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>> No. 20714 Anonymous
19th May 2016
Thursday 4:59 pm
20714 New Star Trek TV Series Trailer


What a fucking load of shit, I bet this is going to be Enterprise all over again.
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>> No. 20715 Anonymous
19th May 2016
Thursday 6:40 pm
20715 spacer
It doesn't really reveal anything at all. No reason to worry, yet.

It would be interesting to see what sort of tone they go with. The overarching theme has always been humanity finding itself through voyage, but the approach has differed each time. TOS was the Wild West, TNG was more ethical dilemmas, philosophy and diplomacy, DS9 was all about personal identity, murky and ambiguous politics, VOY was shit meant to be about being marooned or something, and ENT went with an expeditionary theme.

I'm hoping for a revival of the TNG style. Can you imagine the series opening with a voiceover from John de Lancie announcing that humanity has moved on to the next stage of the test, but that the scrutiny will now be even closer...?
>> No. 20716 Anonymous
19th May 2016
Thursday 8:24 pm
20716 spacer
I bet it'll just be Game of Thrones IN SPAAAACE.

Another soap-opera of long, intriguing story arcs (read: juicy gossip) dressed up as a real genre.
>> No. 20717 Anonymous
19th May 2016
Thursday 10:19 pm
20717 spacer

I'm going with Picard 2.0 who is now magically young thanks to hand wavy wibbly wobbly timey whimey planets with magical rings.
>> No. 20718 Anonymous
19th May 2016
Thursday 10:51 pm
20718 spacer

I'd gladly kill someone to make this happen.jpg
I'm worried about the use of cgi. While its just some sort of teaser I hope it won't be Star Wars on a tv series budget (or at least they take a leaf from BSG).

>I bet this is going to be Enterprise all over again.

How dare you. Seasons 3-4 of ENT were great and the slow start is almost universal to all Trek. Imagine if TNG had been cancelled in the 3rd season before it found its feet.

It was revealed months ago that this is going to be an anthology series with episodes running across time periods. I'm expecting Sulu in the captains chair for at least one episode.
>> No. 20719 Anonymous
20th May 2016
Friday 1:58 am
20719 spacer
Is this set in the Abrams universe? I refuse to get excited until I know for sure this is real Trek.
>> No. 20720 Anonymous
20th May 2016
Friday 2:41 am
20720 spacer
>>20719 they are ignoring the Abramsverse, thank Christ. Apparently each season will tell a story in a different era of Trek lore, the first being the period between ST6 and TNG. My housemate reckons they are using that to test the water and if it works, we'll get TNG again for a season since so many people would kill to see more TNG.

I watched ENT from day one and it was fucking brilliant.
>> No. 20723 Anonymous
20th May 2016
Friday 10:30 am
20723 spacer

>How dare you. Seasons 3-4 of ENT were great and the slow start is almost universal to all Trek.

There is no accounting for taste I guess, ladm8. I didn't know that about it being an anthology I'm still no less sceptical. If they went back and filmed pivotal moments in Federation history could be quite interesting.


I've watched every single episode of TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager I didn't enjoy Enterprise at all. Enterprise felt like the franchise's Jar Jar Binks.
>> No. 20724 Anonymous
20th May 2016
Friday 7:32 pm
20724 spacer
I didn't mind Enterprise, it felt like it was at least trying to return to the "roots" of ToS and try to focus on storytelling and the weirdness of the galaxy. However, character politics got in the way.
>> No. 20725 Anonymous
21st May 2016
Saturday 12:58 am
20725 spacer
Glad to hear it. I like the anthology idea, my only concern is that the start of TNG and DS9 were both shite until they found their footing, I don't know if VOY ever improved because I couldn't even make it through S1. ENT was just getting good when it got cancelled, the Romulan War would've been incredible. I hope they can buck the trend this time or it will be a short revival.

I'd be interested to know what everyones favourite series is? Seems like TNG is the most popular online, but for me late DS9 is the pinnacle of Trek.

Is Voyager worth giving another shot?
>> No. 20726 Anonymous
21st May 2016
Saturday 1:44 am
20726 spacer

Voyager picks up once they leave the Kazon behind. There are some terrible episodes, but also a few gems.
>> No. 20727 Anonymous
21st May 2016
Saturday 1:51 am
20727 spacer
When you say "TNG again" do you mean more episodes following on from that era post-Voyager/Nemesis or do you mean some sort of reboot with Ross Kemp as Captain Picard?
>> No. 20728 Anonymous
21st May 2016
Saturday 3:43 am
20728 spacer

I don't know if it would be TNG series era or post-Nemesis, but I do mean with the original cast. It could easily be more of the series era as there is a precedent for that as seen in the final ep of ENT where Riker and Troi were in the holodeck of the Enterprise D.
>> No. 20729 Anonymous
21st May 2016
Saturday 3:52 am
20729 spacer

I'll be honest...I did get a bit teary eyed when I saw this for the first time


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