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>> No. 1415 Anonymous
23rd March 2013
Saturday 7:18 pm
1415 spacer
Evening lads.
I know we have a couple of sparks on here and I needed a question answered.

Basically I'm planning on fitting some electrical devices to the loft, specifically a fused spur outlet to power a TV distribution board and also a small light fitting. I'm going to use a feed from the lighting circuit upstairs and I've already tested my idea.
However then I discovered something called "Part P" and I can't decipher if it applies to me and my plan or not?

>> No. 1399 Anonymous
4th March 2013
Monday 8:47 pm
1399 spacer
I'm moving back in with my parents soon and have reclaimed the larger bedroom from my absent sister. Since it's all pink I'm going to redecorate soon and I had a fun idea that I could create a platformed area for the bed to go on, with a step up towards where the bed is, like so. Is there an easy way of doing this or would I have to hire a carpenter? The steps aren't majorly important if it comes to it, just a raised area would do me.

Secondly, I'd like grey walls. I talked it over with a friend and she suggested dark grey walls, black bedsheets and furniture and doors, ivory ceiling and a dark brown wooden or laminate flooring with red and black art on the walls. Is this a good idea or what, I have no iea/
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>> No. 1404 Anonymous
4th March 2013
Monday 10:26 pm
1404 spacer
>> No. 1405 Anonymous
4th March 2013
Monday 10:28 pm
1405 spacer

What's with these answers? Bunch of cunts.
>> No. 1406 Anonymous
5th March 2013
Tuesday 12:49 am
1406 spacer
Fair enough, but that photograph hasn't really convinced me. It would look a million times better if the doors were the same colour as the table, the door knobs were all the same colour and those red footstools weren't there. The walls there are a warm grey, which is fine, nice and neutral. I'm almost certain it will be easier for you to live with a nice dark wood (which you're less likely to get sick of) than wood painted black. It will stilll look sleek, just less tacky.
>> No. 1407 Anonymous
7th March 2013
Thursday 9:38 am
1407 spacer

You could look at a "French Grey" (I feel ashamed typing it) - a soft almost pastel shade of grey might work with what you're describing.

As for the raised platform, maybe do something with either decking posts/board or alternatively bang in some joists and use a 18mm tounge and groove chipboard flooring:


You could varnish or paint the support frame and it might look resonable. Alternatively glue some cheapish laminate floor to the outside. With a bit of practice/patience you might achieve a nice finish.
>> No. 1408 Anonymous
9th March 2013
Saturday 9:22 pm
1408 spacer

This is the officially the manliest thread on .gs, and not in a good way.

Black in red has been the choice of the batchelor since he 70s lad. The impression you're going to make towards potential partners is "I'm a single man and being single is what I do."

Go with something far less Dragon Kimono and more mature adult.

>> No. 1339 Anonymous
12th August 2012
Sunday 11:08 pm
1339 Slackraft
I'm making a slackraft so I can go hiking and raft down the river without carrying a shedload of weight. A slackraft is a very cheap version of a packraft (tough ultra portable raft) made from a PVC dinghy.

I want to stick a tough skin on the bottom to protect it from stones and sharp sticks. This guy later added a layer of ballistic nylon stuck on with Evostick to his. That's quite an expensive fabric though. Can anyone recommend a cheaper fabric that is light and very tough? Also, what would stick it to PVC best?
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>> No. 1341 Anonymous
13th August 2012
Monday 6:29 pm
1341 spacer
Yes. Gorilla glue is good stuff, and suitable for fabric-on-PVC. You may have difficulty bending the resulting thick sandwich, though?
Not sure about cheap durable light fabric, though. Tarpaulin stuff? although that's hardly light, by the time you get the sturdy stuff.
>> No. 1342 Anonymous
17th August 2012
Friday 11:36 pm
1342 spacer
>>1341 Just an update. Tried this out today on the beach. It's an awesome little thing in the surf but the skinned one man Intex raft easily supports my weight and will probably also take a rucksack. Also tried it on flat water and the tracking is terrible so I made a skeg that attached to the rear.
>> No. 1365 Anonymous
25th October 2012
Thursday 4:13 am
1365 spacer
You can get inflatable canoes for about 150 quid which fit in the car boot when packed.
>> No. 1369 Anonymous
28th October 2012
Sunday 6:14 pm
1369 spacer
>>1365 True. I considered that but most of them weigh over 12kgs which is not really that portable. The idea is to be able to backpack to a river. Travel down it and then backpack away again.

