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>> No. 23093 Anonymous
21st March 2020
Saturday 8:09 pm
23093 spacer

Ziang's Food Workshop

Pailin's Kitchen

Latifs Inspired

Adam Ragusea

Food Wishes
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>> No. 23107 Anonymous
21st March 2020
Saturday 11:57 pm
23107 spacer
They'll be the death of us yet, anyway. Their poor have a truly unfortunate habit of consuming antibiotic pills individually (as in, one at a time, not a full treatment), failing to kill whatever bacteriological infection they were suffering from, and then shitting where they walk, eventually introducing the now-resistant bacterial strain into the food chain. This is a slow but methodical way to create antibiotic immunity in harmful bacteria, and has been instrumental in wiping out the usefulness of many of the most effective antibiotics.
>> No. 23108 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 12:08 am
23108 spacer

They've bred a new strain of mega-TB.

>> No. 23109 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 6:46 pm
23109 spacer

We're pretty much the only country in the world that effectively limits anti-biotic prescriptions. And even then, we undo a lot of that hard work by putting anti-biotics in animal feed and so on.

Like I said a while ago, never mind covid, it's going to be antibiotic resistance that will get us to the end. Look at the graph of global population over the 20th century, and you'll notice we'd hit the peak up until antibiotics were made widely available.
>> No. 23110 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 8:24 pm
23110 spacer
>We're pretty much the only country in the world that effectively limits anti-biotic prescriptions.

Got anything to back that up? I get that we regulate the stronger stuff pretty effectively but there's still big problems with over-prescribing penicillin.

Note an actual experience of mine a few years back:
GP: "Yes that cyst on your neck is infected, I'll give you some antibiotics."
Me: "Can you cut it out please so it doesn't keep getting infected again in future?"
GP: "No, it's just cosmetic."

Also the many many cases of tonsillitis which could be caused by a viral infection such as glandular fever, but the doctors will rather just prescribe antibiotics first instead of screening.
>> No. 23111 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 10:28 pm
23111 spacer

I don't have any figures, but: Something like 99% of organisms are resistant to penicillin, amoxicillin and derivatives already, so it really don't matter. You can prescribe that while having a swab sent off to the lab to rule out other sources of infection.

When a doctor sends a swab from an infected would or tonsilitis or whatever for testing, it's usually not really to see if/how it's infected. They usually already know that because the vast majority of infections your average person gets are mundade and entirely commonplace. What they're really sending it off for is to see which antibiotics the infection is sensitive and resistant to.

There's then first, second and third line antibiotics which the consultant microbiologist selectively authorises. When the doctor gets the report back from the lab it only includes the first line, the others are censored so some silly bugger doesn't go giving out gentamicin for a chest infection without specific authorisation.

>> No. 23089 Anonymous
5th March 2020
Thursday 10:03 pm
23089 spacer
This isn't about fighting and it's very good.

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>> No. 23090 Anonymous
5th March 2020
Thursday 10:15 pm
23090 spacer
Jon Bois is the greatest living storyteller.

>> No. 23091 Anonymous
6th March 2020
Friday 12:42 am
23091 spacer
Thirded, Jon Bois is Pretty Good. The College American Football game that ended 222-0 video sticks out in my mind.

I haven't really been keeping track of his recent works outside of Fighting in the Age of Loneliness though, he collaborates a lot more now.

Felix Biederman narrating this ended up getting me into Chapo Trap House quite heavily, I'm still not sure if that's a good thing or not.
>> No. 23092 Anonymous
6th March 2020
Friday 9:27 pm
23092 spacer
>Fighting in the Age of Loneliness
This is interesting so far. Not quite sure where he's going with all the socioeconomic stuff but I guess I'll find out.

I wish the producers wouldn't use that fucking "watercolour" filter on all the live video, though. I wonder if they're trying to avoid DMCA takedowns? Pretty irritating.

>> No. 20473 Anonymous
8th March 2016
Tuesday 8:00 pm
20473 Star Trek
If anyone's interested, Voyager and TNG are continually playing at http://vaughnlive.tv/downlorrd .

