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>> No. 2777 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 9:48 pm
2777 tool chest
ladm8s I need to up my tool storage game.

My tool collection ever expands by the month, as is correct and normal - I have gotten by over the years on many different sizes and shapes of plastic boxes, mostly themed around each kind of tool/task (one for electronics, one for electrical, a separate one for cabling obviously, one for cars/bikes, one for decorating and building etc) and will probably continue in that vein when I need portability. But the main workshop/garage needs something a bit more substantial.

I am considering one of these trolleys with lots of drawers, there are many on the market, and I know you two will have researched this and bought the right thing. Please help. I need something roughly like this pictured, that is large, sturdy and isn't a zillion pounds.

What did you buy?
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>> No. 2795 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 12:49 am
2795 spacer

I laughed, I just don't think you're allowed to say "lol" on /uhu/.
>> No. 2796 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 12:50 am
2796 spacer

Now then young man, what's your problem?
>> No. 2797 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 12:52 am
2797 spacer
Also, if we're going to be meta about your excellent joke, I refer you to the first four words of >>2789
>> No. 2798 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 1:09 am
2798 spacer

I missed that. Thanks.
>> No. 2799 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 9:02 am
2799 spacer

I've bought various US-Pro stuff over the years, and it's been good. I partiucularly like the workbench - like this but all drawers rather than a cupboard. It's bastard heavy when fully loaded, mind. Only just fits through a regular door, so getting it into the house was tricky, and I'm not looking forward to moving it into my new mega-shed, but it's got to be done.

>> No. 2761 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 1:16 pm
2761 Elementary water Lego
Alright lads?

My toilet keeps running and no, I'm not going to catch it. All the tutorials I've looked up don't have this model of valves / sheaths and to make matters worse I can't seem to actually get at the interior components to check the flapper and adjust the float.

Any of you lot familiar with this odd set-up and how to fix it? No parts numbers or owt so I'd be Googling forever it seems.
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>> No. 2772 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:15 pm
2772 spacer
Now this one looks a lot gunkier than the OP - so I would suggest white vinegar / descaling all over it for a start; it could just be a bit dirty/sticking somewhere. You can also get the bleaching tablets which will stop that happening, or the ones which make your water blue when you flush, which also help keep it all cleaner.

Is part A push down only, does it rotate? Is all this the only thing in the cistern, or is there another bit in there?
>> No. 2773 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:17 pm
2773 spacer
Oh and one more thing - is your neighbour an upstairs/downstairs flat-type neighbour, or someone literally next door?
>> No. 2774 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:29 pm
2774 spacer
I managed to get the white cap off but there's just what looks like an overflow pipe out inside it. Not sure how I'm going to get vinegar to stay anywhere on the thing but I can spray it down with it.
Neighbour is the same building, same water connection.
>> No. 2775 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:30 pm
2775 spacer
The main part of the button is to the left of that structure. Oh and part A rotates to adjust the height of the ballcock, which is that white box at the water level of the structure.
>> No. 2776 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:56 pm
2776 spacer
Think I improved the bits that came off with a brief vinegar soak, will do a longer one when I'm home alone. Cheers.

>> No. 2759 Anonymous
9th August 2020
Sunday 6:12 pm
2759 spacer
My memory foam mattress topper is several years old, but it's still comfy. While I regularly wash the fabric outer cover, the inner foam is in definite need of a freshen up, too. How can I wash it? Should I just run a carpet cleaner over it? Tip a bucket of warm water and laundry detergent and leave to air dry?

Cheers lads.
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>> No. 2760 Anonymous
9th August 2020
Sunday 6:14 pm
2760 spacer
Just spray some Febreeze on.

>> No. 2754 Anonymous
27th July 2020
Monday 1:00 pm
2754 Seat.jpg
No, not that seat. Same neck of the woods though.

This is the first toilet I've known where I'm not able to get at the back of it to unscrew the toilet seat. I understand they are called "closed" toilets. I've looked around for help online but most similar fittings seem to have a button similar to release a catch, but these don't, so I'm not sure how to get it off.

Is it possible that the design is some cheapo Chinese affair and didn't take the necessity of eventual replacement into account?
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>> No. 2755 Anonymous
27th July 2020
Monday 1:07 pm
2755 spacer
Can you pop off those chromed plastic covers? Jam screwdriver in and twist. Avert eyes, as there'll be a cloud of ancient rusty piss when they come free.
>> No. 2757 Anonymous
28th July 2020
Tuesday 2:26 am
2757 spacer
Thanks for the response. No, the big ones are on tight. The smaller ones came off without too much hassle, but as you can see, they weren't covering screws or anything obvious.
>> No. 2758 Anonymous
28th July 2020
Tuesday 3:07 am
2758 spacer
Those are known as "top fix" seats. The seats typically click into place on the bolt. If push comes to shove, you may be able to just pull the thing off if you pull it vertically. This video shows an example of an entire fitting being changed. You'll see he literally just lifts the seat off, and uses a screwdriver to lever the caps off the fixing.