There is a gumotex canoe (the Twist) made of nitrilium which weighs 6kg. I may give that a try. It's around 220 quid though.
>> No. 1398 Anonymous
26th February 2013
Tuesday 11:23 am
1398 spacer
>Can anyone recommend a cheaper fabric that is light and very tough?


>> No. 1272 Anonymous
11th April 2012
Wednesday 10:02 pm
1272 ffs
These look like fun:


There's a tutorial in Russian (http://www.yaplakal.com/forum2/st/0/topic411405.html) which got me thinking. What other simple engines can be made cheaply, safely and effectively within the confines of one's own kitchen?
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>> No. 1389 Anonymous
4th February 2013
Monday 6:21 pm
1389 spacer
>>1388 me again

Actually I just checked and it's the engine for one of the worlds biggest cargo ships, the Emma Maersk http://www.autoblog.com/2011/07/22/worlds-largest-diesel-engine-makes-109-000-horsepower/
>> No. 1390 Anonymous
4th February 2013
Monday 6:54 pm
1390 spacer

Apparently that almost sank the other day near suez. Pity it didn't, the horrible ugly brick of shit. In other maritime news, French tanker the M/T Gascogne has been hijacked by pirates off Ivory coast. It's all go all the time at sea.
>> No. 1391 Anonymous
4th February 2013
Monday 7:40 pm
1391 spacer
I always get happy when pirates hijack ships.
>> No. 1394 Anonymous
17th February 2013
Sunday 8:31 am
1394 spacer
I dunno, a tesla steam turbine? Not sure if 30,000 rpm qualifies as safe for you...
>> No. 1395 Anonymous
17th February 2013
Sunday 9:47 am
1395 spacer
You can make a pules jet engine by punching a hole in the lid of a jar putting a tiny amount of parafin in it shaking it sticking it on an electric hob and setting fire to the vapour as it comes out. I'll track down a video when I'm off the mobile. Potential dangerous to do at home as glass can shatter. I guess a tin is safer and the jar was probably for demonstration purposes when I saw it.

>> No. 1337 Anonymous
7th August 2012
Tuesday 8:59 pm
1337 tree surgery
So I have this ~8metre tall conifer in my garden and it's time to chop it down.

I'm thinking of renting a chainsaw, though I've never rented one before in my life. Is this the best way of going about things? I don't know what I'm doing.
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>> No. 1338 Anonymous
7th August 2012
Tuesday 9:28 pm
1338 spacer
Chainsaw is best. I've been watching my mental neighbour use a mini digger to smash down an oak tree in his back garden over the last week and he's making an apocalyptic fuck up of the job and his garden. Do not use a mini digger.


>Warning! Get really drunk first. Then it won't hurt so much when you chainsaw your face off and crush your family.
>> No. 1393 Anonymous
17th February 2013
Sunday 8:29 am
1393 spacer
Do you have to get a permit to do it?

>> No. 1382 Anonymous
10th January 2013
Thursday 3:15 pm
1382 spacer
Best Glue
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>> No. 1392 Anonymous
11th February 2013
Monday 10:47 pm
1392 spacer

Can confirm. I've recently used JB to fix a leaky pipe joint, shower rail, toilet seat hinge and bottom bracket axle.

>> No. 1376 Anonymous
9th January 2013
Wednesday 1:19 am
1376 spacer
How would I go about getting paint out of a wool dufdel coat?

