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>> No. 17173 Anonymous
13th November 2014
Thursday 11:14 am
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Fuck UPS in the ass with one thousand flaming dicks...

I got an important package delivered from the Motherland.

First, they gave it to a bloke living six miles from there. Then they picked it back. One week lost.

Then they tried to give the package to a shop in my road, number 65. Too bad that the delivery was clearly marked for 65B.

Spent two hours yelling at their customer service. First I got a chapatti who spoke like he had his mouth full of rancid curry (as it was, probably). He could not understand me, so I asked him to put me through somebody who could speak English. He just hung up.
Then, I spoke with a female chapatti with a decent English, she assured me that the mistake had been corrected and that the package will be delivered to my house.

Today I took another day off work, I checked the tracking page, they tried to deliver it to 65 again and they took it back, since the shop was closed.

After another half an hour, I managed to get another curryskin on the phone, she told me that her manager will call me back within one hour. He will probably be another idiot speaking like Apu from the Simpson.

Any advice?

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 17176 Anonymous
13th November 2014
Thursday 11:52 am
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Delete your duplicate thread first, you fucking spam brained cunt.
>> No. 17185 Anonymous
13th November 2014
Thursday 2:02 pm
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ave a fuckin' whinge there, cuz

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