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>> No. 23449 Anonymous
16th December 2020
Wednesday 11:00 pm
23449 What are you watching right now?
I suppose we need a /v/ equivalent of the /e/ and /beat/ threads.

I've started watching Life on Mars again, but this time in HD on Netflix, and have only just realised it was filmed on... film. That or transferred to film and re-digitised for Netflix. The version Netflix has is absolutely covered in dust marks.
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>> No. 24196 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 5:12 pm
24196 spacer
Is there any reason you excluded Stargate? I've not seen them since the first season originally aired but it's surely part of that bracket? And BSG for that matter although I found it quite hard to get into.
>> No. 24197 Anonymous
18th January 2022
Tuesday 10:43 pm
24197 spacer
Started watching Farscape on the advice of this thread. Absolutely fucking lost it when I heard the first Space Australians talk.

Despite it being an Aus/American co-production it seems the majority of the actors are Australian, and few of them are doing aussie accents -- there's the main lass who sounds liek Big Suze, and the episode-to-episode characters are often Australians doing American accents, but end up being betrayed by their vowels.

Also, I didn't know it was possible to have sillier hand-to-hand fighting than in Star Trek, but here we are.
>> No. 24198 Anonymous
20th January 2022
Thursday 3:25 pm
24198 spacer
Are you lads sincerely talking about Farscape? What a dream come true, my long-dead thread has been vindicated.
>> No. 24199 Anonymous
20th January 2022
Thursday 3:40 pm
24199 spacer
Assuming you’re the resident Farscape head, were the writers into A Song of Ice and Fire? Because John and Aeryn seemed like a coincidence but then that Stark fellow turned up and I convinced myself there was something to it.
>> No. 24200 Anonymous
20th January 2022
Thursday 8:17 pm
24200 spacer
Talking about Farscape, but Fraggle Rock's back. Fuck Yeah!

>> No. 24148 Anonymous
1st January 2022
Saturday 5:10 pm
24148 .gs Film Club
I've got the new Matrix film on Plex, so I'm going to give it a watch and have a couple of beers tonight.

If you want you can watch it with me and then we can talk about what we thought about it. I'm personally expecting it to be pretty bad, because the sequels were both quite dire; but the Matrix was just too influential of a franchise in my youth (and yours too, I suspect) to ignore.

We can watch the Red Letter Media review as well and see if they agree with us or not, that's one of my favourite things to do when I watch a new film noawadays because it makes me feel like I still have friends to talk about movies with.

In fact why don't we try and make it a regular thing. Not just watching the Matrix, I mean, but new films what come out. If it doesn't go anywhere fair enough but let's give it a go eh. I'll be Mike and you be Jay.
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>> No. 24155 Anonymous
2nd January 2022
Sunday 4:54 am
24155 spacer
So how is this second Matrix film everyone's been talking about?
>> No. 24156 Anonymous
2nd January 2022
Sunday 5:26 pm
24156 spacer
I couldn't be arsed leaving the house, in the end.
>> No. 24157 Anonymous
2nd January 2022
Sunday 11:58 pm
24157 spacer
Pissed and bluepilled.
>> No. 24158 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 12:56 pm
24158 spacer
I thought it was pretty good considering how bad it could have been. Only thing that didn't really work for me was Smith.
>> No. 24166 Anonymous
11th January 2022
Tuesday 3:31 pm
24166 spacer
It was a pretty clever film actually if you consider all the meta stuff to be a valid part of a film's appraisal. I'm sure we've all either watched it or watched a video review by now, and we know how the central conceit is basically to just subvert the whole idea of a Matrix sequel.

Now, that's fine, but the thing is this film isn't going to age at all. It's a film of here and now, and it will have no lasting relevance. And I think they knew that- That's why all of it looks so cheap and naff. That's one of the biggest things I noticed about it all, it didn't feel like a big budget movie, it felt like a Netflix adaptation. It might have had a high budget, but the crew certainly didn't agonise over the process of making it.

It's nice if you're an arty farty film critic snob who likes to think about the deep stuff and the meta-context; if you actually wanted a good Matrix sequel, though, you're shit out of luck.

