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>> No. 22849 Anonymous
29th August 2019
Thursday 6:45 pm
22849 Dave Chappel

>The comedian doubles down on misogyny and transphobia in both the special and the hidden bonus scene that follows.

There it is. The selling point - A hidden bonus scene. There's big money in 'what everyone's thinking', isn't there?

Is it just me or does he look different in his promotional video?

Nextlfix is only 5.99 a month.
Scihub lad, why is this advertising working on me?
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>> No. 22868 Anonymous
30th August 2019
Friday 7:31 pm
22868 spacer

Well if he, for one, is a TV, he might.
>> No. 22870 Anonymous
30th August 2019
Friday 9:25 pm
22870 spacer

>> No. 22871 Anonymous
30th August 2019
Friday 10:00 pm
22871 spacer
>> No. 22872 Anonymous
1st September 2019
Sunday 4:52 am
22872 spacer
Watched it after reading this thread. Pretty damn funny.
>> No. 22873 Anonymous
1st September 2019
Sunday 1:54 pm
22873 spacer

It wasn't his best but it was still pretty solid. Decent anecdotal commentary on the waxing and waning of Hollywood celebrity culture, cancel culture, and other cancers of the modern world.

To claim Dave Chappelle is "anti-woke" is laudable. The article - and many others like it - don't even touch on his lampooning of the hate crime hoax that was the Jussie Smollett case. Writers like Taylor Hosking live in blissful ignorance and hold fast to their beliefs of a false dichotomy between comedy and commentary where there may be no moderate middle ground.

tl;dr: basically what >>22850 said, innit.

>> No. 22842 Anonymous
20th August 2019
Tuesday 7:38 am
22842 spacer
I'm not sure on this year's batch of Bake Off contestants. I'm reserving full judgement until I actually watch it, but only one of them would definitely, definitely get it.
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>> No. 22844 Anonymous
20th August 2019
Tuesday 7:49 am
22844 spacer

The one on the left is potentially a bit of a minx, but I assumed she was a young looking forty-something who had slightly overdone it on the foundation rather than someone in their late twenties.

There's only one contestant over the age of 40, so I suspect this series might be duller than usual.
>> No. 22845 Anonymous
20th August 2019
Tuesday 9:40 am
22845 spacer
If nothing else you won't have much competition from the male contestents if you do try copping off any of the girls.
>> No. 22846 Anonymous
20th August 2019
Tuesday 9:53 am
22846 spacer
The Spanish one is from Lanzarote. I wonder if she'll use cactus jam in her baking?
>> No. 22847 Anonymous
20th August 2019
Tuesday 10:05 am
22847 spacer
I'd jam a cactus in her IYKWIM.
>> No. 22848 Anonymous
20th August 2019
Tuesday 10:53 am
22848 spacer
And she'd only feel a little prick.

Cloak room's this way, yeah?

>> No. 22838 Anonymous
19th August 2019
Monday 12:54 pm
22838 The Boys
I wasn't expecting much from this, but I was pleasantly suprised. There was only a couple of properly on-the-nose bits of satire and it did a lot more than mug off at superhero films.

Shame about Urban's wonky accent and I took a little while to warm up to the main character after he sold a woman a "premium" HDMI cable in one of the first scenes.
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>> No. 22839 Anonymous
19th August 2019
Monday 1:32 pm
22839 spacer
I've read the entire comic (thanks to /com/, in fact) so can anyone who has also done so say how it compares and if I'd be disappointed?
>> No. 22840 Anonymous
19th August 2019
Monday 5:53 pm
22840 spacer
The story is quite heavily rewired plus the sex and violence are toned down but it's not a disappointment.
>> No. 22841 Anonymous
19th August 2019
Monday 6:12 pm
22841 spacer

I just came off a binge watch of the show I loved it.

I've only read the first couple but the plot is quite different in where Compound-V fits into the universe and that changes everything. They also tweeked it to critique the phenomenon of the MCU in the real world.

Simon Pegg is in it playing his own father as a nod to the comic.

Kyle Urban is a fine Butcher maintaining both his sinister streak and his charm, (unfortunately his cockney accent is a bit uncanny valley at times).

Superheroes are less the subject of ridicule to sneer at in this and more treated as terrifying things you would never want to exist. There are still elements of the nods and winks of poking fun in the comics but more subdued, it is more 'gritty' I'd say.

My biggest criticism is one of the locations they shot at feels more like a counter strike level than the real world. Complete with barrels and waist high crumbled concrete walls to hide behind. which on the scale of criticism is pretty low.

Homelander comes across as the most interesting and complex character.

