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>> No. 10694 Anonymous
1st August 2017
Tuesday 5:48 pm
10694 spacer
What radio stations do you listen to?

I hop between Virgin, Radio X and Magic.
Expand all images.
>> No. 10695 Anonymous
1st August 2017
Tuesday 6:53 pm
10695 spacer
Youtube streams fulfil that purpose for me now. If I don't feel like selecting my own music I just open youtube and type the genre i want + 'stream' (or 'mix')

Unless you actively enjoy the intermittent babbling of tedious presenters and 10% of the airtime filled with ads, I'm not sure why you would choose to listen to the radio.
>> No. 10696 Anonymous
1st August 2017
Tuesday 7:25 pm
10696 spacer
Thanks for reminding me Xfm had become even more soulless.
>> No. 10697 Anonymous
1st August 2017
Tuesday 8:20 pm
10697 spacer
>Unless you actively enjoy the intermittent babbling of tedious presenters and 10% of the airtime filled with ads, I'm not sure why you would choose to listen to the radio.

That does annoy me but I need something to listen to on the commute, when I take a break from my own music.
>> No. 10698 Anonymous
1st August 2017
Tuesday 8:40 pm
10698 spacer
Still got a soft spot for KEXP.org's stream (and podcasts and archives)
>> No. 10699 Anonymous
2nd August 2017
Wednesday 12:28 pm
10699 spacer
Radio 3, Humberside for Hull commentary (fuck you Viking #allamout) and I occasionally listen to various German stations if the music's going to be any good. Radio 4 is good for the documentaries and PM, the rest is jokes about middle class people eating hummus.
>> No. 10702 Anonymous
2nd August 2017
Wednesday 11:05 pm
10702 spacer
It's a shame DAB didn't take off - its fucking ace. My new car has a DAB and its a game changer.

Radio 4
Radio 5 live
Sometimes Radio X
>> No. 10703 Anonymous
2nd August 2017
Wednesday 11:16 pm
10703 spacer

The problem with DAB, especially early on, was the signal. Half the time I can't find the station at all, and when you do but it's weak, the sound it makes is horrific compared to a bit of FM fuzz.

Plus I think plugging in your iPod came around at the same time. All I do now is stream shite on my phone.
>> No. 10709 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 8:16 am
10709 spacer
>> No. 10726 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 6:33 pm
10726 spacer

It's infuriating.
>> No. 10728 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 6:46 pm
10728 spacer

It really is.
>> No. 10729 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 7:05 pm
10729 spacer
I used to listen to Kerrang when I was a teenager. It was great, the music was good, the DJs were good. Then it slowly turned to shite, the owners fired all the good DJs, and it turned into a bunch of work experience kids playing enter sandman and smells like teen spirit on loop.
Eventually the owners binned it and replaced it with planet rock. It was a bit pants but it was decent enough to listen to in the car. A couple of years ago they binned that too and replaced it with Absolute 90s.
I switched to teamrock radio (it used to be DAB but by the time I started listening they'd switched to internet streaming only.) Teamrock radio was great, but they started running out of money last year and got rid of all the live DJs, then they went bankrupt before Christmas.
Now I'm listening to primordial radio which was formed by a couple of ex-teamrock DJs. It's better than nothing but they don't play as heavy music as I like.
Teamrock radio has been re-launched by the new owners, but they've locked down their stream so it only plays on their website or their own app which makes it useless for me.
>> No. 10748 Anonymous
8th August 2017
Tuesday 10:04 pm
10748 spacer

I bought a DAB site radio just so I could listen to it at work.

There's no adverts because it's BBC and they play a good variety of music. I used to listen to triple j when I lived in Australia and this is the only UK station I've found that is similar.

As a bonus for the .gs listener, at around 1pm every day you can catch the Blackout Crew putting a donk on whatever song is being played.
>> No. 10751 Anonymous
9th August 2017
Wednesday 8:53 am
10751 spacer


Do you listen to are Nige or O'brien?

Also I think the image would be better with Paul Dacre, instead of Hopkins
>> No. 10752 Anonymous
9th August 2017
Wednesday 12:13 pm
10752 spacer

It's O'Brien, you jackeen.
>> No. 10753 Anonymous
9th August 2017
Wednesday 12:35 pm
10753 spacer
I don't listen to LBC but I get the impression O'Brien is the only progressive voice on it.
>> No. 10754 Anonymous
9th August 2017
Wednesday 2:19 pm
10754 spacer
Yeah LBC comes off a bit too conservative with a hidden Brexit agenda.
>> No. 10755 Anonymous
9th August 2017
Wednesday 5:09 pm
10755 spacer
I listen to whoever's on at the time. I fucking hate James O'Brien. He's who I mostly listen to because I have no friends and eat my lunch in the car.

