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>> No. 17116 Anonymous
19th October 2013
Saturday 12:51 am
17116 spacer
What are you thoughts on that one, lads?
I find it to be an amazing game... or interactive story? I don't even know at this point. Everyone nowadays keeps trying to define gameplay and video games through it and everyone fails in a completely unique way, so now people either just shout verbal abuse at each other and vent on Metacritic userscore with rape threats in their reviews or praise 'games' where all you can do is pushing the 'W' button as true art. Meanwhile Stanley Parable just gets the whole meta-narrative narrative on free will, as partly seen in Bioshock or Portal, runs with it to the nearest copy machine and throws it out of the window before fading to black. And that's all because you didn't fucking listen. And despite there not being any real puzzles or real endings or even failed state scenarios, no one seems to care - everyone loves it. So do I. I'm overwhelmed by this experience. After 3 or so hours I'm not sure how much is there left to explore, but every minute of those three hours was unique, subtle and witty. Even after the big reveal there's a whole lot of things I'm eager to try tomorrow.
Brilliant. Pure genius.

Also, my name is Stanley.
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>> No. 17117 Anonymous
19th October 2013
Saturday 1:00 am
17117 spacer
No spoilers in this thread please, I loved the original and have yet to buy this.
>> No. 17118 Anonymous
19th October 2013
Saturday 1:19 am
17118 spacer
I didn't play the original, but from what I've learned there are some subtle changes.
>> No. 17119 Anonymous
19th October 2013
Saturday 1:23 am
17119 spacer
Huge changes, it's a new game in the spirit.

Also, I suggest even if you plan on buying the main game, PLAY THE DEMO, it's a completely separate and wonderful experience.
>> No. 17120 Anonymous
19th October 2013
Saturday 12:22 pm
17120 spacer

It, and 'games' of a similar vain, are akin to something like a virtual 'choose your own adventure' book. I think the disagreements and hostility boil down to the very human insatiable urge to categorise EVERYTHING.
I don't really care what it is or what it isn't. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and that's all that really matters.
>> No. 17133 Anonymous
19th October 2013
Saturday 3:04 pm
17133 spacer
I've played the demo and I'm looking forward to pay day when I can afford to buy it. It managed to keep my interest a lot longer than Dear Esther did, which apart from looking pretty is incredibly dull.
>> No. 17134 Anonymous
19th October 2013
Saturday 3:40 pm
17134 spacer
Played it when it was a standalone mod thing, thought it was fucking brilliant. I was so impressed with the voice acting of the narrator that I sent him an email thanking him (amusingly, he had a warning on his page saying that if you sent him spam he'd fine you £5k or something like that, which was a bit of an "ok, grandad..." moment, but he was friendly in his response). He really completed the experience for me, anyway.
>> No. 17143 Anonymous
19th October 2013
Saturday 7:12 pm
17143 spacer
Oh, so it was the same narrator in the original. The authors were lucky to get him for the game, he really it whole.
>> No. 17144 Anonymous
19th October 2013
Saturday 7:27 pm
17144 spacer
I think you accidentally a word.
>> No. 17155 Anonymous
19th October 2013
Saturday 9:30 pm
17155 spacer
Alright, just watched a playthrough of the original mod. HD Remake is much longer and simply more polished.

The demo turned out to be quite enjoyable even after playing the game, too. All in all, I hope the lad behind The Stanley Parable has another game in mind already.

I did, yes, thank you. Now, if only you could help me find it... I swear I could have made- ah, here it is.
>> No. 17158 Anonymous
19th October 2013
Saturday 9:42 pm
17158 spacer

ding dong.gif

Is this the place to stick a picture of a lady introducing her knitted monkey with a big knitted cock?
>> No. 17160 Anonymous
19th October 2013
Saturday 10:31 pm
17160 spacer
In one of the endings you get to a museum/gallery which basically has several 'installations' showcasing different parts from the development process. IIRC, in one of the rooms there is a projector, projecting emails onto the wall. They are emails sent to the narrator by fans. .
>> No. 17164 Anonymous
20th October 2013
Sunday 9:19 pm
17164 spacer
Tycho from Penny Arcade (I know, I know) described it like this:
>It’s a game that knows it's a game for players who know they are playing one.
Which is quite a nice summary.

I just finished the demo, onwards to the full thing.
>> No. 17165 Anonymous
21st October 2013
Monday 1:55 am
17165 spacer
The readme for the original said the creator emailed him a copy of the script and asked for a quote on a voiceover, and his reply was a recording of the whole thing.

I imagine he was paid this time.
>> No. 17169 Anonymous
21st October 2013
Monday 9:33 am
17169 spacer
This is shit. When do I get to use the gravity gun?
>> No. 17176 Anonymous
21st October 2013
Monday 2:34 pm
17176 spacer
>Huge changes, it's a new game in the spirit.
Having just about wrapped up all the endings I think saying that there are "huge changes", that it's a "new game", these are both pretty far off the mark. It seemed like the same game, tarted up, with a few more endings. At least that's what it felt like to me (admittedly I haven't played the original since it came out, which was a couple of years ago now).

