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>> No. 21275 Anonymous
6th November 2016
Sunday 4:50 pm
21275 spacer
I'm enjoying Trainspotting as I sit watching it for the first time.

I have a penchant for films that take an anti-consumerist, self-critical look at society, sometimes with third person narration whilst somebody fights some sort of internal struggle.

Kind of like Fight Club or Trainspotting, can anybody recommend anything similar? I'll take books too.

Picture entirely unrelated.
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>> No. 21295 Anonymous
8th November 2016
Tuesday 9:58 pm
21295 spacer

> It isn't a theme

No, it'd be quite hard to make a film where criticising Woolworth's merchandise was a major theme (although I'd be sure to watch such a film if someone were to make it). It is, however, just one example of the many critiques made against society generally in the film. I think the the film is quite overwhelming in its delivery in such a way as to hide the fact that seemingly unrelated "quotes" and scenes actually manage to tie in together as a social critique.

Sage for rambling off topic again.
>> No. 21296 Anonymous
8th November 2016
Tuesday 10:25 pm
21296 spacer
>a man who ramblings also cover hair picking up signals from the cosmos.
He's a great character. He plays the same character again in Wayne's World 2. Looking at it now, that appears to be roughly the same flat that he's in.

>> No. 21297 Anonymous
8th November 2016
Tuesday 10:28 pm
21297 spacer

I had a look and it definitely is. What a nice touch.
>> No. 21298 Anonymous
9th November 2016
Wednesday 2:09 am
21298 spacer

I'll admit that I haven't seen Wayne's World 2 (or 1) in some twenty years but now you've really boggled my noggin. I'm going to have to look into this.
>> No. 21312 Anonymous
28th November 2016
Monday 4:05 am
21312 spacer
Dunno if American Psycho would be too far off the mark to be worth suggesting, but it's an enjoyable film.

>> No. 21110 Anonymous
12th September 2016
Monday 12:50 am
21110 spacer
This is stupid and not very funny although it does have Philomena Cunk in it. I guess "write what you know" gets a bit shitty when you're a middle-class parent writing with your partner, Mr. Lineham
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>> No. 21270 Anonymous
4th November 2016
Friday 1:10 am
21270 spacer

>Watch Fleabag instead.

That was one of those unexpected gems. I can't remember why I even chose to watch it on iPlayer, but enjoyed it.
>> No. 21271 Anonymous
4th November 2016
Friday 1:22 am
21271 spacer
Have a look for her show Crashing, it's even better.
>> No. 21272 Anonymous
5th November 2016
Saturday 5:34 pm
21272 spacer
Thanks for the tip, I really enjoyed Fleabag as well. When you say "show" do you mean an actual theatre one or something I can grab in convenient .avi format?
>> No. 21273 Anonymous
5th November 2016
Saturday 6:25 pm
21273 spacer
Convenient .avi format.
>> No. 21274 Anonymous
5th November 2016
Saturday 8:22 pm
21274 spacer
Thank you, friend.

>> No. 21257 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 9:12 pm
21257 spacer
I've been watching this and I can't work out if it's any good.
Feels like a mishmash of Matt Baker's Dr Who and Utopia with some other bits and pieces thrown in.
Can I get a second opinion?
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>> No. 21258 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 9:27 pm
21258 spacer

>Matt Baker's Dr Who

I used to fucking hate Liz.
>> No. 21259 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 9:37 pm
21259 spacer

I haven't watched it, but I get the impression that it's a bit shite, the same as the series they tried a few years ago.

Just one look at their casting choice for Dirk shows that they've completely missed the point of the book. The brief description of him I've copied from wikipedia "a pudgy man who normally wears a heavy old light brown suit, red checked shirt with a green striped tie, long leather coat, red hat and thick metal-rimmed spectacles." The ongoing descriptions of his physical appearance and his personality through the books, basically add up to the image of a stereotypical fedora-wearing neckbeard.
>> No. 21262 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 10:07 pm
21262 spacer
He's not a stereotypical fedora-wearing neckbeard because that trope didn't exist at the time. He's not the Matt Bakerlite that he is in this show either. The rest of the cast is quite good.

