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>> No. 1830 Anonymous
6th March 2015
Friday 9:36 pm
1830 spacer
How difficult is it to put double glazing windows in yourself?
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>> No. 1831 Anonymous
6th March 2015
Friday 9:42 pm
1831 spacer
Is that a rhetorical question? Did you fuck up?
>> No. 1832 Anonymous
6th March 2015
Friday 9:49 pm
1832 spacer

No, it's a real question. I'm quite handy and if I buy some double glazing windows would it be very difficult to put them in myself and save some money?
>> No. 1833 Anonymous
6th March 2015
Friday 10:44 pm
1833 spacer

Strictly between you, me and GCHQlad, I once broke into someone's house by removing their double glazing windows to get in. Once you remove all the sealant around the window, they literally just slide out. They also just slide back in and the putty they are held in with is easily reapplied.

It was an elaborate prank involving a bet that I couldn't steal something he had bought that had to be dismantled to remove, he had to build it in the house by bringing the stuff in in sections, and that it would take too long and I'd be caught. So I reversed a van up to his living room window, removed the windows, stole the item, and put the windows back in again.

He still doesn't know how I did it, even the slight draught in his living room he had to have fixed didn't make him twig, and I got a £200. It was a £1000 bet, but I had to pay off the neighbour and the 3 boys that helped me steal it.

>> No. 1834 Anonymous
6th March 2015
Friday 11:32 pm
1834 spacer

Surely the windows are designed so that the panes can only be taken out from the inside?
>> No. 1835 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 12:08 am
1835 spacer

I removed it is one entire unit with the panes still in the frame. The whole thing just slides out with remarkable ease. Cheap double glazing is a burglars wet dream.
>> No. 1836 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 8:35 am
1836 spacer

So are cheap PVC doors. All that holds the panels in is a thin strip of plastic along the edge.


Some doors and windows are much better than others though.
>> No. 1837 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 10:32 am
1837 spacer
Some "professional" installers are terrible cowboys and leave you with windows which are draughty, make howling noises whenever it's windy and are perpetually "settling". I mean a gap appears, you use sealant, it shifts some more, more sealant... and this is over a year after they were installed.

Here is their banshee impression.


I'd guess it's difficult if "professionals" can screw it up so badly.
>> No. 1838 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 7:53 pm
1838 spacer

Windows are a special case when it comes to cowboy builders.

Somehow it's grown into an incredibly competitive market. They're marketed more aggressively than any other form of home improvement.
Can you think of any other circumstance where you are making a large purchase of several thousand pounds, and you being tempted with buy one get one free offers? It's a market where there there is very little room for professionalism, if you're buying your windows from a shouty man on the television, they're going to squeeze every last penny out of their margins. I expect their installers will be paid per job, not per hour, which means everything will be done as fast as possible so they can get back into the van and onto the next house.
>> No. 1839 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 8:12 pm
1839 spacer

So if I take my time I should be all right?
>> No. 1840 Anonymous
7th March 2015
Saturday 8:52 pm
1840 spacer

I honestly think my squishy mammalian think-lump would piss itself right out of my ears if that noise woke me up in the middle of the night.

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