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>> No. 11742 Anonymous
3rd May 2019
Friday 6:12 pm
11742 What you feeling right now? Part V: Bach it up
Time for a new thread.

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>> No. 12707 Anonymous
24th February 2021
Wednesday 3:15 pm
12707 spacer
I think there's a John Peel archive somewhere. It's even searchable iirc.
>> No. 12708 Anonymous
24th February 2021
Wednesday 5:37 pm
12708 spacer

I don't really have anything to add other than to say that you've managed to make me incredibly nostalgic for what was an otherwise utterly shit part of my life just by invoking memories of sitting in my room until the sun came up with XFM or the Radio1 Rock Show on the radio.

I would also like to pour one out for my poor, long lost, mp3 collection from that era; all pulled down over a shitty a 56kbps dialup modem.
>> No. 12709 Anonymous
24th February 2021
Wednesday 5:40 pm
12709 spacer

Depressingly that sounds more like porn than sex. Then again, even I as somewhat older lad have found the sex I have influenced by the porn I consume, I imagine for younger people distinguishing between porn sex and "normal sex" is getting more and more difficult (and irrelevant). Sage for totally off topic bollocks.
>> No. 12710 Anonymous
24th February 2021
Wednesday 5:46 pm
12710 spacer

I am 95% sure he meant that the audience is the sexual partner in the context of the metaphor, he just didn't say it.
>> No. 12711 Anonymous
24th February 2021
Wednesday 11:48 pm
12711 spacer

archive.org John Peel Sessions

You can also find a lot of random radio there.
>> No. 12712 Anonymous
26th February 2021
Friday 9:07 pm
12712 spacer



>> No. 12713 Anonymous
1st March 2021
Monday 12:10 pm
12713 spacer

Always thought the lyrics were 'you fucking dare' but in hindsight that's only a lyric you would hear from a working class British band.
>> No. 12714 Anonymous
3rd March 2021
Wednesday 5:41 pm
12714 spacer

>> No. 12715 Anonymous
5th March 2021
Friday 11:08 am
12715 spacer
It's stupid, really stupid, but I can't get it out of my head.

>> No. 12716 Anonymous
5th March 2021
Friday 11:51 am
12716 spacer
Not being funny but did anyone else feel it's a bit freshwater crustacean that the video pushes some stereotype of upbeat African party vibes despite Riton and Nightcrawler having nothing to do with Africa? Compare it with the original Nightcrawlers video:

But if you wanted to ruin your Friday, Rebecca Black did a remix of her song and it's a bad time:

>> No. 12717 Anonymous
5th March 2021
Friday 11:58 am
12717 spacer
It's because of this video.

>> No. 12718 Anonymous
5th March 2021
Friday 11:59 am
12718 spacer
Childhood fame really did a number on her. But judging from all the bollocks and troll faces in the video, she's 'in on the joke'. But it's still quite sad.
>> No. 12719 Anonymous
5th March 2021
Friday 3:00 pm
12719 spacer

She seems remarkably well-balanced, all things considered. She became an international hate figure for no good reason, but she has been savvy enough to parlay that 15 minutes of infamy into a legitimate music career. Fair play to her, I couldn't have managed it.

>> No. 12720 Anonymous
6th March 2021
Saturday 7:50 pm
12720 spacer
Help, lads. She's using a lisp, uniform and sunny disposition against me.

>> No. 12721 Anonymous
7th March 2021
Sunday 7:33 pm
12721 spacer
I don't think it's terribly remarkable that someone from a rich background, who was in one of the biggest memes of the last decade and who is operating in an era where music marketing = memes managed to launch a music career.
>> No. 12722 Anonymous
7th March 2021
Sunday 8:00 pm
12722 spacer

>> No. 12723 Anonymous
8th March 2021
Monday 5:26 pm
12723 spacer
She reminds me far too much of il Postino Pat which nullifies my usual manic pixie dream girl lust.

>> No. 12744 Anonymous
21st March 2021
Sunday 12:37 am
12744 spacer

The weird thing about pop music is when you listen to the lyrics with an awareness of how old the singer is. Alexis was 17 in this, what kind of badness lies in her past - did she stay up late on a school night? It's a fun song anyway and I mean that in a non-carpet way.
>> No. 12745 Anonymous
21st March 2021
Sunday 3:12 am
12745 spacer

Like all modern pop records, it will have been written by a bunch of middle-aged Scandinavian blokes. Occasionally Dr Luke or that lad from OneRepublic have a go if all the Scandinavians are busy.
>> No. 12746 Anonymous
21st March 2021
Sunday 3:25 am
12746 spacer

Aside from the obvious that she almost certainly didn't have anything to do with writing the lyrics or song, I was shagging at 14 and there were girls in my school at it even younger than that. There were definitely plenty of opportunity to be bad in ways that even as an adult you might think twice about. I remember one lass sucked her boyfriend off in a room full of people at a house party. People were barely even paying attention as there were two other girls getting off with each other in the same room. I also remember another lass at a different party getting fingered by two lads. And so on. All before 17, too.
>> No. 12749 Anonymous
21st March 2021
Sunday 11:38 pm
12749 spacer

>> No. 12750 Anonymous
22nd March 2021
Monday 1:08 am
12750 spacer

I miss bassline.

