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>> No. 94470 Anonymous
7th September 2021
Tuesday 8:02 pm
/pol/94470 spacer
This man isn't going to be the next Chancellor of Germany, and Election Day will be armageddon a bit shit for the Conservatives.
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>> No. 94723 Anonymous
27th September 2021
Monday 12:14 am
94723 spacer
This is what happens when you count the votes differently. You get multiple parties all with ~20% of the vote and they have to form a coalition, meaning that lots of views are represented in government and the voters can vote for anyone they like and still have a chance at being listened to. The downside is you don't get such clear leadership from one party, but that's hardly any downside at all and this sounds like paradise to me.
>> No. 94725 Anonymous
27th September 2021
Monday 12:26 am
94725 spacer

>Nobody wants to work with AfD and Die Linke

I think the Linke is in regional coalition governments in some German states. Which is a bit odd since they are essentially descended from the East German communist party. The AFD appear to be Germany's BNP, which makes it a bit unsettling that they got over ten percent of the vote.
>> No. 94726 Anonymous
27th September 2021
Monday 12:52 am
94726 spacer
The downside is that coalition building will now involve backroom deals with party officials. That's pretty much what we have within the two parties but it still smells and will involve constant back-and-forth deal making between one of the leading parties and whomever they get into bed with.

I doubt we'll see a grand-coalition, the last time the SPD and CDU went into government it was disastrous for the junior partner.

They're Germanies UKIP at best. The German BNP is NPD.
>> No. 94727 Anonymous
27th September 2021
Monday 12:53 am
94727 spacer
There should probably have been a comma between "AfD and".

But you're right that the largest part of Die Linke comes from the PDS which was literally the rump of the SED after reunification.
>> No. 94728 Anonymous
27th September 2021
Monday 12:58 am
94728 spacer
>The downside is that coalition building will now involve backroom deals with party officials.
As opposed to our system, where coalition building happens through backroom deals with party officials.


>> No. 92282 Anonymous
12th February 2021
Friday 8:11 pm
/pol/92282 spacer
Perhaps the problem with Labour wasn't actually Jeremy Corbyn?
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>> No. 94717 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 10:07 pm
94717 spacer
It's just downstream of this being a dysfunctional country with (somewhat) uniquely horrible people in positions of power. If you want normal politics you can fly over to New Zealand right now. Well, not right now, Covid is still happening, but if you look at their general way of doing things it's more or less fine. There's no Trump/Brexit moment where nice middle class people were forced to confront the long term consequences of triangulating away the working class, in part because in the 2000s the Labour government got yanked left by coalition partners and regretted its role in upside-down Thatcherism rather than inviting those responsible to the PM's house for tea.

In the more optimistic timeline for the 2020s-30s we'll say fuck it to the debt from Covid and fire ahead with actually trying to rebuild the economy because (and I'm being flippant here) debt isn't real, capital equipment is. Full employment and wage growth will return as we throw loads of money at making things better and greener, and with all the money going on our paycheques from that we'll easily be able to pay to care for the old. We might as well even build enough houses to stabilize prices while we're at it. With all that done life will be passable enough that politics should settle down a bit, perhaps on a more Japanese model where nobody cares what the stupid dysfunctional opposition is doing because the not-very-liberal not-very-democratic government is delivering the growth.

In the less optimistic timeline, inflation or debt concerns will give us another few decades of choking the economy like we did in the 2010s, we'll stick to underinvesting and general incompetence, climate change will bring a string of local disasters and televised attrocities, and frankly i could go on in all the little details but every road leads to this post ending with a line that goes "if we do this, the only narratively satisfying ending is human extinction" with varying degrees of trying to present it as a joke.

not wanting to end on that note, my thoughts are: returning to the "normal" of 1997-2015 or 1945-1979 or 1945-2015 or whatever set of dates someone arbitrarily picks isn't likely. even just in terms of how the debate is framed, part of why it all seems like a mess now is just a consequence of moving from a newspaper-radio-television watching society to an internet using society, something made worse by how many of our politicians are no doubt still spinning like it's 2005. but we can certainly have a new normal, a consensus where we're no longer living in the zombified remains of a political-economic model that didn't actually work even at its peak. whether we luck out and actually do that, on the other hand, god knows.
>> No. 94719 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 11:13 pm
94719 spacer
>If you want normal politics you can fly over to New Zealand right now. Well, not right now, Covid is still happening, but if you look at their general way of doing things it's more or less fine.

