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>> No. 9103 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 2:14 pm
9103 spacer
>Super League: Why are football's biggest clubs starting a new tournament?

>Twelve clubs have signed up to the ESL - six of them from the English Premier League. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham, would join AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid.

>The founding clubs want a new midweek competition with teams continuing to compete in national leagues. The ESL would have 20 teams. Of these, the 12 founding members - plus three more yet to join - would be permanent members and would never face relegation. Five other sides would be expected to qualify on an annual basis. The new league would rival the current Champions League competition, one of the biggest club tournaments in world football.

>The move has been condemned by fans, pundits and by most football bodies not involved. With 15 teams in the ESL not facing the prospect of qualification or relegation, critics say it will create a closed shop at the top of football. The Premier League says it "attacks the principles of open competition and sporting merit".

>Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said that the plans threatened the pyramid structure of English football, "where funds from the globally successful Premier League flow down the leagues and into local communities". There's also the fear that the ESL would draw huge global TV audiences away from existing leagues such as England's Premier League and Italy's Serie A.

What's all this about then and why is the PM getting involved, pretend your explaining it to your girlfriend who is only watching because Casualty is on after.
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>> No. 9104 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 2:40 pm
9104 spacer

The current structure is great for the sport but those poor investors risk making only some of the money instead of all of the money if the team they bought and over leveraged to extract cash gets relegated.
>> No. 9105 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 2:40 pm
9105 spacer
In short, many of the big clubs in Europe (plus Tottenham) want a bigger slice of the TV revenue pie and a breakaway European league has been proposed for some time. There's a few notable absentees, most clubs in Germany are at least 50.1% fan owned so the big names like Bayern and Dortmund would never even entertain the idea and PSG have also turned it down, which is supposedly to do with their owners being very closely associated with the Qatar World Cup.

It means for these clubs that there's guaranteed European football even if they had a shit domestic season and wouldn't have otherwise qualified for the Champions League. In other words, it's greed and trying to ensure the money keeps coming to them rather than other clubs.
>> No. 9106 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 3:00 pm
9106 spacer
> The Premier League says it "attacks the principles of open competition and sporting merit".

Amusing coming from a league where the richest teams always win everything. The ironically socialist system of salary caps you find in American leagues like the NFL and NHL seems far more conducive to sporting merit to me.
>> No. 9107 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 4:50 pm
9107 spacer
Aren't the proper Super League going to sue them over the name? Or even better, challenge the football players to a rugby league match and twat the southern softy footballers?
>> No. 9108 Anonymous
20th April 2021
Tuesday 1:08 am
9108 spacer
So: imagine that when all the teams play each other, there are some teams that draw huge crowds and everyone makes money off the back of them. The leagues know this, and give them assorted bonuses, but their huge revenue-generating powers still lead to huge sums of money that they have to share with their shitty, inferior opponents.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a league composed entirely of hugely lucrative teams? Then, all the shitty also-ran teams would get fuck all and every match would be obscenely lucrative because everyone would pay to watch it. That's what the European Super League is.

Of course, these exceptionally marketable teams do not exist in isolation. At least part of their incredible value comes from illiterate Indonesians watching them smash West Brom every week. It's a little conceited to say these teams draw the crowds entirely on their own, and West Brom aren't worth a tin shit. Especially when the entire magic of football comes from the fact that West Brom do sometimes win.

And this hot new European Super League made of 100% celebrity teams has really fucked everything up by proposing that the most marketable teams in this new league can never be relegated; they will always get to come back to the top league every year, even if they lose every match the previous year. This goes against the very philosophy that all teams at the top are there on merit, and it effectively ends the fairytale that a bad team could work their way to the top and win everything. But if you're a top team, this is great news for you because your investment is protected. Your team can never be expelled from this new top table, because their place among the GOATs is guaranteed, whatever happens.

Of course, creating a breakaway league that focuses all the profits at the top of the table is exactly what the Premier League was in the early 1990s. Many of the pundits who are denouncing this zombie monstrosity are shills for the businesses that profited from the creation of the Premier League, and now they're angry because rich owners can buy all the top players and compete against them, and challenge their dominance. This story has no good guys, and everyone's a hypocrite.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that every fan of every team in Europe dreams of one day seeing their team overthrow the hegemony of the big teams, and win it all, like Leicester did in 2016. This new league effectively takes a snapshot of the most marketable teams right now, and creates a new league that's rigged specifically to keep them at the top forever. Remember, if such a league was created in 1980, the "top teams" would include Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, Hamburg and Ajax, none of whom are welcome in today's top league. The notion that today's top teams are permanently at the top is absolutely wrong. But again, this league isn't about finding the best teams; it's about teams declaring themselves the best so they can keep all the money and stay at the top forever. This is why everyone is so angry.

