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>> No. 450297 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 2:33 pm
450297 We're saved
She's dead
The food shortage is over
Expand all images.
>> No. 450298 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 3:25 pm
450298 spacer
>fat studies
U fucking wot?
>> No. 450299 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 3:36 pm
450299 spacer
>Fat studies are now available as an interdisciplinary course of study at some colleges, taking a similar approach to other identity studies such as women's studies, queer studies, and African American studies. As of 2011, there were two Australian courses and ten American courses that were primarily focussed on fat studies or Health at Every Size, and numerous other courses that had some fat acceptance content.


Mickey Mouse bollocks.
>> No. 450300 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 3:42 pm
450300 spacer
How hard would it be to get a PhD in the McDonald's drive thru menu, do you reckon? Might sign up, get that Doctorate finally.
>> No. 450301 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 3:58 pm
450301 spacer
The third tit appreciation community does not approve of your antics.
>> No. 450302 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 3:59 pm
450302 spacer
Without looking into the syllabus is it such a stretch to imagine 'fat studies' as a means for health specialisation? Life doesn't have to be viewed through antiwoke/woke lenses you know.
>> No. 450303 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 4:02 pm
450303 spacer


But that's not what it is.
>> No. 450304 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 4:15 pm
450304 spacer

Did any of you catch Who Are You Calling Fat? on BBC the other year? It was just Fat Big Brother.

They had an absolutely abhorrent Canadian lass on there who took anything without a pro-fat sentiment as an outright attack against her principles. Her highlights included making someone cry when they said they wanted to lose some weight, and pretending not to understand when someone was talking about a link between obesity and poor health.
>> No. 450305 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 4:18 pm
450305 spacer

>> No. 450306 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 4:28 pm
450306 spacer
Well, I'm just glad she's dead. She probably had no loved ones, dependants or just plain old friends. She should have had a proper job like doing something in an office or something else in an office, rather than this other dumb job she probably did in an office.

In fact, now I think about it, I love death so much I think OP should hang himself!
>> No. 450307 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 4:34 pm
450307 spacer
What does "queering fatness" mean?
>> No. 450308 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 4:51 pm
450308 spacer
>Cat Pause

We she named by a machine algorithm?

Watch it chub-chaser, you don't want me to start asking why none of the women in your thread are black or why they all look working class.
>> No. 450309 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 4:54 pm
450309 spacer

Queering in this kind of context basically means subverting and changing perceptions of [thing], on the premise that the common received thinking about [thing] is only prevalent because it comes from imperialist, white supremacist, heteronormative and patriarchal dogma.

It works for some stuff don't get me wrong, but I don't think you can really blame cardiac disease on it. You could make a good case from a Marxist perspective that the eating habits of the poorest in society are often determined by their time and financial pressures, as well as predatory marketing and sales tactics, thus being fat isn't really their fault. But instead these nutjobs are literally trying to argue that being fat isn't unhealthy.

The defining feature of what I would call "woke" today, is that they are primarily interested in using academic sociological rhetoric to excuse their own personal, indiviual failings.
>> No. 450311 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 5:14 pm
450311 spacer

it's all fun and games until you contemplate what coffins for morbidly obese people look like. You could probably bury a whole family of four regular-sized people in just one of them.
>> No. 450312 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 5:34 pm
450312 spacer
>It is important to keep in mind that, throughout my work and my everyday life, I never consider fatness as something inherently negative: I use the word ‘fat’ as a morally neutral descriptor. It has been proven that there is very little correlation between fatness and poor health: for this reason, I also agree with the rebuttal of the terms ‘overweight’ and ‘obesity’ brought forward by fat activists. Those are terms that pigeonhole the issue of fatness into outdated and racist medical concerns, while ignoring the real (infra)structural issues that affect fat people in all aspects of their public and private lives. Queer is a term that is currently used mostly with reference to non-heterosexual individuals. The word, however, has a broader and connected meaning: queer is whatever defies and rejects the norm, what does not sit within the acceptable limits and ideals of the structures of power that are taken for granted, exposing their socially constructed nature. When it comes to fatness, observing it through a queer lens helps identify multiple places of paradox which fat people face daily.

>Firstly, the hyper-visibility caused by living in a larger body clashes with the under-visibility that fatness faces in institutional policies, infrastructures and clothing – for example in the inaccessibility of theatre and cinema seats, the impossibility of buying sustainable and affordable plus-sized clothing, the lack of recognition of fatphobia as discrimination in policy-making or the blatant dismissal by doctors who ignore fat people’ symptoms and prescribe weight loss without looking into possible pathologies. The second paradox at the confluence of queerness and fatness stands between fetishization and rejection: while fat women are often the object of sexual fetishes, their identity and dignity is rejected in most mainstream spaces, as well as in queer communities and dating apps. Finally, fatness itself creates a paradox between masculinity and femininity: while a body with more fat is curvier, and therefore more feminine, a larger body also takes up more space, acquiring a strongly masculine connotation.

>This means that “because fat bodies blur the line between masculine and feminine, both men and women who are too fat are deemed less desirable within the heterosexual economy of desire because they fail to fit neatly into their respective gendered roles” (Hailey N. Otis, 2020, in Tess Holliday’s Queering of Body Positive Activism: Disrupting Fatphobic Logics of Health and Resignifying Fat as Fit). This particular phenomenon becomes especially interesting when we consider marginalized identities such as fat, queer, feminine people, who find themselves in a loop in which their three markers of identity don’t necessarily fit with one another according to dominant narratives. The experiences of fat trans people are also very telling: many report perceiving a difference in treatment by others before and after their transition. This proves that fatness, gender and sexuality – together with race, disability and class – play a complicated game of discrimination and privilege in the eyes of the dominant heteroSea Shepherd Conservation Society: how activism works in these peculiar and contextual situations should mix the essential utopian drive of all kind of strife for social change with a honest and nuanced analysis of lived realties.



>Watch it chub-chaser, you don't want me to start asking why none of the women in your thread are black or why they all look working class.

If you find me a black big tiddy goth girl I will gladly post her.
>> No. 450313 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 5:49 pm
450313 spacer
The fat acceptance movement is very petty. My ex was big in the acrobat fatty scene, and she'd constantly slag off other girls in the community behind their backs, while acting all nice to their face. She also got bumsore about Tess Holliday apparently losing weight, saying the movement was betrayed. I think the ban on lewd stuff on the platform meant most of the community moved on, but got to say, back in the day, there were girls for every third tit lover in the country!
>> No. 450314 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 6:11 pm
450314 spacer
I'm not saying I agree with what they're saying, but I always find it interesting the hostility these sorts of arguments provoke. They're the sort of thing I like to file under 'maybe not true, but it's interesting thought'. What's so bad about entertaining the idea that some of the hostility to fat people is based on the fact obesity leads to a degree of gender ambiguity, or going "isn't it weird how you immediately notice a fat bloke in the street, but nobody considers fat people when designing aeroplane seats?"
It's not like it's coming from a cabinet minister or even a powerful lobby. It's a handful of academics and the few people who stuck around on acrobat after the porn ban chatting shit, people who'll never change anything but their blog's CSS theme, but of all the people out there being silly on the internet the fat acceptance types always seem to be an acceptable target. Ironically it surely ties into their line of thinking - plenty of far worse people out there get far better treatment. (well, "better" in that they're just ignored and not used as a byword for pseudo-progressive stupidity.) and it might well be assumed it's because they're usually a gang of underweight blokes rather than a flock of fat women.

(This reads like I'm offended on their behalf, which is accidental. I don't particularly care for them specifically, I'm just saying it just seems to me they always seem to provoke anger or mockery rather than a brief "interesting thought" or just being ignored, which would seem fairer minded.)
>> No. 450315 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 6:14 pm
450315 spacer
>The defining feature of what I would call "woke" today, is that they are primarily interested in using academic sociological rhetoric to excuse their own personal, indiviual failings.