When you typed this, did you think about how stupid you might look?

The housing crisis they have is alone horrifying even when looking from the UK and after trying the ban foreigners approach they really don't have anywhere left to go. Meanwhile they still have comparable levels of inequality and poverty to us which is driving the housing crisis and an enormous geographic and racial divide. I suppose being an irrelevant country that is often not even included on maps has its perks but you're being daft. Goddamn it, there's actually a debate on New Zealand lamb being cheaper in Britain than New Zealand and occasionally mother nature messes with them.
>> No. 94720 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 11:28 pm
94720 spacer
I can see why New Zealand is a popular comparator. Temperate latitude, lots of sheep, rains all year round, they put the Queen on their money, etc.
>> No. 94722 Anonymous
27th September 2021
Monday 12:07 am
94722 spacer
I'm sure many would love the idea of the closest country to us being Australia and even then on the distance between where the UK is now and the Sahara. Would cement our position in the CPTPP as well.

Let's forget to tell Northern Ireland.
>> No. 94724 Anonymous
27th September 2021
Monday 12:21 am
94724 spacer
This is why we should have voted Move. Britain Stronger in the South Pacific.


>> No. 23181 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 6:43 pm
/v/23181 spacer
What's worth watching on the telly these days?
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>> No. 23980 Anonymous
6th September 2021
Monday 11:10 pm
23980 spacer
I was wrong. The first two episodes of the new series were okay.
>> No. 23981 Anonymous
20th September 2021
Monday 6:43 pm
23981 spacer
I got four minutes and forty-one seconds in before turning it off to listen to the 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack.

There's no motivation to emotionally/chronologically buy-in to watching any of this shit it's all just a bland remix of something else with nothing new to say.
>> No. 23982 Anonymous
20th September 2021
Monday 6:43 pm
23982 spacer

>> No. 23983 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 11:03 pm
23983 spacer

I've got a free subscription to Apple TV so I'm trying out Mythic Quest.

It's a comedy set at a studio running an MMORPG starring Mac, Rickety Cricket and Abed from Community, written by Mac, Charlie and one of the writers from It's Always Sunny and Community. I don't know what to make of it; it's not bad but I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it.
>> No. 23984 Anonymous
27th September 2021
Monday 12:10 am
23984 spacer
The Thin Blue Line is on BBC iPlayer. Yes, the '90s police sitcom. It's terrible but I couldn't stop watching it. I have finished all 14 episodes, so now I might watch something I enjoy, rather than something I enjoyed being angry at. It has its moments, but I doubt it's better than just picking any sitcom at random.


>> No. 441558 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 8:46 pm
/b/441558 spacer
New midweek thread: chip butty edition.

Is it even midweek? The days have all blurred into one and lost all sense of meaning.
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>> No. 446498 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 7:38 pm
446498 spacer

Screenshot 2021-09-26 at 18.47.08.png
>> No. 446502 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 9:06 pm
446502 spacer
I lost 7kg and seem to have stalled. Still eating 1500 cals according to the food app, must be the exercise apps overestimating how many I burn.
Unless the water retention caused by the creatine course I started is doing it.
>> No. 446503 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 9:15 pm
446503 spacer

Just make sure you don't go much lower than 1500 calories, as you will be entering crash diet territory, especially if it's accompanied by rigorous exercise.
>> No. 446504 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 9:22 pm
446504 spacer
That's a bunch of bollocks from women's magazines. Dreadful.
>> No. 446505 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 10:40 pm
446505 spacer
Realistically it's more like 2-3,000 calories most days but that's adjusting for the exercise. Net 1,500 you might call it.


>> No. 69588 Paedofag
24th September 2021
Friday 9:18 pm
/iq/69588 spacer
How's the panic buying going, lads?
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>> No. 69655 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 8:11 pm
69655 spacer

>Near the tip of the nozzle is a small hole, and a small pipe leads back from the hole into the handle. Suction is applied to this pipe using a Venturi. When the tank is not full, air is being drawn through the hole by the vacuum, and the air flows easily. When gasoline in the tank rises high enough to block the hole, a mechanical linkage in the handle senses the change in suction and flips the nozzle off.
>> No. 69656 Moralfag
26th September 2021
Sunday 8:44 pm
69656 spacer

That little tidbit made my day, I fucking love mechanical systems.
>> No. 69657 YubYub
26th September 2021
Sunday 9:21 pm
69657 spacer

>> No. 69658 Samefag
26th September 2021
Sunday 9:30 pm
69658 spacer

I wonder how informed about this the average forecourt worker is. Could a band of environmentalists shut down a petrol station for a considerable amount of time with just a few tiny balls of blu-tac or tape? (or whatever wouldn't quickly be melted by the residual petrol)
>> No. 69659 R4GE
26th September 2021
Sunday 9:30 pm
69659 spacer

I very much enjoyed this, also. much appreciated.