It's kind of the exact opposite of Denee Veelnuh's Dune. That film is exceptionally well made, but straight as an arrow, with all the subtextual depth of a drink coaster. In fact all of Dennis Veelnerv's films are like that, people wank over them but they're always just really hyper-focussed, "one note", very literal. He even managed to make Blade Runner too straightforward somehow.

>> No. 24098 Anonymous
4th November 2021
Thursday 7:44 pm
24098 spacer
Is there any way to access old YouTube videos which have been rendered unavailable if you still have the URL?

I thought maybe archive.org might keep a copy of the page up, but I suppose that would be far too much data to store and YouTube would certainly take them down.

It's for something really stupid at the moment, Limmy playing an old computer game, but if it can be done I thought it might be a useful skill to know in the future as well.
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>> No. 24099 Anonymous
4th November 2021
Thursday 10:27 pm
24099 spacer
Archive.org do scrape youtube but it's very hit and miss (and nearly impossible to find anything without the page URL). If you know the video ID you can grab it directly from
if they've archived it.

>> No. 23386 Anonymous
18th November 2020
Wednesday 8:20 pm
23386 spacer
There was an episode of Bernard's Watch where Bernard had stopped time whilst he was on one of his little escapades, trying to catch a rabbit that was on the loose or something like that, and when he unfroze time several hours later it turned out that the chicken his mum had been roasting was burnt to a crisp because it had continued to cook during all of the hours it was frozen.

This has always stayed with me because I thought it was so fucked up. Imagine you've just got into a red hot bath to relax and next thing you know your tender flesh is peeling away from the bone and congealing around you because, completely unbeknownst to you, you've actually been boiled alive for several hours whilst some little scamp has frozen time so he can be at two different friend's birthday parties at the same time or whatever. Fucked up, I tell you.
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>> No. 24093 Anonymous
24th October 2021
Sunday 12:24 pm
24093 spacer

Neutering dogs is largely done for human convenience. Anyone telling you otherwise is misdirecting you in an effort to be responsible about unwanted pup litters, at the expense of the health of the dog.

Neutering has some positive and negative health effects associated with it, but I believe the negative outweigh the positive and I personally wouldn't do it if I had a dog. That comes with the responsibility of supervising the dog, not letting him rut or spend time around females in heat. I'd want to avoid all of the potential problems down the road, especially the joint and bone issues that would seriously inhibit a dogs quality of life.
>> No. 24094 Anonymous
24th October 2021
Sunday 1:02 pm
24094 spacer

>That comes with the responsibility of supervising the dog, not letting him rut or spend time around females in heat

Which is one reason why it's strongly recommended to neuter free-range cats. You can supervise a dog if you are a committed dog owner, but you don't know what your cat does when he or she is out and about.

A friend had an unneutered male Rottweil, which one time actually spunked on the sofa pillows after dry humping them for several minutes. Good times.
>> No. 24095 Anonymous
24th October 2021
Sunday 1:26 pm
24095 spacer
Sounds like you lads want to leave bollocks on your dogs as an excuse to watch them shagging other dogs.
>> No. 24096 Anonymous
24th October 2021
Sunday 3:23 pm
24096 spacer

The references at the bottom of this article might be of interest. Generally it's bad for the muskuloskeletal system, but take it on balance with the risk that you might end up with a litter of pups you don't know what to do with: https://www.akcchf.org/educational-resources/library/articles/an-update-on-the-health.html
>> No. 24097 Anonymous
28th October 2021
Thursday 8:52 am
24097 spacer
Saying rude things in a Cockney accent is not inherently funny and it never has been. Stop posting these fucking videos I swear to God.

>> No. 23181 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 6:43 pm
23181 spacer
What's worth watching on the telly these days?
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>> No. 24003 Anonymous
4th October 2021
Monday 8:55 pm
24003 spacer

Yeah there was a remake with Jason Statham of all people if memory serves (or that might be a bit of Mandela Effect), but you're right. It's a contender for one of the worst remakes in film history, alongside the Oldboy remake with Josh Brolin in it.

