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>> No. 8483 Anonymous
17th February 2021
Wednesday 7:09 pm
8483 Student Loans Company
Let's say, hypothetically, I'm currently living and working outside the UK.

Let's also say, hypothetically, the Student Loans Company have been on my arse about letting them now where I am.

>You need to update your details even if you’re not currently in employment or you’re earning below the repayment threshold.

>You accepted the terms and conditions of your loan and agreed to keep us up to date with your employment and contact details. If you don’t update your details now, we may send your account to a third party to carry out checks on our behalf to verify your details.

The phrasing makes it sound like they'll charge a flat rate if they discover I'm abroad regardless. Is there any reason I should or shouldn't let them know?
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>> No. 8484 Anonymous
17th February 2021
Wednesday 7:57 pm
8484 spacer

I was abroad for years and never told them where I was and figured I had basically disappeared, but the moment I got a legit job in a Commonwealth country they found me again.

Recently there have been changes in repayment policy, like, if you earn less than 2000gbp p/m you don't have to make repayments (which is quite a bit higher than what it was).
>> No. 8488 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 12:12 am
8488 spacer
I, for one, don't even have a student loan.

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