> No. 437882 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 11:04 am
437882 spacer
I'm eyeing up a new guitar, but I feel like I shouldn't be splurging on an indulgence at a time like this. Intellectually I know it's good for the economy to be spending, but I have an instinctive sense that thrift is a virtue in hard times. I wonder if this mindset will stifle our post-COVID economic recovery, or if everyone will just forget about it and max out their credit cards.
>> No. 437883 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 11:58 am
437883 spacer
If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, spend it on something practical. A brewing kit, an oil press, tools, a shed. It's good to have a hobby but better to have a hobby that might save you money in the future. Music is great but by the sound of it you already have at least one guitar.
>> No. 437885 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 8:27 pm
437885 spacer

I bought myself a new guitar last month, it was pretty worthwhile considering there was nothing else to do but stay at home hobbying.

Of course, as always with music gear, you move on to fancying something else almost immediately after you've got the last one. I've been getting into impulse response loaders, and I want a new amp and load box now.


>> No. 87242 Anonymous
10th November 2019
Sunday 10:49 am
/pol/87242 spacer
She's our only hope.
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>> No. 90020 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 9:40 pm
90020 spacer


>> No. 90021 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 7:56 am
90021 spacer
Can he really hold a government of lying, cheating grifters like this to account though? Other than their own cowardice, what's to stop them just lying?
They seem to be on the precipice of discovering that the public have lives and if they throw out some good sounding lies, the fact they've no relationship with the truth won't do them any harm. The papers will scream and howl, the opposition will be furious, but if you actually talk to the average person the issue will be totally muddled in their heads.
A forensic breakdown of why the government are liars and failures has the disadvantage of being long and complicated. Lying is easy: just say "That's wrong." Even the most half-listening member of the public can remember that.

Perhaps I'm too cynical. Maybe I just want to see them try it to find out what'll happen.
>> No. 90022 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 11:42 am
90022 spacer
Can't wait for him to win the next election and do the exact same policies and rhetoric as Johnson but with a red rosette.
>> No. 90023 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 12:14 pm
90023 spacer

Don't be a spacker. It'll at least bribe the public sector with a raft of payrises and bigger budgets.

So that's all I care about frankly. Red Tories ftw.
>> No. 90024 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 8:01 pm
90024 spacer



>> No. 437732 Anonymous
23rd June 2020
Tuesday 11:34 pm
/b/437732 spacer
What are your favourite memories?
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>> No. 437758 Anonymous
24th June 2020
Wednesday 1:02 pm
437758 spacer
I had the opportunity to in Year 9, may have been Year 8, at a party after I was pissed from too many alcopops. The girl I copped off with kept asking me if I liked her bra before dragging me into the bathroom; she pissed in front of me and I lost interested. She made me promise I'd meet up with her the day after and we agreed a time and a place, but I went around to my mate's house and played Smackdown on his PS2 instead.
>> No. 437763 Anonymous
24th June 2020
Wednesday 3:13 pm
437763 spacer

>If I wasn't such an idiot I'd have got my vI love everything about this, please continue. card taken about five years sooner than I eventually did

Most lads at my school who had their cherry popped early turned into smug teenlad cunts who thought they were suddenly sex gods, and who would rub it in any chance they got that the rest of us were still virgins.

I would have had the chance at 15, met a girl on holiday who lived in Cardiff, while we lived in Essex. Our sortI love everything about this, please continue. of long distance relationship then dragged on for a few months, until her parents invited me to spend the Boxing Day weekend with them that year, but I cancelled a week before Christmas. Realistically, what 15 year old will commit to a relationship with a girl living 200 miles away. Anyway, she gave me to understand that we'd do a few naughty things together over Boxing Day. But I cancelled partly because she lived 200 miles away and I saw no point in being with a lass that I'd only ever get to see every few months, but also because I felt I wasn't ready.