>> No. 20473 Anonymous
8th March 2016
Tuesday 8:00 pm
20473 Star Trek
If anyone's interested, Voyager and TNG are continually playing at http://vaughnlive.tv/downlorrd .

Also general Star Trek thread, what do you think of the new movies? What setting would you want a new series to be in?
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>> No. 22833 Anonymous
10th August 2019
Saturday 7:36 pm
22833 spacer

Doctor Who does have a canon, or at least it did until they decided Time Lords could change gender
>> No. 22834 Anonymous
10th August 2019
Saturday 9:07 pm
22834 spacer
Quiet, Whovian cretins, this is a grown up thread.
>> No. 22835 Anonymous
10th August 2019
Saturday 9:12 pm
22835 spacer

Even TNG had canon, Q stuff, Borg stuff, developing crew romances and relationships, it was all in the lore, despite the show not paying a huge amount of attention to it on a per-week basis.
>> No. 22836 Anonymous
10th August 2019
Saturday 10:10 pm
22836 spacer

If you think that is the first thing to ever violate previously established doctor Who lore then you have not been watching or not paying attention. It breaks and changes what was established previously constantly. Because no one on staff actually cares about preserving it and not contradicting it. They assume you will only have a vague memory of the beginning of a season and beyond that you will have forgotten. It will occasionally dredge up the cybermen or the daleks but all qualities other than their appearance won't matter and will probably change from episode to episode.
>> No. 22837 Anonymous
11th August 2019
Sunday 12:20 am
22837 spacer

>It works fine. Rick and Morty that thing people spaff their pants over it. Doctor who is still going and they dont even have the resemblance of a coherent cannon.

They are both comedies to some degree - Rick and Morty is overtly a sitcom, while Doctor Who is at the very least camp and slightly self-parodying. We're used to sitcoms that just reset at the end of every episode, but we have higher expectations of serious drama due to the HBO/Netflix revolution.

>The only thing I can say is look at the orville there is clearly an audience for this sort of thing if someone can succeed in a version that doesn't even have the licence.

The Orville is just barely hanging on by its fingernails and will be very lucky to get a fourth season.

>I'm sure today you could make TNG on what would essentially be a shoe string budget. Special effects have dropped massively in price.

Expectations are higher these days; good TV is just inherently expensive to make. Killing Eve cost about £1m per episode and the last season of Game of Thrones cost $15m per episode.

Personally, I think there's loads of mileage in the Star Trek franchise that would work for contemporary audiences, they just require a bit of bravery. There are so many stories that aren't about ubermensch in pyjamas, so many bit-part species and planets facing struggles that don't involve epic space battles or the bloody Borg.

>> No. 22816 Anonymous
9th June 2019
Sunday 12:49 pm
22816 Catch-22
This is the most excited I've been about an upcoming TV series in a while.

It starts on Channel 4 on 20th June but it's already out in America; the reviews I've seen of it have been very positive.
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>> No. 22817 Anonymous
9th June 2019
Sunday 4:11 pm
22817 spacer
That man's face looks like CGI.
>> No. 22818 Anonymous
10th June 2019
Monday 7:54 am
22818 spacer
I thought it was an advert for a computer game.

Play as Yossarian and kill Nazis with your bare hands. Or whatever he does in the book, I haven't read it.
>> No. 22819 Anonymous
10th June 2019
Monday 8:14 am
22819 spacer
He's usually either trying to get out of bombing raids or trying to get his end away.

>> No. 16455 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 11:11 am
16455 Game of Thrones
Are you all just going to pretend this isn't happening?

I assume everyone's already illegally downloaded last nights episode? If so you'll definitely understand my next question...


I'm reckoning Cersei at a daring 50/1.
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>> No. 22806 Anonymous
2nd June 2019
Sunday 1:19 am
22806 spacer
>fast travel
Even Season 6-lad should be aware of this, given the way Varys teleports between Essos, Dorne, and Essos again in the finale.
>> No. 22812 Anonymous
8th June 2019
Saturday 7:36 pm
22812 spacer
I've only just seen this. Better than anything from the recent seasons.

>> No. 22813 Anonymous
8th June 2019
Saturday 7:59 pm
22813 spacer
Dreadful. Borderline racist.
>> No. 22814 Anonymous
8th June 2019
Saturday 9:21 pm
22814 spacer

Don't commit your hate crimes here!
>> No. 22815 Anonymous
9th June 2019
Sunday 12:32 am
22815 spacer

hey whos the nark?

>> No. 21207 Anonymous
23rd October 2016
Sunday 5:50 pm
21207 Black Mirror season 3
How has a thread about this not been made yet?