If a diet arrises as a result of poverty and causes unhealthy obesity in a substantial portion of the population then what she is doing is using academic sociological rhetoric to excuse the failure of government to prevent the obesity situation from coming to pass by attempting to convince the victims of the failure that they have not been victimized.
>> No. 450316 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 6:22 pm
450316 spacer
Surely you don't get a degree in Fat Studies, you get a degree in Sociology or something which happens to contain a single course (/module) of Fat Studies. The same way there's "ECON1001 Economics 1A: Introduction to Microeconomics" and then there's "A degree in Economics"
>> No. 450317 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 6:26 pm
450317 spacer

You would have had a point, except for the fact that's not the position she argues from at all.

She doesnt even touch upon the material factors behind obesity, she is purely interested in trying to reclassify fat as healthy and all medical evidence as racist (somehow? I'm genuinely not sure where the dolphin rape bit comes in), because (and this is my conjecture here but I am right) she wants to carry on eating a chocolate gateaux before bed every night.
>> No. 450318 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 6:27 pm
450318 spacer
The fat acceptance movement is little more than mental gymnastics attempting to justify gluttony.

You don't choose to be black. You don't choose to be gay. You don't choose to be born with a disability. You can choose what goes into your mouth.

That doesn't meant be a cunt to fat people, but we shouldn't go out of our way to accommodate them with things like larger chairs as standard. You wouldn't encourage alcoholism, so obesity is no different.
>> No. 450319 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 6:27 pm
450319 spacer
Could do it as module of sociology, biochemistry or catering.
I'm curious how the "these fat people using slightly more complex analyses of things than I'm accustomed to obviously have brainworms!" posters feel about the third tit thread.
>> No. 450320 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 6:40 pm
450320 spacer

There's already a good chunk of the medical community devoted to "fat studies" and has been for years. That is, understanding and tackling the causes of obesity and finding effective treatments. But that's not what these people want, they want to be told it's okay, and since nobody with any legitimate expertise will ever say "being fat is perfectly fine actually", they have to put in the legwork themselves.

As for the third tit lads, I like tho think most of them acknowledge that their chub fetish is, in some respects, encouraging self-harm. But for them it is a fetish, and fetishes can involve all sorts of nasty shit, which is generally okay as long as nobody is genuinely harmed. I don't think any of the chub-chaser lads are hatching plans to feed up their wives into 30st whales who can't get out of bed and die at 45, in fact I don't think they'd spend so much time rubbing one out to chubsters in the first place if they already had a fat partner.

I think there's a tacit understanding with porn that those girls will make the money as a fatty while they're young, then one day go on a diet and get healthier, maybe not supermodel skinny, but get themselves out of dangerous obesity. If they stay comitted to it for life, then I would say they have a problem which it is the responsibility of a humane society and medical profession to intervene with, like any other fatty.
>> No. 450321 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 6:49 pm
450321 spacer

I don't understand how anyone can actually want to be fat without it being some sort of fetish for themselves. I'm open to hearing about it but any extra weight I've put on before losing it again has been miserable to experience.
>> No. 450322 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 7:18 pm
450322 spacer

For a while, I wanted a belly big enough to have a tattoo of a three-masted sailing ship battling a stormy sea on it. I never got the tattoo, but I did get the belly, and I feel just like that ship every time I have to tackle a fuckin flight of stairs. Being a fatlad is overrated.
>> No. 450323 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 7:34 pm
450323 spacer
When I was a child, I was skinny in such a way that my ribs were visible, and I hated that. Then I filled out and became sturdy. That was great. Now, I am fairly fat and it's occasionally inconvenient but very rarely upsetting. I don't like having to lean forward to see my cock, and it would be very uncomfortable indeed to try to touch my knees with my chin, but being the sort of neurotic anorexic who panics about these things is a far more revolting concept to me.
>> No. 450326 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 8:55 pm
450326 spacer
The worst part for me is when you're sitting in a conference room with a camera at one end and you can see how you look from the side on the tv. It absolutely unnerves me to see my depth and the thought that the people around me can see me like it.

That and obviously the increased risk of serious illness and death.
>> No. 450361 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 8:13 am
450361 spacer
Being fat is a terrible form of self harm, but also a reversible choice. It’s not easy but with some lifestyle changes, and more importantly mindset changes, anyone can get down to a healthy weight and improve health and quality of life.
>> No. 450362 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 11:43 am
450362 spacer
Cheers Geoff.
>> No. 450363 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 1:29 pm
450363 spacer
I can never really take the idea that fat people should just change their lifestyle too seriously. I make no conscious effort to stay skinny, so I don't see why anyone should be judged for making no effort to become skinny and staying fat. In terms of effort, if not in terms of actual actions, they do exactly the same thing as I do and get different results. It's hardly fair to pretend that I'm Mr. Reasonable all worthy of praise for my self control and not just Mr. Unreasonably-Lucky.

Sure, it's for their own good to try and get their weight under control, but the fact they have to try at all is fate screwing them over.
>> No. 450364 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 1:40 pm
450364 spacer

Trust me, lad. They don't do the same thing you do.

My girlfriend has gone from a size 14 to a size 20 in the time we've been together I'm not a feeder and our diets aren't wildly different, apart from the fact she'll usually have a bowl of coco pops on an evening, will occasionally make herself something like flapjack or a treacle sponge pudding and she'll justify having a Mars bar now and then because she's got a headache or something and feels like she needs a boost.

You can't overlook how much overweight people snack, even if they attempt to do so.
>> No. 450365 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 1:57 pm
450365 spacer

Exactly, the problem is simply that they eat more stuff, and are consantly in denial about it. I won't pretend I eat especially healthily, in fact I eat a lot of shite; but I'm not fat because I don't eat too much in general.

If I munch down a full bag of M&Ms while I'm gaming, I will only have a very light meal that night, for instance. If I have a massive takeaway on a Saturday, I won't follow it up with a full English the next morning. If I have the full English I won't also have a massive sunday roast with all the trimmings, I'll just have a bit of pasta or a sandwhich later on.

The thing with fat people is that their mental calibration for how much food is a lot is skewed, and they often have this selective blindness where certain things just "don't count".

The thing is it's all about how much you eat. A thousand calory salad is effectively no better than a big mac meal. Of course other aspects of your health are determined by how much veg, or how much meat, or how much sugar etc you consume, but your weight is sheerly down to quantity.
>> No. 450366 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 3:21 pm
450366 spacer
Most of the food I eat is for entertainment. I'm so fucking bored with life as I know it, all that's left to do is eat. Just so happens that getting fatter makes it difficult to do anything else for enjoyment but eat. Thankfully I'm coming to a point where I'm too bored to even go shopping, so my intake is currently limited. 17 stone or there abouts.
>> No. 450367 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 3:37 pm
450367 spacer

>Exactly, the problem is simply that they eat more stuff, and are consantly in denial about it.

Remember that programme Channel 4 had a few years ago called Secret Eaters. It showed fat overweight people who honestly tried to tell Anna Richardson that they had no clue how they managed to put on the pounds. But then when they were followed around by hidden cameras for a week, it turned out that they were boshing down all kinds of unhealthy and high-calorie snacks in between meals that they somehow kept totally forgetting about.

One of my friends weighs almost 16 st. at 5'10'', and it's completely obvious how he got there. Whenever I'm at his house, there's a big bowl of treats like mini Mars or Milky Way bars on the livingroom coffee table, and when we're watching a movie together, he'll get through half of that bowl all on his own while I'll have no more than about four or five pieces at the most. And add to that about two pints of sugary fizzy drinks, which I tend to never drink at all, and the odd roll of Pringles crisps, of which I'll also only eat about a handful.

