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>> No. 20305 Anonymous
18th January 2016
Monday 12:48 pm
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I'm not normally a man for period dramas but the episode last night had me tearing up like a schoolgirl. Would anyone be able to tell me what song was being played at the end?
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>> No. 20306 Anonymous
18th January 2016
Monday 1:14 pm
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I have a distinct feeling that most if not all of the music in this series was composed and recorded for purpose; I'm 90% sure that I read somewhere that the main theme was written specifically for the show. If I can find any more details after I watch this episode tonight I'll get back to you.

(Oh, and thanks for starting the thread. What are you thinking of the series so far? The first episode in particular annoyed me with how simple and swiftly moving the script was, and it felt a lot like every scene was screaming PLOT EXPOSITION PLOT EXPOSITION in my face but I guess that's what you get when you try to cram 1000+ page book into hour long segments. The chap playing Pyotr is doing very well though, most of the time he's on screen I feel like he's actually conveying the full emotional depth of the character, which is no small feat to do inside a 3 min segment. It's like the entire cat is acting inside a box that's slightly too small but he's the only one not letting it affect his delivery.)
>> No. 20307 Anonymous
18th January 2016
Monday 4:56 pm
20307 spacer
They've really got just how annoying, bumbling and naive Pierre should be down to a tee, which is something I quite like. That 10hr Soviet film version of it featuring Sergei Bondarchuk as Pierre and directing etc. honestly made him come across as a monumental ham.

They've gotten the understated charm and humour of Denisov spot on too.
>> No. 20308 Anonymous
18th January 2016
Monday 5:53 pm
20308 spacer
>I have a distinct feeling that most if not all of the music in this series was composed and recorded for purpose

This is what I have been fearing. You can find the theme on youtube but this might be one of those tracks I'm never going to have.

>What are you thinking of the series so far?

I've not read the book but I'm loving it so far. That Dolokhov is an absolute scoundrel and the cast have all done a great job in my mind which is helped by having so many experienced actors on hand.
>> No. 20309 Anonymous
20th January 2016
Wednesday 7:35 am
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>period dramas

I enjoyed The Scandalous Lady W, which was on over Christmas and should still be on iPlayer, although I've been driving my other half up the wall since because I can't stop saying 'quim' now. I think it's the first time I've heard the word since I was about 14.
>> No. 20347 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 9:49 pm
20347 spacer
The whole thing was excellent. It's been years since I read it, but from what I remember, everyone seems to have done their research in terms of characters, very accurate portrayals all around.

I was hoping they'd stretch it out longer, to be honest, but I don't suppose the Beeb could justify a 20 odd episode stretch.

Also, I'm fully in love with Lily James. Christ alive.
>> No. 20348 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 10:10 pm
20348 spacer
War and Peace was great. There was a turkey episode (can't remember if it was 3 or 4) that was just Russians flouncing around being spoilt twats, but most of them were very good.

The ending definitely tailed off disappointingly, though. I presume the serialised novel did also, when Tolstoy decided he'd got enough roubles per word.

I just can't stand that woman's face and voice.

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