I don't find Nige's show very interesting, Nick Ferarri and Iain Dale I enjoy. I can't stand the bloke on late at night with his bloody soundboard, it's just bloody irritating. Maajid Nawaz is really good and normally very sensible.
>> No. 10756 Anonymous
9th August 2017
Wednesday 5:11 pm
10756 spacer
Do they just use him to give off the impression of balance?
>> No. 10757 Anonymous
9th August 2017
Wednesday 5:18 pm
10757 spacer
>Maajid Nawaz is really good and normally very sensible.
Really? He's an obnoxious child.

>> No. 10758 Anonymous
9th August 2017
Wednesday 5:59 pm
10758 spacer
You're the exact opposite of me. I think O'Brien is brilliant, and enjoy Nick Abbot (the soundboard guy). Can't stand Ferarri (Establishment-worshipping blowhard) or Dale (sinisterballs).

Nawaz reminds me of Sam Harris: a stupid person's idea of what a smart person is like. That whole Tommy Robinson affair shows how he is little more than publicity-seeking showman. That said Hasan is fucking awful, too.
>> No. 10759 Anonymous
10th August 2017
Thursday 10:04 pm
10759 spacer

Here's part of the reason I can't stand him.

>> No. 10760 Anonymous
10th August 2017
Thursday 10:09 pm
10760 spacer
There isn't much wrong with what he said. These kids need help. They aren't a crutch for your racist worldview. Have a word with yourself.
>> No. 10761 Anonymous
10th August 2017
Thursday 10:23 pm
10761 spacer
What's wrong with that? Is it because he didn't set himself up as a defender of capital C Civilisation like Ferrari would, and go on to opine about the eskimo Problem?
>> No. 11056 Anonymous
9th July 2018
Monday 8:34 pm
11056 spacer
Mostly listening to Rinse for music that's normally hard to come by
>> No. 11057 Anonymous
9th July 2018
Monday 9:14 pm
11057 spacer
Resonance FM is the only station I can stand.
>> No. 11058 Anonymous
9th July 2018
Monday 10:13 pm
11058 spacer
Seeing as this thread has been necrobumped, I'll post a link to the Twente WebSDR receiver. It's a wideband radio receiver that you can tune in your browser. Switch it to AM modulation, scan to the marple sections of the band and you'll find all sorts of weird foreign shortwave broadcasts.

>> No. 11059 Anonymous
10th July 2018
Tuesday 9:49 pm
11059 spacer
That is ridiculously fucking good - I own a couple of SDRs but they often have fairly terrible user-interfaces.
>> No. 11060 Anonymous
12th July 2018
Thursday 4:41 pm
11060 spacer

Was it Banksy who said you can get away with anything in public as long as you're wearing a high-viz vest and a portable radio blasting Magic FM at max volume? Either way I hate Magic FM since it the was the only station they ever played at the 24/7 sandwich factory I used to work at. Also never buy a Ginsters sandwich that contains chicken.
>> No. 11061 Anonymous
12th July 2018
Thursday 4:44 pm
11061 spacer

>Also never buy a Ginsters sandwich that contains chicken.

I can probably guess, but why? MSM sludge?
>> No. 11062 Anonymous
12th July 2018
Thursday 6:32 pm
11062 spacer
Who would buy a ginsters sandwhich anyway?
>> No. 11063 Anonymous
12th July 2018
Thursday 7:43 pm
11063 spacer

There's one specific market they've cornered and it's service stations at 3am. It's the only thing they sell in the WHSmiths in those places so once the Mcdonalds shuts you're fucked.
>> No. 11064 Anonymous
12th July 2018
Thursday 8:56 pm
11064 spacer
Can't be as bad as ASDA FM. At night, it's been the same playlist in roughly the same order for the best part of 5 years.
>> No. 11065 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 5:00 pm
11065 spacer
They are Tory donors. Never buy Ginsters.
>> No. 11066 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 5:11 pm
11066 spacer

Oh shut up. Never voted Tory in my life and can't stand em but Ginsters make good pasties (albeit shit sandwiches), and no company is entirely ethical under capital, if the bosses want to donate to them it's their dosh. Sorry for being grumpy but I remember the endless whinging flyers about Nestle a few years back putting me off boycotts forever.
>> No. 11067 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 5:59 pm
11067 spacer

Nestle are actually properly evil, though. I do remember the endless whining about it cerca 2001 or so making me wish it, and all the annoying cunts who kept going on about it, would all just go away. Unfortunately they kind of sorta had a point, despite being whinging hippy fucks.

