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>> No. 20811 Anonymous
14th June 2016
Tuesday 1:35 am
20811 Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware


It is really impressive. Would be nice to have something similar in the UK. All we are really known for is finances based in London.
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>> No. 20850 Anonymous
17th June 2016
Friday 3:43 pm
20850 spacer

It's the wild west. Don't even try doing business there if you don't have a trusted local fixer with plenty of 關係, preferably a Party member. The Chinese are very us-and-them - if you're not in the inner circle, you'll get fucked with impunity.
>> No. 20851 Anonymous
17th June 2016
Friday 4:36 pm
20851 spacer
I meant the forum rooshvforum, aside from the pua stuff it has a surprising amount of useful travel information.

Roosh himself never goes for asians, he's a slav fetishest as far as I can tell.

True, but the materialism is much worse in the cities, real gold diggers there, I think you probably mean Tantan though, tinder much like other western online services isn't available.

I hear lots of good stories from /trv/ and the like, but yeah, you'll always be a laowai, immigration in the way westerners think of it isn't a two way street.
>> No. 20852 Anonymous
17th June 2016
Friday 7:27 pm
20852 spacer
It's actually from /his/ but you're right on Chinese xenophobia. Concepts such as Tianxa led to a very insular and racist society. All the way up to the collapse of the Manchu dynasty, they did not want to accept that something was wrong with their society. The Taiping rebellion, the Opium wars, the Boxer Rebellion and the century of humiliation that followed did not change their cultural arrogance.

It's irrelevant anyway because they'd soon rule the world.

>> No. 20853 Anonymous
18th June 2016
Saturday 5:28 am
20853 spacer

I could actually write a novel on this. I became pretty disillusioned by all the 'academic misconduct' I witnessed, and how those who were the most dishonest scientists seemed to have the greatest success, whilst all those who practiced rigour were left working 60 hours pw on 40 hour contracts with grim future prospects.

I was offered a post-doc stateside, but I didn't much fancy the experimental work which would have been inducing strokes surgically in primates.

I get paid less now, but I work way less and the work is more pleasant.

Yeah, China isn't for everyone.

It was tantan.
>> No. 20854 Anonymous
18th June 2016
Saturday 7:31 am
20854 spacer

Indeed. I fucking love Shenzen, and am off there next wpc I can afford. I love the energy you get there, it really is a place like no other...eek for three days of trawling round electronics markets to build the hardest

>> No. 20469 Anonymous
8th March 2016
Tuesday 12:00 pm
20469 spacer
ARE STEW is back. I'm no longer resident on the British Isles of the BBC and am too dumb to get my VPN to work.

Is there a stream/torrent?
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>> No. 20557 Anonymous
20th March 2016
Sunday 3:46 am
20557 spacer
Quite, especially in the later seasons you could really see the quiet discomfort underneath Bailey's normally very polished presentation. That said, Phil Jupitus does seem like a decent bloke to go for a pint with at a Crass gig. I bet he's a good laugh once he's got some craft beer down him.
>> No. 20558 Anonymous
20th March 2016
Sunday 2:20 pm
20558 spacer
They're all on tpb.
>> No. 20681 Anonymous
6th May 2016
Friday 8:18 pm
20681 spacer
No 5th series, according to his newsletter.
>> No. 20845 Anonymous
17th June 2016
Friday 2:28 pm
20845 spacer

This last series wasn't quite up to snuff I reckon.
>> No. 20849 Anonymous
17th June 2016
Friday 3:26 pm
20849 spacer
It maintained the viewing figures and critical reception of the previous series for the most part. It's more like due to the BBC's comedy department cuts.