I absolutely think this was proposed as a negotiating tactic for the top teams to get more money. But everyone is so angry now that it might have backfired as a threat, and now the teams have no choice but to go ahead with it. They said they were happy to stay in their domestic leagues, playing West Brom and Osasuna and whoever's shit in Italy, and only have this Super League instead of the Champions League, which was already a money-spinning exercise anyway. So we can all keep watching and see what happens, and see if it works out for the top teams who believed they were important enough to be enshrined at the top forever, or if they wind up kicked out of all their existing leagues and tournaments, get forced to play in this league and nowhere else, and ultimately get fucked over. Nobody really knows what's going to happen with this proposed league, and that's why it's exciting.
>> No. 9109 Anonymous
20th April 2021
Tuesday 6:15 am
9109 spacer
"Creating a breakaway league to increase profits is outrageous" say teams who play in breakaway league created to increase profits.

FWIW, I think the prospect of these teams being booted out of their national leagues is basically nil - right now the Super League is basically an experiment that teams could ultimately walk away from, but being suspended or expelled from their national leagues would force the teams to go all-in on making it a success.
>> No. 9110 Anonymous
20th April 2021
Tuesday 11:45 am
9110 spacer
Not being a football fan, the way all these leagues are named makes me think they are all an exercise in masturbating over how wonderful these clubs are. You've got 'The Football League', but that doesn't include the 'Premier' League, and within that there's also the 'Championship', and 'League One'. And now there's going to be a 'Super League'. We get it, footballers think they are gods. How many more words can they use to say how wonderful they are.
>> No. 9111 Anonymous
20th April 2021
Tuesday 12:03 pm
9111 spacer
At first glance, I thought this was that picture from AGDQ of the tranny polycule out for dinner with their friends.

I need better hobbies.
>> No. 9112 Anonymous
20th April 2021
Tuesday 12:06 pm
9112 spacer
If it's any conciliation they did indeed utterly fuck each other.
>> No. 9113 Anonymous
20th April 2021
Tuesday 1:18 pm
9113 spacer
Do you know why transgingers are so overrepresented in the speedrunning community specifically GDQ? Is it because twitch is promoting them over others, or because there are genuinely more of them in the scene? I'd imagine both.

I'm a bit of a sperg but I thought I'd never get into speedrunning because it seemed too spergy, but hey the world record for my favourite childhood game is 10 hours so fuck it, let's do a route...Shining Force 3 WR in the palm of my hand now. BowieTheHero, I'm coming for you and your annoyingly good whistling/annoyingly bad commentary.
>> No. 9114 Anonymous
20th April 2021
Tuesday 1:29 pm
9114 spacer

It's well established medically that there's a strong correlation between autism and being trans, and you don't exactly need a peer reviewed study to know there's also a strong overlap between autism and being into speedrunning. Ergo...

Same reason you get so many trans folk in programming, and stuff like the weeb/brony/furry communities. The common denominator is autism.
>> No. 9115 Anonymous
20th April 2021
Tuesday 1:34 pm
9115 spacer

Spergs are vastly more likely to be bi, trans or non-binary than the general population. It's one of the main reasons why Barclays sponsor Pride - they couldn't give a monkeys about being woke, they just want the spergs and their lovely maths and physics degrees. Same goes for Goldman Sachs, MI5, KPMG and a load of other employers you'd expect to be very conservative.
>> No. 9116 Anonymous
20th April 2021
Tuesday 7:50 pm
9116 spacer
Man City and Chelsea are looking to pull out. It's starting to unravel.
>> No. 9117 Anonymous
20th April 2021
Tuesday 10:50 pm
9117 spacer
I don't think any organisation since the Luftwaffe were attempting a strategic bombing campaign has been this unpopular. I am simultaniously heartened to see people standing up for themselves and acting as a collecting against this horrid concept and its amoral instigators, but also a touch despondant that such passion is seemingly only roused by football — "the most important unimportant thing", or however that quote goes.
>> No. 9118 Anonymous
21st April 2021
Wednesday 12:45 am
9118 spacer
I used to get that feeling when I lived in Merseyside. The whole place absolutely loathed the Sun, but only because of football. Not for all the other lies and far-right bollocks it publishes, just the Hillsborough incident.
>> No. 9119 Anonymous
21st April 2021
Wednesday 10:29 am
9119 spacer
I'm not sure how to feel about any of this. I don't know who made the first move, but it's all just a bunch of cunts who got caught out acting like cunts and are now going to act contrite until they have the opportunity to be cunts again.