She's not in it.
>> No. 21263 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 10:41 pm
21263 spacer
The one with Stephen Mangan was really good. What's this now? Who are these clowns?
>> No. 21269 Anonymous
1st November 2016
Tuesday 2:52 am
21269 spacer
Episode two was quite good. I'll keep watching.

>> No. 16797 Anonymous
6th June 2014
Friday 2:22 pm
16797 New Adam Curtis films
>Out There, At the Mountains of Madness and Dream Baby Dream
>Curtis will make three iPlayer-only films exploring themes of hypocrisy, deception and corruption in contemporary Britain – Out There, At the Mountains of Madness and Dream Baby Dream – available from July.

PSYCHED! HYPED! Err, piped?

It's been 3 years since the last Adam Curtis film and in some ways a butt load (yes that much) of things have changed so I'm super duper excited about these films.
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>> No. 21251 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 1:24 am
21251 spacer
Which was discussing Curtis. Are you okay? You sound a little hurt, don't worry about it, I'm sure everyone else thinks you're still special. Just not me.
>> No. 21252 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 7:58 am
21252 spacer
>Which was discussing Curtis.

So? The

>Adam Curtis being wrong or right doesn't matter

comments were objectively stupid, because I didn't make any comments on Adam Curtis's film. I only commented on the Counterpunch article, which is the usual anti-western 'Putin is no worse than Tony Blair' bullshit that pinko rags have been pumping out for years.

There's a really boring habit of the sort of arrogant cunt that thinks they're a march ahead on the rest of mankind because they read Counterpunch and watched Fight Club on DVD. They get caught out, and then conduct panicked rearguard actions during their retreat, just like you right now. Sad!
>> No. 21254 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 3:36 pm
21254 spacer


I had no idea Donald Trump was capable of writing more than 140 characters in one go.
>> No. 21255 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 5:10 pm
21255 spacer

>> No. 21256 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 6:06 pm
21256 spacer

Sad! Tremendously Sad!

>> No. 21145 Anonymous
21st September 2016
Wednesday 10:29 pm
21145 Red Dwarf XI
The new series is airing tomorrow at 9pm on #Dave. I'm really excited but I can't help but think I've set my self up for disappointment - if we're to go by how poor the last series was.

What do you lads think?
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>> No. 21159 Anonymous
29th September 2016
Thursday 6:21 am
21159 spacer

That sounds awful, but about on par with the rest of season 8.

I'd like to see a dark turn like in backwards or last human.

Get the main characters half murdered whilst getting involved in a war against simulants in a sci-fi high concept environment, have a point where they get back to what has become of the earth, (life has reverted back to Paleozoic state), Lister ends up stepping on a colony of slugs when exiting starbug turns out they are the closest living descendants of humanity, throw in a plot about Lister being able to get Kochanski, but ultimately he has to sacrifice the opportunity for a greater cause, have Rimmer get a chance at redemption in a last stand against the simulants and get killed, have Kryten break his programing and learn the virtues of killing (ironically Lister) in a trolley problem (probably involving a time loop where the best out come can only happen if Lister is dead), The cat then meets other cats and selfishly forgets about the rest of the crew, leaving just a guilt ridden Kryten and Holly, Holly says something philosophical about it being finally the end of the long story of humanity, but it's not really gone, and will forever be immortalized as long as we stand as a testament to its accomplishments and remember it, at which point a scutter (that had been set up as assembling an emp bomb to fight the simulants earlier), sets it off resetting both of their memories.
>> No. 21160 Anonymous
29th September 2016
Thursday 10:36 pm
21160 spacer
>If you were in control, how would you choose to end the series?
If you want to end it well for the fans, happy ending where they sail off into the sunset etc.

If you want to be talked about as deep and meaningful and rake in the DVD sales then go the Blackadder route and kill everyone off while playing sombre music. Try and tie it into a real world death as well. Maybe some dead astronaut.