>> No. 20758 Anonymous
23rd May 2016
Monday 7:05 pm
20758 The Hollow Crown
This shits all over Game of Thrones. It's the best production I've ever seen by the BBC. Loved every second.
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>> No. 20792 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 11:44 pm
20792 spacer

What does this even mean? You're referencing a track that was released sixteen years ago... Are you trying to imply that the poster is sixteen? That he's a teenlad? (which would be ironic because if he'd liked that song as a teenlad he'd be in his thirties by now) Are you so insipid and stuck in your ways that this track is still the best example of "edgyness" that you can come up with? Or are you just vacuously reposting a meme you've seen somewhere else and never really thought about? Honestly interested in the rationale behind this particularly infuriating shitpostery.
>> No. 20793 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 11:51 pm
20793 spacer

'Edginess' lad.
>> No. 20794 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 11:54 pm
20794 spacer
>You're referencing a track that was released sixteen years ago
Fuck me.
>> No. 20795 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 11:56 pm
20795 spacer
The eye rolling edginess from his post ('oh well all television has high quality violence, drama and tits') was irritatin. The kind of nonsense trotted out by self declared arbiters of taste. He deserved to be taken down a peg and there are few things a would-be avant garde snob can't stand more than ridicule.
>> No. 20796 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 11:57 pm
20796 spacer
I can't be arsed to correct this typo and I'm posting from a hotel tonight so the ban won't matter to me. Do your worst, grammar Nazis, I have already won.

>> No. 20731 Anonymous
22nd May 2016
Sunday 4:24 am
20731 spacer
Do not watch this film.

No this isn't some reverse psychology bullshit.
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>> No. 20732 Anonymous
22nd May 2016
Sunday 9:13 am
20732 spacer

I thought it was absolutely brilliant. It's been a while since a film in the cinema has had me on the edge of me seat in suspense.

that card game of guess who where he starts saying 'I'm always watching, I see you sleeping, I know what you're doing' was some top tier acting.
>> No. 20733 Anonymous
22nd May 2016
Sunday 9:14 am
20733 spacer

I forgot to add, John Goodman is fantastic, as usual.
>> No. 20734 Anonymous
22nd May 2016
Sunday 1:20 pm
20734 spacer
I enjoyed it up until the end sequence. It completely ruined the film for me and it boggles my mind why it got great reviews.
>> No. 20735 Anonymous
22nd May 2016
Sunday 2:25 pm
20735 spacer
Can I just ask, do we see the bloody Cloverfield monster? I want to save my time and not watch it, so any help would be much appreciated.
>> No. 20743 Anonymous
22nd May 2016
Sunday 6:06 pm
20743 spacer

I don't think you do, no. It wasn't even going to be a "Cloverfield" film until the suits decided it needed more box office draw.

There's a daft bit at the end where they go outside and you see the world is all fucked up and there's some aliens and shit, which is the part everyone says ruined the film by being such a hideously predictable disappointment. It's one of those things where it'd have been best left to the imagination.

>> No. 20714 Anonymous
19th May 2016
Thursday 4:59 pm
20714 New Star Trek TV Series Trailer


What a fucking load of shit, I bet this is going to be Enterprise all over again.
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>> No. 20725 Anonymous
21st May 2016
Saturday 12:58 am
20725 spacer
Glad to hear it. I like the anthology idea, my only concern is that the start of TNG and DS9 were both shite until they found their footing, I don't know if VOY ever improved because I couldn't even make it through S1. ENT was just getting good when it got cancelled, the Romulan War would've been incredible. I hope they can buck the trend this time or it will be a short revival.

I'd be interested to know what everyones favourite series is? Seems like TNG is the most popular online, but for me late DS9 is the pinnacle of Trek.

Is Voyager worth giving another shot?
>> No. 20726 Anonymous
21st May 2016
Saturday 1:44 am
20726 spacer

Voyager picks up once they leave the Kazon behind. There are some terrible episodes, but also a few gems.
>> No. 20727 Anonymous
21st May 2016
Saturday 1:51 am
20727 spacer
When you say "TNG again" do you mean more episodes following on from that era post-Voyager/Nemesis or do you mean some sort of reboot with Ross Kemp as Captain Picard?
>> No. 20728 Anonymous
21st May 2016
Saturday 3:43 am
20728 spacer