Also general Star Trek thread, what do you think of the new movies? What setting would you want a new series to be in?
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>> No. 23083 Anonymous
14th February 2020
Friday 2:27 am
23083 spacer

>>DS9 ripped off B5

This guy gets it. Hell, they only made the decision to set the next Trek on a space station when they heard B5 was actually going to air.

B5 was always the better of the two shows. DS9 was a fucking snooze-fest for the first two seasons. You'd watch B5 and they were setting up not one but TWO major wars, and then you'd look at DS9 and it was yet another "Constable, it's all kicking off on the Promenade!"
>> No. 23084 Anonymous
14th February 2020
Friday 5:43 pm
23084 spacer

We were having a fun conversation at work today about what if Corrie went on a mad one, and had a year long plot arc about the bombs dropping and Ken Barlow and the gang surviving in a post nuclear Salford. Then they wrap it all up with an arc about David travelling back in time to prevent it all, thus reverting the show to the status quo as if nothing had ever happened.
>> No. 23085 Anonymous
24th February 2020
Monday 7:58 pm
23085 spacer

Treks Akimbo.png
*inspiring music swells*

You ever think you'd see someone get off their face on bennies in a Star Trek show?
>> No. 23086 Anonymous
25th February 2020
Tuesday 12:03 pm
23086 spacer

Nothing about the idea of star trek is sacred now so they are honestly capable of anything. It is well within the realms of possibility by the end of this season Picard ends up on the run from the police after someone plants a dead hooker in the boot of his car to stop him getting somewhere in time to stop the bomb going off, whilst trying to attend both his wife's birthday and watch the big game with his boss at the same time with hilarious consequences.
>> No. 23087 Anonymous
5th March 2020
Thursday 5:59 pm
23087 spacer

McCoy dosing himself up on something (admittedly by accident) was basically the whole reason for City on the Edge of Forever

>> No. 23039 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 12:18 pm
23039 spacer
Mrs Brown's Boys has beaten Fleabag and After Life to win a fifth comedy prize at the National Television Awards.

The awards, voted for by the British public, saw Jesy Nelson, Peaky Blinders and Sir Michael Palin all collect prizes. Ant and Dec, meanwhile, enjoyed their 19th straight NTA success as best presenters.


I don't get it. I really don't get it.
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>> No. 23064 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 5:04 pm
23064 spacer
I still like The Mighty Boosh but, in an act of typically inadvertent pretention, I think the best series is the radio one. Tragically in the current political climate you can't even quote Bob Fossil's immortal line "I hate whites" without some rabid Thatcherite cancelling you on social media, so that's a shame.
>> No. 23065 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 5:13 pm
23065 spacer
I was never a fan of the boosh but other than having a chuckle at Simon Amstell taking the piss out of Noel's sense of humour I don't really care.
>> No. 23066 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 6:21 pm
23066 spacer
I had a powerful dislike of the Mighty Boosh when I was younger (and I'm sure I must have typed a bunch of angry shite here about it at least once back around the dawn of time) but in retrospect it was just a bunch of silly student bollocks, hardly worth getting worked up over. I think part of it was that Noel Fielding somehow looked a bit too old to be fannying around with shows (and hair) like that, he's probably not a bad bloke in reality but if it turned out he was a nonce all along I wouldn't be too shocked.

I suspect I'd still genuinely despise Little Britain. No interest in checking though.
>> No. 23067 Anonymous
30th January 2020
Thursday 9:40 pm
23067 spacer
I'm with you on both. I found the Mighty Boost just completely mystifying. Little Britain is just bad.
>> No. 23068 Anonymous
31st January 2020
Friday 12:43 am
23068 spacer

>You know Howard Moon was written as a more intelligent version of Juilian Barret, right? And Vince Noir as a stupider version of Noel Fielding?

From >>23048

>For me it spark an interest in drawing a direct real world parrell with Nathan Barley and Dan Ashcroft with Julian Barret once again being the suffer Auture paired up with a popularist imbacile.

I feel like it was self evident that I knew that information.

