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>> No. 448028 Anonymous
23rd November 2021
Tuesday 10:14 am
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I've been for a haircut this morning. My hair is starting to really recede in the corners and not at an even rate, so I'm at risk of looking like Steve Claridge. It also looked a little thin on top when they showed me the back of my head in the mirror.
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>> No. 448029 Anonymous
23rd November 2021
Tuesday 10:15 am
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>> No. 448030 Anonymous
23rd November 2021
Tuesday 12:09 pm
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Shave it off lad, he who dares wins.
>> No. 448037 Anonymous
23rd November 2021
Tuesday 4:06 pm
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I'm pretty close to shaving mines off, Im pushing Norwood 3 at the front. I was Norwood 2 for like 10 years, but it's game over I think.

The worrying part is that I'm the only male on my fraternal side with male pattern baldness and my maternal Grandfather never went past Norwood 2.

I think I might be illegitimate. I'm also a good 4 inches taller than them all.
>> No. 448038 Anonymous
23rd November 2021
Tuesday 4:36 pm
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You know what to do.
>> No. 448040 Anonymous
23rd November 2021
Tuesday 9:13 pm
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I've always said that once you even know what a Norwood pattern is, let alone have determined your own, then you're already just clinging on to a lost cause. There's drugs, but the side effects seem pretty bad, and there's implants, but personally I couldn't bear the social ridicule of suddenly being not being balding anymore, after a suspicious holiday to Turkey.

As for the patronage thing, yeah - me too actually. Both of my grandads never really had balding, just their hair got thinner in their seventies and eighties. I will watch my cousins scalps with great interest.
>> No. 448044 Anonymous
23rd November 2021
Tuesday 10:02 pm
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Buzz your head and get the baldy bits of stubble tattooed on.
>> No. 448048 Anonymous
24th November 2021
Wednesday 9:06 am
448048 spacer

I meant to reply to the weekday thread and made a new one by accident. I was on top form yesterday.

I don't think I'm at that stage yet. I've used a tape measure and it's 6cm from in between my eyebrows to my hairline. However, the left corner goes back a further 2cm and the right corner must be about 4cm back. I do also have a relatively large head.

I'm not quite yet at Mazepin levels of receding hairline.

I'm probably a Norwood 2 on that scale but I've just taken a picture of the back of my head and it is a little thin around the whorl. Not a bald patch but it's definitely thinner. I tend to have naturally thick hair so I'll have to compare what it looks like when it's grown a bit.

My friend has recommended I use Regaine, but it's £70 for a three month supply.

I haven't managed to find a post-transplant picture of Claridge.

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