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>> No. 16740 Anonymous
7th October 2014
Tuesday 8:39 pm
16740 Advertising
In the spirit of the minor rants and piss-offs, can we have a thread dedicated to documenting the latest turd in my drink offered up by marketing types?

Thank you to the popular rye-based cracker people for ripping the song from quite a fun, whimsical moment of the film Beetlejuice to peddle a slightly narrower slice of cardboard.

I'm thinking it's not just because the song is catchy, but also that the demographic who were likely to have enjoyed Beetlejuice in their adolescence have now slipped down a box on application forms and are expected to care about dietary replacements. For the record, rye is fairly good for you, provided you don't dunk it in a jar full of mayonnaise like the disembodied hands in the advert.
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>> No. 16741 Anonymous
7th October 2014
Tuesday 8:45 pm
16741 spacer
I've cut as much advertising out of my life as possible. I feel much better for it. I don't know what advert you're even on about but I can guess the song. I'm not going to look up the advert though. They're shit. All of them. People sometimes try to tell me such and such an ad is really good. I don't think an advert can be "good". They can be creative, entertaining and clever but at the end of the day it's still just trying to hawk me shite. Adverts. Get to fuck.
>> No. 16742 Anonymous
7th October 2014
Tuesday 9:02 pm
16742 spacer
I'm the same. I've cut adverts out of my life completely on my own devices, so it's always a pain in the cunt to use someone else's PC or watch non-BBC telly.
>> No. 16743 Anonymous
7th October 2014
Tuesday 9:10 pm
16743 spacer
I'm the same too! I'm so used to Netflix and iPlayer, it's a shock to watch normal tv. Watching something on 4od or ITV player is brutal. I have to mute my laptop and squint my eyes so I can't see any content, but can sense enough to see that an advert has ended.
>> No. 16744 Anonymous
7th October 2014
Tuesday 9:53 pm
16744 spacer
I used to, with absolutely no shame, listen to OFWG all the bloody time. Sadly one day they did an ad for Mountain Dew and I haven't listened to them since. Very unfortunate.

Also I got into a debate about John Lyndon after one of my dad's friends told me how good the Sex Pistols were. My argument being that whilst he work of the Sex Pistols might be revolutionary, it's all artistically null since Mr Lyndon started selling butter.
>> No. 16745 Anonymous
7th October 2014
Tuesday 9:58 pm
16745 spacer

Yeah I just don't really watch any telly apart from the odd thing online and obviously have an adblocker.

Thing is, and this is maybe where I start to sound a bit mental but I actually consciously try not to even take in posters or anything when I'm out and about. I've pretty much trained myself to just sort of blank them out and ignore them. Obviously I still sometimes end up absent mindedly looking at one but if I catch myself I just look away and start thinking about something else.

As I say I'm aware this might make me sound mental but I genuinely detest advertising and marketing in all it's guises. It's intrusive mental pollution and exemplifies the very worst aspects of our culture.

Sage for possibly posting this before.
>> No. 16746 Anonymous
7th October 2014
Tuesday 10:00 pm
16746 spacer
I don't even take that stance, I couldn't give a toss if someone wants a payday by doing them, I just don't want to see the fucking things.
>> No. 16747 Anonymous
7th October 2014
Tuesday 10:02 pm
16747 spacer

How to get Ahead in Advertising is one of my favourite films, it's criminally underdiscussed on the internet. I think it's better than Withnail and I.

>> No. 16748 Anonymous
7th October 2014
Tuesday 10:45 pm
16748 spacer

Occasionally I happen to use a borrowed computer that doesn't have Adblock installed. The sheer bombardment of advertising makes me slightly nauseous - on most sites, only a minority of the page is actual content, hemmed into the bottom left corner by ads.
>> No. 16751 Anonymous
7th October 2014
Tuesday 11:28 pm
16751 spacer
>it's all artistically null since Mr Lyndon started selling butter.
No, lad. Later twattishness doesn't discount youthful brilliance, any more than youthful stupidity invalidates later wisdom. The Sex Pistols were brilliant in their time, as were PiL, but it's a long time since Lydon was anything other than a cartoon rebel, because he's middle aged and used to a certain level of luxury now. That's fine, though - at least he's been open about it (Filthy Lucre, I'm a Celebrity, Country Life ads, etc) rather than being, to pick the most obvious example, Bono.
>> No. 16760 Anonymous
8th October 2014
Wednesday 12:20 am
16760 spacer

In fairness, he only did the butter ads because he got fucked by his record label and needed the money:

>> No. 16762 Anonymous
8th October 2014
Wednesday 12:46 am
16762 spacer
Oh aye, and Filthy Lucre was for similar reasons, and I don't begrudge him that at all; he's still an entertaining old sod, after all. I just don't pay much attention when he pretends to be an anti-establishment figure any more, but then most of us haven't for several years now.

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