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>> No. 25832 Anonymous
24th September 2017
Sunday 10:16 pm
25832 BRITFA.GS /101/ MARK VII
The old thread is well over 30MB, so I think we're due a new one.

Some cunt threw a firecracker in front of my bike today. If I hadn't seen the little scrote and his little scrote mates running I wouldn't have noticed until it was too late.
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>> No. 27830 Anonymous
22nd October 2018
Monday 7:45 pm
27830 spacer
To be fair, it wasn't a particularly good call in the first place. Jo Whiley isn't really mainstream material. She's more of a specialist presenter, possibly one of the best the BBC have, so she definitely has a place in the line-up, but daytime Radio 2 isn't it. It was a bit like playing David James in the outfield or putting Freddie Flintoff in charge of Top Gear.
>> No. 27832 Anonymous
22nd October 2018
Monday 8:12 pm
27832 spacer
Nobody outside of the BBC wonks wanting enforced diversity thought it was a good idea; the listeners certainly didn't.
>> No. 27834 Anonymous
22nd October 2018
Monday 8:39 pm
27834 spacer
>the listeners certainly didn't.
We'll know for sure soon enough. The RAJAR headlines are due out this week, and the breakdown should follow a couple of days after that.
>> No. 27838 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 4:51 pm
27838 spacer
My phone battery is clearly dying, but none of the local repair shops havea battery in stock for it.
>> No. 27839 Anonymous
24th October 2018
Wednesday 3:08 am
27839 spacer
Why are the Japs such absolute mentalists? Is it low-level mercury poisoning from all the raw fish? Is this what happens to the psyche of a nation that has been nuked twice?

>> No. 27840 Anonymous
24th October 2018
Wednesday 4:24 am
27840 spacer
>examining the positions of people's bumholes
What a bunch of legends.
>> No. 27841 Anonymous
24th October 2018
Wednesday 7:17 am
27841 spacer
They make a lot of money on tourism and exports of cultural goods (i.e. anime), they have a lot of vested interest in propagating that image to the outside world.

Also, see "the rape of nanking". Following the end of the war the Japanese were desperate to write it out of history, and the Americans cooperated fully because they were desperate for an ally in the region against the Soviets. The image of the Japanese as these mentalists and harmless victims is a direct result of that.
>> No. 27842 Anonymous
24th October 2018
Wednesday 8:14 am
27842 spacer
Yeah it must be a conspiracy! One agreed between millions of people!

Maybe the Japs are just nutters and murderers, have you considered that?
>> No. 27843 Anonymous
24th October 2018
Wednesday 10:37 am
27843 spacer

>they have a lot of vested interest in propagating that image

But they rarely export their batshit insane gameshows, and evidently a lot of their more 'out there' anime is never even subtitled for the western market. We only see it through back channels and people stumbling across it.

I don't think them being mental has anything to do with selling an image to outsiders, not least because Japan doesn't particularly enjoy outsiders, let alone want to rely on them for income.
>> No. 27844 Anonymous
24th October 2018
Wednesday 11:05 am
27844 spacer
It's probably just the result of being so insular. Everyone else seems more sane in comparison simply because we've all adopted similar cultural touchstones. They're not really any weirder than we look to them or any other culture as cut off from our own would appear.
>> No. 27845 Anonymous
24th October 2018
Wednesday 12:29 pm
27845 spacer
There's no conspiracy amongst Scots to play down their role in the slave trade. It's still something that happens, and it's not because of a conspiracy involving 5.4 million people and 6.6 million sheep.
>> No. 27846 Anonymous
24th October 2018
Wednesday 4:17 pm
27846 spacer
This made me giggle.
>> No. 27859 Anonymous
1st November 2018
Thursday 8:01 pm
27859 spacer
>Made with ♥
Just no. Fuck off putting this twee shit on your webshites.
>> No. 27860 Anonymous
2nd November 2018
Friday 1:05 pm
27860 spacer
Firewire is such an awful format, why did any manufacturer decide to adopt a technology that not only is unreliable as fuck, it also has the potential to destroy equipment if you dare unplug it when it's powered on. It also just doesn't seem to play well with many systems, with a lot of equipment manufacturers only supporting specific firewire card chipsets. And I still sometimes get dropouts on my main rig if I dare use the internet while piping audio.

The problem is a lot of incredibly specialised and expensive equipment I've gathered over the years uses it. The most logical upgrade path would be thunderbolt as you can use FW with an adapter so I could slowly phase equipment out, but I'm not convinced of thunderbolt's longevity either.

I miss the Emu PCI card I had when I was 14, I think that was the best solution I've ever had.
>> No. 27861 Anonymous
5th November 2018
Monday 11:12 pm
27861 spacer
I wish eBay was a bit smarter with their recommendations.