All my fondest memories are in 240p
>> No. 12751 Anonymous
22nd March 2021
Monday 1:13 am
12751 spacer

Long since disbanded this was a decent punk band with a message. They had producded videos along their live appearnaces, but despite favouriting those they are apparently gone. Physical media matter. Let's not get started on Metal records lost to the winds.
>> No. 12752 Anonymous
22nd March 2021
Monday 8:03 pm
12752 spacer

I've been listening to the album Caligula throughout lockdown when I really need to put my head down and get some work done. The album is a very angry one with lyrics about abuse and screaming rage at what happened to her which makes it a bit melodramatic for filling in a spreadsheet but it works for angry working.

It had a good deal of praise and publicity when it was released but I feel it deserves a shout out for how much I've listened to it.
>> No. 12753 Anonymous
22nd March 2021
Monday 8:19 pm
12753 spacer
I've only listened to the first track, but it's making me want to buy a dead expensive pair of headphones.
>> No. 12754 Anonymous
27th March 2021
Saturday 11:35 pm
12754 spacer

>> No. 12755 Anonymous
28th March 2021
Sunday 5:06 am
12755 spacer

This is like a mixture of School Food Punishment, Polkadot Stingray and Zamagi, but seems like much less than the sum of them.
>> No. 12756 Anonymous
28th March 2021
Sunday 1:30 pm
12756 spacer

I feel like I first heard this song after it being posted to a possibly hidden/secret board on this website -- it must have been around 8-10 years ago as I remember listening to it on my Creative Zen MP3 player. Did I dream this?
>> No. 12757 Anonymous
28th March 2021
Sunday 2:27 pm
12757 spacer
Think it was posted 5 years ago on the secret pedo-board the mods don't know or forgot about. The one with the picture of Bruce Forsyth as the background.
>> No. 12759 Anonymous
30th March 2021
Tuesday 11:09 am
12759 spacer
If it was posted on that board (and such a board exists) five years ago, then that won't be it. It has to be at least 8, probably closer to 10 as I got rid of the Zen in 2013.

That, or I didn't hear it from here originally.
>> No. 12760 Anonymous
30th March 2021
Tuesday 2:45 pm
12760 spacer
I don't remember this board, and I thought I knew all the boards. Now I want my Brucie Bonus.
>> No. 12761 Anonymous
30th March 2021
Tuesday 4:46 pm
12761 spacer

Same here, and I thought I had collected them all.
>> No. 12762 Anonymous
31st March 2021
Wednesday 12:09 am
12762 spacer
I've long since thought of doing an alphanumeric URL sweep on the site to see if there are any as-yet undiscovered boards, but I don't want to incur the wrath of our benevolent benefactor.

I figure to check every combination a-z, 0-9 and all the symbols valid in a URL except & and ?, I make that 46, so for board names of up to and including 5 characters in length, that's only 210 million requests to make.
>> No. 12763 Anonymous
31st March 2021
Wednesday 1:15 am
12763 spacer

Brian shit himself once a long time ago, and I ended up looking at the site index. There wasn't anything particularly secret then that I can recall, other than the modzboard.

That must have been at least ten years ago though, as I remember I was in uni halls at the time.

The only secret boards that matter are the kurskmurk page and the board that has a picture of my ex girlfriend on the bog on it.
>> No. 12769 Anonymous
3rd April 2021
Saturday 2:33 am
12769 spacer
You'll enjoy it if you like Radiohead instrumentals is the best way I can sell Hania Rani

Also Iceland doesn't look like a real place. They're the only landmass aside from Antarctica without mosquitoes as they're seasons are so unpredictable with random bouts of summer in the middle of winter that it breaks their life cycles.
>> No. 12771 Anonymous
7th April 2021
Wednesday 1:16 am
12771 spacer

I wish I was stupendously wealthy so I could spend all day playing with sock puppets instead of all night doing work I accidentally didn't do.
>> No. 12772 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 11:13 am
12772 spacer


DMX is on life support. Hope this realest of niggas pulls through.
>> No. 12773 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 12:22 pm
12773 spacer

Knowing DMX has always been a bit of a crazy bastard, I wondered why he was on life support. Turns out it was a heart attack.
>> No. 12774 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 12:25 pm
12774 spacer
Read a quote from him about being given a joint laced with crack when he was 14 by an adult he trusted, sounds like he had a bit of a shit deal growing up.
>> No. 12775 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 12:33 pm
12775 spacer

I have no doubt about that, and like his music. I have a CD of It's Dark and Hell Is Hot that I probably stole from my older brother buried in my family home somewhere.

>> No. 12776 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 4:57 pm
12776 spacer

The Beeb has deemed DMX relevant enough to only make headlines on its pidgin English page. Sad!

>> No. 12777 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 5:10 pm
12777 spacer

They appear to be leagues ahead of Wikipedia on that one:

>> No. 12778 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 5:13 pm
12778 spacer

BBC Nigeria don't miss a trick.

>> No. 12779 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 5:22 pm
12779 spacer
They have no page on Prince Philip but an entry for every single (183) municipality in the Spanish province of Soria.
Spain has 50 provinces, no others of which have their municipalities listed except for Ségovia in Castilla y León, alone.
>> No. 12780 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 5:48 pm
12780 spacer
I remember this story! It has everything.
>> No. 12781 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 8:02 pm
12781 spacer

Uh oh.

>> No. 12782 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 8:29 pm
12782 spacer

>> No. 12783 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 4:21 pm
12783 spacer

Rewatched Belly in honour of DMX's passing. This song from the Jamaica scene is going to be stuck in my head for weeks.

Bam bam...bam bam bilam
>> No. 12784 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 4:26 pm
12784 spacer

>> No. 12785 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 10:20 pm
12785 spacer

The shot at 2:28 is great.

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