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a misery of estate agents.jpg
>> No. 22678 Anonymous
10th May 2016
Tuesday 4:44 pm
22678 Estate/ Letting Agents
How is there not a thousand post long /101/ thread on these fuckers yet.

I'm currently having the privileged of negotiating a letting contract with them. Which they are insistent they cannot change. But it doesn't matter that my wishes for use of the property and that I informed them of originally are contradictory with because 'they just won't enforce that bit it's just legally required we put that in there' (it isn't).

This is a deal on a property where we should be moving in in 4 days they gave us the 40 page contract last night and insisted we should be signing by the end of the night that makes reference to agreeing we have seen documents they are yet to provided us with.

Oh yes and they want £150 of fees for providing this standardized contract that they seem incapable of understanding amending, or are being deliberately obtuse as to the implications of 12 months down the line and about £500 more just because.
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>> No. 22680 Anonymous
10th May 2016
Tuesday 10:46 pm
22680 spacer
Man bites dog lad.

Everyone knows they're wankers and £150 isn't bad.
>> No. 22686 Anonymous
11th May 2016
Wednesday 12:04 am
22686 spacer

>£150 isn't bad.

It doesn't seem that bad because you've been conditioned to accept it. You wouldn't tolerate their behavior in any other industry. They are for the most part human vermin.
>> No. 22688 Anonymous
11th May 2016
Wednesday 7:50 am
22688 spacer
I had this problem over the last year including the pressure to sign right away. I'm pretty sure as well that I've paid more than they had describes over the phone or was clear within the contract.

So yeah contractually I could have told them to fuck off and its outrageous nothing is done about this. You can contrast this with my experience using private landlords who have all been completely sound - I've never heard anyone complain actually of cutting out the middle man.
>> No. 22693 Anonymous
11th May 2016
Wednesday 6:03 pm
22693 spacer

Renting and buying is terrible here. I mean really terrible. Estate Agents might well be bastards, but there are higher bastards than them that have continued to do nothing about it, or dare I say, make the situation worse. I assume that it makes too much money, in its chaotic state, to 'justify' improving the system.
>> No. 22694 Anonymous
11th May 2016
Wednesday 6:51 pm
22694 spacer

I'm not quite one of the hard-line "all property is theft" nutters, but it has to be said that when you look at it, a great deal of the property market and the people who make money off it are completely parasitic and unnecessary.
>> No. 22695 Anonymous
11th May 2016
Wednesday 7:57 pm
22695 spacer

>> No. 22724 Anonymous
13th May 2016
Friday 6:53 pm
22724 spacer
>I'm not quite one of the hard-line "all property is theft" nutters

Then you deserve to get shafted.
>> No. 22728 Anonymous
13th May 2016
Friday 11:11 pm
22728 spacer

Solidarity in action.
>> No. 29581 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 5:32 pm
29581 spacer
I'm currently having to deal with a new form of agent induced missery, they are insisting on a background check and that both me and the other party have worked in our current job for OVER a year before we have even looked at the property.

At a certain point I got tired of their bullshit and made a point of telling them I'm walking away on the hopes it will discourage this as industry practice.

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