My brains just about managed to survive the first 3 episodes but it's so incredibly fucked up. Episode 2 in particular legitimately 'triggered' me to the point I came close to having a full blown panic attack.

I don't remember any of the stuff in the first two seasons coming close to these new episodes in terms of quality or brutality. Though I suppose the Christmas special was a sign of things to come. I'm guessing now that Netflix have taken it up it's got more resources and Brooker's perhaps taken less of a role in production. Either way his screenwriting abilities seem to just be getting better and better.
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>> No. 22807 Anonymous
5th June 2019
Wednesday 10:32 pm
22807 spacer
Watched the first episode of the new series. Meh.
>> No. 22808 Anonymous
6th June 2019
Thursday 11:33 pm
22808 spacer
Smithereens. Best one of the series, but it wasn't anything special.

Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. Shit. Utter shit. I did kind of like Miley Cyrus covering Nine Inch Nails at the end, though.
>> No. 22809 Anonymous
7th June 2019
Friday 11:58 pm
22809 spacer
This isn't the first time i've attempted to extol the virtues of Miley Cyrus and it likely wont be the last. But the girl is ridiculously talented if you venture beyond the radio friendly pap. She's done an awful lot of side work and covers etc that really show off her pipes. But people just think of Wrecking Ball and twerking.
>> No. 22810 Anonymous
8th June 2019
Saturday 3:38 am
22810 spacer
I liked all 3. Much better than last season.
>> No. 22811 Anonymous
8th June 2019
Saturday 3:35 pm
22811 spacer
It's my current guilty pleasure.


>> No. 22481 Anonymous
13th November 2018
Tuesday 5:14 pm
22481 Detective Pikachu


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>> No. 22694 Anonymous
2nd May 2019
Thursday 4:32 pm
22694 spacer
He's the only good thing in this movie.
>> No. 22696 Anonymous
2nd May 2019
Thursday 5:58 pm
22696 spacer

>> No. 22773 Anonymous
21st May 2019
Tuesday 12:25 am
22773 spacer
Watched Detective Pikachu tonight; If you are a fan of pokemon (as in you still actively play them as opposed to just nostalgically remember red and blue and tried pokemon go out) There is probably something you'll get out of it.

If you have no real interest in pokemon I don't expect you to find much charm in it as the ridiculous premise isn't taken to the absurd levels you would hope (the best parts of it are all in the trailer), it isn't that the film is dull but if you aren't in the 'know' I could see you getting lost and not picking up on details.

Story and characters feel mostly like they came out of an JRPG, because they did.
>> No. 22784 Anonymous
21st May 2019
Tuesday 2:34 pm
22784 spacer
Thanks for that; I'll avoid it then. I wouldn't have gone into it expecting to know all the latest Pokemon and what they can do but that shouldn't have stopped me from enjoying it if it was written well.
>> No. 22785 Anonymous
21st May 2019
Tuesday 3:00 pm
22785 spacer

There is still fun to be had. And it is hard for me to separate all of my knowledge collected over the years from what someone would be able to pick up fresh, if that makes sense.

I might be being a bit harsh. It probably is a fine film to shovel popcorn into your mouth too. There is nothing wrong with it as such.

It is a detective story, but not a mystery that I think the audience can solve among with the characters. I don't think in 10 years it will be remembered for anything other than its novelty.

>> No. 22578 Anonymous
5th March 2019
Tuesday 6:30 pm
Line of Duty, anyone? Series 5 is coming up soon, I can't fucking wait. Just binged series 1-4 in preparation, it's on Netflix now!
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>> No. 22731 Anonymous
9th May 2019
Thursday 1:26 pm
22731 spacer
It's not the worst offender, but it does have its fair share of orange and teal going on.
>> No. 22732 Anonymous
9th May 2019
Thursday 1:49 pm
22732 spacer
It's not "orange and teal" it's just grey. It looks like my telly's knackered.
>> No. 22733 Anonymous
9th May 2019
Thursday 3:08 pm
22733 spacer
Dunno' lads, this show seems a bit shit, the tone's all over the shop. I might just watch A Touch of Frost again.

A fuckin' kddie just robbed the shoes off a lynched drug dealer, Robocop isn't this OTT.
>> No. 22734 Anonymous
9th May 2019
Thursday 4:58 pm
22734 spacer
That's the "teal" half of the equation. Evidently there isn't much sunshine on the Central Police patch. Lots of the indoor scenes have a red-orange look to them, as do the night scenes (understandable with sodium lighting).

