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I'd give her extra cream IYKWIM.jpg
>> No. 14229 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 4:52 pm
14229 spacer
People who buy beggers food instead of giving them change. Its not enough that they feel that the homeless can't be trusted with money and therefore should be bought cheap fast food - they also have to feel like fucking Jesus about it.


This goes double for the ones who justify their actions with lines like "...I'm just one guy trying to make a difference" making sure it is filmed on youtube. Even the Bible calls you a wanker for this.
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>> No. 14230 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 5:00 pm
14230 spacer
The fact that they are homeless is a good indicator that they probably can't be trusted with money, at least not to make the best decisions with it. I agree however with the dislike of smug cunts who think they are the next Mother Theresa for giving a single mars bar and can of coke or something. Do it, just don't film yourself - a good action is its own reward.
>> No. 14231 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 5:11 pm
14231 spacer
This. If they refuse food or drink, it's a pretty good sign that they might be having you on.
>> No. 14232 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 5:39 pm
14232 spacer
Or that they don't want what you're offering them. I've seen twats get offended because a homeless lad told them he didn't eat meat.

What exactly does "having you on" mean in this context anyway? I've heard people say that about certain locally known beggars because they supposedly have a secret house to go back to at night. Even if they do, they spend all day sitting in the fucking street, you're not exactly subsidising the high life by chucking a quid their way.
>> No. 14233 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 5:43 pm
14233 spacer

something about homeless people being picky about what they eat doesn't sit well with me
>> No. 14234 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 5:44 pm
14234 spacer
There's a reason for the phrase - "Beggars can't be choosers".

AFAIK most/some religions (possibly Sikhism is one?) that ban certain meats allow it if you have no choice between that or starving. If your religion demands you starve rather than munch on a bacon sandwich then you really need to question the benevolence of your chosen God.
>> No. 14235 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 5:50 pm
14235 spacer
Except eskimos can eat pork to avoid starvation.

You'd better brush up on your Islamic theology m8.
>> No. 14236 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 5:56 pm
14236 spacer
>>14229 >>14233
What is going on with the recent slip in literacy on here? It seems every other new thread is riddled with mistakes.

If you can remember to put an apostrophe in "I'm" you can damn well get your head around putting one in "it's".
>> No. 14237 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 6:16 pm
14237 spacer


I'm on my phone m8 and this is wot it looks like when I'm typing a reply
>> No. 14238 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 6:17 pm
14238 spacer
I went to London with some bloke I knew, and he showed me that he had five Christmas cards. Inside each was a letter and an envelope containing money (£5). In the letter, he wrote about how he grew up poor and raised by a single mother, and now he lives a nice place with a nice job. He talked all about his children, and about his life, while trying to still sound like an everyman. It was a full page of A4, and in the final paragraph it talked about how hard it must be to be homeless, so enclosed is some money to help them get on their feet and remind them they're not forgotten about at Christmas. He was very proud of these cards.

I kept pointing out homeless people he could give them to, but he kept making excuses. He didn't want to give it to an Eastern European beggar. When I pointed out a homeless person, who was surrounded by people giving her money and giving her coffee and talking with her, he just ignored her. In the end he didn't give any money away. What a mysterious thing to do.

Generally I'll give homeless folks a cigarette if they ask for one, and a couple of pounds too. Not out of altruism or anything, I just like to think they'll have my back if shit goes down on their turf. I wouldn't like to buy them food in case they didn't like it. If they're hungry, they can buy it with money I give them. If they're not hungry but need a fag or some Special Brew, more power to them, whatever gets them through the day. I'm not their mum.
>> No. 14239 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 6:24 pm
14239 spacer

Yes, the website handles terribly on mobiles but I still seem to manage to punctuate perfectly well when I post from mine. They all come with spellcheckers these days too, what's your next excuse?
>> No. 14240 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 6:27 pm
14240 spacer

There are beggars everywhere.

I used to walk past a girl, maybe every day for a week, and she never spoke, she just sat there reading a book. I assume she had a library card or something, but people would genuinely look at her with disgust for daring to read a book in the street with a cap at her feet.

I had a five minute conversation with her once in which she explained to me a bit about how she ended up homeless, and I offered to buy her a meal and she went beetroot. She stammered a yes and we went to a pub for a bite to eat and had a chat.

I used to be homeless, so I started asking her if she knew how to get a bed in a shelter or if she had anywhere safe to sleep. She said no, so I offered her my spare room. I don't know why I did it, but I did. She was obviously really apprehensive, but I explained I was gay, had a BF, etc. Got her to contact Social Work, the council and the job centre and tell them she was homeless, but that she was sleeping on my couch, so they knew where she was and that she was in the system.