>> No. 2145 Anonymous
10th August 2016
Wednesday 8:38 pm
2145 spacer
Lads, complete novice here. I need a drill for screwing things and maybe drilling. There are far too many things to choose from, and I have a serious issue with choice. Wired, battery powered, hammer drill, etc. It is all too complicated.

What is a good drill? What should I buy?
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>> No. 2749 Anonymous
20th June 2020
Saturday 12:35 am
2749 spacer
You can get mains-powered ones.
>> No. 2750 Anonymous
20th June 2020
Saturday 10:34 am
2750 spacer
I don't know why I didn't think of this.
>> No. 2751 Anonymous
20th June 2020
Saturday 1:34 pm
2751 spacer
>I realise if my shed didn't have power, it might be a different story
You'll be sorry when you're building a new shed (or any other large construction). Extension cords draped all over the place are a dangerous hassle when you're working on anything bigger than will fit on your work table.
>> No. 2752 Anonymous
20th June 2020
Saturday 2:58 pm
2752 spacer
Well, I was going to get a DeWalt, after this thread sang its praises and because they are on offer at Screwfix, but after my carless self had trekked all the way down there they told me they were next-day collection only. So I thought fuck making two trips, went into the B&Q next door and bought the first reasonably cheap drill I saw, an Erbauer ECD18-Li-2. It came with free drill bits. I'm sure it will be fine, I'm not looking at becoming a professional joiner.
>> No. 2753 Anonymous
20th June 2020
Saturday 6:11 pm
2753 spacer

>Extension cords draped all over the place are a dangerous hassle when you're working on anything bigger than will fit on your work table.

You're not wrong, but I can't imagine I'll be building a shed or anything particularly large with my dremel anytime soon.

>> No. 2731 Anonymous
14th June 2020
Sunday 6:39 pm
2731 spacer
I wouldn't normally ask this but I've made a hash of it once already. As we're going to be working at home for the foreseeable future, do either of you know of any computer chairs that would reach the height of a kitchen counter? I'm looking at 90cm from floor to counter-top.

Amazon search is useless for this but I did come up with the option below which doesn't seem anymore comfortable than the chair I'm using at the moment.

I cannot stress enough how much of a ball-ache it is to return a computer chair you've already assembled. Even after the WD40 and club hammer treatment, you still need to somehow fit it all back in the packaging and dick about with parcel-monkey. The chair was £99 but even then I had thoughts of just chucking it.
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>> No. 2734 Anonymous
15th June 2020
Monday 7:31 pm
2734 spacer
Having a taller chair puts more strain on the seat post if you put your weight off centre, I believe there are also stricter product safety regulations on higher chairs.
Both of these lead to the point that this height of chair needs a more compact seat base and limited recline, hence no one is able to make a tall chair that deviates far from the style of the one linked in the OP.
>> No. 2735 Anonymous
15th June 2020
Monday 9:38 pm
2735 spacer
Thanks but not to worry, lads. I'm still not sure of the chair in OP and reckon I'll just continue to work from my bed because I don't have the leftover motivation.

Work will pay for it but that fucking parcel-force bloke who came to pick up the old chair woke me up at 7 today and I'm sure the seller will find a reason to refuse the refund just to put the icing on the previous saga.
>> No. 2736 Anonymous
17th June 2020
Wednesday 1:11 am
2736 spacer
I would never recommend buying them new, but Hermann Miller draughtsman's (as >>2733 points out) are almost unicorns. The flagship Aeron you can get at decent discounts from office dissolutions and bankrupticies but the "high chair" equivalents aren't anywhere near as popular in the start-up and small business market and thus not quite as common.

A further caveat is that these chairs have a lot of adjustabilty which is best done by an ergonomics trained person. If you're buying this for home use and don't have that expertise you're wasting money on micro-adjustments you'll likely use wrong so you are much better off not splurging in this instance.
>> No. 2737 Anonymous
17th June 2020
Wednesday 9:27 am
2737 spacer
How does one get trained in ergonomics?
>> No. 2738 Anonymous
17th June 2020
Wednesday 11:43 am
2738 spacer

I've done no research, but it certainly sounds like a three hour course Sandra from HR insists on going on to "enhance her skillset", and once she's done it you'll never be able to slouch again without her wagging her finger at you.