New series isn't too bad. It's not the best Dwarf I've seen but it's entertaining enough.
>> No. 21161 Anonymous
30th September 2016
Friday 12:02 am
21161 spacer
I don't think there really is any way to end it. Whatever has become of Earth is better left an unseen mystery; whether Red Dwarf returns and finds a super advanced civilisation, a desolate wasteland, or something else entirely, it will still be a bland and unsatisfying end to the story. But if Lister decides to abandon his quest, then your reaction would be, 'you were already bumming around space having adventures so if you're going to continue doing so let us see it'. And killing everyone off would be pretty jarring.

Maybe they could discover some technology that would fix everything by allowing them to restart the human race and terraform a new Earth. Then they can all fulfill their ambitions: Rimmer becomes an officer in the newly-reconstituted Space Corps; Kryten gets to plant his garden and do ironing for all the new humans; Cat gets to have a lot of sex; and Lister gets to retire with Kochanski on a Fijiesque island.
>> No. 21162 Anonymous
30th September 2016
Friday 2:16 am
21162 spacer

They reenter the Sol system through slip space anomaly, the sudden arrival of such a large ship alarms the Reapers besieging Earth. Harbinger itself ventures out of atmosphere to investigate, allowing a bloodied Commander Shepherd to travel to the recently relocated Citadel above London.
>> No. 21163 Anonymous
30th September 2016
Friday 11:51 pm
21163 spacer
Perhaps some time travel deal. Kryten pipes up about the butterfly effect and remember JFK, and gets told to shove it.

>> No. 21129 Anonymous
17th September 2016
Saturday 1:08 pm
21129 spacer
Anyone else catching this?

It's pretty good. Though I dunno why they called it 8 bit as they mostly play more recent games.
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>> No. 21137 Anonymous
17th September 2016
Saturday 5:28 pm
21137 spacer

This one. Probably has a vial of rohypnol hidden up his sleeve.
>> No. 21138 Anonymous
17th September 2016
Saturday 5:30 pm
21138 spacer
Calm down Stewart. Just start slipping a few more knob gags into the set and before you know it you'll be getting offered a spot on Strictly.
>> No. 21139 Anonymous
17th September 2016
Saturday 9:58 pm
21139 spacer
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ykNXaHSCt8#t=52m - Dave Perry explains his butthurt.

It was the infamous show where he loses at Mario 64, apparently he hadn't had any practice on it whereas his opponent had.


Dave Perry is now a tattoo artist.
>> No. 21144 Anonymous
19th September 2016
Monday 11:04 pm
21144 spacer
I've just been watching it and it's no where near as good as Gamesmaster, Dara's got nothing on Dominic Diamond.

I was also disappointed that they don't play actual 8-bit games, especially after weeks of seeing it advertised, kind of felt it built up to an anti-climax.
>> No. 21154 Anonymous
26th September 2016
Monday 11:21 pm
21154 spacer
I've just seen the latest episode and to be fair they played a few 16-bit titles (Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Sensible Soccer), and they even played an 8-bit title (Track and Field), they even mentioned one of my favourites - Cannon Fodder. It was a much more enjoyable episode but still not as good as Gamesmaster.

>> No. 20976 Anonymous
19th July 2016
Tuesday 9:51 am
20976 Stranger Things
Oh my goodness this show, my goodness, this show.

I'm only on the fourth episode but it's so, so enjoyable I'm trying very hard to restrain myself from watching more. There's all these great themes from sci-fi and horror, these kids who aren't annoying like most kids in shows and there's a small town cop who's smarter than his co-workers but doesn't take any shit, which is fast becoming my favourite trope of all time.

I'm honestly reluctant to say more because I'll only under or oversell it with my loose grasp of the English language, all I will say to wrap up is that watching this show's not a waste of time.
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>> No. 21149 Anonymous
22nd September 2016
Thursday 3:31 am
21149 spacer
This show feels like a lost Stephen King and Steven Speilberg collaboration.
>> No. 21150 Anonymous
22nd September 2016
Thursday 3:30 pm
21150 spacer

A lot of Half-Life vibe also.