>> No. 446187 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 8:52 pm
/b/446187 Confession thread
It’s been years since we’ve had one of these and I’m sure the pandemic, lockdowns and Brexit have given us all plenty of opportunities for sin, so let’s share.
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>> No. 446328 Anonymous
20th September 2021
Monday 7:59 pm
446328 spacer
>a minimum wage just for people who work (directly or indirectly) for the federal government doesn't cover all that many people
You'd be surprised how many it would cover, but the main reason this exists is that it's entirely within the power of the executive and doesn't require legislation to be dragged through a Congress that is probably the least productive it's ever been.
>> No. 446494 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 6:29 pm
446494 spacer
I've recently worked out I quite enjoy dressing a bit more girly.
Not unusual, but i'm a 35 year old bloke with a ZZ Top beard.
>> No. 446495 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 6:31 pm
446495 spacer

Define “a bit”? You mean you are actually cross dressing or is it just emo eyeliner etc?
>> No. 446497 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 7:12 pm
446497 spacer
According to the missus I've started dressing like teenage girl. Skinny jeans, plaid shirts etc. Probably having a midlife moment.
>> No. 446501 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 8:46 pm
446501 spacer

>Skinny jeans, plaid shirts etc.

That's just how every mid twenties bearded man dressed five years ago, I think you'll be fine.


>> No. 425684 Anonymous
5th April 2019
Friday 11:36 pm
/b/425684 spacer
So am I the only one who is getting a bit annoyed by this whole Greta Thunberg cult, or am I just too much of a cold hearted cynic that the world would be better off without?

I don't doubt the legitimate concern of her generation over climate change, after all it will fall to them to sort out the utter fucking mess that we have left the planet in, but all the awards that she is now being showered with are IMO just middle aged and old people's guilt over their own failure to save the planet's climate despite having had decades of prior warning, and who lost their way and succumbed to high carbon footprint consumerism somewhere between 1990s road protest villages and today's school runs in a 4x4. None of it feels sincere or genuine, it's more like, yeah, just take all these awards and shut the hell up already.

And parents whose children now protest every Friday or so are now engaging in pissing matches on twitter and Instagram to show off which one of their kids gets the most involved. As one commenter said, nothing good has ever come of a youth protest movement that was applauded by parents.
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>> No. 446488 Anonymous
25th September 2021
Saturday 8:29 pm
446488 spacer
There's an episode of Mythbusters I was referred to recently where they checked whether reflective screens on your car windshield work to keep the inside cooler. None of my colleagues here bother with it, but from my time in a much much hotter climate I knew it to be a lifesaver. I don't remember whether it was Fahrenheit or proper units, but either way they measured a 10 degree lowering of temperature when using a screen. That's substantial, and that's just a flimsy sheet with a kind-of shiny coating. (Admittedly in a car, not a house)

As to whether it's going to provide air-conditioning level of climate control, half of the answer there is probably that people should learn to not expect that, at least in their homes. There was a piece on NPR over here on the wrong side of the pond recently when Europe was having heatwaves, and they were focusing on Germans in Berlin whose only option was to go to the local fountain to feel a bit cooler, and who seemed to universally despise the American concept of air-con in every building, even going as far as to say they they get poorly every time they visit the US from either temperature fluctuations between indoors and out, or just the recirculated air.

I'm curious what you and the other constructionlad think of these early concepts of 3D printed homes.
>> No. 446490 Anonymous
25th September 2021
Saturday 9:11 pm
446490 spacer
>you'd be better off buying a better designed house. Even one that is larger
booooooooooo rub it in you bastard
>> No. 446491 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 12:39 am
446491 spacer

That's what your mum says when I spunk on her back.
>> No. 446499 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 8:10 pm
446499 spacer
>>446488 early concepts of 3D printed homes.