In hindsight, it was a wasted chance. I then didnt get to have my first time until I was 19. Probably would have made my teen years a little easier, and just for the price of reluctantly spending one weekend in Cardiff.
>> No. 437807 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 1:15 am
437807 spacer
Probably being 12 getting drunk at my friend's for the first time, some kind of Japanese whiskey his mum had around (she shopped at Aldi and Lidl then, you see) and cupping my hands to knock a load back. Blimey and bloody hell. It's a favourite as I like alcohol and what it can do, but it is an evil. Probably about 4 months before my first wank which was indescribable.

My Henry hoover burnt its motor out today btw, I'm a bit annoyed >:-(
>> No. 437808 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 5:52 am
437808 spacer

>Japanese whiskey

You might be surprised to learn that Japanese whisky is consistently excellent.
>> No. 437884 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 7:40 pm
437884 spacer
I really don't recommend letting a Henry Hoover fall onto your head. Think I might have a mild concussion now.


>> No. 4917 Anonymous
30th July 2013
Tuesday 6:01 pm
/spo/4917 spacer
Sounds like the knob-jockeys need to man up.
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>> No. 8856 Anonymous
4th September 2019
Wednesday 1:57 pm
8856 spacer
Stupid fucking greaseballs.
>> No. 8857 Anonymous
25th September 2019
Wednesday 12:23 pm
8857 spacer

You can't even compare a black teammate to a cartoon character without people getting all uppity about it.
>> No. 8858 Anonymous
25th September 2019
Wednesday 1:29 pm
8858 spacer

Are you calling them greaseballs as a sign of respect, by any chance?
>> No. 8859 Anonymous
25th September 2019
Wednesday 3:42 pm
8859 spacer
Oh, absolutely. I hold those half-witted, spaghetti slurping, dago dickheads in the highest of regards.
>> No. 8968 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 7:30 pm
8968 spacer

They've arrested the 12 year old who posted these.


>> No. 23797 Anonymous
7th April 2020
Tuesday 1:24 am
/news/23797 ITZ 48K - 8 Bit Edition
Bozza dead by next week, bet your house on it.
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>> No. 26338 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 4:04 pm
26338 spacer
It was only yesterday that Matt Hancock was saying that home working should become the norm and all good employers should offer flexible working. He also called for a study into the efficacy of it as we don't know how it has effected productivity, but it should continue as it has improved well-being and because of how beneficial flexible working will be for women in particular.
>> No. 26339 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 10:23 pm
26339 spacer
I'm ready to go back to work if I'm honest. It'll be good if they go slow at the start with it being voluntary so the office is quiet and I can get all my work done without the inevitable chaos.

Actually, just have it so that you can work from home whenever you want. Book in advance the days you're coming in so there's desk-space and it doesn't breach max occupancy. Everyone's a winner.
>> No. 26340 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 8:01 am
26340 spacer
I went out yesterday and everyone seems to be hugging each other. Then when I was in the garage getting fags, a man came in and sneezed everywhere, no covering, handkerchief or anything. Are we all just pretending the last four months didn't happen?

I would quite like the gym to open again, but that's about it.
>> No. 26341 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 11:47 am
26341 spacer
Lads it’s flying ant day. We are all fucked.
>> No. 26342 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 4:56 pm
26342 spacer
Today is it? I cut the grass yesterday and found I'd cross-sectioned a red ant and black ant nest, including eggs, within two feet of each other. So of course I dug a trowel into each and dropped it on the other to let them duke it out.


>> No. 65592 YubYub
8th June 2020
Monday 9:15 am
/iq/65592 spacer

J.K. Rowling: I haven't pissed off my fan base in a while. He's my views on trannies...
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>> No. 65995 Ambulancelad
9th July 2020
Thursday 6:37 pm
65995 spacer

>part of my recruitment filter is looking them up online to gauge whether that suggests they're a twat

please consider making an appointment with dignitas.
>> No. 65996 Are Moaty
9th July 2020
Thursday 6:58 pm
65996 spacer

Would I fail such an application if I had no online presence?

I want to understand how the modern panopticon opperates, and my chances of survival in the near future.
>> No. 65998 Billbob
9th July 2020
Thursday 7:29 pm
65998 spacer
Where do you work, because that's illegal.
>> No. 65999 Anonymous
9th July 2020
Thursday 7:43 pm
65999 spacer
Not at all. The only times I've looked up someone online and decided not to proceed to interview is when they're too much of a lad.