It's like Ricky Gervais once said. Fat people don't get fat behind their own back. They're just oblivious to the amount of excess calories they keep consuming.
>> No. 450368 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 4:48 pm
450368 spacer
I'm the same as you, but much less depressed than you clearly are. However, I'm probably a similar build to you since I'm lighter but I'm below average height. It's mouth-boredom. I have considered forcing myself into outdoor activities just so I'm doing something and will therefore be healthier even if I'm just shuffling around an art gallery or something.
>> No. 450369 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 7:42 pm
450369 spacer
As someone who is probably going to die of a fat-induced heart attack by the time he's 50, I think it shouldn't be understated how powerful the addictive element of food is. I've only had a BMI of <25 for about 6 months in my adult life, and was a 'normal' weight (i.e. I wore medium shirts) for about 2-3 years.

I always say: once a fat fuck, always a fat fuck. It didn't matter that I was 75kg, I had a 'fat brain' and it was always a struggle. Being a fat cunt has a marked effect not only on general brain function, but fat peoples' brains react similarly to addicts to food (https://www.nature.com/articles/srep34122). You can go cold turkey on cigs, but you can't go cold turkey on food.

In my case, putting the weight back on started at 6.37am on 14/09/2016, when a serious Event™ brought on a depression I've not been able to shake since. Part of depression is self-sabotaging behaviour: it wouldn't be an understatement to say that I spend hours a day thinking about my weight, yet I watch myself disconnectedly doing things to make it worse.
>> No. 450370 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 8:22 pm
450370 spacer

Have you tried getting addicted to exercise? I'm sure you've tried exercising generally, but I'm suggesting it more as a way to replace one addiction with another, healthier one. Going into it with that mindset might make the difference. It's infinitely easier than just stopping an addiction.
>> No. 450371 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 8:23 pm
450371 spacer
Without wanting to derail the thread, Scientific Reports is Nature Publishing Group's "open access" journal, where the authors front the mysterious costs that it apparently takes to make the journal available to the public. Every submission there is a potential £1,500 for the journal, and it absolutely is not held to the same peer review standards as other Nature journals, it's a real travesty that they have a nature.com address for it as a lot of people get duped into thinking they're reading Nature Nature.

It might sound like tin foil hat thinking, but as a research-active scientist I have never once read an article in Sci. Rep. that would have passed peer review at even lesser proper journals, and the journal really is a bit of a laughing stock

I'd advise a grain of low sodium, given the thread, salt when researching there.
>> No. 450372 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 8:33 pm
450372 spacer
I took to swimming some years ago which shed a lot of weight, even when I was eating a chinese takeaway once a week and regular pints of Ben & Jerries icecream. It really was great being able to move from stationary without having to pre-build momentum. I've since put the weight back on but that reality of fitness/weight loss it's always at the back of my mind - you've just gotta get over than initial reluctance and embarrassment. Infact I remember often walking into the sea with my eyes closed so to block out the thought of people viewing me with disgust.
Fuck, salt water swimming felt so healthy. The best thing I can remember of it, other than the deep relaxation and satisfaction in the muscles, was how the salt water would tighten my skin and work out all the oil and drebris from my clogged pours. I was so clean then, it was amazing.

Not them btw.
>> No. 450373 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 8:35 pm
450373 spacer
My joints are all fucked. EDS hypermobility type. It's getting worse with age. Many days my joints just make horrible crunching sounds.

When I lost weight the first time I did manage to get to the point where I'd get antsy if I missed a day in the gym, but exercise is generally pain and agony for me, and not just DOMS. I can't lift weights or do any sort of load-bearing exercise, and there are no swimming pools near me, so that limits me really to x-trainer and bikes at the gym, and I don't need to tell you how boring that can be.

A similar, although admittedly old report from the U.S. NIH.
>> No. 450374 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 9:02 pm
450374 spacer
Apparently she was 42. Not sure why the OP image is claiming she was 50.
>> No. 450377 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 10:02 pm
450377 spacer

Fat people's age can be difficult to guess. They don't get a lot of facial wrinkles.
>> No. 450378 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 10:23 pm
450378 spacer
We'll never truly know until they count the rings.
>> No. 450380 Anonymous
4th April 2022
Monday 12:36 am
450380 spacer

I grew up fat, and was fat well into my twenties. It sounds trite even as I entertain the thought, but I do think that the experience of being obese and chronically over eating is simply something you can't explain if you haven't been/aren't wired to end up there yourself. I obviously can only speak for me, but even just the thoughts shared in this thread lead me to believe it's not just me.

Like I say, was fat for a long time. I won't spend my time speculating on whether it's my mum's fault or it was a self destructive act or whatever, but what I will say is that once I decided I needed to not be fat anymore, it was ridiculously hard to gain a foothold. I'm a pretty intelligent person, I'm a quick learner, and in a short amount of time I became very well versed in nutrition, exercise and diet.

I knew exactly what I needed to do.
I knew exactly how to do it.
I even had the motivation to do it. I'd be at the gym every morning, I'd eat perfectly healthy meals, even count my calories in an app. I'd meticulously track my progress. Believe me when I say, I wasn't kidding myself - I knew exactly what I needed to do, and I was meticulously logging my calories.

But, and I'm not quite sure how else to explain this, every so often, sometimes after a week, sometimes after a month, it's like my brain would just blot this goal out from itself. I'd end up back in a shop, buying a whole load of snacks and shite to binge on, and at no point would I be thinking "I shouldn't be doing this". Usually after I'd finished eating all the shite I bought would I then go "oh fuck why did I do that, I'm supposed to be losing weight!". The only way I can describe it is that my mind decided to blank out my own sense of willpower or purpose, just so it could get some junk food. Perhaps this is similar to what >>450369's last sentence describes. I don't know, it sounds batshit when I type it, but that's exactly how it worked for me. And perhaps that's what's going on with these secret eater people, I don't know. I can certainly imagine the shame of doing this to yourself to be so great you can actually manage to lie to your own mind, and legitimately block out the mistakes you're making. But enough armchair psychology.

I didn't really ever figure a way around this, truthfully. A month long stay in hospital fighting appendicitis related infection meant I dropped about four stone there, and the abdominal surgeries I underwent seemed to limit my capacity for massively overeating too, so basically the free head start and accidental surgical alteration is the only reason I'm not still 20 odd stone. I still eat junk food in a way I can only really describe as a binge, they're just significantly smaller and further apart than they used to be, plus I'm very active, so I think that's why I can maintain a healthy weight, despite still eating like a fat person quite often.

I know that every time I have tried to explain my experiences to people when fat threads pop up, the response from people who aren't or have never been fat is just this hard line that no, you're fat because you eat too much, if you had eaten less, you'd not be fat - which, yes, is not incorrect, but there is never a willingness to explore the idea of why someone might do this to themselves, other than a rudimentary diagnosis of laziness, greed, or self hatred.

I think it goes much deeper than that. I think overeating to the point of obesity is unquestionably an eating disorder. It should be looked at the way we look at anorexia, or bulimia, but it simply is not. Why that might be the case, I'm not sure - maybe it's just that we only see obesity as greed, something ugly. Maybe it's because it's far more common, or because the line between "fat" and "dangerously fat" are very blurred, because of the amount of people who are overweight in some way or other in the west.

I really don't know, but I do hope that this doesn't just sound to thin people like I'm just trying to justify or explain my issues away, or just pretend to myself that it's not my fault. That's not the intention. I just think that we treat obesity as an outright choice, though we wouldn't treat other harmful self inflicted behaviours in the same way. Perhaps it would be too much to say that not many people are telling people who cut themselves to "just stop doing it, obviously", but you see what I mean, hopefully.
>> No. 450381 Anonymous
4th April 2022
Monday 12:40 am
450381 spacer
Great post. Very interesting.
>> No. 450382 Anonymous
4th April 2022
Monday 1:43 am
450382 spacer
I think this post lends credence to the existence of demonic, otherworldy, or interdimensional entities feeding off our 'loosh' energy.
>> No. 450384 Anonymous
4th April 2022
Monday 1:47 am
450384 spacer
>>450369 here.