They're early. Horribly energy intensive, the ones using extruded concrete are using too much, and concrete's not ideal. They need to add bricks / breeze blocks to get costs and performance better.
Also, the insertion of facilities all looks really ad-hoc and rushed and manual.
However, give it time. Thing is, it's up against pre-fab, where whole walls will be trucked in, with all services pre-fitted. Bolt them up, join the services, fill the gaps and test for compliance. If walls can be fabbed in factories, they'll be so much better than those thrown up by shit builders.
It's interesting times, but I bet progress will be slow. Expect the current horrors to continue for a while yet.
>> No. 446500 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 8:35 pm
446500 spacer

The Chatham House report is quite interesting.


>> No. 31076 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 9:11 pm
/emo/31076 spacer
So I don't find my girlfriend's body physically attractive. She's quite overweight.
I think I mentioned going to the gym together after seeing her naked, which prompted her to ask if I liked her body a few days after. I felt like this was entrapment so I dodged the question.

When I've been honest with her in the past she has gotten incredibly upset so I think the direct approach is not best here. She has a personal trainer which she sees often but a gym membership she barely uses.
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>> No. 31077 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 9:14 pm
31077 spacer
Go on?
>> No. 31078 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 9:15 pm
31078 spacer
Define quite overweight.
>> No. 31079 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 10:05 pm
31079 spacer
>When I've been honest with her in the past she has gotten incredibly upset so I think the direct approach is not best here

Why not? You can point out that it's making her unwell and you don't like seeing seeing someone you care for eat herself to death. It's only going to get worse as time goes on.

Maybe you could get her into cooking, absolutely discourage baking, get her thinking about her food that way. Arrange that you eat a small dinner together with no distractions so she can appreciate the tastes and textures over senseless eating. Make her a snob.
>> No. 31081 Anonymous
25th September 2021
Saturday 7:06 pm
31081 spacer
I actually had the opposite problem with my last ex. She kept losing weight, and obviously I was happy for her and she was really doing well in terms of achieving her desires.

The problem is she was a lot fitter when she still had an arse on her, she was barely 5 feet tall, with a flat chest, and looked like a ten year old boy once she'd lost the curves. I obviously didn't say it quite that bluntly, just that I liked her when she was more shapely, but she was not impressed.

What I have concluded from this is that a woman's attractiveness to you does not enter her sphere of consideration whatsoever. She couldn't give a toss if you think she's attractive, what she wants is to look in the mirror and see what she wants to see. You're barking up the wrong tree if you think a woman will ever alter her appearance on your behalf- You're just occasionally lucky if the two overlap.

Also if you can't be honest with someone you can't really have anything. So while I don't wish to be harsh, that's not a good sign. By my stage in life my eyes would roll out of the back of my head if my missus asked me that classic "Am I fat?" trap question, and I'd say "Yes, you lardy cunt, but I'm still fucking you aren't I?"
>> No. 31096 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 8:25 pm
31096 spacer
When asked "Do you think I'm fat" from a morbidly obese female relative, my reply was "I'll answer if you want, but i'm not going to lie to you". The question was promptly put to rest.


>> No. 8980 Anonymous
22nd January 2015
Thursday 10:10 pm
/beat/8980 ITT: Songs in a foreign language
Ásgeir Trausti - Heimförin (Icelandic folk music)

Kaizers Orchestra - Knekker Deg Til Sist (Norwegian alt-rock)

Chetes - Camino a Casa (apparently this counts as pop rock in Mexico)

I guess songs in English by non-native speaking artists are fine too.
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>> No. 12962 Anonymous
25th September 2021
Saturday 2:10 am
12962 spacer
Alpha Blondy - Brigadier Sabari

Some of the finest reggae you'll ever hear. The lyrics are all about police brutality too, which is very righteous, but they're in some nutty obscure African language so I haven't been able to find them online anywhere.

If you're the sort to be outraged by cultural appropriation, here is the same song as performed by two white Belgians, with the lyrics changed into English words about having a small willy.

>> No. 12963 Anonymous
25th September 2021
Saturday 9:04 am
12963 spacer

>but they're in some nutty obscure African language so I haven't been able to find them online anywhere.
Can find them easily enough
Translating them from the mixture of French and Dioula is harder. Possibly there's some phonetic Arabic and Hebrew in there too. I've seen some Dioula dictionaries online but I have other things to do today.
>> No. 12964 Anonymous
25th September 2021
Saturday 9:18 am
12964 spacer
Get a load of Mr "I have other things to do today" over here.
>> No. 12965 Anonymous
25th September 2021
Saturday 10:01 am
12965 spacer
He means wanking.
>> No. 12966 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 8:20 pm
12966 spacer
All these are from 6Music earlier.