I mean, I am sure there are remakes that are worse film, but in terms of the disparity between the brilliance of the original and the shitness of the remake, those two have by far the steepest ratio.
>> No. 24004 Anonymous
4th October 2021
Monday 10:58 pm
24004 spacer
I don't know if there's a term for the genre, but there are a few people who do the "dystopian story and paint the page mostly black" look. GANTZ, BLAME! and Biomega, and more recently Made in Abyss spring to mind. All of these, I'd argue, barely survived or were significantly transformed by an animated adaptation and none of them really benefit from a live action version unless their budget was ginormous. Not to go all Alan Moore, but some stories and themes are best told in distinct panels that let the reader's imagination fill in the blanks and not in full motion that removes all doubt.

> Oldboy remake with Josh Brolin in it.

I thought this had to be a pisstake, but nope... it's real. I don't mind remakes, but you have to be a better author or have a new take on things otherwise it's just the "most sincere form of flattery".
>> No. 24017 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 1:21 am
24017 spacer

The latest thing I've tried out on Apple TV is Ted Lasso, which is a comedy-drama about a American football school coach getting hired as the manager of fictional Premier League side AFC Richmond. The premise sounds a bit shit but it's actually really enjoyable.
>> No. 24018 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 4:22 am
24018 spacer

I keep wanting to hate it because it's often cloyingly sentimental, but the writing is irresistibly excellent. I still don't have a fucking clue what was going on with Beard After Hours though.
>> No. 24019 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 8:38 am
24019 spacer
There were a few things, particularly those actually to do with football, where it was better not to properly think about it.

>> No. 16455 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 11:11 am
16455 Game of Thrones
Are you all just going to pretend this isn't happening?

I assume everyone's already illegally downloaded last nights episode? If so you'll definitely understand my next question...


I'm reckoning Cersei at a daring 50/1.
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>> No. 24006 Anonymous
5th October 2021
Tuesday 7:41 pm
24006 spacer
They're filming it in Aldershot.
>> No. 24007 Anonymous
5th October 2021
Tuesday 8:24 pm
24007 spacer
It's a prequel on a failing streaming service with a new cast and little written material to work with. This time rather than trying to imitate GOT they just bought the rights. And Westeros is now a multicultural utopia.

Yeah, nah.
>> No. 24008 Anonymous
5th October 2021
Tuesday 10:33 pm
24008 spacer

Hopefully there will be more tits in this.
>> No. 24009 Anonymous
5th October 2021
Tuesday 10:43 pm
24009 spacer
Dreams don't make people kings, dragons do
Ask any Targaryen and they'll tell you it's true

I have mild hopes for this. Whilst I'm generally opposed to going back to worlds and settings for what could be more of the same (hello, Star Wars), Benioff and Weiss did such an embarrassing rush job on the final two series of GoT (hello, Star Wars) that a do-over seems worthwhile. It's not like remaking The Exorcist, which is insane and I hope everyone working on that gets stomach ulcers, it's like throwing away the charcoal'd dinner you left too long in the oven while browsing photos of Carol Vorderman and starting again because you don't want to eat worthless crap.

Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik are the showrunners and I've never heard of them before. They do have certain credits between them that make me nervous, such as Condal writing the Rampage film and Sapochnik directing Repo Men; that's "Men" not "Man". This isn't promising, but most importantly they aren't mates with JJ Abrams who I think may actually be an Xenomorph Queen like creature who spawns shitty screenwriters and film makers by the dozen. Paddy Considine's in it at too, you can't mess Considine up, although it does give me pause that they're aping the GoT formula and he'll be Ned Stark 2.0. That's probably paranoia, mind.

Overall I'll say my primary sources of, fairly limited, positivity regarding the show is that basically every human being on Earth understood GoT better than the two men helming the production, and HBO are well aware this new series has a reputation hole to climb out of, lest it end up becoming the biggest human folly since the Tower of Babel.
>> No. 24010 Anonymous
6th October 2021
Wednesday 3:47 pm
24010 spacer

It looks like a bloody fan film. How embarrassing.

>> No. 23968 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 8:36 pm
23968 spacer
Is it just me or was there a lot more office romance contained in our VHS tapes from a decade or so ago? Is it because plotlines followed a more sitcom format back then or was there really a lot more 'deskwork' going on outside of the handsy office parties?