By comparison, making donations to a political party made up of shape shifting lizards seems almost benign, to be frank.
>> No. 11068 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 7:15 pm
11068 spacer
They're also Cornish.
>> No. 11073 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 7:39 pm
11073 spacer
>no company is entirely ethical under capital
You can shut up yourself, I hate people who say this, it's just a lame excuse for not bothering to make good choices and you know it.
>> No. 11074 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 8:10 pm
11074 spacer

I mean, how many of us would be taking the 'baby milk snatcher' job at Nestle? Is it still unethical to work there if you're in the Fruit Pastille division?
>> No. 11075 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 10:33 pm
11075 spacer


The factory I worked in was in the Midlands and I believe one of the largest of its kind in the country. We made sandwiches for Tesco, Ginsters and some M&S lines too. There is no difference in quality between the Tesco and M&S ingredients; call the price difference a middle class tax.

Cooked chicken breasts came in 10kg polythene bags that were defrosted overnight. All of it came from Thailand and was between 12 to 18 months old. I remember this distinctly because it made no sense to me then, nor does it now, how the refridgeration and transport costs could possibly come out cheaper than simply purchasing local, fresh chicken. The Ginsters chicken stood out because instead of the usual white colour is was that somewhat purplish tone usually associated with inner thigh or drumstick meat. They were also uniquely stingy in their requirements and their fare would contain only around 60% the chicken you'd get in an equivalent Tesco sandwich. And less mayo. And less bacon, if it was included. Bacon incidentally also came pre-cooked and frozen, months old from various sources in Poland and sometimes Denmark.

It was a very interesting experience and for the record it didn't put me off chicken sandwiches for good. Cheapo ham sandwiches however are another matter. I've always been a bit iffy about processed meats despite my dearth of Inuit heritage and seeing it being prepared in the pink (as it were) has given me a firm and lifelong aversion.

Ham came in square cylinders - shut up, you know what I mean - of about two feet in length. While there are an exotic variety of slicing machines for other meats and cheeses in a separate preperatory room, ham was unique in that it was taken directly to the production line to be inserted into its own apparatus which straddled the conveyor belt. Fed in from above, said device would rock from side to side as it deposited wafer-thin folds like a slimy, haram Vienetta with a noise that somehow rose above the general cacophany of a busy factory floor. Two glistening, wobbling appendages, eerily fluorescent and of uncertain compostion slowly being devoured by this awkward, banging contraption. It was reminiscent of a child's depiction of a naked man drowning, or at least being fed into a very lazy woodchipper. No thanks.

You might think getting tired of sandwiches would be a natural part of the job, and I imagine it was for old hands but by the time I arrived the canteen actually charged for the spare ones so I rarely ate them. This tight-fistedness was particularly galling as waste in the factory, while small relative to the amount of acceptable products, was more than enough to feed the staff ten times over in a given shift. Once the allocated quota of sandwiches had been boxed, any remaining finished or half-finished ones were discarded. Any boxed ones that were too far under or over the target weight were sent up to be eaten by staff. Having to pay near-market price for them was, frankly, a bit of an insult.

I don't recall anything off-putting about the other ingredients but this was some years ago at a particularly unhappy juncture of my life. It was an 80 minute trek to a job where almost everyone was from Asia or Eastern Europe and who split off into their own linguistic groups at breaktime. The few British employees were mostly management and far removed from the rest of us. The handful that worked alongside me had long formed their own clique, including the owner's son who rightfully was told he was to work his way up from the bottom. Though surely it's easier to slog your way through the drudgery of a production facility when you're safe in the mind that one day you'll be running the damn thing. So I was left alone, and unlike the majority of the people there who lived in the adjacent estate I took the last, long bus home by myself. The stop was by a 24-hour Tesco and I would pop in, review some of my handiwork with a grimace and head straight to the booze aisle to pick up a bottle of their Pimms knockoff for roughly an hour's wage. Just small enough to fit in a bag and get you pissed without being so strong you ending up retching after a few good swigs. Happy times.

All said, it wasn't a bad place to work. By no means was it The Jungle of Upton Sinclair. The food hygiene was enforced with military efficiency and to this day I'm convinced that most of the (vanishingly few) reports of hair being found in our food were from punters themselves who had hunched too far over their sandwiches. There was plenty of time to eat and you could use the toilet whenever you wanted. Only a handful of positions were physically strenuous and I'm sure cheflad would sneer at anyone who cared complain that the shifts were tough. Any hours over 8 were paid and a half, even if you'd only done half an hour. I never saw or heard of anyone upset with management or eachother. But I was a sad, miserable loner straight out of uni and predictably didn't last more than a few months after one too many 'late mornings'. I don't resent the place one bit.

But never again will I eat a Tesco ham & mustard sandwich.
>> No. 11076 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 10:36 pm
11076 spacer
Didn't we literally have a thread about someone wrestling with their conscience about whether to take the baby milk snatched job at Nestle?
>> No. 11077 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 10:44 pm
11077 spacer

>it made no sense to me then, nor does it now, how the refridgeration and transport costs could possibly come out cheaper than simply purchasing local, fresh chicken

To put it bluntly, it's a lot cheaper to get your chicken from a country that doesn't particularly care about animal welfare. While we do have caged chickens in this country, even the worst places in the UK are essentially the Chicken Ritz compared to a thai equivalent. It's definitely far cheaper, particularly since once it's frozen you don't have much to worry about in the way of expediency.
>> No. 11078 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 10:44 pm
11078 spacer

Fascinating, and I'm not even being facetious.