Not really a proper spoiler, but in later series we see inside the Deputy Chief Constable's office, and it's heavy on wooden panelling. Very orangey.
>> No. 22736 Anonymous
12th May 2019
Sunday 2:05 am
22736 spacer
Finally reached the end of series 5. Turns out I'd pegged the "who" very early on even before the massive hint that she'd been a defence solicitor previously. I've already got my suspicions about the sequel hook. If the "fourth Dot" is the PCC or the DCC I'll be somewhat disappointed.

>> No. 22512 Anonymous
5th December 2018
Wednesday 7:18 pm
22512 What are you watching?
We've got a what are you listening to and what are you playing thread, so what are you lads watching?

I've just watched Starship Troopers, not realising it was directed by the same fella that directed RoboCop, and thought that the 'in-universe TV' scenes were uncannily familiar.

Quite enjoyed it though, though I think they could have done with a bit more subversion and a bit less cheese.
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>> No. 22629 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 11:06 am
22629 spacer
It’s a parody film, so you need to have at least a passing familiarity with the source material to get it.
>> No. 22636 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 10:15 pm
22636 spacer

It was like a really, really, really boring version of Crank.
>> No. 22637 Anonymous
17th April 2019
Wednesday 12:10 am
22637 spacer

I remember being disapointed when I watched it. Is it just that the acting is awful, or is it just bad writing? It reminded me of pre turn of the millenium videogame with a bad translation for all the wrong reasons.
>> No. 22638 Anonymous
17th April 2019
Wednesday 12:36 am
22638 spacer
My main issues with it were too much shaky cam and the violence being so repetitive that you disengage and lose interest. It did suffer from poor writing, as the film dragged and there was very little reason to care about Henry, his backstory and his quest to uncover the truth/seek vengeance.
>> No. 22735 Anonymous
11th May 2019
Saturday 12:58 am
22735 spacer

Just rewatched Letterkenny.

It's one of the only shows that makes me consistently laugh out loud. Some of the cultural references and slang take a while to get (or you need to look them up), but it's endlessly quoteable and so intensely deadpan.

My one qualm is that lead character is also the writer and director, and always writes himself getting the girl and winning the fight. There is very little tension.

>> No. 22594 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 9:19 pm
22594 spacer
If I could have the superpowers from any film then it would be those of the character Hal from Shallow Hal, portrayed by Jack Black.

Any girl you saw with a genuinely nice personality would look like a legitimate 10/10 stunner, so you could spend the rest of your days sleeping with absolute fuggos who look like supermodels to you and they'd probably so grateful for attention that they'd let you do almost any depraved thing you wanted like pissing up their arse.

You'd have this lovely wholesome girl who looked like an absolute worldwide, guaranteed to have an amazing personality, who would do anything in bed to please you and you wouldn't have the hassle of other lads constantly hitting on her like you'd have with a 10/10 in real life.

If I had the powers of Hal from Shallow Hal then life would be pretty sweet, pretty sweet indeed.
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>> No. 22617 Anonymous
28th March 2019
Thursday 3:51 am
22617 spacer
And only two Monkey Islands!
>> No. 22618 Anonymous
28th March 2019
Thursday 6:59 am
22618 spacer
Michael Barrymore's said he isn't doing pantomime this year. I did Aladdin a few years back and I've never heard the end of it.
>> No. 22619 Anonymous
28th March 2019
Thursday 8:45 am
22619 spacer

You don't like curse?
>> No. 22620 Anonymous
28th March 2019
Thursday 9:51 am
22620 spacer

>> No. 22663 Anonymous
29th April 2019
Monday 8:44 pm
22663 spacer
No, although it was a long time ago. The graphics were too good, I didn't like that he now had a voice (turned it off), and just my general possibly-unfair-but-perhaps-not sense of things being shit when the original creator leaves.

D0OQi7rX4AEXg9s.jpg large.jpg
>> No. 22570 Anonymous
25th February 2019
Monday 12:41 pm
22570 Nova Partridge
I am deeply apprehensive about this.

Maybe someone else has a more positive take.
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>> No. 22585 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 7:04 pm
22585 spacer

The fake tan is a deal-breaker. I don't mind common, but I can't be doing with Oompa Loompas.

I will admit to preferring Donna over Janet.
>> No. 22586 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 7:07 pm
22586 spacer

Also I've just realised that Jenny is the image of a cousin I tried to cop off with at a wedding. Not my proudest hour.
>> No. 22587 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 7:38 pm
22587 spacer

Never change, .gs.
>> No. 22588 Anonymous
10th March 2019
Sunday 7:08 am
22588 spacer

C L E A V A G E.