I wouldn't dream of it these days and I think the last time I saw an office couple was about 10 years ago. Maybe for bar work but certainly not in a career setting.
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>> No. 23973 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 10:00 pm
23973 spacer

I was born in 1989 and I am 32.
>> No. 23974 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 10:07 pm
23974 spacer
That doesn't change the fact that Thin Blue Line came out 16 years ago in 1995.
>> No. 23975 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 10:10 pm
23975 spacer
There's been multiple affairs at my place, even affairs that break up relationships, to then become relationships, which break up because of affairs. Real soap opera level drama.

Again though it's not an office environment, and I suspect the banality of being confined to a desk staring at the same spread sheets all day every day has a lot to answer for. Gossip spreads faster when half the place are fucking menopausal Stasi officers; the office environment was a petrol soaked tinder box for the spark of #metoo and all that to fall on.
>> No. 23977 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 10:31 pm
23977 spacer
22, might want to check your maths there.
>> No. 23978 Anonymous
4th September 2021
Saturday 12:07 am
23978 spacer
Come on now lad.

>> No. 15319 Anonymous
29th October 2013
Tuesday 10:52 pm
15319 Hidden Gems?
I found this bad boy on netflix, I watched for the tits stayed for the rest of the film. Brilliantly funny and touching. Anyone got any other hidden gems?
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>> No. 23964 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 6:38 pm
23964 spacer

Thanks for the many suggestions, lads. Some of them are a bit too high-brow for the occasion, and given we'll be stoned in a hot tub when we watch, I'm not sure a foreign-language movie is our best bet either. I've given them all a look-see and try to get a better idea of the vibe with the wife.

Cat People may end up being the one just based on Giorgio Moroder's involvement.

I just did a quick Google and it turns out movies4men was actually more action-focused, not the softcore porn channel that I was remembering. Anyone remember the name of the movie channel on Sky that showed all those low-budget softcore porn movies about a woman fancying her gardener? It was right down there with the Horror Channel (pic related, a few mates and I had a late one watching Rawhead Rex piss on a priest on the Horror Channel when we were about 17 and it's stuck with me). I know Men & Motors, but I'm sure there was another one.
>> No. 23965 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 6:49 pm
23965 spacer

>> No. 23966 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 6:49 pm
23966 spacer
I dunno, maybe skip the movie and focus on the pool/slide action?
>> No. 23967 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 7:40 pm
23967 spacer
Channel 5? I'm afraid I can't give you a genuine answer; I was too busy watching all those "documentaries" following groups of friends getting really drunk on nights out, because I am a patrician intellectual.
>> No. 23976 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 10:12 pm
23976 spacer
No, it was definitely something a lot less memorable than that, and it was buried deep in the movies section. It's gonna bug me for ages.

>> No. 21874 Anonymous
30th October 2017
Monday 5:18 pm
21874 Youtube Recommendations
The other thread got me wondering about what youtube channels you lads can recommend. Topic can be anything, just what you find to be good and interesting to watch.

>Issac Arthur
I posted one of his videos awhile ago but it's well worth repeating. Every Thursday he does a really interesting and in-depth look at science and futurism concepts and does a really good job of explaining them simply but also covering the unnoticed drawbacks and benefits.

He has kind of gone to shit over the past few months but this is still a good channel for basic electrical engineering fun.

>Tom Scott
Mostly for his 'Things You Might Not Know' series. He goes over some pretty interesting things that you might never notice but are all around us.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 23948 Anonymous
21st August 2021
Saturday 7:16 pm
23948 spacer

They farm alligators in a lot of places, so while it looks weird it's not nicking endagered things out of the wild.
>> No. 23949 Anonymous
21st August 2021
Saturday 7:40 pm
23949 spacer

Who said I was bothered about making a difference, I was just calling the guy a prick. Anyone who makes entertainment out of cutting up an endangered species is a bit of a prick in my book.
>> No. 23955 Anonymous
22nd August 2021
Sunday 10:08 pm
23955 spacer
Youtube is a pile of wank. I spent two tedious afternoons going through the youtube bookmarks I'd accrued over the past few months, and 90% of them were pointless. They mostly fell into these categories: 1) things that are momentarily interesting that I'll forget after I've watched the video with the clickbaity title, 2) genuinely interesting topics that are glossed over because of the shallow nature of the medium or because the 'content creator' is trying to sell you something. The 10% of videos that were actually worth watching were from youtubers who weren't really trying to make a living from it.