Ended up being a lovely girl, she was on the run from an abusive ex and homelessness was better than her life before. Gave her a reference for a job in Social Care which she got and because I let her "Sleep on my couch" she was able to claim JSA and got a bedsit from the council after 6 months.

Helped her move and we see each other at least once a week now, she had money saved because I didn't charge her rent and was able to furnish it quite well herself. Total change around, her self esteem was through the roof, and I think she sees me as her best friend.

If I hadn't done that I doubt she would have survived long. She had been on the streets a week or so when I spoke to her and had no sense. Drugs were in her future.

She is now engaged and has a wee dog and a life. Me and my BF have never told anyone we did this, this is the first time I've shared this story.
>> No. 14241 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 6:30 pm
14241 spacer

I grew up on a council estate
>> No. 14242 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 6:33 pm
14242 spacer
Yet yours let you get away without leaving a space between spell and checker.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 14243 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 6:45 pm
14243 spacer
>There's a reason for the phrase - "Beggars can't be choosers".
Apparently they can though.
>> No. 14244 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 6:48 pm
14244 spacer

Neologism hazard detected. Google's dictionary doesn't mind it, Collins is fine with it too, but both the Merriam Webster and my musty Oxford Compact seem to expect a hyphen. Only Wikipedia agrees with you (you have my sympathies).

Whatever shall we do now?
>> No. 14245 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 6:51 pm
14245 spacer
Homelessness and begging are totally misunderstood by most people.

I have been most sorts of homeless, from sofa-surfing to rough sleeping. The overwhelming majority of beggars are drug addicts or alcoholics begging to feed their habit, and you should be aware of that if you give them money. I only ever begged when I was drinking, as I had no need to when I was sober. A lot of beggars aren't homeless and a lot of homeless people don't beg. If you don't begrudge them their pleasures then fine, if you don't want to feed someone's self destruction then that's also fine, but you should be aware of what really drives begging.

Most beggars just aren't interested in donations of food because they don't want for it. Certainly in London, there's more free food than you know what to do with. Between the day centres, the sally army soup runs and Fareshare, you were bombarded with offers of food. Every evening, the sandwich run would come around with all the unsold sandwiches from Pret a Manger. There's something tragicomic about watching two crack addicts with four teeth between them debate the merits of crayfish versus prosciutto.

The reality is that most long-term homeless people are mentally ill and are for whatever reason incapable of being housed. The system is a long way from perfect, but an ordinary person who happens to find themselves on the streets will usually be back off the streets within a matter of days, quickly being brought into the benefits system and into proper housing. As a rough sleeper, you're constantly being visited by outreach workers doing their very best to get you back on track. People do fall through the cracks, but most of the people you see on the streets have problems that are immeasurably more complex and intractable than a simple lack of money or housing.

Giving to beggars is at best a modest comfort and at worst actively harmful. Being patronised with the offer of a sandwich you don't want is obviously dehumanising, but it's nothing compared to the addiction and/or mental health problems that are keeping you homeless. When I begged, it was only ever because my giro had run out and I needed a drink. The only thing on my mind was my next can, and I expect that drug users are just counting down the pennies to their next £10 deal. Frankly, 'normal people' hardly registered on my psyche, they were just a flow of money in the day and a potential threat when the pubs chucked out.

What >>14240 did was noble and I have immense respect for him, but I absolutely wouldn't recommend doing anything of the sort. As a homeless person, my overriding fear was always other homeless people. I knew that, like me, they were unfit to exist in normal society and that a lot of them would be perfectly prepared to cut my throat for the sake of ten quid. Homeless people are very vulnerable, but many of them are also very dangerous.
>> No. 14246 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 6:55 pm
14246 spacer

I should add that obviously the situation is very different in other parts of the world and that my comments are only applicable to major British cities.
>> No. 14247 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 7:34 pm
14247 spacer
I had a homeless guy request that I don't put spread in the rolls I gave him. He was very well spoken and polite about the whole thing, but I don't think you can be that hard off if you can afford to be picky.
>> No. 14248 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 7:41 pm
14248 spacer
The pedals are for going forward, lad.
>> No. 14249 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 7:43 pm
14249 spacer

I suppose that if I only had access to one meal a day I'd go out of my way to make sure it was as enjoyable as possible.
>> No. 14251 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 7:45 pm
14251 spacer
So everyone knows: It was decided that the house dictionary is the free online OED, located at http://oxforddictionaries.com.
>> No. 14252 Anonymous
23rd April 2014
Wednesday 7:49 pm
14252 spacer
>What exactly does "having you on" mean in this context anyway?
I'm assuming it refers to asking for money in order to buy drugs or booze. At one job I had a lovely view of the offy across the street, where we could regularly see the local street folk buying the 3L bottles of cider. Looking the other way I could see the phone box where people would order their gear. We had a Big Issue office in the building, and the receptionist would regularly pick out some of the drinkers as their (soon to be former) clients.
>> No. 14255 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 12:54 am
14255 spacer
OP here, I had not realized I'd made any particularly glaring errors but in my defense I did check it over a few times.