>> No. 22589 Anonymous
13th March 2019
Wednesday 6:58 pm
22589 spacer

Funnily enough she didn't have the fake tan in series 1. She's still a bit too rough for my liking though. The most bangable of the main group is easily Erin. However, the absolute hottest girl in the entire series is that Charlene who was in series 1 episode 2 (the French trip episode) right at the start, god knows why they didn't show her more often, she's fucking tasty

>> No. 15319 Anonymous
29th October 2013
Tuesday 10:52 pm
15319 Hidden Gems?
I found this bad boy on netflix, I watched for the tits stayed for the rest of the film. Brilliantly funny and touching. Anyone got any other hidden gems?
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>> No. 21709 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 10:51 pm
21709 spacer

I can't work out whether I liked this or not.

It's not something I'd watch again in a hurry.
>> No. 21710 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 11:13 pm
21710 spacer
What does that mean?
>> No. 21711 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 11:32 pm
21711 spacer
Treat yourself to Headhunters the film of the jonesbo book. Also I rarely enjoy horror films, but I liked REC.
>> No. 21712 Anonymous
16th August 2017
Wednesday 11:05 am
21712 spacer
I started reading Headhunters and was bored stiff by the end of the first chapter. Something about the narrator being an arrogant prick art dealer is all I remember.
>> No. 22577 Anonymous
3rd March 2019
Sunday 9:49 pm
22577 spacer

An answer to the question: what if Me, Myself & Irene was a hard-hitting drama.

>> No. 22558 Anonymous
5th February 2019
Tuesday 1:48 am
22558 Star Ratings on Netflix
I've used Netflix plenty in the past, but up until recently I'd simply piggy backed off other people's accounts.

For anyone who doesn't know, when you first open your Netflix account it asks you to choose three programmes you've enjoyed previously to currate your experience and what have you. So obviously, being who I am I didn't choose any and I proceded regardless. This evening I was flicking about, not having watched anything, yet, and I saw that Annilation had just a smidge under three stars, which I thought wasn't very fair given how much I'd liked it. I watched the film Arrival not long after,this. I thought it was very good, gave it five out of five stars and had another look around. While looking around I came across Annilation again, only this time it had also had a five star rating! Meaning, not only are the shows and films you're reccommended currated, so are the star ratings attached to them.

I don't know if this is common knowledge, but I found it troubling upon learing that this is the case. I know it doesn't sound like much, but just the idea that two people looking at the same listings on Netflix are seeing slightly different realities does not sit right with me. What if you brought this up in public, or on Twitter? What if Amazon or some other company that sells and/or delivers physical products were to do this? There are people who immediately watched Star Trek or something elses sci-fi related who think the rest of the populace think Annilation is dead good, when it actual fact they thought it was just alright, or do they?! We can't rely on Netflix to tell us, in either case.
Expand all images.
>> No. 22559 Anonymous
5th February 2019
Tuesday 1:58 am
22559 spacer
This is old news. Even the thumbnails you get for the same titles will be different depending on what Netflix knows about you. For example, with horror movies, men get thumbnails of attractive women running away from the danger whilst women get thumbnails of groups of people emotionally bonding over their mutual fear of whatever the threat is. For the same film. To get you and your missus to both click on the same link, it is marketed entirely differently based upon what they guess about you.
>> No. 22560 Anonymous
5th February 2019
Tuesday 2:45 am
22560 spacer

It's all a bit of a shell game to disguise how thin their catalogue is. They don't want you to search for stuff, because you'd realise that they don't actually have very much; their clever algorithms allow them to make what little content they do have seem more impressive.


>What if Amazon or some other company that sells and/or delivers physical products were to do this?

A lot of online retailers offer the same product at different prices, depending on their analytics data. If you're using a Mac, they might assume that you're minted and charge more; if you usually take a while between looking at a product and adding it to the cart, they might assume that you normally compare prices and charge you less.

>> No. 22561 Anonymous
5th February 2019
Tuesday 8:42 am
22561 spacer
I only found out recently that people using Netflix had no fucking idea what the star ratings meant and are talking about it like it's a huge conspiracy. I knew from the moment I signed up because, y'know, I paid attention to the instructions I was given about how the service works.

It boggles my mind that it is a major news story that people don't know how to use the service they are paying for or didn't bother to find out, and it's utterly infuriating that they are phasing out the star ratings as a result, because I always found them reasonably useful.
>> No. 22563 Anonymous
5th February 2019
Tuesday 1:03 pm
22563 spacer
Are they still using star ratings? Mine just straight up gives a percentage match.

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