Weirdly enough, the first time I lost weight, I remember getting out of bed for a piss at 4am, looking at myself in the mirror, and going "ah, shit.". After that, I followed the same path, become quickly versed in nutrition, religiously used MyFitnessPal, and for about 6 months that switch never flipped back, by which point a little indulgence was actually fine, and I quickly got over it and kept losing the weight.

I can't recapture that. Like you mentioned, I'll have a good week or two then as I say just... Watch myself have a big bag of crisps and a few cans, or grab a couple of slices of toast. I know rationally I shouldn't be doing it, yet I continue to do it. It's a about habit forming, I guess.
>> No. 450386 Anonymous
4th April 2022
Monday 3:24 am
450386 spacer

I suppose the complicated thing is that like a great many situations in life, there are a whole myriad of different reasons why it might happen to someone, some their fault, some that aren't, and all the shades between.

It's a bit like drugs, where people without compassion tend to just view all addicts as scum who should be lined up and shot, because getting hooked on smack is obviously your own fault. It's easy not to, after all, you just don't take smack. What could be simpler? Of course the truth is there are a great many reasons someone can find their life going down that path, the important part is how to best deal with it when it already has. There wherefores and apportioning blame don't matter so much as pulling someone out of it.

The trouble is though, often you can't help someone with this kind of issue unless you can get them to admit to themselves and confront the fact that they have a problem. I'm sure the alchie lads and anyone who's known proper druggies will be able to attest to that, and I think it's very much the same for People of Weight. That's why all the rhetoric of "fat acceptance" is dangerous, because it's not asking us just to see fatties in a more sympathetic light, it's basically an institutionalised form of the tragic alchie who insists the booze is doing them good.

Besdes that, I think for every case of overweight people with what we could genuinely call an eating disorder, I think it's fair to say there are as many who genuinely are just lazy gluttunous shits who don't give a fuck. I don't doubt you or your story, I'm absolutely sure a lot of fat people struggle under a similar kind of problem; but I think it would be naive to assume that's the case for everyone, and as a result approaching their problem as though that's what it is simply wouldn't work.

I know of one case, just personally and anecdotally, of a severely overweight colleague who was getting help from the NHS to lose weight, but she was completely self-sabotaging at every stage. She was intentionally throwing off the diet they put her on at first so she could get a gastric band, then when she got that, she quite remarkably forced herself to keep eating, despite the discomfort it caused, because her objective was to "prove" that these treatments didn't work, so the doctors would send her for a bypass surgery and liposuction. She was quite matter of fact about all this too. She wanted the easy way out, and she was prepared to put the work in to get it. It was astounding.

From a generally lefty perspective the temptation is to give everyone and everything the benefit of the doubt, but in general that's a big weakness of the far left nowadays. There has to be a line drawn where personal responsibility is upheld and encouraged, no matter how systemic an issue may be. Otherwise it is vulnerable to chancers like these, who generlly just abuse sympathy to abdicate themselves of any and all individual failing. Such people do exist.

The question is what do we do, from a pragmatic point of view, to help the people ho don't want to be helped? Should we even help them? Is it the place of a truly free society to intervene if someone earnestly decides they like cake more than the thought of living past 50? And if so, having made that decision of sound mind, do they deserve our derision? Can it be said that they were of sound mind, or do we class it the same way as someone habitually cutting themselves?
>> No. 450424 Anonymous
5th April 2022
Tuesday 1:15 am
450424 spacer
>the acrobat fatty scene

I think we all need to hear more about this.
>> No. 450425 Anonymous
5th April 2022
Tuesday 6:59 am
450425 spacer
It's a wordfilter. Think tumbling.
>> No. 451979 Anonymous
12th June 2022
Sunday 9:11 pm
451979 spacer
>>450364 here again.

I'm starting to think that my girlfriend has got too big. I know some of you lads have BBW fantasies, but it doesn't make for very practical sex. She doesn't go on top because it puts too much strain on her knees and she gets out of breath quite easily, missionary is doable but her belly has a habit of getting in the way so 90% of the time we have sex it's doggy style and the size her thighs and her lack of flexibility means there's not as much room for manoeuvre as I'd like. We've had sex three times in the past week but I only actually came during one of them, which she's taking very personally but probably is to do with the fact I'm less turned on by her.

She ordered herself dessert through Uber Eats yesterday so she's probably going to keep on getting bigger.
>> No. 451980 Anonymous
12th June 2022
Sunday 9:57 pm
451980 spacer


You need some equipment m8. A wedge positioner gives you loads of options for lifting things up and taking the weight off things. If you can persuade her to dabble in a light bondage, cuffs and restraints can hold things up and spread things out. If you trust yourself to find a joist, a sex swing gives you loads of options for gravity-defying shagging.
>> No. 451981 Anonymous
12th June 2022
Sunday 10:12 pm
451981 spacer

You really shouldn't need accessories like this to have sex. That kind of size is definitely already in unhealthy, life shortening territory.

The biggest lass I had sex with was just to the size that if she laid down on her front, her arse was too big and prefvented me being able to penetrate her cunt. Shame because that's definitely my favourite position with any other woman. Doggystyle was our most frequent position and that was fine, but with much more weight that wouldn't have been possible either.

I almost hooked up with her after nearly a year of corona frustration, but when I actually met up with her she had ballooned from relatively modest but definite BBW, to straight up fatty with the beginnings of squinty eyes from the face fat. Needless to say, didn't go there.


Anyway my sympathies otherlad, there's no realistic way you can persuade a woman to lose weight unless she decides for herself that she wants to. You either have to come to terms with it or make up your mind if it's worth leaving her over, I'm afraid. If she doesn't want to address it, she will get too fat for you to fuck.
>> No. 451982 Anonymous
12th June 2022
Sunday 10:26 pm
451982 spacer
It's over. Start looking for a normal, functioning woman.
>> No. 451985 Anonymous
13th June 2022
Monday 7:50 am
451985 spacer

>You really shouldn't need accessories like this to have sex.

You don't need them, but it's a lot more fun. You don't need to have sex in a bed, but I prefer it to a piss-stained alley behind a Wetherspoons. Not that I'm judging if you're into that sort of thing.
>> No. 451986 Anonymous
13th June 2022
Monday 9:32 am
451986 spacer
Might as well just use pillows. Everyone knows women love about 100 cushions on the bed so makes sense to actually use them for something.
>> No. 451987 Anonymous
13th June 2022
Monday 11:24 am
451987 spacer
>That doesn't meant be a cunt to fat people, but we shouldn't go out of our way to accommodate them with things like larger chairs as standard.

This sounds like being a cunt to me, sorry. You want fat people to be uncomfortable for no other reason than because they are fat.
>> No. 451988 Anonymous
13th June 2022
Monday 11:57 am
451988 spacer

Maybe they should do something about being fat then.
>> No. 451989 Anonymous
13th June 2022
Monday 12:44 pm
451989 spacer
Now you're getting it.

Yes it's hard because I'd wager most fatties are the victims of bad/overworked/underpaid parents who couldn't feed them properly, and the proliferation of fast food advertising/sugar in everything.

Those things need to be resolved before we can stop creating fatties in the community. But we do still need to acknowledge that being fat is bad and you shouldn't be fat, and should be encouraged not be fat.

It's basically doublethink to acknowledge that being fat is unhealthy/antisocial while also preaching fat acceptance. You can't have both, but we can encourage fatties working on themselves to feel good about their progress.
>> No. 451990 Anonymous
13th June 2022
Monday 1:10 pm
451990 spacer
I'm not sure this analogy holds for gayness or for certain disabilities. You don't choose to be gay, but you can choose not to shag other blokes. You don't choose to be autistic, but you can choose to attempt an emulation of normal human interaction, you don't choose to be mentally ill, but you can choose to pretend everything's fine for a while, and so on. It's just not the done thing to make these demands openly anymore, since we're accepting of gays and have to pretend to be accepting of developmental disorders and mental illness when people are looking.