The old adage of 90% of everything being shit still holds true, but youtube is a particularly sinister pile of wank because it tricks you into thinking that you're spending your most valuable resource wisely. Sinister infotainment!

The internet is only good for complaining about the internet. And porn.
>> No. 23956 Anonymous
22nd August 2021
Sunday 10:23 pm
23956 spacer
>The 10% of videos that were actually worth watching were from youtubers who weren't really trying to make a living from it.

I've said it before but it's worth repeating: Patreon was a mistake. Making money from using the internet as a commodity is a sin.
>> No. 23957 Anonymous
23rd August 2021
Monday 10:47 am
23957 spacer
Heard about Soft White Underbelly the other day. Basically a guy interviews people on the other side of the tracks so to speak. It's soft of interesting, but a bit dark and depressing too.


>> No. 23185 Anonymous
4th August 2020
Tuesday 8:55 pm
23185 spacer
Do you have any anime recommendations?

This year I got into the habit of watching Natsume's Book of Friends before bed. I've found anime in general to be good for helping you unwide when you're otherwise entirely busy with work. Natsume seems to tick the right boxes for me in providing escapism with self-contained stories that make you think. Previously I've enjoyed Mushishi and Kino's Journey for the same reasons of relaxation.
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>> No. 23873 Anonymous
2nd August 2021
Monday 4:15 pm
23873 spacer

Is Inuyasha worth watching? It's on Netflix now and thought it could be worth brushing up on what seems to be a very influential anime.
>> No. 23926 Anonymous
14th August 2021
Saturday 9:05 pm
23926 spacer
If you've watched a bunch of anime and want to see where some of the tropes come from, then InuYasha is fantastic particularly since it falls into the CLAMP tradition of writing sort of shounen. On its own it's a decent series, but suffers from the usual problems of episodic content with no fixed end or time line. You can probably gauge if you'll enjoy it after the first 10-20 episodes, which if you skip intro and outros and do what any sane person does and watch at 1.5x speed should only take a few hours.
>> No. 23927 Anonymous
14th August 2021
Saturday 9:23 pm
23927 spacer
>any sane person does and watch at 1.5x speed
I can't imagine being so desperate to consume content that I need to watch it 50% faster just to get it in my noggin as soon as possible.
>> No. 23929 Anonymous
14th August 2021
Saturday 9:27 pm
23929 spacer
Up to you, of course. But even artistic expression has its limits in the face economic reality, so it's not just "content", it's realising that some expression is being extruded and otherwise stretched.
>> No. 23932 Anonymous
15th August 2021
Sunday 8:58 pm
23932 spacer
Evangelion 3.0 + .0 came put on Prime.

I watched it a couple times and still don't know quite what to make of it. The action sceness were well good, but it got all weird and meta in the final act.

>> No. 23859 Anonymous
1st August 2021
Sunday 9:38 am
23859 spacer
When I was in primary school and they'd wheel in the big telly to put on a film it was almost always Dunston Checks In. We all wanted to watch Jurassic Park instead but they wouldn't let us because it was a PG, so we had to make do with Dunston Checks In. I remember being in Year 6 and we were having our end of term party, pretending to be drunk off ginger beer or shandy, singing Chocolate Salty Balls, stuffed full of sausage rolls and crisps, hopeful that now we were the big kids in the school they'd let us watch Jurassic Park... only for it to be Mrs Doubtfire.

I can't remember what they used to show when I was in secondary school, apart from in Year 11 I watched the first hour of Pirates of the Caribbean so many times because it had just come out; the swot girls were obsessed with it and would always pester for it to be shown when they said we could have a film on.
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>> No. 23912 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 1:32 am
23912 spacer
I found my own account on such a website recently as I was reminded of a screenname I used to use a decade or so ago. The offending website doesn't have an option to delete your account, claiming "security reasons", so I just had to change the screenname, change the contact email address to a temporary, and sign out. It upsets me that some morsel of my adolescent internet presence still remains.
>> No. 23915 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 2:12 am
23915 spacer
>I found a forum once which had posts from 1999

I have some posts from 1991. Luckily nothing too embarrassing and I discovered the idea of anonymity soon after.
>> No. 23916 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 3:07 am
23916 spacer

Finishing com Hotline.png
This is ultra-niche, but finishing.com is still the resource for professional metal platers. The site dates back to 1995, but the earliest posts are carried over from the BBS, which was founded in 1989. The only way to attach an image to a post is to e-mail it to Ted, who hand-codes the whole site.

