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>> No. 17464 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 10:47 am
17464 spacer
This is something that gets me angrier than it probably should.

I went onto 4oD to watch yesterday's Black Mirror, and it asked me to disable my ad blocker. I though "find, just this once". At the first ad break, it asked me to PICK WHICH AD I WANTED TO WATCH FOR SOME FUCKING CHOCOLATE DRINK. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?

I can just hear some sneering corporate exec. "Go on, you little consumer whore, pick your advert." Is this training for that other Black Mirror episode where we'll have to keep our eyes on the screen lest we hear a piercing tone?

I didn't click anything but there was a countdown timer that said "an ad will be selected for you in...".

I don't even know what I'm really ranting about, here. I just find it abhorrent that we're expected to enjoy ads so much we want to interact with them. I'm probably sounding like an edgy teenlad, I guess, but I hate advertising, and make every effort I can to scrub it from my life.

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>> No. 17465 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 11:11 am
17465 spacer
It actually works for you when you disable your ad blocker? It always says I still have my active when I bloody don't.
>> No. 17466 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 12:18 pm
17466 spacer
Don Draper would never have come up with this shit.
>> No. 17467 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 2:13 pm
17467 spacer
I had to disable adblocker globally, it didn't work when I set it to just for 4od.
>> No. 17468 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 3:26 pm
17468 spacer
Oh no, in addition to watching an ad, you had to move your mouse. That's just like the Black Mirror advert-or-torture scene.

Come on. It's easy enough to take a sip of water or clean your fingernails or check your mobile's battery level or something during the thirty second ad that isn't watching it.
>> No. 17469 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 3:49 pm
17469 spacer
My main problem isn't watching it, I understand that. I mute and check Facebook for a few minutes. It's when it asks you to pick which one you want to watch.
>> No. 17470 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 3:50 pm
17470 spacer
So click a random button and then do what you normally do.
>> No. 17471 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 4:07 pm
17471 spacer
Horrid, isn't it? That's why I just stopped using 4od, the presumption that I'd actually want to watch an ad was too much. Fortunately there's so little worthwhile content coming out of Channel 4 that it's rarely an issue.
>> No. 17472 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 4:13 pm
17472 spacer

Better is when you're watching a program with half a dozen ad breaks (Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares USA for example) and have to go through the whole thing with the same damn advert, over and over. By the end of it you're swearing blind you will never buy a bottle of that Burberry perfume as long as you live.

4OD's entire ad setup is bad and they should feel bad.
>> No. 17473 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 4:17 pm
17473 spacer
I remember watching all of Black Books a few years ago and having the Eat, Pray, Love trailer seared into my memory.
>> No. 17474 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 4:31 pm
17474 spacer
I do search engine evaluation so I have to do all kinds of searches I wouldn't normally do and some of the targetted advertising I end up getting is pretty funny. Before I started using adblock, youtube made me watch the Toys R Us advert dozens of times until the jingle would randomly start playing in my head.
>> No. 17475 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 5:53 pm
17475 spacer

Thank me later for this.

Before starting to load the video, pause adblock. Once the first ad loads, un-pause, you watch one short ad, all else is skipped until end of show.
>> No. 17477 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 7:01 pm
17477 spacer
I use adblock, but recently I started leaving it disabled on youtube, due to a laughable sense of duty towards some channels I subscribe to who are some decent lads posting interesting stuff and scraping a living off it.
Although whenever an ad comes on with skipping disabled I just mute it and switch to another page for a few seconds while it plays.

The worst ads though are the motogd ads on games like TF2, they can't be stopped, they can't be muted, and the way my sound is set up they come on about 5 times as loud as the game itself.
>> No. 17478 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 7:46 pm
17478 spacer
Disable HTML MOTDs. Some servers might beg you to them back on, but fuck them.
Most respectable servers now don't even have them any more; since people wouldn't play on them.
>> No. 17479 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 8:32 pm
17479 spacer
I don't have any evidence but would assume youtube pays channel owners on the strength of the number of views they get, not how many adverts are watched.
>> No. 17480 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 8:51 pm
17480 spacer
You'd be wrong.
>> No. 17481 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 8:54 pm
17481 spacer
Do you have any evidence?
>> No. 17482 Anonymous
17th December 2014
Wednesday 8:57 pm
17482 spacer
>> No. 17489 Anonymous
18th December 2014
Thursday 3:24 pm
17489 spacer
didn't have .gs down as fans of NerdCubed...
>> No. 17491 Anonymous
18th December 2014
Thursday 3:31 pm
17491 spacer
What kind of shitty adblocker are you using?

I use ABP, I disable it for the first ad, re-enable when the first one is playing and Bob's your uncle: no more ads. Dave on Demand is the worst and this technique does not work there.

There's no ads on http://bobnational.net/
>> No. 17492 Anonymous
18th December 2014
Thursday 5:18 pm
17492 spacer
>There's no ads on http://bobnational.net/
There's also no access for grown-ups who left their student days long behind them.
>> No. 17493 Anonymous
18th December 2014
Thursday 6:51 pm
17493 spacer
I'm not a fan. I knew about monetized views from elsewhere but that was the first thing I found with Google.
>> No. 17495 Anonymous
18th December 2014
Thursday 8:10 pm
17495 spacer
You know what?
I can tolerate shit ads.
I can tolerate being asked to actively participate in choosing an ad (i never do, mind)
I can tolerate being subjected to the same poorly-targeted turd of an advertisement every 15 minutes,
but what I cannot stand, is when I'm forced to WAIT while something i don't want to see and couldn't give a fuck about takes longer to buffer than the bloody program i'm watching. If you're going to force me to endure your overloud, gaudy, shite-hawking pap, at least have the decency to deliver it from a capable server.

I wouldn't even be surprised if there was some godawful "pschological" research that says it's more effective for advertisers to make their victims wait.

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