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>> No. 10737 Anonymous
30th November 2013
Saturday 3:32 pm
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I have come for advice.

I found a box in the cupboard that has a lot of first edition Dragonball Z and Dragonball comics from Canada.

They are in mint condition, all in their own packaging with a cardboard backing.

Does anyone here have any idea as to the potential worth if I was to try and sell them? I know these things can be quite fickle and if I were to take them to a shop I can only imagine being conned.
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>> No. 10738 Anonymous
30th November 2013
Saturday 3:38 pm
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Tried ebay?
>> No. 10739 Anonymous
30th November 2013
Saturday 3:43 pm
10739 spacer

Try it in what sense? Do they have a valuation function?

I can't find anything similar for sale to compare prices, if that is what you were asking.
>> No. 10740 Anonymous
30th November 2013
Saturday 4:52 pm
10740 spacer
Let people bid on it.
>> No. 10741 Anonymous
30th November 2013
Saturday 5:05 pm
10741 spacer
There are a number of Dragonball fan forums where you'd be able to pose the question. The other poster also has a valid strategy, just putting them up for auction and letting the chips fall where they may, but you might undersell it.

If I were you I'd take it online, I'm confident that you could probably even set up a secure sale (using eBay most likely) by one-to-one PMs for a good price, if you find the right collector.

If you're looking for an estimate on .gs, though, I've no idea. It's quite specific.
>> No. 10742 Anonymous
30th November 2013
Saturday 5:20 pm
10742 spacer

As the lad who sold his magic collection for signifacntly more than he realised it was worth, do expect heavy, and pisspoor, trolling on these forums.

The one that had me in hysterics at how shit the attempt was ran: "My daughter plays with cards worth more than those in your photo." Just think about that for a second.

Anyway, I put the word out on forums, and when people where obviously not dribbling bellends, got in touch. I ensured I spoke via phone to several interested (and better yet not-interested) parties to get a rough idea of price to ensure I was being fed the straight dope. When it came to selling cards, especially as someone who was not known in the community, we agreed for me to post them to a mod, him to check the collection was as advertised, then the buyer to send me the cash, before the mod sent the cards on.

Hope that helps.
>> No. 10743 Anonymous
30th November 2013
Saturday 6:19 pm
10743 spacer

If you search on eBay for similar to what you're selling, and then check the Completed Listings option, it'll show you what other people's auctions have actually sold for - that might let you get an idea of the price without having to commit yourself.

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