Conflating "encouraging people to be fat" with "building infrastructure that accepts the reality that people are fat" just feels like a just-so story, a tale suggesting that if we didn't make plus size chairs, fat people would definitely go off and lose weight rather than taking the equally plausible route of gorging themselves as a way to offset the misery (and added energy requirements) of no longer being able to sit down, forced to support the weight of the Eiffel tower on their knees from 9 to 5 and then having to relax in their king-size-fits-one bed at home since the department of obesity prevention took their sofa away last Wednesday.
>> No. 451991 Anonymous
13th June 2022
Monday 1:36 pm
451991 spacer
>a tale suggesting that if we didn't make plus size chairs, fat people would definitely go off and lose weight rather than taking the equally plausible route of gorging themselves as a way to offset the misery (and added energy requirements) of no longer being able to sit down, forced to support the weight of the Eiffel tower on their knees from 9 to 5 and then having to relax in their king-size-fits-one bed at home since the department of obesity prevention took their sofa away last Wednesday.

It's not really to do with existing fat people, it's more about the message you're sending to society as a whole. If we accommodate obesity then it becomes seen as normalised and you'll end up with more heifers if they're brought up thinking it's a regular thing to do.
>> No. 451992 Anonymous
13th June 2022
Monday 2:04 pm
451992 spacer

Fat people furniture is an irrelevant garden path argument here. If businesses want to make some money catering to existing fat people, that's fine; if someone's an unrepentant huge fat cunt then it's well within their right as a free willed individual.

What we shouldn't do is let these fat rights morons guilt trip us to the extent we change our willingness to confront, address, and openly inform people about the health drawbacks of being obese. That's the slippery slope they want to pull us down, they want it to be so that calling fat people unhealthy is akin to calling black people criminals. They want it to be an -ism that you're socially prohibited from doing.

It's not equivalent, of course, but all the rhetoric around fat acceptance is built upon this premise. Fatphobia. The idea fat people are treated as second class citizens because we don't make seats on the tube double width, as though being fat is a disability that we/they can't do anything about. That's the premise which must be wholeheartedly rejected.
>> No. 451993 Anonymous
13th June 2022
Monday 2:23 pm
451993 spacer

Good point. It shouldn't be called shaming if you tell people that their physical shape or their lifestyle that leads to it is unhealthy. We have no qualms telling smokers that what they're doing leads to an early death, to the point of outright banning smoking in public places. While obesity and all the illnesses that it causes can be just as fatal.
>> No. 451994 Anonymous
13th June 2022
Monday 3:28 pm
451994 spacer

By the same token, it isn't necessarily very productive to expect people with eating disorders to cure themselves if we just hassle them about it. Eating yourself to death is just as much of a disorder as starving yourself to death, but we see excessive eating as the product of moral weakness rather than a symptom of psychological distress.

Awareness of the impacts of obesity and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are part of the solution, but only a small part. Most people know roughly what a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle look like, but they don't have the psychological tools to actually make that change.

When needle exchanges first opened, a lot of people said that it was just condoning and enabling drug abuse. That argument was proven to be complete rubbish. Needle exchanges achieved their primary goal of stopping people from catching HIV and Hep C, but they also created a non-judgemental link to healthcare that reduced overdose deaths and increased access to rehab services. People came in through the door wanting syringes and spoons, but they went out of the door with Naloxone kits and CPR training and referrals for addiction counselling. That only happened because the users of needle exchange services felt safe, supported and understood. They weren't being badgered, they were given the tools to help themselves.

Our current approach to obesity clearly isn't working and we won't fix anything by just pushing harder with a failed strategy.
>> No. 451996 Anonymous
13th June 2022
Monday 3:52 pm
451996 spacer

While this is true, applying this line of thought to the fat acceptance movement reduces it to a motte and bailey defence. That approach isn't what they are after, they really do just want the opposite extreme where being fat is seen as "normal and healthy", which it categorically isn't, and which they knowingly wish to deny the reality of.

What they want is more like if instead of the needle exchanges and the access to counselling, we just gave in and went "actually being a smackhead is grand, knock yourself out" and left it at that.
>> No. 451997 Anonymous
13th June 2022
Monday 5:41 pm
451997 spacer

I'm not defending the fat acceptance movement, I just think the line should be somewhere between "being fat is fine" and "fat people just need to sort themselves out".
>> No. 452052 Anonymous
16th June 2022
Thursday 3:28 pm
452052 spacer

The problem is the insidious nature of the disease. What is this generations utterly ridiculous, becomes next generations absolute truth. Because no one slapped some sense into these people to begin with with a very basic defense of the truth, because it would hurt their feelings. They will infiltrate every single major platform and start labeling anything counter to their version of reality as Xphobic and ban people who hold the opposite view point, regardless of the truth.

I firmly believe post modernist rhetoric is the lead in the water pipes of western society that will infect all our brains it is such a low grade basic bitch game to play. Pick something that the known reason why something has negative connotations, ignore them. Then say the real reason is dolphin rape and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, with cherry picked examples, and anyone who falls short in that regard will flock to your banner rather than self improve. It is a wonder the tobacco lobby hasn't jumped on hiring a couple of accedemics to argue negative views of tobacco is just dolphin rape towards the native Americans, I mean it is literally as valid and founded in reality as any of the rest of this rubbish.

No we shouldn't entertain it, because it is insincer charlatan rhetoric. Post moderns foundation is literally "The stuff we know is good is actually bad" that's it that is literally the entire underlying basis of it, just most followers never know enough about the history of it to understand the danger of what they spout they are just un it for the ego deflection, it is a total nihilistic disregard for what is actually positive, just a methodology to attack everything, and I hate it.
>> No. 452065 Anonymous
17th June 2022
Friday 3:40 am
452065 spacer
One, define post-modernism. Two, it's hyphenated, you complete dick. You cite not one example of anything you're whinging about which is strange considering you think "post-modernism is the lead in the pipes" of western society, presumably meaning you think it's a massive problem we all need to be aware of. You don't even suggest what the "good stuff" we're allegedly losing out on is. You're just complaining and complaining about nothing, which is the alpha and omega of modern right-wing thought. "Boohoo, we've been in the driving seat for 40 years and everything's shit. The government says I have to let currymunchers and poofs live in some of my 300 rental properties now! It's not fair!", piss yourself.

"Self improve" is on incredibly shaky grammatical ground too.
>> No. 452068 Anonymous
17th June 2022
Friday 11:17 am
452068 spacer
Why are you screaming about this. Post-modernist thought has rightly been the purview of dusty academic corners because it is inherently about applying a cultural relativism to the truth in order to deconstruct reality, with it's adherents also fundamentally applying a Marxist dialectic without recognising the inherent contradiction this creates. It's not a valid post-modernist deconstruction of body image to say that a doctor is mislead when he tells you your obesity is going to kill you and we can't have a discussion on the broader issue if there's no shared truths to operate from.

>"Boohoo, we've been in the driving seat for 40 years and everything's shit. The government says I have to let currymunchers and poofs live in some of my 300 rental properties now! It's not fair!", piss yourself.

Rather than spazzing out with this line of thought that instantly invalidates any point you make, why not actually pick up on the rights adoption of post-modernist and anti-liberal wank. Shit like the "driving seat" just makes anyone reading you picture the Guardian reading academic belittling the working class Brexit voter because he's white.
>> No. 452072 Anonymous
17th June 2022
Friday 1:12 pm
452072 spacer
I really like how a good point made by fat acceptance types ("My doctor told me my bones hurt because I was fat, turns out I actually had boneitis, which has now crippled me because they didn't catch it early.") is transmuted into "Fat people just want to be told it's perfectly healthy to be fat!"
It's almost fun to run with the smoker analogy here - how often does a doctor errantly assume that some health problem unrelated to someone smoking is actually a consequence of their smoking?

It definitely doesn't help their case that you can set aside all the complexity and ambiguity of medical diagnostics and just look at how people selectively read relatively unambiguous language when they know the person writing it is a fat woman.
>> No. 452074 Anonymous
17th June 2022
Friday 2:00 pm
452074 spacer

Nah. He's right, and the fact all you can do is throw out a trite strawman about him being some kind of Mail reading, beer bellied, Benidorm holidaying gammon says as much about you as it does anything else.