I don't know if it would be TNG series era or post-Nemesis, but I do mean with the original cast. It could easily be more of the series era as there is a precedent for that as seen in the final ep of ENT where Riker and Troi were in the holodeck of the Enterprise D.
>> No. 20729 Anonymous
21st May 2016
Saturday 3:52 am
20729 spacer

I'll be honest...I did get a bit teary eyed when I saw this for the first time


>> No. 20702 Anonymous
14th May 2016
Saturday 5:49 pm
20702 spacer


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>> No. 20707 Anonymous
14th May 2016
Saturday 7:51 pm
20707 spacer
My 'thoughts' are that I'm not setting aside an hour and ten minutes to watch some fucking shit I don't have any clue is worth my time, you rancid shit towel.
>> No. 20708 Anonymous
14th May 2016
Saturday 8:00 pm
20708 spacer

>> No. 20709 Anonymous
14th May 2016
Saturday 8:28 pm
20709 spacer
What do you have against doing da' butt m8?

>> No. 20711 Anonymous
14th May 2016
Saturday 9:27 pm
20711 spacer
Done a Google of it. Vice went to the premiere ( http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/brexit-the-movie-review-sam-kriss-martin-durkin ):
>Nigel Farage makes his first appearance a few seconds in, looking like a greased-up newt; the audience bursts into wild applause, and there's more clapping every time he appears on screen, which fortunately means that you can't really hear what he's saying. There's James Delingpole. There's Melanie Philips. Weirdly, all the chinless squawkers are filmed from slightly below, making their heads look even more like puffed-up party balloons. Tony Blair gets boos and hisses. Footage of Ted Heath signing Britain into the European Economic Community has someone shouting "nonce!" Every rude swear was met with uproarious laughter. This isn't a documentary, it's panto.

And an analysis I imagine is/will be repeated by every left-wing columnist and blogger:

>Most people are receptive to a story about little guys crushed by an indifferent state bureaucracy, but the little guys in the audience at Leicester Square were peers of the realm and Eton boys. There's an uncomfortable irony in a film raging against the stacked deck of European crony capitalism being screened to an audience full of hereditary aristocrats. They object to an EU elite telling us what to do – so they financed a feature documentary in which they tell us what to do, with their great leaders shot from slightly below, talking down to the mass of voters. The victims of EU regulation here aren't ordinary workers but businessmen and bosses. They complain that Brussels is interfering in their daily lives because they are the subjects of history, while the rest of us are supposed to cling tight to their coat-tails, pathetically grateful just to be given a job.

>The film is marked by a profound historical illiteracy. Feudalism wasn't about government regulation, it was just a different form of class power. Brexit: The Movie portrays the 19th century as a glorious period of freedom, but for much of the population it was a nightmare. Life expectancy plummeted, children were mangled in factories, millions were killed in Britain's colonies by famine or massacre. Where there's been progress, it's been through the collective action of working people, fighting for cumbersome regulations like "the weekend" and "not poisoning us with lead paint".

>Of course, right-wing ideologues are usually indifferent to stories of the vast suffering that took place under the British Empire. But it's possible to present it another way. The idea that there was a time of enlightened non-interference is a total fiction. When armed cavalry charged on a crowd of protesters at Peterloo, when British soldiers imposed a murderous rule on colonial India, when the wealthy uprooted people from their lands and forced them into workhouses to survive, what was that other than an unacceptable interference into people's daily lives? This is why the upper classes are so excited for Brexit. They see an undemocratic and unaccountable EU elite ruling by diktat and an unfounded sense of their own superiority, and they think: hey, that's our job.
>> No. 20713 Anonymous
14th May 2016
Saturday 9:35 pm
20713 spacer


Is it subtitled?

>> No. 20688 Anonymous
8th May 2016
Sunday 8:28 pm
20688 Attenborough at 90
I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, that we almost let this one pass.