I remember being stoned off my tree one time and watching an hour long promotional video about an industrial chicken butchering machine. Literally chickens go in, pies come out. Well, not pies, but ready made fillets and shit.

It was absolutely mental. You have to stop and think at some point about how human society has grown so large and unwieldy that our food chain has become this vast, sprawling industrial mess. Food so processed it may as well be artificial. Global infrastructure harnessed to its full extent just to maximise the profit margin on a chicken mayo.

It's not enough to make me go all hippy free range organic vegan; but on some level I do not think it was meant to be this way.
>> No. 11080 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 11:11 pm
11080 spacer

hog lagoons.jpg
Cheers. I'm not even vegetarian myself, I'm just one of those half-arsed people who try to ensure their meat is sourced 'humanely'.

If you want a truly horrifying read about modern intensive pig-farming give this a go, I've posted it before. It's a bit stilted obviously but a good article nonetheless:

>> No. 11081 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 11:27 pm
11081 spacer

>There is no difference in quality between the Tesco and M&S ingredients; call the price difference a middle class tax.

It is solely perception. If I remember correctly, Gü did market research for their puddings and found that the smaller they made them the more luxurious people thought they were even if the ingredients were exactly the same.
>> No. 11082 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 11:42 pm
11082 spacer
You know what really boils my piss about puddings?

The nice ones are always sold in pairs and only serve to reinforce my feelings of crippling loneliness.
>> No. 11083 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 11:50 pm
11083 spacer
What the fuck are you on about?
>> No. 11084 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 11:58 pm
11084 spacer
He was so blazed he thought Chicken Run was a documentary.
>> No. 11085 Anonymous
14th July 2018
Saturday 12:19 am
11085 spacer

Watch these and try to tell me that the way an almost totally depersonalised machine takes thousands of living animals and efficiently, autonomously turns them into packaged meat isn't in the slightest bit... Not disturbing, but just... Weird.



I can't find the one I watched all that time ago but it really put me in mind of some Harlan Ellison shit. Our population is so large we have become enslaved by the machinery of consumption, it feeds us and without it we would be helpless. In turn our population grows with the abundance of food, and in turn we grow further dependant.

What I'm on about, basically, is we're totally out of touch with where our food comes from and I think it's kind of bad for us.
>> No. 11086 Anonymous
14th July 2018
Saturday 12:19 am
11086 spacer

Factory farming has to be one of the worst crimes of the modern age. It's fucking disgusting.
>> No. 11087 Anonymous
14th July 2018
Saturday 12:50 am
11087 spacer

Factory ships are disturbingly efficient. They hoover up the contents of the sea and spit out boxes of frozen fillets. The sheer scale is mind-bending.

Also, the majority of slaughterhouses in the western world are designed by one autistic woman, Dr Temple Grandin. She has a unique insight into animal psychology, which she has used to design systems for efficiently slaughtering them.

>> No. 11088 Anonymous
14th July 2018
Saturday 1:27 am
11088 spacer
Yeah people should behead them one by one with an axe, that'd be much more natril
>> No. 11089 Anonymous
14th July 2018
Saturday 10:43 am
11089 spacer
>Dr Temple Grandin

Thanks for that lad. A very interesting person.
>> No. 11091 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 9:56 am
11091 spacer

RW Temple headshot best.jpg
> Dr Temple Grandin
I'd work in her slaughterhouse IYKWIM
>> No. 11092 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 12:01 pm
11092 spacer


There's a very big difference in the life led by the animal in a factory farm and one free range, even if the method of slaughter is similar.


Totally right. Even as a meat eater that firmly believes it is an important part of the human diet, sometimes seeing aisles and aisles of frozen meat at a supermarket makes me feel uncomfortable.

I really want lab-grown meat to succeed as a commercial product, and hope it's not just a fad.


This looks like fucking Rupture Farms.
>> No. 11093 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 3:14 pm
11093 spacer
Union Jack is also good, only plays British artists and you can vote on the playlist. They also let you submit your own composed music.

Trying to get Radio Caroline on the old AM too.
>> No. 11094 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 3:53 pm
11094 spacer

I love this post. Brought back memories of a particularly shitty stint working in an Amazon warehouse. Ours fostered quite a toxic environment, and I spent most of my time moving around junk I can't imagine anyone seriously wants to buy. I don't blame you for a second for knocking back a few to get through your shift, but I really hope you're in a better position now.

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