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>> No. 6710 Anonymous
3rd November 2016
Thursday 11:20 am
6710 Bank fuckeries
I bank with RBS, I had telephone and digital banking but it was cancelled because my account was compromised. I think I used a questionable internet cafe a couple of years ago. Since then, I've tried to set up digital banking again every time I've called the bank, because if you don't have it they have to run through a series of questions, so the offer to return to the service would come up every time. They'd send out the activation code, and it would never arrive. This happened at least 15 times, probably 20+, over the two years. I was on the phone to the bank yesterday, and the guy I spoke to sounded like he knew it was a fair fuck-up on their behalf, spoke to the manager and they sent me an email to reactivate my digital banking.

I'm wondering if I deserve to be compensated for this? There was a note on the system about, which this guy seemed to recognise as a significant error, but no one else has, for two years. I've had to use friends bank accounts and travel to the bank every time I need to make a transfer. I'm not usually one to take this path, but thinking back on it, it has been pretty annoying, and it has cost me money which I wouldn't have spent otherwise. I was just going to ring the bank, but I'm not sure what to say to them. Friends have received compensation from the bank for similar, relatively minor mistakes on the banks part. What do you lads think?
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>> No. 6711 Anonymous
3rd November 2016
Thursday 9:01 pm
6711 spacer
RBS, man they are cunts. I don't have any better advice for you, sorry.
>> No. 6712 Anonymous
4th November 2016
Friday 2:07 am
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You don't ask, you don't get. Figure out how many hours you spent dealing with their cockup, multiply it by your hourly wage, then send that calculation in a letter to RBS asking them to reimburse your costs.
>> No. 6713 Anonymous
4th November 2016
Friday 2:10 am
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Gees a bailout guvna
>> No. 6714 Anonymous
4th November 2016
Friday 11:55 pm
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>Friends have received compensation from the bank for similar, relatively minor mistakes on the banks part
Really? I've never heard of anything like this. Does it work with other companies? I ask because I've had a very similar situation with BT.
>> No. 6715 Anonymous
5th November 2016
Saturday 1:45 am
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BT are absolute cunts, and getting anything out of them is like getting blood out of a stone. They left my nan without a phone line for around a week (she has a panic button installed), then got arsey with me when I tried to sort it out on her behalf (what with her being old and me being the family's awkward git). During this time she suffered a minor fall and missed word of her sister's passing. Apparently BT didn't think to offer anything of their own initiative, and when I prompted them they thought £60, in the form of a fiver off her line rental for a year, ought to cover it.

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