Not only did he pretty much define the natural history genre, he oversaw BBC2 from its early days through the advent of colour, and is responsible for introducing the so-called "personal view" documentary form to British television, with such series as Kenneth Clark's Civilisation, Jacob Bronowski's The Ascent of Man (the producers of which would later produce Carl Sagan's Cosmos), and his own Life on Earth.

Happy birthday, old chap.

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>> No. 20691 Anonymous
8th May 2016
Sunday 9:58 pm
20691 spacer
He was also a reactionary old racist.
>> No. 20692 Anonymous
8th May 2016
Sunday 10:30 pm
20692 spacer
>> No. 20693 Anonymous
9th May 2016
Monday 9:24 am
20693 spacer

>> No. 20694 Anonymous
9th May 2016
Monday 10:16 am
20694 spacer
Old people, eh?
>> No. 20695 Anonymous
9th May 2016
Monday 11:32 am
20695 spacer

He's just labouring under an obsolete theory of population dynamics. 40 years ago, it wasn't unreasonable to think that there were simply too many people in the world and that we were headed for disaster. A lot of older thinkers believed that providing long-term food aid to famine-stricken regions was essentially an act of cruelty, because you were just dragging out the inevitable.

Since then, we learned that the most effective way to control population is a) to reduce infant mortality and b) to provide education. The Ethiopian birth rate was over 7 for most of the 1970s and 1980s, but is now 4.64 and falling fast. In Addis Ababa, the rate is now below replacement at 2.1.

>> No. 20682 Anonymous
8th May 2016
Sunday 1:32 pm
20682 spacer
That bird what plays the horrible sister in Him & Her is back in this thing which is pretty decent for a female-lead comedy.

Still playing someone obnoxious and thick but it's toned down as befits a lead character instead of a secondary part.

There's some interesting cutting, image framing and colour aesthetics going on, too.
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>> No. 20683 Anonymous
8th May 2016
Sunday 3:02 pm
20683 spacer
Also the Pure Pwnage film came out today, if anyone is roughly the same age and sadness as me.
>> No. 20684 Anonymous
8th May 2016
Sunday 5:37 pm
20684 spacer
Weirdly I was just thinking what happened to that web series the other day. Awesome.
>> No. 20685 Anonymous
8th May 2016
Sunday 5:42 pm
20685 spacer
It's on pb. I'm half way in and enjoying it.
>> No. 20687 Anonymous
8th May 2016
Sunday 8:03 pm
20687 spacer
Well, shit. The film ended and I'm not ready to leave that universe yet.

>> No. 20686 Anonymous
8th May 2016
Sunday 6:25 pm
20686 Whiplash
This is the best film I've watched for a long time. Music and drumming is the subject, but the real theme is the determination to be the best no matter the cost, it hit home pretty hard.

>> No. 20675 Anonymous
2nd May 2016
Monday 11:12 am
20675 Gomorra la serie
Season 2 starts in eight days, so I'm recommending all you lads recap with this excellent Italian show set around the modern mafia.

It's spiritually connected to the famous film 'Gomorra', but in terms of plot and characters it's completely distinct and you don't need to have seen the film.

Cracking theme too.

>> No. 20656 Anonymous
30th April 2016
Saturday 1:14 pm
20656 Hardcore Henry
I had been looking forward to this for ages and was not disappointed. I thought it was a cracking film. Very glad I paid my £12 ticket. Pleasantly surprised by the plot quality too.

Any other lads seen it? I think it's on a very limited release. Seems to have been commercially a bit of a flop, I was alone in the cinema this morning.
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>> No. 20667 Anonymous
30th April 2016
Saturday 9:41 pm
20667 spacer
The sort of film marketed to people like you, you mean?
>> No. 20668 Anonymous
1st May 2016
Sunday 1:11 am
20668 spacer
Heard about it through Biting Elbows, been waiting a while, looks fun.