You know what he was on about and so does anyone else who's been sentient for the past decade. It's 2022 and Starbucks are holding trans employee's healthcare to ransom as a union-busting tactic, but retards like you are still making the same non-arguments nobody was buying in 2012. The cynicism is out in plain view and you still want to pretend it's a minor issue only grumpy old boomers are concerned about.

You're either a mug or you're a knowing enemy of the common man.
>> No. 452077 Anonymous
17th June 2022
Friday 2:57 pm
452077 spacer
I'm not screaming about anything, I'm pointing out how vapid his post was. There was nothing to it, just vaguely paranoid complaining about "post-modernism". The idea that this is some massive problem turning society inside out is preposterous, it's like being in 1970 and melting down over how "by the 90s everyone will be living in communes and be wrecked on acid". It's just not going to happen. The only academic bullshit isn't coming from me, it's you lot going on about how the "contradictions post-modernism creates within the Marxist dialectic" and your general over-intellectualising over niche, wedge, non-troversies. "In the driving seat" is a pretty common idiom and I'm not sure why it singles me out as the academic type, nor does making fun of 40 years of Thatcher/Reaganism make me the "enemy of the common man", you pompous idiot. And again, you're the ones starting and boosting threads about "fat pride", I didn't realise this was top of the agenda for the IWW. I don't see you posting anything about the coming rail strikes on here, but there's always time to bump the trans thread that's so old it'll be buying fags and voting any day now.

Ever since Cave Man Jack got way into mammoth brain meat and sent his cholesterol through the roof, some people have been unable to accept their, largely, self-imposed ailments. I was in hospital with a bloke who'd had three lung collapses and spent twenty minutes insisting to me his smoking had nothing to do with it and he wouldn't be quitting. This wasn't because he thought the doctor was a lying reactionary, he just really liked smoking and people are incredibly good at fibbing to themselves. That's all the "healthy at any weight" folk are doing, because changing deeply embedded, almost subconcious, behaviors is really hard. A tiny handful of these people make a living off promoting those ideas, but for most overweight people they basically internalise a kind of sunk cost fallacy, the same way all kinds of people do for all kinds of harmful acts. Already had four cans? Might as well polish off the other two before bed. Accidentally wasted 12 hours of your Saturday playing computer games? You can always shower tomorrow instead. The fact I'm the one who's being labled a subversive intellectual while you spout delusion bollocks regarding the reach, persausive abilities and harm of "post-modernism" is a fucking joke

>It's 2022 and Starbucks are holding trans employee's healthcare to ransom as a union-busting tactic
I don't know what the fuck this means, by the way. As far as I can tell from a quick internet search it's an American thing and as such I haven't the time for it, but it appears Starbuck's trans employees aren't falling for it either so don't sweat it.
>> No. 452078 Anonymous
17th June 2022
Friday 3:21 pm
452078 spacer

>lalala it's not real just go outside it can't hurt you it's only a few weirdos on the internet

That's what you sound like. If we are to indulge in standpoint theory (and I'd really rather not, but for the sake of argument) it's clear that you have the privilege of living in a social and professional environment where none of this stuff impacts you. But not all of us do, in fact increasingly few do.

>Starbuck's trans employees aren't falling for it either so don't sweat it

We will see. They're certainly to be commended for seeing through it, but it's not aimed at them. Just you wait. I'll be proved right again.
>> No. 452079 Anonymous
17th June 2022
Friday 3:41 pm
452079 spacer

ows idpol.png
>It's 2022 and Starbucks are holding trans employee's healthcare to ransom as a union-busting tactic
Just as planned.
>> No. 452080 Anonymous
17th June 2022
Friday 3:44 pm
452080 spacer
Has anyone who gets riled up at postmodernism ever really looked into the concept of postmodernity itself?
I'm no philosopher and maybe I've just outright cracked, but it's always made more sense to me when you put aside all the tedious social issues or obscure americans saying something bizarre and look at the evolution of something like political economy. You've got this nice clean evolution from the classical economists to Keynes. The classical economists mostly say the government shouldn't interfere with things, then Keynes comes along and goes "hang on, we'll stop having all these depressions and panics if the government stabilises the economy." and the government does.
That's your modernism - we've solved the major issue in economics, we've set up a nice stable system where you don't have to worry about unemployment and all that nonsense, so you get a nice consumer boom, everyone's happy. Clear line of historical progress. Then bang, in the 1970s along comes an oil crisis, and along come the neoclassical economists, and they go: "No, hang on, actually Keynes was wrong and the classics were right, the government shouldn't meddle, and we can prove it mathematically." The nice modernist progression of history is broken - if you're a Keynesian, it broke the minute the neoclassicals kicked your lot out. If you're a neoclassical, it broke when Keynes started interfering. Either way, now we're in a brave new world where the only way forward is backwards. But in a way that's much more nostalgic than reactionary - the anomaly isn't so much that people started looking backwards, as that they stopped looking forwards.
yes, this is an incredible oversimplification of the economics of it, but I've spent enough time reading about it to know that it's not worth being more accurate.
You could do the same with Marxism - Marx always getting tied up in arguments about postmodernism despite being a modernist. Same basic thing - he does his theories, the revolutions break out across the world, the USSR rapidly industrialises, becomes a superpower with China close behind... and then the USSR collapses and China's communist party tells you to follow in their footsteps by starting your own business empire.

And time and again that same basic pattern - big idea breaking with the past, crisis, weirdness - that keeps recurring. Look at postwar housing developments - after the war we knock down the slums and you get all your nice modernist tower blocks and new towns, all rationally planned to meet the population's needs and all that. People are confident that we've got all the modern planning knowledge we need to get it right. Then decay sets in, the grand plans don't work out, people sour on tower flats, then you slowly wind up with right to buy whittling away the very concept of public housing, and now we're sitting with our current mess of a housing market with the main consensus being that although it's a disaster zone, there's no easy way to fix it. That muddle, that indecisiveness, that lack of certainty, that's far more postmodern than any fat studies course.
>> No. 452084 Anonymous
17th June 2022
Friday 4:06 pm
452084 spacer
How am I the privileged one for not having the carefree life of riley one must presumably have to find oneself upset about the fat acceptance movement? Such that this vanishingly niche group can be called a movement. Enjoy your race war chat with your new, anti-OWS mate.

I'd love to who "they" are, Jewhatelad?
>> No. 452086 Anonymous
17th June 2022
Friday 4:29 pm
452086 spacer
>The only academic bullshit isn't coming from me, it's you lot going on about how the "contradictions post-modernism creates within the Marxist dialectic" and your general over-intellectualising over niche, wedge, non-troversies

You tried to browbeat him about not understanding what post-modernism is and now you're getting a highbrow response back, one calibrated in precisely the way this site will understand, you're recoiling in horror.

You sounds like you would enjoy James.C Scott's Seeing Like a State.

But no it's somewhat easy to take a liberal enlightenment refutation of this line of thinking, there's a clear grand narrative at work across history focused on the empowered individual and what that means. You don't build top-down housing and at the same time you don't fall for the neo-liberal con that it naturally follows (through discredited models) that a shrivelling state won't mean a loss of human action to the big fish.

You defeat utopianism, authoritarians and shysterism with a bullshit detector.

The 'well funded academics' clearly means CIA and other government assets as they themselves been very open about in the past. I think even the otherplace understands this what with 'glowies' and what-not.
>> No. 452090 Anonymous
18th June 2022
Saturday 7:03 am
452090 spacer

>I'd love to who "they" are, Jewhatelad?

Come on Corbyn, you lost already, that was years ago!
>> No. 452107 Anonymous
18th June 2022
Saturday 8:18 pm
452107 spacer

Person you were replying to here. Others have defended me but I think it is worth explaining myself...