It will be interesting to see if they introduce other monsters and dimensions in the next series, or if it will be solely based on that one orchid-faced-beast.

I'd like to see it turn into some sort of Sci-Fi Lovecraftian D&D saga. Including a storyline where they meet their own dopplegangers. But saying that now, it sounds hokey as fuck.
>> No. 21151 Anonymous
22nd September 2016
Thursday 4:15 pm
21151 spacer

I couldn't imagine the next season being as good, a big part if the charm was the small groups in the show working independently because they didn't think there was anyone to aid them, once they formed into a unit at the end it is difficult to go back to the same formula. You can, but it can easily feel forced.
>> No. 21152 Anonymous
22nd September 2016
Thursday 10:14 pm
21152 spacer
>Not much to add that isn't being said everywhere else but I thought it was good.
Pretty much this. It's just really solid and well made, with excellent acting all around. I was worried earlier on that they wouldn't manage to keep up the pace and tension, but it delivered. Watched it in one sitting, couldn't help myself.

I don't expect season 2 to hit in the same way; the first felt pretty complete, albeit with a minor cliffhanger at the end, so it's going to be hard to make something that stands on its own, rather it feeling like it's standing on the shoulders of what came before. I'll be happy enough either way.
>> No. 21153 Anonymous
22nd September 2016
Thursday 11:40 pm
21153 spacer

>A lot of Half-Life vibe also.

We are kin, you and I.

>> No. 21113 Anonymous
12th September 2016
Monday 5:47 pm
21113 spacer
The BBC and that annoying Scouser off of The Travel Show have made a documentary.

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>> No. 21128 Anonymous
13th September 2016
Tuesday 12:07 pm
21128 spacer
I heard he raped someone in prison. Via a friend of a friend like so who knows how true it is...anyone else heard about that? Supposedly at a jail in Chester I think it was. Memory is a little hazy though.
>> No. 21140 Anonymous
18th September 2016
Sunday 10:09 pm
21140 spacer
He only feels up muscles, it's not like he goes round love and cherishING young men.
>> No. 21141 Anonymous
18th September 2016
Sunday 10:20 pm
21141 spacer
I think the article and documentary have made it quite clear that the rumour mill is working overtime for poor Aki. He's not capable of rape.
>> No. 21142 Anonymous
18th September 2016
Sunday 11:57 pm
21142 spacer
Whatever his issues are, I feel very sorry for him about the level of publicity. He's a local nutter, he isn't worthy of front-page-BBC-news treatment.

This won't end well.
>> No. 21143 Anonymous
19th September 2016
Monday 1:48 am
21143 spacer
We all have local nutters. Fella round here has been pushing a wheelbarrow around daily since I was a lad, collecting tin cans, washing machines, anything he can weigh in. Either that or he's stood in the middle of the road touching up the markings. Kids have always tried to nick his barrow.

>> No. 20985 Anonymous
25th July 2016
Monday 1:35 am
20985 spacer
I totally forgot it was on tonight, watching on iplayer.
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>> No. 21104 Anonymous
5th August 2016
Friday 4:22 am
21104 spacer
>"living within our means" or "student loan debt"
Are you trying to start a war here?
>> No. 21105 Anonymous
5th August 2016
Friday 12:43 pm
21105 spacer
At the GAY
>> No. 21106 Anonymous
5th August 2016
Friday 2:30 pm
21106 spacer
Careful there, lad. He might have something to put in you.
>> No. 21107 Anonymous
15th August 2016
Monday 4:58 pm
21107 spacer
>You could imagine Craig Charles MCing a night of bareknuckle boxing in the back room of a Southend pub in exchange for a big lump of crack. The slightly ramshackle nature of the presentation made it feel more real, more dangerous.

I love how .gs has some creative writers. We should write a book together.
>> No. 21108 Anonymous
16th August 2016
Tuesday 1:44 pm
21108 spacer
Couldn't be any worse than 4chan's, let's do it.