>> No. 31014 Anonymous
19th September 2021
Sunday 7:51 pm
/emo/31014 Outsourcing fetishes
Not really an emo thread as such, although the issues have caused a fair bit of stress over the years.

There are sexual things I want to try, and my Mrs despite being very open minded and adventurous is definitely not into the thing I want to do.

I’m considering paying for it and can easily do it all without any worries about cost or privacy. I don’t see it as cheating be I won’t actually be ducking the other woman and we’ve done stuff with other people before.

So don’t come at me with me being morally corrupt or whatever. I just want to know if anyone else has used professional service to solve similar problems before?
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>> No. 31091 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 10:22 am
31091 spacer

You could turn shagging prozzies into a hobby, too, a bit like trainspotting. Carry a little notebook about, log the time, their name, and their national insurance number, maybe a short description of any rare or unique attributes like a missing leg etc.
>> No. 31092 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 10:28 am
31092 spacer
I'm in the initial stages of writing a how-to book for starting a cult. It's very similar to starting a dictatorship really, the main difference is scale.
>> No. 31093 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 10:41 am
31093 spacer

>> No. 31094 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 2:26 pm
31094 spacer

I remember a story in a guy who did more or less than and used the results to publish a sort of hookers guidebook. It’s was obviously on Eurotrash or similar.
>> No. 31095 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 5:47 pm
31095 spacer
Sounds like punternet.


>> No. 2974 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 3:35 pm
/uhu/2974 spacer
I've had some hooks over the top of my doors for the past few months. I think either the doorframes have warped or the doors themselves have started to droop under the additional weight, as they now stick when closing.

I've tried tightening the screws that the doors are hanging on, but it's made no difference.

I'm considering two options:
1) I'm aware I could plane away an inner part of the frame and repaint, but I live in a rental flat, so I don't want to do any major carpentry that I might botch.
2) I could take the doors off entirely and rehang them using longer screws, and futz about with it until it fits nicely in the frame again.

Is there a more straight forward fix that I'm missing?
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>> No. 2975 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 5:41 pm
2975 spacer
If you don't want to do any major carpentry, wouldn't drilling bigger holes and using longer screws to reattach a door fall under that? Surely if you can install longer screws, you can plane a doorframe.


>> No. 13192 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 5:53 pm
/nom/13192 spacer
This is going to be our food review thread.
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>> No. 14675 Anonymous
20th September 2021
Monday 2:18 am
14675 spacer

Nope. Burger King do, which is why they can't call the plant-based whopper "vegan" or even "vegetarian". The McPlant is handled and cooked separately from meat and dairy products, which is a) why it earned approval from the Vegetarian Society and b) why it's only available in a limited number of outlets. McDonalds have learned their lesson from the beefy chips fiasco.
>> No. 14676 Anonymous
23rd September 2021
Thursday 12:23 pm
14676 spacer

There were six mini Rolos to go in my yoghurt. Outrageous.
>> No. 14683 Anonymous
25th September 2021
Saturday 8:52 pm
14683 spacer
I've started to wonder if corner yogurts are childish, even the fruit ones. I like them, but I don't really think a 30 year old man should enjoy the corner tipping processes as much as I must.
>> No. 14684 Anonymous
25th September 2021
Saturday 11:29 pm
14684 spacer

I don't even own a yoghurt.
>> No. 14685 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 11:54 am
14685 spacer

These are really nice.


>> No. 5456 Anonymous
4th April 2014
Friday 3:02 am
/lit/5456 Vurt
This was really good.
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>> No. 7344 Anonymous
18th September 2021
Saturday 10:30 pm
7344 spacer
Yeah, that was one of the better ones. It reminded me of Charlie Brooker.
>> No. 7345 Anonymous
18th September 2021
Saturday 10:51 pm
7345 spacer
Just read it. Characteristically silly ending.
>> No. 7346 Anonymous
19th September 2021
Sunday 12:59 am
7346 spacer

Fuck Thomas Mann and fuck Germany. There's no humanity in this book, it's just a young insular man pattering about in a mountain health retreat getting browbeaten by an Giuseppe, a failed clergyman, some hoe and his doctor. Yes, you can certainly tell that the author stopped and came back to it at which point he shoved his mental diarrhea onto the pages and found a narcoleptic editor to approve it.

