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>> No. 20089 Anonymous
7th July 2015
Tuesday 11:46 pm
20089 spacer
I thought that if I would just ignore all the nonsense from disreputable websites like 'The Mind Unleashed' it would eventually die of its own accord but if anything it appears to be getting stronger. Has anyone else noticed this or is it a consequence of the booster jabs I had the other day?

Its not just that children have already died from the vaccine conspiracy but I innocently clicked one of those links that got shared and read the comments, it was as you might imagine full of asshats having a circle jerk wank over how much smarter (or more open-minded) they were to the sheeple. What is worse is that it seems to be a trend that is steadily creeping more into real life encounters whereas before people had the good sense to keep it online or at least in their circles.

The obvious answer would be to challenge this from friends sharing it on facebook but that doesn't really work when on social media egos are at stake. So yeah I dunno, maybe we should go back to using MSN.
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>> No. 20090 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 12:10 am
20090 spacer
>So yeah I dunno, maybe we should go back to using MSN.

I'm not sure how awkward teenage erotic role play will change anything. And if memory serves it was worse than having to put up with the types you're talking about.

No, OP, there has to be a better way...
>> No. 20091 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 1:34 am
20091 spacer
I recently deleted my facebook account - and damn it felt good - but never personally saw any links from this conspiraloon site on my feed. Saw plenty of other questionable shite mind.

Ignore this garbage OP, you're better than that.
>> No. 20092 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 8:06 am
20092 spacer
I've though about this a lot and I've come to the conclusion if I'm ever made minister of education, I'll make epistemology a core subject, I hope to wipe out cults, radical idealologies, conspiracies, and altenative medicine within a generation.
>> No. 20093 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 8:13 am
20093 spacer
Do you not think conspiracies happen?
>> No. 20094 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 10:42 am
20094 spacer
I really wish I didn't come across this post, because I wasn't aware of these shite-peddling websites until now. It's made me sad and depressed.

>I recently deleted my facebook account - and damn it felt good

It's getting really tiring seeing these self-congratulatory posts about deleting one's facebook. Really? You deleted it? Wow, go you. A lot of us don't have shit friends we follow, a lot of us don't add every dipshit we meet, a good majority know how to use Facebook's unfollow function quite easily - it's a matter of clicking a button.
>> No. 20095 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 10:47 am
20095 spacer
A lot of us don't even look at the website any more and just use it as an extended phonebook and calendar for dipshits we meet but dipshits that we don't want to have our number. I just cannot fathom the idea of spending time on Facebook.
>> No. 20096 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 10:57 am
20096 spacer
Neither do I, it's a very handy form of messaging as well - although Whatsapp is quickly becoming my favourite.

I sometimes glance at what friends are doing around the world, it's pleasant, sometimes irrelevant, other times annoying. With the latter I simply unfollow, or even as going as far as reviewing why I'm even friends with the person in the first place. If it there is no good reason, deleted.

It's like eating cheeseburgers, day in, day out - knowing it's making you fat and lazy, and then suddenly stopping which automatically makes you think you've finally seen the truth and are some sage-like guru. Fuck that.
>> No. 20097 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 11:05 am
20097 spacer

I think organised criminal activity and nepotism happen. I don't think there are alien cover ups or reptilian overlords.
>> No. 20098 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 11:10 am
20098 spacer
By the way I deleted my Facebook account too the other day. Thought you should know.
>> No. 20099 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 11:26 am
20099 spacer
Glad you told me lad, I was starting to fidget and worry.
>> No. 20100 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 2:22 pm
20100 spacer
Just thought I'd let you know that I haven't deleted my Facebook account on account of never having had one.
>> No. 20101 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 2:30 pm
20101 spacer
We're all really proud of you, idontevenownatvlad.
>> No. 20102 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 3:49 pm
20102 spacer
What about if we made our own website focusing on refuting all the stories from these places through simple fact checking and reading the abstracts of the studies they cite or what-have-you?

We could give it a catchy name like 'Collective Devolution' and spend 5 minutes asking the people who are cited in the articles for comment.
>> No. 20103 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 4:43 pm
20103 spacer
It'd be like a really boring snopes.
>> No. 20104 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 4:54 pm
20104 spacer
Well I'm still using my Facebook account.
>> No. 20105 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 4:56 pm
20105 spacer
Even more boring than the real snopes?
>> No. 20106 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 5:00 pm
20106 spacer
Thanks for the update. Coming up at the top of the hour, a roundup of who's returning from their Twitter break and who isn't, but first the weather with some guy with a foreign name.
>> No. 20107 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 7:49 pm
20107 spacer

>> No. 20185 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 3:40 am
20185 spacer
I wouldn't expect that to be of much use. I wouldn't imagine that the typical person who falls for that shit is likely to appreciate the value of scepticism, critical thinking or even understand why checking sources is important.

I know it makes me sound like an arrogant dickhead, but one of the reasons I hate facebook is being reminded that people this thick exist in droves. I genuinely don't understand how they operate in society.

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