>> No. 23917 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 3:08 am
23917 spacer
I love everything about that.
>> No. 23918 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 3:40 am
23918 spacer

That's fucking fantastic.

>> No. 23853 Anonymous
23rd July 2021
Friday 12:18 am
23853 spacer
Is CuriosityStream still the best documentary streaming service? I noticed that this week they uploaded a youtubers series which has me pretty miffed given this is on a paid subscription. Their main competition appears to be MagellanTV which has a fair few titles I'd watch but is also over twice the price.

Yes I could watch all of the shows for free but I find it nice to have a catalogue of shows on hand to watch when I'm doing the washing up. It's a business model that works for me better than the standard 1-2 per season tentpole shows that standard streaming services do to attract subscribers while the rest of rubbish.
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>> No. 23856 Anonymous
31st July 2021
Saturday 9:26 am
23856 spacer
I'm sure I've seen almost exactly the same post before, but why would CS shill themselves here?
>> No. 23883 Anonymous
3rd August 2021
Tuesday 9:20 am
23883 spacer
Because gs it a hotbed of intelligent discussion.
>> No. 23884 Anonymous
3rd August 2021
Tuesday 9:29 am
23884 spacer
It do be.
>> No. 23885 Anonymous
3rd August 2021
Tuesday 9:47 am
23885 spacer
>It's a business model that works for me

This is the worst attempt at pretending to be a real human I've ever seen.

On the offchance you're somehow not a bot, I just have to assume any service advertised exclusively by youtubers and podcasts is not very good at all.
>> No. 23888 Anonymous
3rd August 2021
Tuesday 12:28 pm
23888 spacer
I assure you that I am in fact a human being. I enjoy the consumption of bananas and eggs.

>> No. 23811 Anonymous
27th June 2021
Sunday 3:12 pm
23811 spacer
I just lost an hour of my life watching a Japanese tv show where a guy travels the world filming cats:

Can you name any other programmes like this, a simple and relaxing concept?
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>> No. 23812 Anonymous
27th June 2021
Sunday 8:37 pm
23812 spacer
I don't really do telly, but there's loads of gentle stuff on YouTube.

>> No. 23813 Anonymous
27th June 2021
Sunday 9:33 pm
23813 spacer

They're building a drum. The auto-generated subtitles are ok, but it's mostly some with passion for their craft doing their thing.
>> No. 23814 Anonymous
27th June 2021
Sunday 10:05 pm
23814 spacer

Time spent enjoyably is never time wasted.
>> No. 23815 Anonymous
27th June 2021
Sunday 10:07 pm
23815 spacer

Not sure how that post number got inserted there, but it was meant for >>23811 - fuckin waste of time.

>> No. 23778 Anonymous
20th June 2021
Sunday 11:54 am
23778 spacer
Was Buenos Aires an inside job?
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>> No. 23793 Anonymous
21st June 2021
Monday 12:36 am
23793 spacer

Even so what we have inflicted is grossly disproportionate retribution.

This is like if some ragtag group of 20th century terrorists bombed a building, and in response we launched an all out invasion of their home country, deposing their leaders and occupying their lands for over a decade.

With all the advancements we have made as a civilisation since then, it looks obvious to us now that such an act is barbaric.
>> No. 23794 Anonymous
21st June 2021
Monday 9:26 am
23794 spacer
I'm not sure how them being very good at working our trajectories means they can force something to travel at over 100,000 the speed of light.
>> No. 23795 Anonymous
21st June 2021
Monday 9:54 am
23795 spacer
>> No. 23796 Anonymous
21st June 2021
Monday 10:22 am
23796 spacer

Don't drag them into this, I'm on to you.
>> No. 23797 Anonymous
21st June 2021
Monday 10:57 am
23797 spacer
The bugs have been sending their spores all over the universe so they will have come into contact with species other than humans and, at some point, drunk their brains to gain all of their knowledge.

Once they took over the worm planet they learned how to master wormholes.

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