If I just bought a mountain bike on your site, you probably don't need to send me emails for the next month about other listings for the same model of bike really, do you. Surely a small tweak to the algorithms, and "bought a bike = recommend him bike pumps and that" could be implemented.
>> No. 27862 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 12:58 am
27862 spacer

The algorithms aren't completely mental. A very large proportion of online purchases get returned for a refund - anywhere from 12% to 50% depending on the product category. If you've just bought X, the thing you're most likely to buy next is something very similar to X. Those annoying ads for stuff you've just bought are disgustingly profitable.

Just install uBlock Origin you massive pleb. Firefox Mobile allows you to install addons, so you can have ad-blocking on your phone too.


It was bollocks, but it was the best we could manage in 1994. It had a good innings, but it's now firmly obsolete. Thunderbolt 3 is here to stay, partly because Apple are committed to it in a major way but mostly because it's a stable part of the USB-C Alternate Mode spec. Thunderbolt 3 is operating at the absolute limit of copper cable, so any subsequent standard would need to be optical.
>> No. 27863 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 1:25 am
27863 spacer
Why use Firefox add-ons when you can block ads system wide using adaway?
>> No. 27864 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 1:50 am
27864 spacer

Adaway requires root access. A lot of apps refuse to run on rooted devices, including most mobile banking apps. You can work around that with RootCloak, but that's perilously close to yak shaving. It's also far easier to whitelist things from within your browser rather than having to tab out to a separate app. I don't use any ad-supported apps, so the main benefit of using adaway is moot for me.
>> No. 27867 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 8:52 am
27867 spacer

Well firstly I'm talking about the email updates ebay send to you, not inline adverts, so I'm not sure what ublock would do about that. Secondly I run pihole across my entire network so who's the massive pleb now? It's still me for not just unsubscribing from their emails, but also you for not reading my post properly.

So even if it's likely I'd return the thing I just bought, eBay knows I haven't returned it as it's an email linked to my account, innit. They should be sending me listings for stuff I looked at, not that I've already bought.
>> No. 27869 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 6:19 pm
27869 spacer


I'm kind of intrigued what what turn up if I ordered XXXXXXXS (the only one which isn't over £8.) I imagine it would just fit over the end of my finger.
>> No. 27870 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 6:51 pm
27870 spacer
My local Morrisons has a Christmas tree up already. I must have timed my shop wrong because they had absolutely fuck all reduced in both the fruit & veg and chilled sections. Also, I went to Farmfoods afterwards and there was a woman shopping in her pyjamas.
>> No. 27871 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 7:25 pm
27871 spacer
A woman in pyjamas using a cash machine today turned around and said "YA GOH'A LAH'AH?". Not "Excuse me, do you have a lighter I can borrow?" or anything like that.

Welcome to Manchester.
>> No. 27872 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 7:35 pm
27872 spacer
I'm from the Midlands so nothing about that pronunciation bothers me. People who go outside in pajamas should be sectioned though, sectioned with guillotines.
>> No. 27873 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 9:45 pm
27873 spacer
It wasn't the pronunciation, it'd be a similar thing in my native Yorkshire. It was more the tone and wording.
>> No. 27874 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 9:55 pm
27874 spacer

It's just friendly behaviour, she must have mistakenly thinken you weren't a snob.
>> No. 27875 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 10:11 pm
27875 spacer

Manners cost nowt.
>> No. 27876 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 1:53 am
27876 spacer

I think the northern working class version of manners is to talk to you as if they've known you for years. Middle aged women tend to do it more than anyone, they'll just wander up to you and say "GIZ A LIGHT THEN" as if it's a conversation you have daily.

Whether or not it's polite is certainly up for debate, but I think it comes from a place of presumed friendliness rather than hostile rudeness.
>> No. 27877 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 2:08 am
27877 spacer
The tone was certainly not friendly.
>> No. 27878 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 2:11 am
27878 spacer

Cultural gap m8, that's just how they are.
>> No. 27879 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 3:45 am
27879 spacer
I'm never, ever parting with another memory stick or SD card. Once you hand one of those things over they're just fucking gone, you may as well ask the bloke outside the train station who just needed two quid for a ticket home to pay you back.
>> No. 27880 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 8:06 am
27880 spacer
Mouser never seem to have the chip resistors I need, I know there was a shortage but that was months ago. I don't want to buy another 100 of something I need two of from ebay, lads.
>> No. 27881 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 8:45 am
27881 spacer
Just buy a sample book and never worry again. I've now got them in 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805 and 2512 in R, C and some L.
Sounds like that's overkill for what you want, but a combo R&C book in your chosen size might be justifiable? ebay or aliexpress.
>> No. 27882 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 9:39 am
27882 spacer

That's not a bad shout actually, I remember someone (I presume you) talking about the same thing a while back on here.

