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>> No. 20469 Anonymous
8th March 2016
Tuesday 12:00 pm
20469 spacer
ARE STEW is back. I'm no longer resident on the British Isles of the BBC and am too dumb to get my VPN to work.

Is there a stream/torrent?
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>> No. 20470 Anonymous
8th March 2016
Tuesday 1:05 pm
20470 spacer

I don't know, is there? Have you bothered your arse to look? KAT or Piratebay as a first port of call. Do let us know how you get on, will you?
>> No. 20471 Anonymous
8th March 2016
Tuesday 1:20 pm
20471 spacer

Pass is sardines
>> No. 20472 Anonymous
8th March 2016
Tuesday 6:13 pm
20472 spacer
He's entertaining but not overtly funny.
>> No. 20474 Anonymous
8th March 2016
Tuesday 8:03 pm
20474 spacer

>> No. 20475 Anonymous
8th March 2016
Tuesday 8:11 pm
20475 spacer

Check out Mediahint, lad. It's as simple as installing a chrome plugin so no messing around with openvpn or whatever people use on windows. It works out to around £3 / month but it's worth it for me to be able to watch iPlayer / 4od / whatever else from around the world whenever I want.
>> No. 20486 Anonymous
10th March 2016
Thursday 10:13 am
20486 spacer
Much obliged Sardineslad..
>> No. 20487 Anonymous
10th March 2016
Thursday 11:12 am
20487 spacer
How odd, he's gone from wearing a casual shirt to wearing a suit to wearing a casual shirt again. Maybe he's realised he can't pull off a suit any more with that level of girth.
>> No. 20492 Anonymous
10th March 2016
Thursday 4:16 pm
20492 spacer

On the contrary, a well-tailored suit can work exceptionally well at disguising your physique.
>> No. 20493 Anonymous
10th March 2016
Thursday 7:26 pm
20493 spacer
He also obviously dons a bulletproof vest
>> No. 20494 Anonymous
10th March 2016
Thursday 8:03 pm
20494 spacer
How clever of him to have spent his billions developing a form of adipose tissue that provides ballistic protection.
>> No. 20543 Anonymous
18th March 2016
Friday 3:00 pm
20543 spacer
Feels like he's just recycling old material from earlier series.
>> No. 20544 Anonymous
18th March 2016
Friday 3:13 pm
20544 spacer

He's definitely used a few of the same jokes from a previous series. Which is odd, because when he was touring the show this is based on, absolutely everything he did was new, and he had so much stuff at the Fringe his show was different every night.
>> No. 20545 Anonymous
18th March 2016
Friday 4:06 pm
20545 spacer
I've only watched the first episode thanks to sardine lad, but his schtick is definitely starting to get old. I wouldn't describe it as recycling jokes or material per se. If you go back and watch something like his Stand Up Comedian DVD, that's a full set of funny, clever routines, with no taking the piss out of his audience or meta-commentary on how well they got the joke or anything like that. These days those sort of tangents seems to be half his fucking set, and it's starting to grate. Maybe when he said in Carpet Remnant World how he used to actually do stuff and think about stuff to write about and then he had kids and now he's "got nothing", maybe he was bang on the money.
>> No. 20546 Anonymous
18th March 2016
Friday 4:47 pm
20546 spacer

TV burns material. Six half-hour programmes are equivalent to three complete touring shows. Anything you use on TV needs to be solid, tested material - a TV audience won't indulge a standup in the way a theatre audience will. It's fairly rational to save your best new material for the tour and use the TV programme as a sort of "greatest hits" of old material, especially if you're ambivalent about being on telly.


Stewart Lee is in a strange position. He wants to be like Kitson, performing difficult material to a carefully curated audience, but he also has a family to feed. He went through a long fallow period, so he's well aware of the capricious nature of fame.

Before Comedy Vehicle, he was playing a lot of 100ish seaters. If you're to make a good living from that kind of following, you need to be touring constantly and taking any booking you can get, which is incompatible with any sort of family life.

Bridget further complicates matters, because they need to fit their respective touring schedules around childcare responsibilities. Playing 30 nights to 800 people is a lot more manageable than playing 120 nights to 200 people. He loathes a large part of the audience he picked up through the TV programme, but he can't afford to spurn them. I think he is playing a caricature of himself to cash in while he can. I expect to see a return to form when his mortgage is paid off.
>> No. 20547 Anonymous
18th March 2016
Friday 5:12 pm
20547 spacer

At least he hasn't gone down the route of other comedians who've become bogged down, by giving up on their stand-up career to become a quiz-show panellist or presenter.
>> No. 20548 Anonymous
18th March 2016
Friday 5:54 pm
20548 spacer
Really? I think that's marginally less embarrassing; if you're not very funny any more and you have the self-awareness to know it, at least you can take a back seat and let other younger, funnier cunts have their window of opportunity before they get robbed of their humour by kids or alcoholism.
>> No. 20549 Anonymous
18th March 2016
Friday 6:03 pm
20549 spacer

My first reaction was that Stewart Lee isn't exactly qualified to do panel shows, but then I remembered Mark Lamarr. I could imagine a dead-behind-the-eyes Lee being absolutely vile to a member of Atomic Kitten.

>> No. 20551 Anonymous
18th March 2016
Friday 10:25 pm
20551 spacer
Thank you for making me aware that this programme is back on. I see where some posters are coming from as he is going back over certain topics, only this time pushing them to even more ludicrous extremes.

I just watched them, and the 'Islamaphobia' episode had me laughing until my lungs hurt.
>> No. 20554 Anonymous
19th March 2016
Saturday 7:45 pm
20554 spacer
I always found Buzzcocks insufferably smug, whoever was presenting it.
>> No. 20557 Anonymous
20th March 2016
Sunday 3:46 am
20557 spacer
Quite, especially in the later seasons you could really see the quiet discomfort underneath Bailey's normally very polished presentation. That said, Phil Jupitus does seem like a decent bloke to go for a pint with at a Crass gig. I bet he's a good laugh once he's got some craft beer down him.
>> No. 20558 Anonymous
20th March 2016
Sunday 2:20 pm
20558 spacer
They're all on tpb.
>> No. 20681 Anonymous
6th May 2016
Friday 8:18 pm
20681 spacer
No 5th series, according to his newsletter.
>> No. 20845 Anonymous
17th June 2016
Friday 2:28 pm
20845 spacer

This last series wasn't quite up to snuff I reckon.
>> No. 20849 Anonymous
17th June 2016
Friday 3:26 pm
20849 spacer
It maintained the viewing figures and critical reception of the previous series for the most part. It's more like due to the BBC's comedy department cuts.

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