I'm a bit thick but working on it.

I have always been tempted to buy a homeless person a pint, no doubt for my own middle class amusement. Will they bite me?

I realize he will probably make up bullshit so I keep buying drinks or worse still start talking to me everytime I see him but they seem like interesting characters
>> No. 14256 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 1:00 am
14256 spacer
Once when I was little I gave a homeless man outside an arcade at Blackpool a fiver.

I felt good at the time but looking back I don't know what the fuck I was thinking.
>> No. 14257 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 1:05 am
14257 spacer

>This site (www.oxforddictionaries.com) is not the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). You’ll find the OED at www.oed.com. You’ll need a subscription to use the OED fully.

There was a reason I didn't link to that one, y'know.
>> No. 14259 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 1:12 am
14259 spacer
When I was younger I found a pound coin on the pavement in town, and then gave it to a panhandler I passed. Upon receipt of the coin he didn't stop saying "god bless ya, god bless ya, god bless ya love, god bless ya" as I was walking away. It made me feel very uncomfortable.

I've always found it rather aggravating that charity and human kindness is so oft considered the sole domain of the god-believing.
>> No. 14261 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 1:19 am
14261 spacer
I've offered beggars jobs before, quite a few times. The response was almost always very negative, like I was trying to make a point that they were lazy or something. I just wanted to pay them eight quid an hour to wash dishes, so whatever. Is it inherently offensive to offer someone a job on the streets? They'd always chat with me quite amicably up until then. It really soured my view of them, really, I can only assume they were making more than enough cash from begging.

The bloke we ended up hiring was actually sleeping rough when he interviewed. Didn't know at the time, was just an odd coincidence I guess.
>> No. 14263 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 1:37 am
14263 spacer
>I just wanted to pay them eight quid an hour to wash dishes

£8/hr to do glasswash? This must be in London, right?
>> No. 14264 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 1:38 am
14264 spacer
My mum was telling me about a homeless guy, my sort if age so twenty/early twenties, apparently his life was a bit shit, he was from Oxford and had walked to Lindisfarne, he was just wandering apparently. Anyway mum had a chat with him about his life and plans and shit. He wasn't begging, he was just passing through. Mum saved some dinner for him and gave him a hot meal at least. My dad judged him a decent enough chap and gave him some cash, unexpected since my dad's a tight fisted bastard.
>> No. 14270 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 10:55 am
14270 spacer
As I didn't have any money I offered a homeless chap my Easter Egg. He'd been tucking in to some chicken and chips so I doubt he was hungry but he seemed really pleased with the egg.
There are always a few begging beside the offy that's open late and it works out cheaper to buy a four-pack than single tins so I'll sometimes get four and hand over a can instead of giving them money. Sometimes I will give them money, I don't care if they spend it on drugs or alcohol, I quite often do the same. I'm not their fucking grandma.
>> No. 14271 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 3:18 pm
14271 spacer

No, just high end fine dining, and an owner who understands the value in paying well. Plus, sell one bottle of top shelf bubbly and you've paid for that potwash for a week.
>> No. 14273 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 3:54 pm
14273 spacer
Can I work there please?
>> No. 14274 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 4:05 pm
14274 spacer

I'll bum-fight NOT LIKE THAT! this guy if you'll give me a shot.


Maybe like that.
>> No. 14278 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 4:47 pm
14278 spacer

Probably necrobumping from the annals of...wednesday..still.

Genuinely made me have the feels mate. Good on you.
>> No. 14279 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 4:54 pm
14279 spacer
The only necrobumping here is from some bot that posts half formed HTML code links for god knows what on old /uhu/ threads.
>> No. 14283 Anonymous
24th April 2014
Thursday 8:36 pm
14283 spacer

Perhaps he is one of those fools who actually wants to treat his employees like human beings worthy of dignity and respect rather than a commodity to exploit and fob off with the least amount of money it's legally permissible to give somebody.

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