That's be telling.
>> No. 66011 Billbob
12th July 2020
Sunday 3:10 pm
66011 spacer
This thread is a collection of beefy poz loads.


>> No. 23560 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 6:49 pm
/emo/23560 Minor angst and existential dread, Mk. I
We tend to have a lot of repeated threads here, but I also get the feeling people don't tend to post in /emo/ unless it's a big issue.

With this in mind I suggest that we have a thread for stuff that's got you down a bit and you need to get off your chest, without it being major enough to make an entire thread devoted to it. We can also use it as a go-to for minor relationship advice, work problems, social drama, and things like that.

Everyone gets down from time to time, let's put some Sisters of Mercy on and wallow together for a while.
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>> No. 29828 Anonymous
10th July 2020
Friday 9:28 pm
29828 spacer
I'm getting very weary of how whenever you post anything online, the only responses you ever get are snarky smartarse pedants trying to subtly one-up you, even when they're agreeing, or if your original comment was meant positively. Everything always gets taken the wrong way or turned into a debate. I just want a proper conversation.

The usual answer to this would just be "go outside" but even with everything supposedly returning to "normal" it's all still a bit unappealing. I have a hard enough job rounding up a couple of mates for a pint at the best of times, let alone when you have to book in advance, give them your medical records and 5 years of address history before you're allowed in. None of us are the type to do this zoom shit either.
>> No. 29829 Anonymous
10th July 2020
Friday 10:34 pm
29829 spacer

I suspect it is part a question of where you are posting. Most online communities are dehumanising ourely based on their scale. I'm not sure what to recommend to you in terms of open communities, they are all pretty dogshit for human connection.

As a lateral thinking solution, just pick up the phone and call someone, like a psychopath.
>> No. 29830 Anonymous
10th July 2020
Friday 10:40 pm
29830 spacer

>As a lateral thinking solution, just pick up the phone and call someone, like a psychopath.

You jest, but I honestly feel like just phoning someone out of the blue in the year of our lord 2020 would give the impression I'm on the edge of a mental breakdown.
>> No. 29831 Anonymous
10th July 2020
Friday 10:44 pm
29831 spacer

I left facebook a few years ago, and phoning people who I haven't seen in ages to stay in contact instead is much better emotionally.
>> No. 29832 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 12:14 pm
29832 spacer

I took my own advise and called a friend out of the blue yesterday, it was great, we talked for an hour about everything and nothing.
in your >>29830 face mental break down boy.


>> No. 3936 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 1:45 pm
/fat/3936 Fat bastard weight loss thread
Get in here fatlads.

I've made an effort to properly lose weight but have stalled in the last 2 months - and it's starting to creep up. I used to lift weights 3x/week and control the diet, but I can't lift for a while until some medical stuff gets sorted. This has taken a bit of a hit on my progress - or more likely,ive used it an excuse to slack.

What's your story?

P.s. I track calories and weight using my fitness pal.
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>> No. 5060 Anonymous
9th February 2020
Sunday 4:10 pm
5060 spacer

Nah m8. If you're reasonably fit, your bike is sorted and you've got a bit of sense, road cycling is gentle and almost effortless. You fall into a groove where your legs keep turning and the miles keep ticking over. It sounds bonkers, but you get to the point where you can go out for a 100 mile ride on a Sunday morning and still have loads of gas left in the tank.

Also roadie birds are much fitter than MTB birds.

>> No. 5061 Anonymous
9th February 2020
Sunday 4:27 pm
5061 spacer


Are jules does plenty of MTB too to be fair.

All the proper naughty ones also do track/crit cycling too mind. I'd list some names but it's a bit weird since I know quite a few of them.
>> No. 5248 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 9:27 am
5248 spacer

While I'm not doing all this optimised, I'm trying to lose weight.
I used a site to roughly calculate how many calories I need to eat to lose x amount every week.

My weight loss has been steady, losing 400-500g a week. That was just from dieting on calories in, no binging, no urges etc. For the past 2 weeks I've been doing 30 minutes on a rowing machine with a rest day here and there. The machine itself says I've burnt around 550 calories each session.