There's a few secrets shown here that I missed:
>> No. 17177 Anonymous
21st October 2013
Monday 2:50 pm
17177 spacer
Well, there were six endings in the original and it's trice as much here. All the textures are new, some narration is changed... While the first game could have been fully completed in less than an hour this one requires at least three hours. So, yes, huge changes. New game? I guess not.
>> No. 17178 Anonymous
21st October 2013
Monday 3:09 pm
17178 spacer
I don't think you mean trice. Anyway I just wanted to get it out there as having read that comment I was expecting a new experience and instead got a polished old one. Still great, though - this is not a criticism.
>> No. 17179 Anonymous
21st October 2013
Monday 3:17 pm
17179 spacer
I also just noticed this achievement:
>Go outside
>Don't play The Stanley Parable for five years.
>> No. 17180 Anonymous
21st October 2013
Monday 3:48 pm
17180 spacer
Thrice. I am relying on spell check too much.
>> No. 17188 Anonymous
22nd October 2013
Tuesday 1:00 am
17188 spacer
>> No. 21020 Anonymous
8th October 2015
Thursday 12:26 am
21020 spacer
So, anyone played through The Beginner's Guide?

Firstly, if you found Stanley self-indulgent and pretentious then you can just sack this one off altogether.

If you are going to play it, don't go in expecting anything similar. It is presented as a slow-moving, deeply personal story, nothing like the moment-to-moment meta silliness of Stanley. I had to drag myself through the first 30-45 minutes, but it was worth it. It's about an hour and a half long.

Spoiler as to why I'm bumping this thread (don't read unless you've finished it): in a lecture I saw given by the developer, Davey Wreden, he talks about the bipolar depression he went through after Stanley came out and how he couldn't deal with all the attention. A lot of the Coda character seems to have been drawn from that experience. There's a line in the game which hit me hard, "being in the same room as you makes me feel physically ill"; in the lecture he says this is something his best friend, flatmate and co-developer of Stanley said to him during the period after Stanley blew up in the press, when he was mentally at his lowest ebb and lashing out at everyone around him. So maybe it's a game about how even praise and positive interaction can be overwhelming - the narrator isn't Wreden, it's us. We conjure up ideas about developers' intent, obsess over design minutiae, feel entitled to more of their work, and don't leave them alone - and this can kill their creative spark. Part of me has a knee-jerk boo fucking hoo it must be so hard to have your brilliance recognised reaction to this, and anyway maybe this is nonsense and just over-thinking the whole thing. Whatever way you choose to interpret the game, though, it's a thought-provoking and fascinatingly personal tale, in my opinion.

I liked Stanley better though.

>> No. 22219 Anonymous
27th October 2017
Friday 12:01 am
22219 spacer

dankest Meme.png
I finally played this game and am now bumping the shit out of this thread.

The bit when the narrator offers you a 3rd choice and displays a leader board got me hard. I am Stanley.

Quite soon into the game I realised it's tellintg me to get out, to live. It made it hard to continue playing, but thats the point, right? Now I have to decide if I wantb to go out and build a life or continue this. I wish it wasn't so .. but resisting gets me nowhere.

I don't think I've learned the lesson intended. I'm still pushing buttons. Though, part of me thinks it's impossible not to. Maybe that's the point? I'll have to play it some more if I want to understand but I feel like I shouldn't; like it doesn't want to be played.

Fuck, the other day I was offered an opportunity I've been asking for for a long time and my reaction was to resist in fear. I didn't engage with what may have made me happy. It's stuff like this that really gets me; refusing that opportunity then days later this game addresses that. I know this is self fulfilling prophecy, that the meaning is applied, but I still feel it.
>> No. 22220 Anonymous
27th October 2017
Friday 12:21 am
22220 spacer

The picture you posted made me vomit from pretension.

Also the binge eating I did earlier helped.
>> No. 22221 Anonymous
27th October 2017
Friday 2:50 am
22221 spacer
It's the closest thing I have as supplement to my text. I could have gone with other irrelevant but more pleasing images but this is the first I actually considered.
>> No. 22259 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 2:05 am
22259 spacer

I quite liked it.

Played it once, enjoyed it , uninstalled it.

I should play it again. I had a lot of IRL progress this year, and it might be fun to see it with a different pair of eyes.
>> No. 22262 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 3:15 pm
22262 spacer
I quite like the picture. I find most 'internet culture' to just be sycophantic pandering to people's insecure narcissism, that makes me vomit, sigh, and dispair on a continuous loop. So I agree with the message. But then I obviously hate people and think I know better than them what is best for them. So I might be a bit of a nob.

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