>define post modernism

I would define post modernism at a most basic level as modernism applied to modernism. Modernism is a principle that defined the enlightenment of holding a critical eye to behaviour in order to establish institutions that were positive, by asking the question of are the things we assumed to be good good, and what would good look like, usually with a liberal bias, this lead to such concepts as the application of rationality and the scientific method, under the premise that the truth is good, and all men being equal utilitarianism and even communism. What post modernism is is questioning of those institutions and the conclusions of those institutions, upto and including science.

If for example medical science says being fat is bad because of various underlying explanations, post modernism doesn't care if a bias is based on evidence what it cares about is there is a bias, if doctors say being fat is bad it is because they are bigots. This is linked in to the rhetoric of dialectic materialism aka communism/Marxism but with the underlying key points about power erased, this is the so called 'cultural Marxism', it has the same model of the status quo and the oppressor, but it has adopted the default opinion of minority opinion =good, regardless of context. Communism has the end goal that we are all equal that is its truth. Cultural Marxism is regularly the rhetoric of the same system of power and inequality that is currently existent but wants the leviathan to have a pair of tits and non white skin, it isn't about changing the system it is about changing the position of the players, it actually gives no thought to an end goal just that we play musical chairs. For all of the dressing up, it thinks men are bad, being Christian is bad white is bad, being educated is bad, being able bodied is bad, for no other reason than that these things are generally accepted as being between good or benign. The snake eats it's own tail occasionally as a result, gay men in my lifetime have achieved a great deal of acceptance in society and as a result they are started to be excluded by this rhetoric from the movements they built for the crime of being quite reasonable.

It is devoid of end goal it is just the rhetoric of compliant.
>> No. 452113 Anonymous
18th June 2022
Saturday 9:52 pm
452113 spacer
>I'd love to who "they" are, Jewhatelad?
Sorry m7 but since I'm not a racialist, I don't conflate super-wealthy elites who conspire to keep themselves rich with Jews. Nice job proving the point made in the image though.
>> No. 452317 Anonymous
2nd July 2022
Saturday 4:37 pm
452317 spacer
This seemed relevant to all our cunt-offs we were having about obesity earlier. Not to mention an actually interesting mystery - I had no idea lab animals were getting fatter, or any of the unexpected correlations like obesity-vs-altitude.
>> No. 452320 Anonymous
2nd July 2022
Saturday 9:29 pm
452320 spacer

It's not a mystery at all though. That article goes on at length about what people eat and all the weird coincidences we can observe when we look at the statistics, but it doesn't even touch once, in the entire thing, on how much people eat.

It's really, really, really, REALLY fucking simple. If you eat too much, you get fat. People nowadays eat too much. Simple as that. Literally. You could eat a diet consisting solely and entirely of nothing but 100% lard, but as long as you only eat between 1800-2200 calories worth of it a day, you won't get fat. You'll get scurvy, all sorts of gastrointestinal issues, and a host of other shit, but you won't get fat. I really don't understand why we have to keep pretending it's some great unanswerable question like the fucking Fermi paradox or the origins of the universe, because it fucking isn't.

The real question is why can't people stop stuffing their faces? Why do they eat too much? I think it's fairly easy to see that there's some correlation with food abundance. For an awful lot of people, food is more easily obtained and affordable than ever, but we haven't developed the necessary self control to stop us overindulging on it. We also have a bunch of other factors like the unique existential torment of modern life that make us comfort eat. For the wealthy it's simple decadence, but a lot of poor people are fat because constantly eating shite while they watch Gogglebox is one of the few ways they can mitigate the abject misery of their existence.

Anyway all that aside, I suspect it'll become a self-correcting problem in about 50 years, when the continued effects of climate change and the human population approaching 18 billion start to strain the planet's agricultural capacity. Can't send fatties into space either, they use more fuel.
>> No. 452321 Anonymous
2nd July 2022
Saturday 9:56 pm
452321 spacer
>it doesn't even touch once, in the entire thing, on how much people eat.
You should probably read page 2.
>> No. 452322 Anonymous
2nd July 2022
Saturday 11:07 pm
452322 spacer

Ah. That website is very poorly laid out then. Well ,the second page, wherein they bullshit around humans somehow being able to defy the laws of thermodynamics, and then straight up admit the facts, before handwaving them with no real justification:

>It’s true that people eat more calories today than they did in the 1960s and 70s, but the difference is quite small. Sources have a surprisingly hard time agreeing on just how much more we eat than our grandparents did, but all of them agree that it’s not much. Pew says calorie intake in the US increased from 2,025 calories per day in 1970 to about 2,481 calories per day in 2010.

Well, I mean. If you think a full on 20% increase is "quite small" then that quite handily explains why it's such a baffling mystery. Because you're thick as fuck.

>Studies of controlled overfeeding — you take a group of people and get them to eat way more than they normally would — reliably find two things. First, a person at a healthy weight has to eat huge amounts of calories to gain even a couple pounds. Second, after the overfeeding stops, people go right back to the weight they were before the experiment.

Here again, they're trying to use evidence that directly supports this "CICO" as they call it, to argue against it. Yes, you have to eat a lot to gain weight in such a short space of time- 3 months in the study they cite (which they also admit doesn't even state how many calories were used), but if you're eating just a bit over the healthy amount for your entire life, it's going to have a cumulative effect. And I mean, let's just copy and paste this bit again.

>after the overfeeding stops, people go right back to the weight they were before

You don't fucking say.

It's fat apologist bollocks mate.
>> No. 452323 Anonymous
2nd July 2022
Saturday 11:25 pm
452323 spacer

Did you get rejected by a fat lass or what, mate?
>> No. 452324 Anonymous
2nd July 2022
Saturday 11:46 pm
452324 spacer

>A Chemical Hunger – Part I
>Ah. That website is very poorly laid out then.
Absolute div.
>> No. 452325 Anonymous
2nd July 2022
Saturday 11:47 pm
452325 spacer
Why? If it were that important they'd have put it on page 1 where people will read it.
>> No. 452326 Anonymous
2nd July 2022
Saturday 11:47 pm
452326 spacer

Do you reckon she actually turned him down or did she suggest rescheduling the date in her second text message?
>> No. 452327 Anonymous
3rd July 2022
Sunday 1:00 am
452327 spacer

Stop replying to yourself, fatlad.
>> No. 452328 Anonymous
3rd July 2022
Sunday 1:27 am
452328 spacer
It's late enough that you could have just pretended to be asleep, but arrogance took ahold instead.
>> No. 452331 Anonymous
3rd July 2022
Sunday 1:52 pm
452331 spacer

He's right though, you really do need to stop blaming everyone and everything else for your obesity and rake some self control. It's like the lads in /emo/ or the resting actor thread. We can be here to support you, but we can't do it for you.

Only you can stop stuffing entire fucking cheesecakes down your neck at 3am, you lardy bastard.
>> No. 452332 Anonymous
3rd July 2022
Sunday 2:24 pm
452332 spacer
See, the difference is I made fun of him because he actually can't read. Or rather he can, he just doesn't make the effort, which is worse. You're just making things up even though you've apparently got no dog in this fight, which is more indicative of your own brain-failings than anything. I'll admit this is speculation on my part, but I'm quite confident I'm better in almost every way than you and will likely outlive you as well. Not least because your unprovoked hostility speaks to a mind prone to emotional outbursts, which would suggest you're more at risk of suicide than most men.

Anyway, I need to get back to looking for a new pair of running shoes since my last ones got too raggedy. Feel free to spend the next half-an-hour trying to have a pop about how it was my colossal mass that caused the damage, not their regular usage.
>> No. 452333 Anonymous
3rd July 2022
Sunday 2:47 pm
452333 spacer
I'm fat as balls and it's fantastic. I'm not blaming anyone. I am positively jolly. You ever meet a thin person? They're always so insecure and angry, picking anonymous fights on obscure imageboards when they find out that it's actually been perfectly fine all this time to eat things that are delicious.

