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>> No. 1825 Anonymous
28th January 2015
Wednesday 8:11 pm
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I need to replace my mains stopcock and I can't find an outside stopcock to stop the water coming in my house.

Would a pipe freezer be able to hold back mains pressure and do they ever split the pipe?
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>> No. 1826 Anonymous
28th January 2015
Wednesday 8:14 pm
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I just came.
>> No. 1827 Anonymous
28th January 2015
Wednesday 8:37 pm
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There is an outside stopcock, you just can't find it.
Ask your areas water supplier, they will be able to tell you. One thing to bear in mind, sometimes the mains stopcock outside may also control the supply to a few of your neighbours.

As for your question about pipe freezer, yes they can work. But they're not particularly reliable and very dependent on being used exactly the right way. Just take a look at some reviews of it to see for yourself http://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Pipe-Freezing-Kit/p/424921?pageNumber=0&sort=NO_ORDER#tab-reviews_content

Even if it works perfectly, remember you've only got a limited amount of time to do the work. What's going to happen if you take the old one out and then you find that the pipe is corroded or damaged meaning that the new stopcock wont seal.
Pipe freeze is useful in emergencies but not really worth it when you have any other alternative.

I am however assuming that you're talking about the pipe freeze which is just a £10 can and a length of insulation, and that you're not thinking of spending over a hundred pound on a professional kit like the one in your picture.
>> No. 1828 Anonymous
28th January 2015
Wednesday 9:05 pm
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The mains stopcock you speak of ...where is that? Under the sink? In an older house, your "outside" stopcock may be under the floorboards near the front door or the hallway etc. Lift up any carpet and look for an ominous looking short bit of floorboard, and you should be able to just pry it up - it probably won't be nailed.
>> No. 1829 Anonymous
25th February 2015
Wednesday 11:47 am
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Got a plumber round to do it. He had to turn off the water for the whole terrace because there's only one outside stopcock.

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