It might well be overkill as I'm primarily just a hobbyist synth builder, but I'm prototyping and building my own stuff a lot more than I thought I would, so it's probably not a bad idea, certainly better than being occasionally forced to buy an entire reel on eBay sometimes.
>> No. 27883 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 12:31 pm
27883 spacer

Apparently there are at least two of us on .gs with a generous collection of SMD sample books. I'd suggest starting with 1206. An empty book is also very handy - I've filled mine with various jellybean semis. It's Singles Day this weekend, so there will be loads of discounts on Aliexpress.

RS offer free next day delivery on any size of order, as do Farnell if you open a trade account. Very handy if you just need a couple of bits.

I presume you know about JLCPCB?

>> No. 27884 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 8:44 pm
27884 spacer

Surely not by hand?
>> No. 27885 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 9:27 pm
27885 spacer

>a generous collection of SMD sample books

Ah, but have you got BBC Sound Effects Volume Five?
>> No. 27886 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 9:30 pm
27886 spacer

My uncle had a full set of BBC Sound Effects on vinyl. I will never understand why.
>> No. 27887 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 9:59 pm
27887 spacer

Imperial 0201s are reasonably straightforward if you've got a microscope and some decent hot tweezers (JBC NP-105 or similar). Metric 0201s (imperial 008004s) are like soldering dust, but they're doable if you have endless patience and impeccable technique. This mad bastard soldered a ring of metric 0201s around an imperial 0201:


That thumbnail is vaguely terrifying.


>> No. 27888 Anonymous
8th November 2018
Thursday 3:41 pm
27888 spacer
This is now supposedly the second time an Amazon courier has attempted to deliver my parcel but I have been downstairs, listening, with no music on or other sources of sound when they said they would come and I swear he hasn't even knocked on the door. The Hermes man managed to utilise the very obvious, heavy brass door knocker to deliver my parcel just now but apparently Amazon are using fucking mice as couriers these days.
>> No. 27891 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 3:57 pm
27891 Christmas ads.
The whole fucking thing. Start to finish. It's difficult to not come off like an edgy commie teenager but Christ on bike they are vomit-inducing.

The fact that people get excited to watch an advert. I remember last year seeing people on Facebook counting down to the reveal of whatever overly sentimental, soporific shite John Lewis pumped out.

The fact that people think that they have nice 'messages' or whatever when the real message is 'spend your money at our shop, we don't actually give a shit'.

I don't watch TV and have an add-on to block sponsored posts on Facebook, but fucking Iceland have managed to get theirs "banned" which I suspect was intentional because now people are sharing it left, right and centre. It's fucking early November. Fuck.
>> No. 27892 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 4:17 pm
27892 spacer

I get second hand embarrassment when I see people talking about OMG DID U SEE THE JON LEWIS AD?!?!?! or U KNO ITS CRISTMAS WHEN THE COKE LORRY ADVERT IS ON!!

Fucking sheeple. What was so heinous about icelands advert?

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 27893 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 4:22 pm
27893 spacer
>Fucking sheeple. What was so heinous about icelands advert?

Terrible grammar and you used "sheeple" without irony, I'm almost impressed.
>> No. 27894 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 4:30 pm
27894 spacer
Nice try, Iceland.
>> No. 27895 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 5:00 pm
27895 spacer

Not allowed to show political bias in an advert.

Unless it's diversity and multiculturalness or trendy genders.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 27896 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 5:00 pm
27896 spacer
If you don't consider advertisements art because they have a commercial motivation, I have some bad news for you about virtually every piece of media you've consumed.
>> No. 27897 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 5:16 pm
27897 spacer

>> No. 27898 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 5:17 pm
27898 spacer
Fuck off.

Please highlight to me where I said that. While of course a great deal of art is created with the aim of making money, these are explicitly for the purpose of making you spend money elsewhere, without any real motivation behind the 'message'.
>> No. 27899 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 5:32 pm
27899 spacer
It has as much 'motivation behind the message' as anything else. The main purpose is to make you spend money, and it can do other things as well. People who are looking forward to the John Lewis ad are excited about the story or the aesthetics, and what's wrong with that exactly just because it's also selling stuff at the same time? It can be good at both.
>> No. 27900 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 6:06 pm
27900 spacer

There's really not a better word for them. And if you think failing to capitalise a brand name constitutes poor grammar, you're just as much a cog in the machine.
>> No. 27901 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 8:14 pm
27901 spacer
Virgin are using their 36-month headline price for comparison even though other providers don't offer 36-month contracts and no smartphone these days is going to last anywhere near that long anyway.

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