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>> No. 6750 Anonymous
22nd December 2016
Thursday 2:10 pm
6750 Service notice on renting
So I am leaving my current house and don't have my landlord's address to hand (long story). I've always generally been able to reach him via text so I decided to serve him notice of me leaving by text yesterday. Now, I've had no reply from him since texting him. If I don't hear back and leave and he kicks up a stink, where would I stand legally?
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>> No. 6751 Anonymous
22nd December 2016
Thursday 2:34 pm
6751 spacer
Do you have a copy of the contract? If you do and his current address isn't on there, I'm sure that makes the contract invalid anyway.
>> No. 6752 Anonymous
22nd December 2016
Thursday 3:37 pm
6752 spacer
>>6751 not sure if we still have it. The contract was signed with the agency who since left him and we never signed another contract after that.
>> No. 6753 Anonymous
22nd December 2016
Thursday 4:14 pm
6753 spacer
I doubt the contract's valid anymore in that case anyway.
>> No. 6754 Anonymous
22nd December 2016
Thursday 4:23 pm
6754 spacer

It would depend whether the agent or the landlord is named on the contract.
>> No. 6755 Anonymous
22nd December 2016
Thursday 6:15 pm
6755 spacer

Why text him when you can call him?
>> No. 6756 Anonymous
22nd December 2016
Thursday 11:44 pm
6756 spacer
I ran out of minutes. I only have texts now. I will have to make this last until the 5th of January.
>> No. 6757 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 12:34 am
6757 spacer
Your landlord's address should be on the tenancy agreement. You should be able to get another copy from the letting agency. If you're within your agreed term, then there may be consequences of giving notice, though as always something in a contract being enforcible doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be enforced. If you address it with the landlord they may be willing to let you leave early. If you're not within your agreed term then your tenancy is periodic (though agencies don't like to let that happen, since it means they get less in fees) and you can leave on a month's notice. The address could be that of the agency, in which case you should serve your notice on the agency. You should probably put followup in writing rather than relying on the text, and if you're paying monthly, you'll want to set the date to be the end of a month. More importantly, make sure the property is in a suitable state for potential tenants to view, because the landlord will almost certainly want to avoid a void period.

As an aside, if there's no address at all, then technically you might not owe any rent.
>> No. 6758 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 11:55 am
6758 spacer
>>6756 I don't know who you are, but you aren't me.

>>6755 Just tried to call him, phone is possibly disconnected.

>>6757 - The agency sacked him a few years ago because he was abusive and difficult to deal with.

Any ideas? I phoned county council who have his details but refused to give them over because of data protection.
>> No. 6759 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 12:14 pm
6759 spacer
Was there any deposit?
>> No. 6760 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 12:28 pm
6760 spacer
>>6759 There is
>> No. 6761 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 1:31 pm
6761 spacer
That may be a lever to get the council to divulge, since he's got some pretty stringent rules to follow.

Failing that, just sell the house, see how far you get. I'm sure he'll be keen to chat, sooner or later.
>> No. 6762 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 1:36 pm
6762 spacer
If the agency aren't dealing with him any more then you'll need his home address, and if you don't have it then you can just withhold the rent. If he cares, that'll almost certainly get his attention.
>> No. 6763 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 2:11 pm
6763 spacer
Found his address in an old e-mail. Sent it off 1st class recorded. We're planning to leave by 25th Jan, I'm guessing he he won't get the notice until after Christmas, but as long as we've given it and made every attempt will we be covered?
>> No. 6764 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 2:16 pm
6764 spacer
Assuming you pay your rent monthly on the 1st, to be on the safe side give your date as 31st. You don't physically have to be there, but it at least means not having to fuss over working out part-month rent. It's something you could do without if your landlord is something of a cunt.
>> No. 6765 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 2:44 pm
6765 spacer
Really? I would have thought it would be worth going over your allowance (or topping up if you're referring to PAYG minutes - do people still use PAYG phones in 2016?!) to ensure that you don't get charged an extra month's rent. Or you could borrow a friend's phone, or even use a payphone if you have no friends. I can't figure out the thought process that led you to ignore these options and post on here instead.
>> No. 6766 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 3:31 pm
6766 spacer