I make a point not to leave books unfinished so after 752 pages I assure you I will not be following Mann's advice to 'read it again' to get it.
>> No. 7347 Anonymous
19th September 2021
Sunday 8:07 pm
7347 spacer

I was struggling to read his Doctor Faustus and your post I feel has justified me in my decision to desist from continuing it.

I've started reading Ottessa Moshfegh's 'My Year of Rest and Relaxation' and I really like the voice, and would recommend that if you're looking for good fiction.

I am also reading the Francis Bacon Biog that came out this year and it is likewise really interesting.
>> No. 7348 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 11:43 am
7348 spacer

I should read Douglas Adams more.


>> No. 28571 Anonymous
17th May 2019
Friday 1:05 am
/101/28571 Minor Rants and Piss-Offs, Mark VIII
It appears largethreadmodlad has also locked the previous iteration of this thread; Mark VIII it is, then.

I take perfect care of my nails. I don't bite them, I cut in the standard flat formation every 3-5 days, and scrub under them in the shower. So why the actual fuck are my cuticles bleeding? Putting the plaster over to catch the blood means I can't play my bass properly, and that pisses me off.
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>> No. 32391 Anonymous
22nd September 2021
Wednesday 7:02 pm
32391 spacer
Nope, it just means he'll be dumped with a supplier he doesn't want to be with who will charge him an arm and a leg for the privilege of being his bailout provider.
>> No. 32392 Anonymous
23rd September 2021
Thursday 5:24 pm
32392 spacer
I bought some pre-grated cheese because I felt like being lazy and not having to wash the grater, but the stuff refuses to melt. It's weird. It just sort of goes soft but retains its shape. I think the issue is it's too chunky. It's almost like french fries made of mature cheddar.

The whole point of crated cheese is to melt, is it not? Why would you have grated cheese that refuses to melt?
>> No. 32393 Anonymous
23rd September 2021
Thursday 5:44 pm
32393 spacer

It's anti-caking agent mate, stops it clumping in the bag but also stops it melting in your food.

Also, dissolving sodium citrate in cheese makes it extra melty/stretchy.
>> No. 32394 Anonymous
23rd September 2021
Thursday 6:30 pm
32394 spacer
>dissolving sodium citrate in cheese makes it extra melty/stretchy.
Does that same to your rectum apparently.
>> No. 32395 Anonymous
25th September 2021
Saturday 5:11 pm
32395 spacer
I have a mob of rollerbladers that like to go past my house while carrying boomboxes blasting out upbeat classics from the likes of ELO and Bill Withers. If that wasn't bad enough they always do this when I'm on the other side of the street with my shopping so I'm forced to wait for the parade of nobheads to pass.

It's just not British.


>> No. 5894 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 6:16 pm
/fat/5894 spacer
Can SSRI withdrawal (Citalopram 10mg) symptoms appear after even 2 months from stopping?

After a death in the family I went a bit loopy for a while, I was having constant panic attacks and intrusive thoughts about my own mortality.

I took Citalopram 10mg for 2 years, I stopped it 5 weeks ago after a quick ish taper (every other day for a few weeks, then every 3 days for a few weeks, then pretty quick).

Initially I felt a bit irritable, but otherwise great, I was feeling motivated and energised, and these intrusive and obsessional thoughts, as the doc put them, were no where to be seen.

Now 5-6 weeks later they are returning, and frankly I am scared. I'm also getting consistent headaches, like I feel very de-hydrated, even though I'm drinking a lot.
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>> No. 5907 Anonymous
22nd September 2021
Wednesday 11:53 pm
5907 spacer

Olanzapine is an antipsychotic used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It's a nasty drug used to treat very nasty illnesses. Your old man has my full sympathy, but (with the exception of tardive dyskinesia) there's no evidence to suggest that antipsychotics can cause permanent damage. Unless his doctor is actively trying to get struck off, your dad would have been very seriously ill before they even considered prescribing olanzapine.
>> No. 5908 Anonymous
23rd September 2021
Thursday 12:06 am
5908 spacer
I've been referred to a psych doctor for possible depression with a side of ADD. You're scaring the bejeebus out of me, but my sex drive is already absent and the odd "orgasm" is like peeing as mentioned so how much worse can it get.
>> No. 5909 Anonymous
23rd September 2021
Thursday 1:34 am
5909 spacer
Like I needed another reason to use the mental health services. I swore off ever going to one again for my mild depression, and never took the medications.
>> No. 5910 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 7:15 pm
5910 spacer
Depression will do that to your libido, so will antidepressants unfortunately. I didn't notice anything on citalopram, at all in any way, didn't help or hinder. But venlafaxine was a big drought. And then coming off it felt like you were dazed when moving for a few weeks, like when you've got a bad cold and your vision feels like a tenth of a second behind where your eyes are pointing.

