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>> No. 21256 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 6:34 pm
21256 Exhibitionists
I am concerned that the world is becoming more and more exhibitionistic in the worst possible way. Any idiot with a popular enough blog/twitter/YouTube can suddenly become an over night expert in the eyes of increasingly lazy and stupid journalists who in turn feed thesencretins to the masses.

Then there is the over sharing people do on social media. Posting about your wedding is fine to a point, but a week of new fucking updates AND new albums from the same event ever day!

My neighbours also had loud sex which irked me more than it should have.
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>> No. 21259 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 6:49 pm
21259 spacer
I have a lass on Facebook who uploads at least one selfie a day, at least one picture of her (bland) cooking a week and posts around 8 status per day.

Before Facebook was around she was an over sharing bint anyway. It just makes you more aware they're twats.
>> No. 21260 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 6:58 pm
21260 spacer

I don't understand the selfie thing. Sure you might need a picture of yourself for something, like a profile, once in a while, but the people who do it daily and often several times daily are beyond help.

I think there might be some cultural stuff at play as I know a lot of oriental women eho post several daily, and I have also observed them taking lots when you and about.
>> No. 21261 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 6:59 pm
21261 spacer
What is the appeal of this, honestly? I've never used social media. As for the loud sex, OP, I was in a hotel in France the other day and some womans moans were filling the whole place. I heard people in the hall laughing, too.
>> No. 21263 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 7:35 pm
21263 spacer
Facebook is Jeremy Kyle but with people you know.
>> No. 21264 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 7:59 pm
21264 spacer
That sounds horrible.
>> No. 21265 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 8:20 pm
21265 spacer
Excellent and true description. I used it for about a year before, hopefully, quitting forever. The word 'used' does imply the subtly addictive qualities.

My friends list featured some fairly high profile writers, artists, and musicians I know, and guess what? They are all acting like exhibitionist teenage halfwits too. They are all calling out their partners, blatantly hitting on attached people, posting fucking selfies or pics of their horrible kids or dinners, getting catty and passive aggressive with their best mates, threatening to end it all or posting direct threats of violence drunkenly. It might be good for people who are housebound or live a long way away from their IRL mates but it's a madhouse and I've heard even worse things about twitter.
>> No. 21266 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 9:07 pm
21266 spacer
You're describing narcissism, not exhibitionism. I like exhibitionism, whether it's me or others doing it. It's a nice, harmless taboo.
>> No. 21274 Anonymous
2nd October 2015
Friday 4:01 pm
21274 spacer
To an extent, it has always been like this as far as I remember. If only the scale was noticeably smaller (journalists wouldn't interview those people).

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