>> No. 20671 Anonymous
1st May 2016
Sunday 6:53 am
20671 spacer
I think it's a terrible name


...but those are some terrific tits.
>> No. 20672 Anonymous
1st May 2016
Sunday 8:05 am
20672 spacer
Yeah I was the same, it's the same guys, and there are some cracking boobies in the movie. So glad they didn't make it a 15 to get the teenage audience.
>> No. 20674 Anonymous
2nd May 2016
Monday 7:13 am
20674 spacer

They marketed it pretty heavily with Rooster Teeth too, which if you don't know is a big gaming related youtube channel. They even did a mainstream style interview with the District 9 bloke, which is completely not something they do usually. Very aggressive targeted marketing basically, in places you don't expect to see it. Very interesting way to sell a film.

Last year at Marienbad.jpg
>> No. 20670 Anonymous
1st May 2016
Sunday 4:48 am
20670 spacer
I thought this was going to be unwatchable old French surrealism but it turned out to be amazing old French surrealism.
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>> No. 20673 Anonymous
1st May 2016
Sunday 8:08 am
20673 spacer

Hahah wow what did I just watch? I am happily confused.

>> No. 20579 Anonymous
2nd April 2016
Saturday 8:01 pm
20579 spacer
I left Britain five years ago. Did I miss any good TV shows?
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>> No. 20611 Anonymous
19th April 2016
Tuesday 9:32 am
20611 spacer

Mock The Week still exists AFAIK, and while it's not been as good since most of the original regulars left, it's far better than Buzzcocks IMO.

Dave now has a VOD service, apparently, so that should do you.
>> No. 20612 Anonymous
19th April 2016
Tuesday 11:28 pm
20612 spacer
Is Buzzcocks still going?
>> No. 20613 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 6:37 pm
20613 spacer
Buzzcocks died, which I always considered rather strange because surely the format still had potential; unless it's because there are no real music stars or huge songs anymore so it suffers from the same problem Top of The Pops did.
Mock The Week on the other hand became so toothless it broke Frankie Boyle's mind; but still lumbers on.
>> No. 20614 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 6:59 pm
20614 spacer
>Buzzcocks died, which I always considered rather strange because surely the format still had potential; unless it's because there are no real music stars or huge songs anymore so it suffers from the same problem Top of The Pops did.

I think it's more because it started trying to appeal to a younger audience. It became hosted and guested by the types of stars who the earlier shows were taking the piss out of.
>> No. 20615 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 7:12 pm
20615 spacer
You could tell by the later seasons that Phill Jupitus had enough of it and ideas were running low. Its like the later seasons of Shooting Stars.

I'd just like to say as well that I'm still gutted about the loss of Top of the Pops. Not the show itself but Top of the Pops 2 which had the great idea of putting a fact ticker while the song played.

>> No. 20571 Anonymous
1st April 2016
Friday 6:42 am
20571 spacer


Having seen the brilliance which was the Lego Movie, this is easily my most anticipated film of the next n years. I think if I go to the cinema twice in the next 18 months, one will be this and the other will be the star wars spin off.
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>> No. 20574 Anonymous
1st April 2016
Friday 2:55 pm
20574 spacer
I haven't seen the first one yet, but that certainly does seem entertaining.
>> No. 20575 Anonymous
1st April 2016
Friday 4:14 pm
20575 spacer
Have we got a release date? Thanks for bringing this to my attention OP.
>> No. 20576 Anonymous
1st April 2016
Friday 4:59 pm
20576 spacer
Not until 2017.

There's another trailer if you're interested but it's not as good.


It was probably the most intense film I've ever seen. I really liked all the little bits in that film, using the flame lego block for flames when they could've just done shitty CGI fire as movies like this tend to. I see they've made water actual water in this trailer when it was blue blocks in the original, don't know if that's a full scale design change or just a partial one.

Do so.
>> No. 20577 Anonymous
1st April 2016
Friday 5:37 pm
20577 spacer
I enjoyed the Lego Movie, but it's no A Town Called Panic.
>> No. 20578 Anonymous
2nd April 2016
Saturday 4:34 am
20578 spacer

They dubbed some of the TV show, the voice acting is disappointing, steven doesn't yell nearly enough.

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