Talk to the doctor, if you trust them then you trust them. They have a lot of information and at the very least you can research their opinion. There are a lot of options, you'll be reet.
>> No. 5911 Anonymous
25th September 2021
Saturday 2:19 am
5911 spacer
I generally trust doctors, but I'm also /A/ so if the diagnosis should be ritalin, adderall or similar I think I might struggle to dose appropriately. I will still go ahead if I find a private place that I can afford (on the NHS the wait list is quite long). No idea what to expect, though. Do they inject my brain, is it talk therapy but better, blood tests and conclusions, getting sectioned if they decide I'm a danger? It seems quite intimidating.


>> No. 11742 Anonymous
3rd May 2019
Friday 6:12 pm
/beat/11742 What you feeling right now? Part V: Bach it up
Time for a new thread.
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>> No. 12948 Anonymous
29th August 2021
Sunday 1:23 am
12948 spacer

>> No. 12949 Anonymous
7th September 2021
Tuesday 11:19 pm
12949 spacer

>> No. 12956 Anonymous
10th September 2021
Friday 5:34 am
12956 spacer
All that scratching is making me itch.

I was recently reminded of so I've been on a bit of bender.
>> No. 12958 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 3:05 pm
12958 spacer

>> No. 12961 Anonymous
25th September 2021
Saturday 1:52 am
12961 spacer


>> No. 14677 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 7:46 pm
/nom/14677 spacer
What's the best way to cook a cheese sandwich on the bbq?

I use to wrap them in tin foil but the health and safety people nowadays have decided that's bad for you.
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>> No. 14678 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 7:50 pm
14678 spacer
What's wrong with foil?
>> No. 14679 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 8:58 pm
14679 spacer

Aluminium poisoning.
>> No. 14680 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 10:12 pm
14680 spacer
I somehow doubt there is enough seepage for that to be a concern, even over the course of 40 years. I'd love to see the evidence on that one.
>> No. 14681 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 10:14 pm
14681 spacer
Tin foil sandwichery aside, obvious choice seems to be an oven proof skillet with a plate over it.
>> No. 14682 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 11:29 pm
14682 spacer
Normal cheese is not made for grilling, halloumi might work depending on whether your barbecue is coal fired or a gas affair and how well you control the temperature.

For your average coal fired barebecue, I'd avoid cheese as anything other than a last minute topping. If you're doing bread or most vegetables, sod the news and use tin foil but keep an eye on the heat. If the foil starts curling or discolouring it's too hot.


gary larson predicts wuhan.png
>> No. 33825 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 1:47 pm
/news/33825 Coronavirus #4
Thread #2 was over 1,700 posts long; thread #3 (>>27266) is now close to 2,800 replies and no longer loads on my phone at work. Let's have a new, hopefully final thread.

The current situation:
Everything is expected to reopen on the 21st of June 2021.
It might not, because cases are rising from the lesser reopenings and the dreaded Indian variant.
Vaccination is going well in rich countries. UK deaths are ~10/day.
Speculation is starting again that the virus might have escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, because it's such an intriguing coincidence, but reasonable people do not currently believe it was a deliberate Chinese conspiracy.
India is currently the country with the worst COVID-19 horror stories.

Will Dominic Cummings give any more evidence about the ineptitude of government handling, or has he said everything he wanted to say now?
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>> No. 35364 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 4:56 pm
35364 spacer
Isn't pain tolerance a sign of autism?
>> No. 35365 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 5:10 pm
35365 spacer
What? How? What pain tolerance?
>> No. 35366 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 6:17 pm
35366 spacer

I think autism manifests itself more in a lack of pain tolerance.

At least if you're a sperg.
>> No. 35367 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 7:19 pm
35367 spacer
Thank you!
>> No. 35368 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 7:29 pm
35368 spacer
The autism build grants a bonus to environmental and physical damage resistance. The cost is making you more vulnerable to sonic and light based attacks.


