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>> No. 9703 Anonymous
24th July 2021
Saturday 4:14 pm
9703 spacer
I am a Brit living in a filthy foreign country with very little sports broadcasting, and am rather disappointed I'm missing out on one of the few remaining things I like about the BBC: excellent Olympics coverage.

Opera now categorises its VPNs by continent rather than country, so I can't just pop on a UK VPN and go to iPlayer. Free proxy IPs from the internet yield only unstable connections.

Do I have any other options for watching, short of paying a subscription or flying somewhere else?
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>> No. 9704 Anonymous
24th July 2021
Saturday 8:00 pm
9704 spacer
Almost all of us who'll see your post are in the UK so the least likely people to have any idea how to see our own TV from outside of the country. You need somewhere with lots of expats in. A "britpostconversionthera.py" if you will.
>> No. 9705 Anonymous
24th July 2021
Saturday 8:46 pm
9705 spacer
You need to just bite the bullet and get a VPN or do a little more research into who is broadcasting it in your country.
>> No. 9706 Anonymous
25th July 2021
Sunday 10:58 am
9706 spacer

The biggest terrestrial TV service in my country of residence is explicitly not going to Tokyo to cover the Olympics.

I may just fork out for Eurosport.
>> No. 9708 Anonymous
25th July 2021
Sunday 7:47 pm
9708 spacer
>one of the few remaining things I like about the BBC: excellent Olympics coverage.
I hate to break it to you, but the great maw of capitalism has swallowed that too.

>> No. 9709 Anonymous
25th July 2021
Sunday 7:51 pm
9709 spacer
Abolish the IOC.
>> No. 9710 Anonymous
25th July 2021
Sunday 8:04 pm
9710 spacer
The Olympics were kind of played out after 2012 anyway.
>> No. 9711 Anonymous
25th July 2021
Sunday 10:02 pm
9711 spacer
I was noting earlier in the week the lack of excitement around these Olympics. Now, much of that is COVID related, more of it is me related, but the event does appear to be becoming less and less captivating and as such the IOC may well have abolished themselves before long. Actually, no, that's BS. They off-load the primary costs to the host nation and can sell TV rights for a billion dollars, they aren't going anywhere.
>> No. 9712 Anonymous
25th July 2021
Sunday 10:48 pm
9712 spacer
>This is no longer possible, however, after Olympics organisers decided to sell the European television rights for the games to the US company Discovery in a £920m deal.

How the fuck was this allowed to happen?
>> No. 9713 Anonymous
25th July 2021
Sunday 11:11 pm
9713 spacer
On this note, I can't recall ever being excited about the Olympics growing up, nor anyone I know being excited about the event either. I had always just assumed it's something that just happens and nobody cares all that much.
>> No. 9714 Anonymous
26th July 2021
Monday 12:53 am
9714 spacer
I just assumed they didn't want to put every sport on a different channel because some people don't like sport. Imagine tuning into BBC Four for a documentary on the history of freeform jazz, and instead it's Serbia vs Mauritius in 3x3 basketball. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, and besides, you can watch every sport on BBC iPlayer after it's ended, and you're unlikely to be watching live anyway since most of it's on at 3am.

I remember being excited about Atlanta 1996, Beijing 2008, and London 2012. Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 I admittedly have very little recollection of. Barcelona 1992 and Seoul 1988, I was an infant and it's not reasonable to expect me to have cared.
>> No. 9715 Anonymous
26th July 2021
Monday 3:59 am
9715 spacer
Apparently our stadium just washed away in the rain.
>> No. 9716 Anonymous
26th July 2021
Monday 1:02 pm
9716 spacer
>you can watch every sport on BBC iPlayer after it's ended

Yeah good luck with that. The way it appears to be organised means there will be an two hour long programme called 'Day 2 - Surfing' and then click on it and there's no surfing. Or rather there is, but it's after several minutes of badminton, swimming, etc. Why it's not really organised by sport I've no idea. Perhaps to gloss over the fact they don't have the rights to most of it as discussed.
>> No. 9718 Anonymous
26th July 2021
Monday 2:16 pm
9718 spacer

OP here. Indeed, subscription to that company (via Eurosport) is how I am currently watching my Olympic events of choice. I'll probably cancel right after the games, but it does indeed feel like a bit of a slap in the face.
>> No. 9719 Anonymous
26th July 2021
Monday 2:42 pm
9719 spacer


I think it depends how into sports (that aren't club football) you are or were growing up. There was a big boxing scene in my hometown due to a few (now famous) faces turning professional, and many young talents cut their teeth by showing some promise in the Olympics.

I think everyone instinctively gets the "purity" of track and field athletics, and people with Jamaican ancestry are rightly proud of their achievements in sprinting. The swimming and horse stuff is mainly for the posh who had access to the facilities at a young enough age to get really good at it. Weightlifting and gymnastics were always massively popular in Eastern bloc countries, and you'd have had to have slept through the 2008 Beijing games if you didn't notice China's ascendancy in both, making for some really exciting competition.

Some hobby sports are now being picked up as niche events, like climbing and skateboarding. You could be cynical and say this is the Olympics attempting to stay relevant, but sports fall in and out of favour over time, and I would be inclined to say the more the better.

Personally I get more excited about the Olympics than any other big sporting event, with the exception of maybe a really big boxing matchup or the Six Nations, just because of the sheer amount of talent on display. I can tune into a discipline I know fuck-all about and see the world's best doing it. As much as I hate the commercialism, that still feels pretty special.
>> No. 9720 Anonymous
26th July 2021
Monday 3:14 pm
9720 spacer
I usually watch a women's event as a bit of a teenage tradition. Unfortunately I might give it a miss this year as staying up late to ogle women's abs feels a bit wrong'un.
>> No. 9721 Anonymous
26th July 2021
Monday 3:35 pm
9721 spacer
You can just watch an illegal stream. I imagine they will be called something like 'olympicstreams' possibly using the .me.
>> No. 9722 Anonymous
26th July 2021
Monday 3:40 pm
9722 spacer

The Paralympics is always good for a questionable wank.
>> No. 9725 Anonymous
26th July 2021
Monday 8:08 pm
9725 spacer
> Some hobby sports are now being picked up as niche events, like climbing and skateboarding.

I tend to enjoy those "niche" competitions a lot more than the more mainstream events as for the first couple of events at least the former tend to fit closer to the modern olympic idea of "amateur athletes" that's been completely lost in the established disciplines. While there's undeniable beauty in seeing athletes perform asymptotically closer to the maximum the human body can achieve, I find more fun and joy in seeing a slightly scrappy performance by people who are quite good and really try hard.
>> No. 9726 Anonymous
26th July 2021
Monday 8:36 pm
9726 spacer
The Paralympics is outstanding in every conceivable way. My all-time favourite sporting moment is from the Paralympics (the 200m in London 2012; I forget the name of the disability category but you'll know it when you see it). Also, they're all niche sports; it's the ultimate hipster tournament. Sure, sprinting and hurdles and cycling are pretty generic, but not when you have no legs.

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