I'd rather have the twisted spine.

soldering guide.jpg
>> No. 2723 Anonymous
1st June 2020
Monday 10:05 pm
2723 spacer
My toaster's got a think layer of crumbs inside it. Would it be ok to take it out the back a give it a good hose? As long as I let it dry for a couple of days before using it again what would be the problem?
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>> No. 2726 Anonymous
1st June 2020
Monday 11:29 pm
2726 spacer

The layer of compacted crumb is above that.
>> No. 2727 Anonymous
2nd June 2020
Tuesday 1:15 am
2727 spacer
Just give it a quick rinse like you would with some pasta.
>> No. 2728 Anonymous
2nd June 2020
Tuesday 3:18 am
2728 spacer
Tapwater tends to leave mineral residues that can cause short circuits. I'd suggest having a go at it with the crevice tool on your hoover first. You could sluice it out with isopropyl alcohol, but since COVID it'd be cheaper to buy a new toaster than a big bottle of IPA.
>> No. 2729 Anonymous
2nd June 2020
Tuesday 4:32 am
2729 spacer
Blast it out with compressed air?
>> No. 2730 Anonymous
2nd June 2020
Tuesday 10:26 am
2730 spacer
Sod these lot, OP. Just take it with you next time you bath and give it a good soak. Could even have toast while you're soaking.

>> No. 2721 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 11:19 pm
2721 desktop cnc
I've been eyeing a purchase of these for about ten years and in that time, the market has evolved greatly. I don't need to make large parts, I don't want a 3d printer, I do want something good.

eBay has kits that come from China for about 120 quid. I know these will be quite bad, but how bad? Do I really need to spend a grand on a Stepcraft?
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>> No. 2722 Anonymous
11th May 2020
Monday 12:51 am
2722 spacer
>eBay has kits that come from China for about 120 quid. I know these will be quite bad, but how bad?

They're pretty toy-like. They'll make light cuts in wood and plastic, maybe engrave aluminium, but that's your lot - they just don't have the power or the rigidity for more serious work.

The essential question is what sort of parts you want to make. If you need to produce complex parts in metal that are beyond the capacity of a three-axis machine, you'll either need to order them from eMachineShop or get into lost PLA casting. If you're producing very thin metal parts, photochemical etching is cheaper, easier and will produce better results. If you're producing relatively simple parts, hand tools and a bit of practice might be more than sufficient.

If I could only have one machine tool, I'd take a lathe any day of the week - it's the only way of producing parts with accurate rotational symmetry and it's easily adaptable to basic three-axis milling. Something like a Unimat SL is really a universal tool for model engineering and the like. Others might choose an SLA printer or a laser cutter based on their particular needs.

It's also worth looking up your nearest hackspace - not many have CNC routers, but most have a decently powerful laser cutter and an assortment of basic manual machine tools.

>> No. 2704 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 11:48 am
2704 spacer
Lads. How in the name of shitting fuck are you supposed to get the bulb out of this thing? It seems like it's permanently attached and I'm not going to pull it out of the ceiling as I'd like to keep my deposit.
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>> No. 2716 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 1:50 pm
2716 spacer
My particular unit has three of these clips, and they are so stiff I can't even manually push them up.

My unit looks like a standard halogen type bulb, and as I say has three clips. I've been hunting too and found nothing yet.
>> No. 2717 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 3:54 pm
2717 spacer

It's very odd, I've been completely unable to find anything with three clips. It must be ancient.
>> No. 2718 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 4:02 pm
2718 spacer

I'm reasonably certain it's an older version of a Click FlameGuard housing, and in that case the bezel partially obscuring the bulb just needs to be unscrewed, but if it's been on there for a long time or subjected to heat (halogen bulb so it has) then it might be seized.

So you just need to unscrew it, or try to.

>> No. 2719 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 5:02 pm
2719 spacer
I have these in my bathroom. I went into the attic to replace the bulbs. Those brackets that hold the bulbs are fiddly.
>> No. 2720 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 8:28 pm
2720 spacer
Unfortunately as I live in a flat - no attic to do that with.

That's an interesting link, the blue tape looks convincing. I'll squirt some WD40 onto the gap and leave it for a bit and see what happens, thanks.

>> No. 2655 Anonymous
30th April 2020
Thursday 10:25 pm
2655 spacer
If my saw keeps stopping mid-cut is it broken or is it just that the blade needs replacing?
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>> No. 2699 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 8:19 pm
2699 spacer

Made myself one of these as I couldn't afford to fork out for a proper track-saw at the time.
Absolutely brilliant. Made ripping boards so much easier and neater.
>> No. 2700 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 8:26 pm
2700 spacer
Oh that is excellent.
>> No. 2701 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 9:37 pm
2701 spacer
>>2700 I really want one of these
>> No. 2702 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 10:07 pm
2702 spacer
Oooh so do I now you bastard where can we get three thousands dollars??
>> No. 2703 Anonymous
7th May 2020
Thursday 9:37 am
2703 spacer
>>2702 I know, it's definitely on my to-covet list.
Manufacture videos always make stuff look easy, and miss out the shitwork, but damn, this looks like fun.