Now I realise I've probably built up some muscle which skews the scale reading and muscle is heavier than fat, but I was expecting more of a loss. If these were to carry on with no change then even with a calorie deficit and 30mins a day on the rower I'll only be losing 400g a week.

I exercise in the morning, a hour or 2 after breakfast, then have small lunch an hour or 2 after. Then have my dinner around 4-5pm.

The question that I'm getting to lads is. Once my muscle is built up, will my weight loss (on the scales) increase or is the fact I exercise in the day before having dinner just making my body take on the calories burnt so to speak, limiting my weight loss?

I'm not some gymrat or an exercise enthusiast so apologies if this is a simple or stupid question.
>> No. 5249 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 9:42 am
5249 spacer

Muscles need more energy to be maintained than fat, so you will burn more calories with more muscle. There is a balance point between eating too much to feed your muscles and not losing weight, and eating too little and losing muscle gains, but you will find that yourself.
>> No. 5250 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 9:51 am
5250 spacer

The increased muscle will increase your metabolism more than the same weight of fat.

You should consider water retention when losing weight. Which can throw you off by up to 2 kg this is an important factor to consider. You can feel like you are making no progress for weeks and then suddenly drop a KG overnight.


>> ID: da7644 No. 15415 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 7:56 pm

ID: da7644
/shed/15415 spacer
My sincere apologies chaps.
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>> ID: 09908d No. 15421 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 1:28 am

ID: 09908d
15421 spacer
> 85p

Mirth. I think I'll continue using it until it expires. I kind of like it, to be honest. Britfa in the week, cunt off club at the weekends / on bank holidays.

Or maybe could direct us straight to /pol/
>> ID: 811074 No. 15422 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 3:29 am

ID: 811074
15422 spacer
I used it twice.
>> ID: c3bce5 No. 15423 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 7:35 am

ID: c3bce5
15423 spacer
Thank fuck for that.
I have looked around much of the internet, and there's nowhere like home.
I shall put the kettle on.
>> ID: 839446 No. 15424 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 7:45 am

ID: 839446
15424 spacer
Thanks for sorting it m8. Much appreciated.
>> ID: 1cce46 No. 15426 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 9:49 am

ID: 1cce46
15426 spacer
I hope the server password is in purp's will, too. I'll pay the fees but someone less thick will have to run it.


>> No. 7939 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 9:52 pm
/£$€¥/7939 spacer
The cut in stamp duty has opened the door for me to be able to buy a flat in near the city for myself -so long as I borrow 2k from my parents and use help to buy. I looked at what that really means which is that I can afford a small flat in Kingston by the sewage works with 2 hours commuting everyday.

Lads, is it still worth it? Yeah, my money isn't magically disappearing every month but my quality of life would be worse and, at 30, I will likely look to move in a few years with some bird. Still, there's a money factor involved so I've been fretting all week. Should I keep looking into this or just forget about it?
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>> No. 7941 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 8:03 am
7941 spacer
It's always a good time to buy your own place if you can get the funds together and deal with the 6 months+ heartache it all tends to take. If your parents are able to help you, then take that help; most of us don't get it and you and they are lucky to be able to do it.

Commuting is rapidly going out of fashion. Depends on what job you're in, of course, but I think the homeworking/flexible hours thing is here to stay.


>> No. 13366 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 3:04 pm
/nom/13366 spacer
Overall, what's your favourite fruit? I have a couple of oranges in the evening with a nice cup of redbush which I find pairs nicely. The sugar content is a little high but they seem durable and hassle free.