>> No. 22958 Anonymous
4th December 2019
Wednesday 12:16 am
22958 How'd You Like "The Irishman" (2019)?
I really enjoyed this film and it's growing on me more and more since I saw it last week. I'm perfectly happy to hear people slate things I enjoy, but all the negative things I see people saying about it are just wrong opinions. I was totally focused on it throughout and the final half an hour might have been my favourite part of the whole film. Youngest De Niro looks bad, but other than that the youngification didn't bother me because it was a necessity for this kind of story (it's not the same as resurrecting Peter Cushing like in that God awful Rogue One film). A story which I don't think is getting enough credit for how well it weaves together all the different eras it takes place it.

That fish conversation's going to baffle people from now until the heat death of the Universe, at least it has me.
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>> No. 23015 Anonymous
24th January 2020
Friday 5:12 pm
23015 spacer
Get it for a month, watch everything you want and then sack it off. There's little point having a monthly subscription with any of the streaming services.
>> No. 23016 Anonymous
24th January 2020
Friday 5:15 pm
23016 spacer

Normal people have friends.
>> No. 23017 Anonymous
24th January 2020
Friday 5:39 pm
23017 spacer
I, for one, don't even own a friend.
>> No. 23018 Anonymous
24th January 2020
Friday 5:46 pm
23018 spacer
There's got to be at least one to two dozen box sets worth watching. You can't do that in a month if you're an adult.
>> No. 23019 Anonymous
24th January 2020
Friday 6:17 pm
23019 spacer
Perhaps two months then. There isn't that much good content on Netflix, especially once you've got through the likes of It's Always Sunny, and certainly not enough to warrant subscribing to it continually over sporadically dipping in and out.

>> No. 22998 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 8:58 pm
22998 What's occuring?
Has anyone else noticed how annoying and empty a personality Stacey is? She has no interests, no agency, all she does is whine about things for Gavin to sort out.
Not that Gavin has much of a personality either, she just whines and he runs around trying to make her happy. They're both completely boring.
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>> No. 23001 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 9:42 pm
23001 spacer
>She has no interests, no agency, all she does is whine about things for Gavin to sort out.
Pretty accurate depiction of Barry girls really.
>> No. 23002 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 10:01 pm
23002 spacer
Yes. I think one of the essential premises of Gavin and Stacey is that they are not actually the main characters, at all.

Everyone else is.
>> No. 23003 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 10:03 pm
23003 spacer
True. Bryn, Smithy and Nessa are much more interesting. Smithy's sister is nice to look at too.
>> No. 23004 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 10:11 pm
23004 spacer

They're the straight men in the piece, dramatic surrogates through which the viewer perceives the madness of their surroundings. c.f. Tim from The Office.

>> No. 23005 Anonymous
30th December 2019
Monday 11:19 pm
23005 spacer
Dunno but I saw the actress who plays her in Debenhams in Leeds about eight years ago and she looked well fit.

>> No. 15319 Anonymous
29th October 2013
Tuesday 10:52 pm
15319 Hidden Gems?
I found this bad boy on netflix, I watched for the tits stayed for the rest of the film. Brilliantly funny and touching. Anyone got any other hidden gems?
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>> No. 22952 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 11:18 am
22952 spacer

I did, because I have! I was suprised to find out there are cameos from a few real news readers in the film. I get a suspicion they didn't see the full script beforehand.
>> No. 22953 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 2:09 pm
22953 spacer
I tried watching this last night and realised half way through I'd seen it before but forgotten because of how boring it was. May as well just read the plot summary.
>> No. 22995 Anonymous
14th December 2019
Saturday 10:31 am
22995 spacer
Lads, I'm trying to track down a film I saw one night on Channel 4 years ago.

The gist of it is a guy pretending to be a photographer scams his way across Italy. Is joined by a woman running away from a convent. Then after conning a mafia funeral he ends up jailed.