Not him, but I use PAYG. And when did you last see a fucking payphone? When I am with my mates it would not really be the time of day to call a landlord. Shit, who pulled your chain, m7?
>> No. 6767 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 3:39 pm
6767 spacer
>>6763 Just found out that he has changed address. Balls.
>> No. 6768 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 3:40 pm
6768 spacer
>>6765 I don't have pay as you go. I have no idea why that other person posted posing as me.
>> No. 6769 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 3:57 pm
6769 spacer
They do still exist. Other alternatives I just thought of would be to borrow a phone from one of your housemates or work colleagues, or even just directly from your work phone if you have one.

I'm just genuinely amazed that anyone would still say "I ran out of minutes" as an excuse for not making a potentially important and money-saving phone call.

Who's pretending to be who now?
>> No. 6770 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 4:33 pm
6770 spacer
Caveat: It's worth checking out the following with Shelter to be sure, assuming you can get hold of them at this time of year.

You are without any way to contact the landlord, and you are legally entitled to one otherwise no rent or service charges are due (ss.47-48 Landlord and Tenant Act 1987). Cancel whatever arrangement you have to pay rent (standing orders, etc.), but as you will owe the entirety of the back rent if everything comes in order put the money aside - if you're not paying interest via an overdraft or credit card, put the required amount into the highest-interest instant-access account you can find. Send a demand to the agency (s.1 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985) for contact information for the landlord. They have 21 days to comply or will be breaking the law, in which case you can report it to the local authority's housing department who may try and encourage compliance if they don't prosecute.

It would be unusual for the landlord not to notice that he hasn't been paid, but if he doesn't, then you can potentially live rent-free until you've found somewhere else. It's established precedent that the landlord can't evict you for non-payment of rent where he's in breach of s.48, given that you can't be in arrears if he's not entitled to collect, and under the new rules he can't evict in retaliation.
>> No. 6771 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 5:08 pm
6771 spacer
Someone posted >>6756 apparently pretending to be the OP. That's it.
>> No. 6772 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 12:47 am
6772 spacer
What's your problem? You think everyone's rich enough to have the new iTelephone with a contract lasting 7 years? Yes some people use PAYG (myself included), and what is wrong with that?

I can't make phone calls from my office since it is a fucking Call Centre and I will be recorded. Unless I try to sell my landlord a fridge and cryptically tell him that I'm moving.

In any event, be of some use, or fuck off.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 6773 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 1:24 am
6773 spacer

Go to a cash machine, top up a fiver, ring your landlord.
>> No. 6774 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 1:39 am
6774 spacer
Yes because we all have our own cashpoints, and we can call our landlords at any point of the day. Stop being like this.
>> No. 6775 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 9:38 am
6775 spacer
>>6772 Why do you want to keep trolling this thread? I do kind of need some serious help at the moment with my landlord issues. Do grow up PAYG Lad.
>> No. 6776 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 9:54 am
6776 spacer
OP, do you know where the deposit is held?
If it is held in a protection scheme, contact them.
If it isn't held in a protection scheme, the landlord has no legal right to keep it from you, when you're ready to move out, just stop paying and contact the small claims court.
>> No. 6777 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 9:56 am
6777 spacer
Why are you making all this hassle over a simple phonecall? And stop trying to claim poverty, fucking 12 year olds have phone contracts these days they pay for themselves, topping up your phone is not beyond you.

>> No. 6778 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 10:45 am
6778 spacer
>Why are you making all this hassle over a simple phonecall?

Lest we forget ambulancelad and the lad who had a maasive teary because his mum asked him to ring up to order pizza takeaway.
>> No. 6780 Anonymous
24th December 2016
Saturday 12:21 pm
6780 spacer

To be fair to the lad, he does work in a call centre. That does tend to impart a rather Pavlovian aversion to talking on the phone. It took me about a year to rehabilitate.

Plus, if he was born anywhere post-95ish, the chances are he barely even remembers a time when phone calls were the norm rather than a nuisance.

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