Just fishing for some ideas for variation.
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>> No. 13496 Anonymous
6th July 2020
Monday 1:41 pm
13496 spacer
I've noticed that supermarkets have an abundance of melons recently. Lots on offer for a quid. Assuming it's coronavirus related.
>> No. 13497 Anonymous
6th July 2020
Monday 5:46 pm
13497 spacer

I am complaining about the peaches. They're all fucking terrible and seem to rot without ever ripening.
>> No. 13498 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 10:35 pm
13498 spacer
I ordered some oranges from Tesco, and the ones they supplied were roughly the same size as satsumas. At least the bunch of bananas they delivered were nicely green and not immediate banana bread fodder.
>> No. 13499 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 10:56 pm
13499 spacer
>Nicely green bananas
Probably the only acceptable 'ripen at home' fruit.
>> No. 13500 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 11:37 pm
13500 spacer


The new dawn.jpg
>> No. 65906 YubYub
2nd July 2020
Thursday 1:23 pm
/iq/65906 I will not cease from mental fight, Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
purple has forsaken us.

The old gods are dead.

We have an opportunity here to build Jerusalem on England’s green an pleasant land.
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>> No. 66004 Crabkiller
11th July 2020
Saturday 7:57 pm
66004 spacer
We are back.
>> No. 66005 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 8:41 pm
66005 spacer
What are you on about? We've been here all along.
>> No. 66006 R4GE
11th July 2020
Saturday 9:27 pm
66006 spacer

Where are you back from? You know you shouldn't be going out during covid season.
>> No. 66008 Samefag
11th July 2020
Saturday 10:18 pm
66008 spacer
I for one reckon JK Rowling's a massive twat for using her shitty books as a frame of reference for every pissing little thing she disagrees with. It really is her way of pretending she wrote the most complex social critique of all time when she wrote a book about a bespectacled nerd trying to cop off with his ginger mate's little sister. The only good to come of it is the slew of extraordinary slash fanfics imo, but I like shit films and get a good laugh out of shit poetry.
>> No. 66009 Are Moaty
11th July 2020
Saturday 10:51 pm
66009 spacer

It's a sad indictment of our culture that everyone is so concerned about the opinions of a children's author.


>> No. 30430 Anonymous
8th July 2020
Wednesday 5:40 pm
/101/30430 spacer
I don't think I can take much more of this. My friends use this in almost every line of text conversation. All of them.
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 30435 Anonymous
9th July 2020
Thursday 4:00 pm
30435 spacer
I actually think they can be pretty handy to convey the tone in which I want some lass to read my awkward messages.
>> No. 30436 Anonymous
9th July 2020
Thursday 4:20 pm
30436 spacer

Yeah, they're essential for talking to birds so they know when you're joking, or else they will genuinely just assume you're some kind of serial killer. The British sense of humour doesn't translate well to text unless the person reading it is quite sharp.
>> No. 30437 Anonymous
9th July 2020
Thursday 11:10 pm
30437 spacer
> If only they knew emoji originated in Japan...
What difference would that make? Many of them see Japan as an example of a model society.
>> No. 30439 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 7:57 pm
30439 spacer
Genuinely upsetting.
>> No. 30440 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 10:25 pm
30440 spacer
MSN Messenger winks were really just as egregious. To remember using these after school with mates.


61ytwXSPd L._SL1500_.jpg
>> No. 428025 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 10:52 pm
/b/428025 spacer
My other half has squeezed all of the washing up liquid into a Kilner bottle.

Lads, I don't get it. I really don't get it. I mean, I gave up trying to understand women a long time ago but every now and then something happens that leaves me utterly flummoxed beyond all comprehension. Is 'WITH NOTHING TO SAY BECAUSE I AM A CUNT' still wordfiltered? I mean, she's moved it from one bottle... to another bottle. It doesn't even pour that well so you always end up using more than you intended to. I doubt anyone in the entire history of humankind has ever thought "washing up liquid in a glass bottle, nice." It's bright yellow and she also pours the cooking oil into a Kilner bottle, which she doesn't store too far away from it, so I can almost certainly guarantee at some point in the future she'll end up frying food in washing up liquid. The lid is also a faff. Just... why? Why, lads?

Can you lads please reassure me that your lasses do stupid shit like this?
171 posts and 11 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 437868 Anonymous
7th July 2020
Tuesday 6:20 pm
437868 spacer
My dad is similar to this. He's had a longstanding mistrust of dishwashers.
>> No. 437869 Anonymous
7th July 2020
Tuesday 7:02 pm
437869 spacer

It does if you've already done most of the work, and besides, you shouldn't be leaving them long enough to develop significant bacterial growth in the first place.