>> No. 20797 Anonymous
26th May 2016
Thursday 7:27 pm
20797 Bond
Danny Bond?
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>> No. 20803 Anonymous
28th May 2016
Saturday 12:30 pm
20803 spacer

>Then a sequel where he's gone rouge.
>> No. 21009 Anonymous
27th July 2016
Wednesday 2:34 pm
21009 spacer
That Blofeld? E's proper nawty, mate. Banging fackin' sniff this, though.
>> No. 21010 Anonymous
27th July 2016
Wednesday 2:40 pm
21010 spacer

That was worth the bump.
>> No. 21035 Anonymous
28th July 2016
Thursday 9:34 pm
21035 spacer
Met someone who worked with him on a film once.

He was fucked on coke the entire time and kept asking people to buy him porno mags, had a big pile of them in his hotel room by the end of it.
>> No. 21039 Anonymous
28th July 2016
Thursday 10:48 pm
21039 spacer

I seem to remember reading an /A/ thread about a lad trying crack.

Then there's this:
>They would steal from the back of Parcelforce vans while the driver was away and nick ­mountain bikes.

Does Dyer post among us?

>> No. 20925 Anonymous
12th July 2016
Tuesday 8:39 am
20925 Ghostbusters
I'm really looking forward to it, despite a couple of autistic bloggers crying about it. Not sure why such an over emotional reaction to a film is happening.

Really impressed with the way it's being marketed as well.
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>> No. 21008 Anonymous
27th July 2016
Wednesday 2:25 pm
21008 spacer
>>21005 No-one said that, teenladm8. What you got there is a propositional fallacy.

Not everyone who dislikes the film is a misogynist. But misogynists won't like the film.
>> No. 21011 Anonymous
27th July 2016
Wednesday 3:37 pm
21011 spacer
Maybe I'm out of the loop but isn't that exactly what the director said?
>> No. 21012 Anonymous
27th July 2016
Wednesday 5:19 pm
21012 spacer

Good job lads, we all need to do our part to #SmashThePatriarchy.
>> No. 21013 Anonymous
27th July 2016
Wednesday 5:56 pm
21013 spacer
I wouldn't be surprised, judging from what I saw of him in the Half in the Bag posted in this thread, but what I also learnt from that is that he is a total mentalist, so we can easily disregard his opinion (and his film) as worth our time.

Or maybe they just want to watch a silly film about ghosts without getting involved in all the politics?
>> No. 21037 Anonymous
28th July 2016
Thursday 9:50 pm
21037 spacer

obi wan.jpg
I felt a great disturbance in the thread, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in a cunt off and were suddenly silenced.

>> No. 20922 Anonymous
1st July 2016
Friday 9:29 pm
20922 spacer
Has the standard of television been dumbed down that far or have we reached the point where Five are actually good at making historical documentaries?
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>> No. 20923 Anonymous
1st July 2016
Friday 10:38 pm
20923 spacer
Surely pic related is from 'Hidden Killers', a very good BBC series.
>> No. 20924 Anonymous
1st July 2016
Friday 11:01 pm
20924 spacer

Yeah, but I wasn't paying too much attention to the background.

Suzannah's made a few run-of-the-mill programmes on the Tudors for Five recently, but the series Dan Jones did about British castles was better than the BBC Four one. Not to mention that there's the added bonus of it not having Sam Willis regularly singing in it.

>> No. 20855 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 9:44 am
20855 Threads thread; or how I learned to stop loving and worry about the bomb.
Just finished watching Threads, suddenly all the problems of my life don't seem so bad. You'd think dying painfully of radiation poisoning over a couple of months would be one of the worst thing that could happen to you during a nuclear war, turns out you are wrong.