Non-DIY options will be considered.
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>> No. 1383 Anonymous
11th January 2013
Friday 4:54 am
1383 spacer

What type of paint? And is it definitely a wool coat?

White spirit should do for oil based paints. Not sure about acrylics, but acetone might work.
>> No. 1384 Anonymous
11th January 2013
Friday 10:49 pm
1384 spacer

I'm fairly sure it's a wool duffel coat, but there isnt a tag so I don't know if dry cleaning is an option. I have white spirit though, so ill give it a bash.
>> No. 1385 Anonymous
12th January 2013
Saturday 12:33 am
1385 spacer
Don't get white spirit near it unless you know what the paint is.

Take it to a dry cleaner's and tell them what kind of paint it is. They should fix it for under £20.

uphill gardner.jpg
>> No. 1377 Anonymous
9th January 2013
Wednesday 2:26 pm
1377 spacer
Not really sure where this should go.

Here will do, even though it's not DIY.

Where's the cheaest place I can get a customised street sign? I have a quote for £50 including shipping which seems reasonable if I can pick it up. Anything anyone knows about?
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>> No. 1378 Anonymous
9th January 2013
Wednesday 2:42 pm
1378 spacer

Have you checked local ironworks? There's one near me that mainly deals in railings and fences etc, but they do signs as well.

I think you could save a tenner there, it's 15 quid shipping, 20 for the sign.
>> No. 1379 Anonymous
9th January 2013
Wednesday 2:49 pm
1379 spacer
Yes, that's where I got my quote in OP. It's not too out of the way, about 45 miles but it's not that far from a route I take a few times a year, so I coudl probably make the diversion.
>> No. 1380 Anonymous
9th January 2013
Wednesday 4:22 pm
1380 spacer
Out of curiosity, what's the plan? I'm assuming you're not county council.
>> No. 1381 Anonymous
9th January 2013
Wednesday 4:24 pm
1381 spacer
Nothing special, a birthday present for a friend. Pertains to his bandname.

>> No. 3 Anonymous
20th June 2009
Saturday 1:14 pm
3 3 GET!

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>> No. 4 Anonymous
20th June 2009
Saturday 1:18 pm
4 spacer
>> No. 10 Anonymous
20th June 2009
Saturday 5:01 pm
10 spacer
Easy squeeze glue? I think not.
>> No. 23 Anonymous
20th June 2009
Saturday 9:33 pm
23 spacer


>> No. 46 Anonymous
21st June 2009
Sunday 2:46 am
46 spacer
Holy jesus fucking christ.
>> No. 1375 Anonymous
29th December 2012
Saturday 2:39 pm
1375 spacer

>> No. 1371 Anonymous
29th November 2012
Thursday 3:25 pm
1371 Glue
What's the best type to use to stick thin card / thick paper to wood?
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>> No. 1372 Anonymous
29th November 2012
Thursday 9:08 pm
1372 spacer

PVA/wood glue
>> No. 1373 Anonymous
30th November 2012
Friday 12:26 pm
1373 spacer


>> No. 1366 Anonymous
26th October 2012
Friday 8:03 pm
1366 spacer
How hard is it to learn vehicle mechanics? Could I create some kind of motorised contraption like on scrap heap challenge with self taught knowledge through books and other resources, or is some kind of formal training essential?

Additionally, what level of electronic know-how would be required to use electric motors and controls, such as a joystick controlling 4 wheels powered by individual leccy motors?
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>> No. 1367 Anonymous
26th October 2012
Friday 8:18 pm
1367 spacer
Can't vouch personally, but I imagine this is one of those fields where hands on experience is essential to learning. By all means read up, it never hurts, but I think most local colleges will run a night class in mechanics or car maintenance.
>> No. 1368 Anonymous
26th October 2012
Friday 9:39 pm
1368 spacer
There are all sorts of hobbyist websites and boards for this sort of thing, so you could try and find some small projects to work on.
RC cars might be a good start or alternatively buy a shitty spares or repair car for £100 and familiarise yourself with the owners manual or something.