And as I type this, in Wimbledon on the TV, the oddly-squidgy-for-a-professional-athlete Jelena Ostapenko has just taken the lead against bony unknown Tatjana Maria.
>> No. 452336 Anonymous
3rd July 2022
Sunday 2:53 pm
452336 spacer

I was about to make fun of you for spelling her name incorrectly as the search engine did a "Did you mean ___?" But the spelling mistake is that you used an l instead of a ļ and that's some nonsense. Nobody has time to look up how to input ļ.
>> No. 452337 Anonymous
3rd July 2022
Sunday 3:16 pm
452337 spacer
>Only you can stop stuffing entire fucking cheesecakes down your neck at 3am, you lardy bastard.

This, despite it all, is what it boils down to. I skimmed it yesterday whilst being thoroughly annoyed that there's no abstract or contents page for the pleasure of the fucking nerd who put the site together.

They blame lithium contamination for having damaged our brains - or rather the lipostat. That seems a cromulent given the evidence until you dig deeper, mainly that they didn't bother looking at trace lithium dosage by country for correlation (because they're stupid Americans) and we'd know if we were being slowly poisoned by lithium given it's other side effects like death. It also seems questionable to me that modern hunter-gatherers wouldn't suffer lithium exposure compared to wild animals that they're eating.

Second theory is long-chain polymers but despite all the words dedicated to it nobody has been able to explain the mechanism by which a material THAT EXPLICITELY EXISTS BECAUSE IT DOES NOT REACT OR BREAKDOWN would react with our bodies. There's not much to this, evil corporations etc. maybe it's true like the whole lead fiasco with something else catalysing but I don't see it. It's something your mum would believe.

Third is gut-bacteria reacting with antibiotics which I have a soft-spot for but humanity is in its infancy when it comes to playing with our poo. It also doesn't explain why damaging a gut biome would almost universally cause obesity and why skinny/fat twins exist given you can't perform accurate gut-biome experiments when tests subjects live together. If you want to lose weight then hang out with skinny people.

But we all know that obesity is one of those things life fucks you with and you have to deal with. We know that eating proper food is a really good idea even if we don't really know why and especially when it's combined with exercise and big manly muscles. Ultimately people have trouble keeping weight off but it doesn't mean diets are wrong, it means losing weight once you put it on (and especially as you age) is extremely hard and your own body fights you which gets worse the longer you stay fat like when you quit smoking. It likes to point out that Penn Jillette did the potato diet and it really worked but misses how he's kept it off.

On an unrelated note; supermarkets should only provide a small amount of processed food sold in plain packaging like Tesco Value used to be. You go in, pick up your cheap chicken, potato and carrots in non-descript packaging, maybe a little dry seasoning and then you leave with a *tiny* bar of victory chocolate. The blandest shopping experience of your life. I'd shop at such a place all the time.
>> No. 452338 Anonymous
3rd July 2022
Sunday 3:28 pm
452338 spacer

Seriously can you imagine the ideological void it would offer. I know that packaging influences taste and people are cheap dopamine junkies but it would be like IKEA where the joy comes from turning base ingredients into meals. Call me a communist all you want but if someone did it well then I bet they would blow Aldi and Lidl out the water.
>> No. 452339 Anonymous
3rd July 2022
Sunday 3:54 pm
452339 spacer
I'm not opposed to bland packaging or full communism but you can fuck off if you think you're stopping me from scoffing one of those blocks of chocolate the size of a laptop just because some other people struck the bad luck to get fat doing the same. It's like the man of steel himself put it: Quantity has a quality all of its own.
>> No. 452340 Anonymous
3rd July 2022
Sunday 4:44 pm
452340 spacer
We'll just wait until the combination of diabetes and teeth trouble leave you powerless to oppose the healthy conspiracy. You can't win this battle, chocolate-man.

Now go eat some malt loaf.
>> No. 452341 Anonymous
3rd July 2022
Sunday 5:06 pm
452341 spacer
She lost, anyway, thereby ruining my argument. She doesn't deserve diacritics.
>> No. 452344 Anonymous
3rd July 2022
Sunday 5:33 pm
452344 spacer

Goodness me lad.

Tell you what, why don't we both post a picture of our cocks? It seems like the only way to truly settle this.
>> No. 452345 Anonymous
3rd July 2022
Sunday 6:07 pm
452345 spacer
I can't be the only one wondering if she ever posted nudes anywhere.
>> No. 452347 Anonymous
3rd July 2022
Sunday 6:32 pm
452347 spacer

Yandex image search says no, sadly.
>> No. 452348 Anonymous
4th July 2022
Monday 12:12 am
452348 spacer
You go first m8.
>> No. 452349 Anonymous
4th July 2022
Monday 12:47 am
452349 spacer

>> No. 452355 Anonymous
4th July 2022
Monday 9:02 am
452355 spacer
Do fat people, in general, make the worst parents? I've noticed that when I do the school run if I hear someone screaming at their kids, often the kid hasn't really done anything wrong to justify that reaction, it's almost always a fat woman. I'm guessing it's because it's easier for them to shout than actually move their arses.
>> No. 452356 Anonymous
4th July 2022
Monday 9:10 am
452356 spacer
That would explain why you are how you are.
>> No. 452357 Anonymous
4th July 2022
Monday 9:37 am
452357 spacer
Are you worried that your fat mum is going to end up shagging one of the chublads?
>> No. 452358 Anonymous
4th July 2022
Monday 9:43 am
452358 spacer
Nah, you're on your own there.
>> No. 452361 Anonymous
4th July 2022
Monday 11:46 am
452361 spacer

Poor women (but not poor men) are disproportionately likely to be obese. There are a lot of reasons why being poor makes it harder to be a good parent.
>> No. 452362 Anonymous
4th July 2022
Monday 11:52 am
452362 spacer
I'm pretty sure paedophiles, drug addicts and mentally unstable cultists all make worse parents than fatties, to give an honest answer to your question.
>> No. 452364 Anonymous
4th July 2022
Monday 12:46 pm
452364 spacer
Why do you always have to bring his mum into it?
>> No. 452365 Anonymous
4th July 2022
Monday 2:59 pm
452365 spacer

Yo momma so fat, the userbase of dot gee ess fancies her.

Anyway, while we're on the subject, why are women more likely to be fat than men? I propose it's because women are less capable of self responsibility, which we have already firmly established to be the root cause of fat.
>> No. 452366 Anonymous
4th July 2022
Monday 3:45 pm
452366 spacer
It's all biblical innit, the first thing Eve did was stuff her face without thinking of the consequences.
Us blokes should set about finding Eden again and asking that big flaming sword of a doorman if we can get back in since it wasn't our fault we broke the rules, a fat bird put us up to it while we were in a state of diminished capacity.
>> No. 452367 Anonymous
4th July 2022
Monday 4:53 pm
452367 spacer
Why does it have to be the fault of too much food, rather than not enough exercise? Society is undeniably more sedentary than it used to be. And while I absolutely could not ever walk my way to abs, it's worth considering that it's harder to eat while pushing a hoop down a cobbled street with a stick than it is to eat while watching TikTok in your bedroom.
>> No. 452368 Anonymous
4th July 2022
Monday 5:41 pm
452368 spacer

We're definitely less active than previous generations, but it takes a remarkably high level of physical activity to seriously shift the balance of calories. It's very easy to eat way too much and very hard to substantially increase your caloric expenditure.

You need to walk a mile to burn off the calories in a single chocolate digestive. If (as a lot of people do) you think nothing of scoffing half a packet of biccies over the course of an evening, nothing short of getting a job as a hod carrier is going to redress the balance. A single chocolate digestive per day in excess of your calorie requirements amounts to half a stone per year of weight gain.

My diet consists mostly of tea, rollies and half-eaten sandwiches, but for normal people it's incredibly hard to maintain a healthy weight in our current food culture. There are too many cheap and tasty treats on offer, too many inducements to eat, too many well-meaning people who foist food on others out of a misguided sense of generosity.

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