47 posts and 2 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 20908 Anonymous
21st June 2016
Tuesday 7:42 pm
20908 spacer
On that subject, has the postbox survived the Metrolink expansion?
>> No. 20909 Anonymous
21st June 2016
Tuesday 8:30 pm
20909 spacer
It was replaced years ago according to my tour guide.
>> No. 20910 Anonymous
21st June 2016
Tuesday 8:59 pm
20910 spacer
The legend on the plaque claims that it was "removed" and "returned to its original site" when the area was rebuilt, though that doesn't answer whether or not there's a Ship of Theseus thing going on.
>> No. 20911 Anonymous
21st June 2016
Tuesday 9:00 pm
20911 spacer
Alright then.
>> No. 20912 Anonymous
21st June 2016
Tuesday 9:13 pm
20912 spacer
>Until, as >>20871 points out, food and other essentials become life-threateningly scarce.

Well this reminds me of the stag hunt game:

I know people are not necessarily rational but in an open environment where a community is under extreme stress it doesn't make sense to me for them to waste resources competing. As I believe I've alluded to it depends largely on the people but when you can form a mutually beneficial partnership for what will inevitably be a long struggle or bash his head in for a box of crackers what do you think is the best option?

>Go read about the Siege of Leningrad. The sort of shortage that turns people to cannibalism. If we're talking about nuclear war, that's almost certainly the sort of situation we are in for, not just the mild hardships of a petrol strike or some such, requiring us to tighten our belts and show some of that "stiff upper lip".

Actually despite the existence of cannibalism it seems to have been comparatively rare given the circumstances according to wikipedia. The city also held out, it didn't descend into anarchy and we have the stories of people like Dmitry S. Ivanov who starved to death surrounded by seeds.

I mean we have the term 'siege mentality' for a reason.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 20811 Anonymous
14th June 2016
Tuesday 1:35 am
20811 Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware


It is really impressive. Would be nice to have something similar in the UK. All we are really known for is finances based in London.
35 posts and 8 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 20850 Anonymous
17th June 2016
Friday 3:43 pm
20850 spacer

It's the wild west. Don't even try doing business there if you don't have a trusted local fixer with plenty of 關係, preferably a Party member. The Chinese are very us-and-them - if you're not in the inner circle, you'll get fucked with impunity.
>> No. 20851 Anonymous
17th June 2016
Friday 4:36 pm
20851 spacer
I meant the forum rooshvforum, aside from the pua stuff it has a surprising amount of useful travel information.

Roosh himself never goes for asians, he's a slav fetishest as far as I can tell.

True, but the materialism is much worse in the cities, real gold diggers there, I think you probably mean Tantan though, tinder much like other western online services isn't available.

I hear lots of good stories from /trv/ and the like, but yeah, you'll always be a laowai, immigration in the way westerners think of it isn't a two way street.
>> No. 20852 Anonymous
17th June 2016
Friday 7:27 pm
20852 spacer
It's actually from /his/ but you're right on Chinese xenophobia. Concepts such as Tianxa led to a very insular and racist society. All the way up to the collapse of the Manchu dynasty, they did not want to accept that something was wrong with their society. The Taiping rebellion, the Opium wars, the Boxer Rebellion and the century of humiliation that followed did not change their cultural arrogance.

It's irrelevant anyway because they'd soon rule the world.

>> No. 20853 Anonymous
18th June 2016
Saturday 5:28 am
20853 spacer

I could actually write a novel on this. I became pretty disillusioned by all the 'academic misconduct' I witnessed, and how those who were the most dishonest scientists seemed to have the greatest success, whilst all those who practiced rigour were left working 60 hours pw on 40 hour contracts with grim future prospects.

I was offered a post-doc stateside, but I didn't much fancy the experimental work which would have been inducing strokes surgically in primates.

I get paid less now, but I work way less and the work is more pleasant.

Yeah, China isn't for everyone.

It was tantan.
>> No. 20854 Anonymous
18th June 2016
Saturday 7:31 am
20854 spacer

Indeed. I fucking love Shenzen, and am off there next wpc I can afford. I love the energy you get there, it really is a place like no other...eek for three days of trawling round electronics markets to build the hardest

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