For the second part, it depends what depth you want to go into.

You could make the joystick act like a switch whereby moving it forward would create a circuit between the battery and the motors and it would be open at rest.

If you wanted to vary the speed though it would be a lot more complicated.

>> No. 1353 Anonymous
30th September 2012
Sunday 8:29 pm
1353 Ultimate Shed Building

Making glass windows with sand and fence posts.
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>> No. 1354 Anonymous
30th September 2012
Sunday 9:37 pm
1354 spacer
Wonderful. Must visit parents (who have woodland).
Also, those toddler-feet look like my feet. This explains my shoe/boot buying woes.

>> No. 1348 Anonymous
13th September 2012
Thursday 8:32 am
1348 Fucking IPods
I have two IPods that I want to use. I can charge them fine, but due to having a new laptop neither of them will let me put new stuff on them without going through a process that will wipe everything already on there off. I've also lost the e-mail account I used for Itunes so is there anything to do about that.

I fully expect, and accept that teenlad will greentext something about buying music.
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>> No. 1349 Anonymous
13th September 2012
Thursday 9:55 am
1349 spacer

I definitely remember easily pulling off my songs from my 3rd gen nano. I think you just go into the Ipod like you would a usb stick through my computer or similar, and all the songs are in there but with fucked up names (however the album/artist data is intact so when you put them back on the details will be correct.) If you have a Touch then I haven't a scooby.
>> No. 1350 Anonymous
13th September 2012
Thursday 10:09 am
1350 spacer
/g/'s over there, mate. Late night last night?
>> No. 1351 Anonymous
13th September 2012
Thursday 10:31 am
1351 spacer

This. There is a way of ripping the files directly from iPods like any other HDD. Unfortunately, if you're like me and you're anal retentive about how you organise your music, all of your files will be named something like YYNNSIJS3937.mp3 and come in folders like that, too.

I personally used some handy software that renames the files according to their tag data. It was immensely useful and I'll look it up for you if you end up going down that route.
>> No. 1352 Anonymous
13th September 2012
Thursday 11:04 am
1352 spacer
>Buying music
>Using apple products
What did you expect?

Sage because I'm being a mong. I wish you luck OP

>> No. 1343 Anonymous
9th September 2012
Sunday 3:47 pm
1343 Samsung YP-K3 Data Recovery.
Recovering data off my ladies Samsung YP-K3 mp3 player.

The problem:

1) Basically the problem was that the battery was flat, the only way to charge it is to plug it into a computer.

2) Unfortunately the computer doesn't recognise it without a reset, which means it can't power the device.

3) In order to reset the mp3 player the device needs power.

Video here:

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>> No. 1344 Anonymous
9th September 2012
Sunday 3:57 pm
1344 spacer
Can't you charge it with a USB-mains adapter, that's what I had to do when my ipod stopped connecting to computers.
>> No. 1345 Anonymous
9th September 2012
Sunday 3:59 pm
1345 spacer
Leave it plugged in for a few days. Most charger circuits have a super-slow trickle charge mode, which will attempt to charge even a seriously flat battery.
>> No. 1346 Anonymous
9th September 2012
Sunday 4:17 pm
1346 spacer

Don't have a usb charger unfortunately. Not willing to out out and buy one.

No, i did try leaving it plugged into usb for 2 days, but again the thing was completely dead.
>> No. 1347 Anonymous
9th September 2012
Sunday 4:23 pm
1347 spacer

As a further note on i had to abandon some of the data recovery efforts when the buttons came off and the ribbon lead wouldn't go back in. Unfortunately it wasn't a switch based retention socket, so the cable just got more and more fucked as i tried to reinsert it.

Obviously when the buttons fell off, windows went nuts and kept spamming the shit out of me with device malfunctioning messages, and i decided i really cba to do anymore with it.

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