In fact, unless you throw away your sponge and use a new one each time (which only a mentalist would do), you're significantly more likely to be applying bacteria to your dishes than vice versa. Leaving a damp sponge full of little food particles out on the side to dry is a breeding ground.

Germophobia is not a healthy obsession. Germs are everywhere and they're mostly fine. Unilever and Johnson and Johnson have simply broken our minds.
>> No. 437870 Anonymous
7th July 2020
Tuesday 9:33 pm
437870 spacer
> Unilever and Johnson and Johnson have simply broken our minds.

Fair play, mine was pretty fragile to begin with.
>> No. 437873 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 8:25 pm
437873 spacer

Oh good, we're back.
That was a scary few days.

What happened?
>> No. 437874 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 8:36 pm
437874 spacer
Domain expired and there was fuckery with renewing it.


Annotation 2020-07-01 135557.png
>> ID: b3b834 No. 15385 Anonymous
1st July 2020
Wednesday 1:56 pm

ID: b3b834
/shed/15385 spacer
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>> ID: ec74d0 No. 15411 Anonymous
10th July 2020
Friday 7:08 pm

ID: ec74d0
15411 spacer
Depends how bored you are. It's only slightly more active than the boards currently are.
>> ID: 839446 No. 15412 Anonymous
10th July 2020
Friday 7:12 pm

ID: 839446
15412 spacer
I barely ever post there but it seems reasonably chill. Might be worth having just in case this sort of situation arises again.

That warmed my heart a bit. As well as all the lads finding various ways and means of crawling back to this small grey bolthole in the swarming fuckery that is the wider internet.

Glad to hear that purps realises that this place is actually a bit special in it's own understated way, if he reads this at some point his efforts are very much appreciated. Without wanting to be dramatic or overstate the case I reckon /emo/ may genuinely have saved a few lives. And the cunts offs can be fun as well.

Sage for soppyness.
>> ID: e200b6 No. 15413 Anonymous
10th July 2020
Friday 8:38 pm

ID: e200b6
15413 spacer

If you want to be part of the disgusting Mod/IRC clique.
>> ID: d4104e No. 15414 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 2:27 am

ID: d4104e
15414 spacer
That joke worked better 10 years ago when it was IRC and no one under the age of 25 knew how to access the server. Discord is a click away.
>> ID: 690746 No. 15418 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 8:28 pm

ID: 690746
15418 spacer
Oh thank god, I thought this place had just died forever without warning.


>> No. 62741 R4GE
19th March 2019
Tuesday 3:21 pm
/iq/62741 spacer
Vorderman from the front.
232 posts and 100 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 65964 Anonymous
7th July 2020
Tuesday 5:49 pm
65964 spacer
They should rename the daily express the daily Vorderman.
>> No. 65965 Crabkiller
7th July 2020
Tuesday 7:11 pm
65965 spacer

I couldn't resist googling the top one. the conversation discussed within sounds like it could have been between two people from fucking neptune.

it's actually profoundly sad that there are people now who are essentially "on the dating scene" full time. they're so deep into it they've come up with all this sociology lingo, without ever considering if the reason nobody wants them is just that they're a cunt.

i've been on dating sites/apps a few times across the last six or seven years, and I'll always come across the same handful of faces who are still there, and always there, every time. i started fondly referring to them as "the usual suspects."
>> No. 65966 YubYub
7th July 2020
Tuesday 10:18 pm
65966 spacer
If someone mentioned negging I'd assume they were on about hot beefy loadz.
>> No. 65967 YubYub
8th July 2020
Wednesday 4:02 am
65967 spacer
You can get those all day long, no negging needed.
>> No. 66003 YubYub
11th July 2020
Saturday 7:46 pm
66003 spacer



Sabrina Carpenter 021.jpg
>> No. 437872 Anonymous
11th July 2020
Saturday 7:17 pm
/b/437872 Sabrina Carpenter Thread
does anyone know if there's any nudes or sex vids leaks of Sabrina Carpenter out there?


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