2018-01-14 14.32.12.jpg
>> No. 2650 Anonymous
12th April 2020
Sunday 8:59 pm
2650 spacer
My toilet waste pipe leaks whenever it is flushed and it needs realigning. Is this an easy enough job to do or should I call in a plumber? I'm not a very handy person so I've got visions of this fucking up and water spraying out everywhere.

Pic related but not my bog.
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>> No. 2651 Anonymous
12th April 2020
Sunday 10:16 pm
2651 spacer
If it's anywhere near as bad as that picture, you're fucked. The whole toilet needs to be moved an inch forwards and probably best to replace the elbow too as it likely wont reseal now that the rubber gasket is aged and worn.

If the toilet is aligned correctly and it's just started leaking recently, it could be that the seal has perished. You could probably get away with a short term bodge with some sort of sealant like plumbers mait but it's not ideal.
>> No. 2652 Anonymous
12th April 2020
Sunday 10:51 pm
2652 spacer

Thanks, lad. It's more of a straight line than an elbow, with the middle pipe at a 10 degree angle rather than flush. I reckon it could do with being moved slightly forwards.
>> No. 2653 Anonymous
12th April 2020
Sunday 10:57 pm
2653 spacer
Commiserations, I bet that fucking stinks.
>> No. 2654 Anonymous
12th April 2020
Sunday 11:09 pm
2654 spacer
It's only really smelled since I turned the stopcock and flushed all of the water out, then it ponged a bit of sewage but chucking a large cloth in there seems to have blocked most of it.

>> No. 2641 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 5:21 pm
2641 spacer
What would happen if I used these garden loppers as bolt cutters, to trim some metallic rods (stays) off my bike mud guard?

I'm guessing it'd wreck the tool.
3 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 2645 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 8:36 pm
2645 spacer
This is what the stays look like

Will post pic of garden tool tomorrow.

I could hacksaw it but it's rather pathetic, it remains an option. As does drilling.
>> No. 2646 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 8:55 pm
2646 spacer
>>2645 An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: 7OgubRsX0_O1QcZ5)

But do _not_ use the loppers to cut steel. It won't cut the steel, and you'll have an annoyingly damaged set of loppers. You'll certainly chip a chunk out of the blade, and may snap the anvil bit, and you can't get replacements anywhere. Fiskars = Bastards.
Seconding hacksaw or dremel. You'd need a pretty chunky set of wire cutters.
>> No. 2647 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 10:37 pm
2647 spacer
They've tried to embed with a time signature of 53s.

>> No. 2648 Anonymous
4th April 2020
Saturday 12:47 am
2648 spacer

OP are you just trying to trim them down, or remove them entirely? Either way, even the smallest hacksaw will get though those, they're basically thick wire.
>> No. 2649 Anonymous
4th April 2020
Saturday 1:25 am
2649 spacer
I've got SKS guards on my bike, unless it's completely blunt your hacksaw will do just fine. You only need to get about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through before they snap cleanly enough (the ends will be hidden in the retainer nipple anyway).

If they are SKS guards, then they need to be trimmed roughly to size, roughly within 1/4".

>> No. 2575 Anonymous
9th August 2019
Friday 1:37 am
2575 spacer
how to make cat pen for cats?
1 post omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 2577 Anonymous
9th August 2019
Friday 1:18 pm
2577 spacer
He'll have to hold it with his mouth.

>> No. 2578 Anonymous
9th August 2019
Friday 1:27 pm
2578 spacer
Cats don't write. They have human servants for that.
>> No. 2579 Anonymous
9th August 2019
Friday 1:50 pm
2579 spacer
My cat's stolen my pen before. I assumed he just wanted to play with it.
>> No. 2580 Anonymous
9th August 2019
Friday 2:28 pm
2580 spacer
Well in fact he was writing the first draft of his novel, and is now a published author.
>> No. 2640 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 2:20 am
2640 spacer
Get some masking tape.
Cut 4 lengths each about a foot long.
Stick them to the carpet in the shape of a square.
Cat will sit in it.

death grips.jpg
>> No. 2635 Anonymous
8th January 2020
Wednesday 8:42 pm
2635 Would it be legal to build one of these
and if so where would I find blueprints?

Seems like a fun hobby project.
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>> No. 2636 Anonymous
8th January 2020
Wednesday 9:07 pm
2636 spacer
>> No. 2637 Anonymous
8th January 2020
Wednesday 9:12 pm
2637 spacer

That doesn't answer either of my questions it's just general guillotine related news.
>> No. 2638 Anonymous
8th January 2020
Wednesday 9:17 pm
2638 spacer
You're absolutely correct in your description of my link.
>> No. 2639 Anonymous
8th January 2020
Wednesday 9:23 pm
2639 spacer
>guillotine related news

Oh come on, that's a site just asking to be created.

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