>> No. 27978 Anonymous
31st August 2021
Tuesday 4:02 pm
/g/27978 RAID drives from a dead machine
I just fired up a machine I've had in storage for a few years, and one of the power supplies crapped out in a cloud of smoke after a few minutes. The machine seemed healthy enough up until that point - appeared on the network, had the expected shares, but didn't allow RDP connections for some reason - I didn't have a monitor plugged in so was a bit blind.
There's a fair amount of specialist reading material on the machine, spread across 5 RAIDed 2.5" SATA drives. Only 500Gbyte or so in total.
So - if a replacement PSU doesn't fix it, are RAIDed drives standard enough that I can bang them into an external reader, one at a time, on a second machine, and recover my stash onto a single drive? I wouldn't be comfortable using an outside contractor, as there's work stuff on it as well as filth. It's an HP Proliant DL360 using whatever nasty built-in RAID controller it shipped with, and I have no idea how I set it up.
There's this, , but it looks like a free lunch being offered by attractive Russian ladies (hence the pic), which is nice and all, but I'm a tad cynical.
Inb4 'RAID is not backups. Yeah, I know. Most things are backed up, but there might be a month or two of smut, as that was never automated.
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>> No. 27982 Anonymous
1st September 2021
Wednesday 9:12 am
27982 spacer
Yeah, it has 2 PSUs (700W, ffs, in a 1U server), but I idly only fed power into one, and am now too chicken to only power it from the other one. Replacement coming from ebay, for a tenner.
I hadn't seen how cheap whole machines are now - so yeah, if I have to, I'll get one and play swapsy. Dunno if the raid configuration is held on a disk or on the raid card, though, so could still be a pain. With any luck it will fire up fine with the new PSU, and I can pull it all into a VM and flog the box for a pittance.
>> No. 27983 Anonymous
1st September 2021
Wednesday 3:41 pm
27983 spacer
>and am now too chicken to only power it from the other one
Just do it. The worst that'll happen is that it will crap out in a similar way.
>> No. 27984 Anonymous
1st September 2021
Wednesday 6:19 pm
27984 spacer

I have an old DL360, but given you're talking about 2.5" drives, I think you have the model or so after mine. I believe mine is a G3, which is a 1U server with 2x5.25" hard drives. It is actually brand new, only run for 2 hours, despite being almost 15 years old.

If you get stuck, and it might help, would happily send it or parts.
>> No. 27985 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 2:11 pm
27985 spacer
Thanks, all. Cheap ebay PSU sourced, machine fired up and filth harvested and backed up then wiped, no harm done. Box shoved in a rack to be ignored for another decade. It's not even worth provisioning as a VM server or anything, so much power and noise for only moderate grunt.
>> No. 27986 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 5:10 pm
27986 spacer
>so much power and noise for only moderate grunt

I have two DL585s and a couple of Sun Sparc's that are in exactly the same category. If I thought there was any gold in them, I would probably recycle, but it seems a shame to just scrap/throw them away.


>> No. 9430 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 10:09 pm
/news/9430 spacer
Huddersfield charity shop finally says goodbye to a shutter which lasted 26 years

That's it. That's literally it. A charity shop has replaced one of its roller shutters after having the same one for 26 years. It's all go in Huddersfield.

I challenge you lads to find a more pointless news story than this.
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>> No. 35325 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 11:06 am
35325 spacer
I think it depends how much butter you use and how often you take it out to stir.

My girlfriend tends to make scrambled eggs in the microwave and they're nowhere near as nice as doing them on the hob. She also cooks most vegetables in the microwave rather than boiling or steaming them.
>> No. 35326 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 4:15 pm
35326 spacer
>> No. 35358 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 2:48 pm
35358 spacer

>A tormented mum claims she was attacked by a "sexually charged" ghost for two hellish years - before the birth of her daughter banished it for good.

>Charlene Smith, from Harlow, Essex, says she was first awoken by the deviant spirit touching her intimately and initially mistook it for her partner. However, over the coming months the mum-of-six says the spectre continued to attack her, forcing her to desperately turn to ghostbusters, mediums and even a priest to no avail.
>> No. 35359 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 3:37 pm
35359 spacer

>before the birth of her daughter banished it for good

That always does it.
>> No. 35363 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 4:56 pm
35363 spacer
>forcing her to desperately turn to ghostbusters

I'm so confused.

I wish I had a sexually charged ghost. So long as it doesn't start slamming doors and leaving all the lights on.


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