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>> No. 6701 Anonymous
2nd November 2016
Wednesday 11:05 am
6701 Car insurance.
I just need to clear my head by explaining this somewhere.

I bought a car this year. I got car insurance via a price comparison site. Dandy.

I checked the details recently - the purchase date of the vehicle on my policy is incorrect. Phone the insurer, they demand £150 as the premium increases. Bollocks. Told them to hold on (car insurance still valid for today).

Phoned the comparison website. They had a third purchase date in between the one the insurance company have and the actual purchase date.

I assume I messed up putting the numbers in the comparison site and then their system messed up passing that information on. I guess I should be liable for the difference in price between the comparison site's date and the actual date, but I shouldn't for the difference between the insurance company's date and the comparison site's date.

Waiting for the comparison site to get back to me, they are investigating.
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>> No. 6702 Anonymous
2nd November 2016
Wednesday 1:56 pm
6702 spacer
How far out is the date? If it's a small difference then there might not be an issue, but then again if you do need to make a claim they may decide to be cunts and refuse to pay out.
>> No. 6703 Anonymous
2nd November 2016
Wednesday 2:03 pm
6703 spacer
Real date and comparison site -> 12 months
Comparison site date and insurance company date -> further 8 months.
>> No. 6704 Anonymous
2nd November 2016
Wednesday 3:20 pm
6704 spacer
That is a fairly substantial difference. I can't see how it would affect the pricing, but clearly it does, and the alternative is that you take a chance on surviving to renewal without needing to call upon it. That's for you to weigh up, and I'd probably try and get some proper advice on it.
>> No. 6705 Anonymous
2nd November 2016
Wednesday 5:18 pm
6705 spacer
>I assume I messed up putting the numbers in the comparison site

No, this was clearly a computer error. You remember triple checking those details when you filled the boxes out -you even told me about doing it at the time!

Its those damn computers, did you know that automated systems are totally unreliable but sorting out the mistakes is cheaper than hiring humans. Not that we can believe the cheap data entry students they use aren't also error prone.
>> No. 6706 Anonymous
2nd November 2016
Wednesday 5:33 pm
6706 spacer
I can't tell if you're mocking me, in which case it would've backfired as the date that the comparison site had differed from that which the insurance company automatically generated anyway, or are suggesting what to say to them when they ring me back.
>> No. 6707 Anonymous
2nd November 2016
Wednesday 5:37 pm
6707 spacer
I'm suggesting you never admit to anything.
>> No. 6709 Anonymous
2nd November 2016
Wednesday 5:46 pm
6709 spacer
And yet those damn computers fucked up all the same.

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