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>> No. 448931 Anonymous
10th January 2022
Monday 2:20 pm
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What do you lads think about "off grid" living? The Welsh scheme mentioned in this article has caught my attention.

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>> No. 448932 Anonymous
10th January 2022
Monday 2:41 pm
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It's a nice escapist fantasy but none of them are truly "off-the-grid". Fundamentally there just isn't enough land for everyone to do it.
>> No. 448933 Anonymous
10th January 2022
Monday 2:49 pm
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Do you enjoy relentless hard physical work, plus being cold and wet all the time? Go for it.
The ones in Portugal look less likely to scream and pack it all in after a few years.
There do seem to be a lot of cars parked outside that Welsh place.
Hm, "They also make money by selling eggs and honey, cleaning and teaching others how to live off-grid."
Fair enough, I'd not choose to do that, but if they're happy and their kids are doing OK, why not?
The place where I am now, I guess I could take off-grid if I wanted, without huge effort. It's just easier to suckle at the electric teat, though. Maybe it'd make sense to do a load of the efficiency things I'd have to do to go off grid, up front - cut the bills at my own rate, then flip the switch at some point.
I hadn't heard of the Welsh scheme, but if it stops the place depopulating completely, while not turning it into a dump, it seems interesting.
>> No. 448934 Anonymous
10th January 2022
Monday 2:49 pm
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There's plenty of land in Wales. The downside is you're in Wales.
>> No. 448935 Anonymous
10th January 2022
Monday 3:02 pm
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Maybe it's just The Mirror, but that article reads as though it's trying to sell the lifestyle. I'd really like to live 'off-grid' as a shepard or even a peasant, but I don't want to do it if i'm playing into someones agenda.

I've read it takes an acre of land to feed a single person from crops.
>> No. 448936 Anonymous
10th January 2022
Monday 3:06 pm
448936 spacer

You could probably get away with less through hydroponics and vertical farming.
>> No. 448937 Anonymous
10th January 2022
Monday 3:27 pm
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Not the easiest thing to maintain if you're in any way actually off the grid though.
>> No. 448938 Anonymous
10th January 2022
Monday 3:48 pm
448938 spacer
Neither would an acre of land be.
>> No. 448943 Anonymous
11th January 2022
Tuesday 12:21 am
448943 spacer
Its all well and good having land, but not all land is suitable for growing on. You're not going to grow a lot outside on stony hillsides. Which is why there's a lot of sheep and livestock on that land instead.

One of my friends is a real middle class Good Life wanker with his little bit of land with goats, duck chickens and extensive veg garden. Being a professor, he has a ton of time off over the summer and only does lectures 3 days a week tops. He's still not completely off grid, though he is trying to get planning permission to put more solar panels up.

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