I know it wasn't a fever dream.
>> No. 22996 Anonymous
26th December 2019
Thursday 7:50 pm
22996 spacer

I always want something I've never gotten elsewhere when I watch a film, and Colassal certainly delivers. 100% recommended watch on my part.
>> No. 22997 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 8:33 pm
22997 spacer
try tipofmytounge on reddit

>> No. 22960 Anonymous
10th December 2019
Tuesday 4:39 pm
22960 Ghostbusters: Afterlife


This looks fucking brilliant, ladm8s
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>> No. 22990 Anonymous
11th December 2019
Wednesday 12:17 pm
22990 spacer
>Robocop has a legitimate claim to being the best film ever made
Sorry, what? Are you trolling? It's not even in IMDB's top 250.
>> No. 22991 Anonymous
11th December 2019
Wednesday 12:50 pm
22991 spacer
It's no Starship Troopers.
>> No. 22992 Anonymous
11th December 2019
Wednesday 3:42 pm
22992 spacer
As we all know, the I in IMDB stands for "infallible."
Let him enjoy his shooty shooty cyborg film.
>> No. 22993 Anonymous
11th December 2019
Wednesday 6:13 pm
22993 spacer
I agree with them. It's a fucking fantastic film. Keen satire dressed up as a "shooty shooty cyborg film".
>> No. 22994 Anonymous
12th December 2019
Thursday 10:50 am
22994 spacer
I'm by no means arguing that it isn't a fantastic film. Just that it isn't one of the best ever made.

>> No. 22481 Anonymous
13th November 2018
Tuesday 5:14 pm
22481 Detective Pikachu


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>> No. 22785 Anonymous
21st May 2019
Tuesday 3:00 pm
22785 spacer

There is still fun to be had. And it is hard for me to separate all of my knowledge collected over the years from what someone would be able to pick up fresh, if that makes sense.

I might be being a bit harsh. It probably is a fine film to shovel popcorn into your mouth too. There is nothing wrong with it as such.

It is a detective story, but not a mystery that I think the audience can solve among with the characters. I don't think in 10 years it will be remembered for anything other than its novelty.
>> No. 22954 Anonymous
12th November 2019
Tuesday 12:45 pm
22954 spacer
They've made the Sonic trailer less shit, which wasn't exactly a high bar.

>> No. 22955 Anonymous
12th November 2019
Tuesday 2:20 pm
22955 spacer

As someone who was massively into pokemon as a 10 year old in the late 90s, at the height of gen 1 popularity, I honestly felt like it was a movie aimed squarely at people like me. It barely featured any newer pokemon, and has Deadpool in it.

I mean it makes sense really. A lot of people my age or thereabouts probably have kids by now, and it's the oldest trick in the book to make a kids film that the parents secretly like just as much because of nostalgia.
>> No. 22956 Anonymous
12th November 2019
Tuesday 2:39 pm
22956 spacer

>> No. 22957 Anonymous
12th November 2019
Tuesday 2:48 pm
22957 spacer

>> No. 22886 Anonymous
5th October 2019
Saturday 1:29 pm
22886 spacer
One of the best films of the decade IMO, Phoenix's acting was phenomenal and it had a really important message which is worth paying attention to.
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>> No. 22909 Anonymous
6th October 2019
Sunday 11:20 pm
22909 spacer
OK, first of all, if you want to make a serious point about how something is portrayed in the media, don't back it up by linking to the fucking Mail.
>> No. 22910 Anonymous
7th October 2019
Monday 7:28 pm
22910 spacer
If you see this film then you're a filthy nonce-enabler.

>> No. 22912 Anonymous
7th October 2019
Monday 10:36 pm
22912 spacer

I have said for years that regardless of Gazzas crimes, that song is an absolute banger.

See also, lostprophets first album.

>> No. 22916 Anonymous
9th October 2019
Wednesday 10:37 pm
22916 spacer
It's one of the few of his I have never heard before, but have now thanks to the fuss (another couple of pennies to the lad).
>> No. 22917 Anonymous
10th October 2019
Thursday 6:21 pm
22917 spacer


>> No. 22877 Anonymous
30th September 2019
Monday 11:18 pm
22877 What Britain Buys and Sells in a Day
Just brilliant.

Ed Balls is a very good factual presenter like this.