Next time the outcry won't be as big, and something will get through.
>> No. 9120 Anonymous
21st April 2021
Wednesday 10:32 am
9120 spacer
>Next time the outcry won't be as big, and something will get through.

The revamp they're planning for the Champions League sounds pretty shite.
>> No. 9121 Anonymous
21st April 2021
Wednesday 10:56 am
9121 spacer
Yeah, heard about that and immediately assumed 'Super League was a smokescreen', and people are telling me it's bad, but I don't understand how. 32 teams to 36 teams, 10 matches as opposed to 6 matches or something? Idk, what's the downside?
>> No. 9122 Anonymous
21st April 2021
Wednesday 11:07 am
9122 spacer
The games are only being played in order to increase the amount of broadcasted matches teams will be paid for, not to increase competitiveness. It might seem on the face of it that more teams would heighten the level of competition, but in reality it will end up with more money in the pockets of already massive clubs.
>> No. 9123 Anonymous
21st April 2021
Wednesday 11:32 am
9123 spacer
I'm wondering how they expected the team's themselves to survive with extra matches. Seems like a good way to deplete the team with injuries and a constant need to switch players out.
>> No. 9124 Anonymous
21st April 2021
Wednesday 11:41 am
9124 spacer
Exactly. Bigger clubs will have higher quality players to call on so it'll be less of an issue for them, as well as their massive crop of academy talent. Players will also be expected to just play through injuries more and more. I've heard ex-pros speak about how they were managing low level injuries from their early-twenties until their careers ended, so the fact is it's already a non-issue as far as the footballing authorities, such as they are, are concerned. Even if your sympathy is understandably tested by the thought of a bloke earning tens-of-grand every week having a poorly ankle, the quality of the play itself will surely take a hit?
>> No. 9125 Anonymous
21st April 2021
Wednesday 11:42 am
9125 spacer
*higher quality players and more of them
>> No. 9127 Anonymous
21st April 2021
Wednesday 5:05 pm
9127 spacer
Did you report this? Do you want me to delete it so you can fix your typo? You never said in the report message.
>> No. 9128 Anonymous
21st April 2021
Wednesday 5:13 pm
9128 spacer
I was just blindly clicking and assumed the button was "delete" quite foolish given how long I haven't been able to delete posts... . But, no, it doesn't matter, thanks.
>> No. 9130 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 9:49 pm
9130 spacer
I know no one cares anymore, but I've got some shit to say. One of the arguments I've heard from the creeps who wanted this Superleague, though it's been around for a while now, is that young people are turning off from football because matches are "too long" and are instead opting to watch clips on Twitter and YouTube. I find this irritating because the powers that be have made football as difficult as possible to watch and if you aren't willing to or able to fork out for a subscription or three to watch the games you're shit out of luck. Things have been eased somewhat in this regard by measures undertaken during the pandemic, but I can't stress how much it irks me to hear the forces of arch-capitalism whinge that fewer and fewer people are willing to scramble across their massive West Bank wall sized barrier to entry. Not only that but they then decide that the best thing to do is make the "product" even more exclusive and hard to access. I've no doubt the Superleague would have resulted in matches being played at all kinds of silly times so the rights could be sold more easily internationally too.

None of you like football and this story's fading into the distance a bit, Old Trafford scrapping aside, but this is one of those things that kept going around and around in my brain so I wanted to get it out somewhere.
>> No. 9131 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 11:52 pm
9131 spacer
>>I can't stress how much it irks me

>> No. 9132 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 12:54 am
9132 spacer
That's a very valid point. I also find the whole thing slightly suspect, with all media outlets being absolutely 100% unquestioningly on the side of FIFA and UEFA, the cartoonishly corrupt greed-obsessed psychopaths who awarded the next World Cup to Qatar and who refuse to speak out about the fact the stadiums for that tournament will be entirely built from dead slaves. Of course I accept that the European Super League was a big smelly poopoo of an idea, but if we can't find anyone to stick up for it, then FIFA and UEFA have carte blanche to do whatever they want, really.

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