2 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 22880 Anonymous
30th September 2019
Monday 11:53 pm
22880 spacer
I much prefer his later work.
>> No. 22881 Anonymous
1st October 2019
Tuesday 8:24 am
22881 spacer
Just brilliant.
>> No. 22911 Anonymous
7th October 2019
Monday 10:24 pm
22911 spacer
Episode 2: Seafood was really good.
>> No. 22913 Anonymous
7th October 2019
Monday 10:57 pm
22913 spacer
Sod off, Ed, no one wants to watch your telly programme.
>> No. 22914 Anonymous
8th October 2019
Tuesday 3:02 pm
22914 spacer
Ed Balls

>> No. 22882 Anonymous
4th October 2019
Friday 12:44 pm
22882 New Chris Morris Film


Looks like essentially a Yank take on Four Lions, with an added CIA psyops angle.
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>> No. 22883 Anonymous
4th October 2019
Friday 1:52 pm
22883 spacer
Probably will be good then.
Even if it's not and he's just horribly sold out I don't care, the man deserves some cash to retire on.
>> No. 22884 Anonymous
4th October 2019
Friday 6:38 pm
22884 spacer
Apparently this is already out and a non-cam version has been uploaded.
>> No. 22885 Anonymous
4th October 2019
Friday 9:10 pm
22885 spacer
Third post. It's okay. The funny bits are in the trailer so don't watch it first.
I didn't like Veep hugely so hopefully my not being whelmed is because it's for an American audience.

>> No. 22849 Anonymous
29th August 2019
Thursday 6:45 pm
22849 Dave Chappel

>The comedian doubles down on misogyny and transphobia in both the special and the hidden bonus scene that follows.

There it is. The selling point - A hidden bonus scene. There's big money in 'what everyone's thinking', isn't there?

Is it just me or does he look different in his promotional video?

Nextlfix is only 5.99 a month.
Scihub lad, why is this advertising working on me?
18 posts and 1 image omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 22868 Anonymous
30th August 2019
Friday 7:31 pm
22868 spacer

Well if he, for one, is a TV, he might.
>> No. 22870 Anonymous
30th August 2019
Friday 9:25 pm
22870 spacer

>> No. 22871 Anonymous
30th August 2019
Friday 10:00 pm
22871 spacer
>> No. 22872 Anonymous
1st September 2019
Sunday 4:52 am
22872 spacer
Watched it after reading this thread. Pretty damn funny.
>> No. 22873 Anonymous
1st September 2019
Sunday 1:54 pm
22873 spacer

It wasn't his best but it was still pretty solid. Decent anecdotal commentary on the waxing and waning of Hollywood celebrity culture, cancel culture, and other cancers of the modern world.

To claim Dave Chappelle is "anti-woke" is laudable. The article - and many others like it - don't even touch on his lampooning of the hate crime hoax that was the Jussie Smollett case. Writers like Taylor Hosking live in blissful ignorance and hold fast to their beliefs of a false dichotomy between comedy and commentary where there may be no moderate middle ground.

tl;dr: basically what >>22850 said, innit.

>> No. 22842 Anonymous
20th August 2019
Tuesday 7:38 am
22842 spacer
I'm not sure on this year's batch of Bake Off contestants. I'm reserving full judgement until I actually watch it, but only one of them would definitely, definitely get it.
1 post omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 22844 Anonymous
20th August 2019
Tuesday 7:49 am
22844 spacer

The one on the left is potentially a bit of a minx, but I assumed she was a young looking forty-something who had slightly overdone it on the foundation rather than someone in their late twenties.

There's only one contestant over the age of 40, so I suspect this series might be duller than usual.
>> No. 22845 Anonymous
20th August 2019
Tuesday 9:40 am
22845 spacer
If nothing else you won't have much competition from the male contestents if you do try copping off any of the girls.
>> No. 22846 Anonymous
20th August 2019
Tuesday 9:53 am
22846 spacer
The Spanish one is from Lanzarote. I wonder if she'll use cactus jam in her baking?
>> No. 22847 Anonymous
20th August 2019
Tuesday 10:05 am
22847 spacer
I'd jam a cactus in her IYKWIM.
>> No. 22848 Anonymous
20th August 2019
Tuesday 10:53 am
22848 spacer
And she'd only feel a little prick.

Cloak room's this way, yeah?

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