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>> No. 17227 Anonymous
6th November 2013
Wednesday 10:41 am
17227 spacer
I bought the worms bundle twice absent mindedly so here are the extra keys .gs

Superfrog HD https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=sMmGPe2yUKPMm3HC
Worms Blast https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=DRYGuGM38VdnxfuF
Worms Crazy Golf https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=eYEPWANxqsCnqkfY
Worms Ultimate Mayhem https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=xbqFPzD2SDRXmNSz
Worms Armageddon https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=U7TeH7v3r64aWT74
Worms Pinball https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=B73d2Xh85TTbdGyE

One each, that means you bikethief and stickyfingerslad.

https://www.humblebundle.com/ is Batman GOTY editions and FEAR.
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>> No. 22923 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 12:23 pm
22923 spacer
That 1996 adventure game with Christopher Lloyd, Toonstruck, is free on GOG until Sunday afternoon.
>> No. 22947 Anonymous
26th June 2019
Wednesday 1:27 pm
22947 spacer
Other than a misprice, which has now been rectified, for Two Point Hospital the Steam Summer Sale looks shite. I may pick up Swords of Ditto for £2.84, but that's it.
>> No. 22948 Anonymous
26th June 2019
Wednesday 2:18 pm
22948 spacer

You can get Blood bowl chaos edition for £2.99 which if you have any interest in blood bowl at all and don't have the newer blood bowl 2 already is a bargain. I am part of a league that plays on the old version so I am pedaling it to everyone I know.
>> No. 22965 Anonymous
29th June 2019
Saturday 8:43 am
22965 spacer
The entire Valve back catalogue is on sale for 60 fucking pence. No-one has any excuse not to get these games if they haven't already.
>> No. 22966 Anonymous
29th June 2019
Saturday 8:49 am
22966 spacer
No it isn't. That's probably your price because you already own nearly all of it. And the only games worth having from their back catalogue are either always completely free or Portal 1/2.
>> No. 22967 Anonymous
29th June 2019
Saturday 5:52 pm
22967 spacer
Oops. Yeah you're right I see it's actually about a fiver for first timers. That's still a good deal though.

What have you got against Half Life? It's, um, the best PC game series ever made for a period of at least a decade.
>> No. 22968 Anonymous
29th June 2019
Saturday 9:36 pm
22968 spacer
Yeah, Half-Life was good in the nineties, no doubt about it. It's almost 2020 mate. I wouldn't play a game like Half-Life now for the same reason I wouldn't watch a black and white movie.
>> No. 22969 Anonymous
29th June 2019
Saturday 9:47 pm
22969 spacer
>I wouldn't play a game like Half-Life now for the same reason I wouldn't watch a black and white movie.
That says more about you than the quality of the game.
>> No. 22970 Anonymous
29th June 2019
Saturday 9:49 pm
22970 spacer
You're going on The List.
>> No. 22972 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 8:49 am
22972 spacer
>>22969 >>22970
All right lads, I'll watch one black and white movie. How about Sin City? Will that make me a good person? Please tell me it would.
>> No. 22973 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 9:06 am
22973 spacer

>> No. 22974 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 9:44 am
22974 spacer

>How about Sin City? Will that make me a good person? Please tell me it would.

No. No it would not.

In Which We Serve is on iPlayer at the moment. It's an absolute classic.

Kajaki is also on iPlayer, which isn't in black and white, but is the only good English-language film about a contemporary conflict.


>> No. 22975 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 9:48 am
22975 spacer
My favourite black and white film is probably 12 Angry Men.
>> No. 22976 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 9:51 am
22976 spacer

That is a strong one, not sure which is better that, Casablanca, or citizen Kane. It happened one night is another strong pick.
>> No. 22977 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 9:52 am
22977 spacer

Oh and seven samurai.
>> No. 22978 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 10:00 am
22978 spacer

I too have read IMDB's top 250 list.
>> No. 22979 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 10:03 am
22979 spacer
I like Last Year at Marienbad and The Seventh Seal but I probably wouldn't recommend them to other people unless they had a just-above-threshold dose of something psychedelic (including sleep deprivation) to watch them on.
>> No. 22980 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 10:13 am
22980 spacer
Citizen Kane is a boring load of old wank, I don't care if it had groundbreaking camerawork or whatever.

Shh child.
>> No. 22982 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 4:08 pm
22982 spacer
I'm going to stick my neck out and say Half Life never aged all that well.

It was remarkably influential game that led us into more "cinematic" storytelling, but I am often forced to wonder if that was even a good thing. Look where that influence led us over the next decade. From a gameplay perspective, it was also one of the games that pushed us towards "realism" where there is an overabundance of hitscan enemies and no real way of mitigating damage. This is what pushed us towards the Halo style model of regenerating shield/health, and ultimately, to boring cover shooters.

The older I get the more I can't escape the idea that Doom was not only one of the first but arguably always one of the best first person shooters. Its gameplay is so incredibly well balanced in all sorts of ways, that were certainly happy accidents rather than intentional, but I think all shooters should learn their lessons from it.

Where Half Life was great was in level design, atmosphere and environmental storytelling, but I think Half Life 2 surpasses it. Black Mesa infuriates me because they have messed with the formula to make it even more unforgiving- You have lower ammo caps and seem to take far more damage than the original; which only exacerbates what I think are already weaknesses in the first game.
>> No. 22984 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 4:34 pm
22984 spacer

Yes imagine the idea that the films on the top of the poll that didn't just come out and get the hollywood hype train behind them might actually be good.

>Citizen Kane is a boring load of old wank, I don't care if it had groundbreaking camerawork

It is the film I mentioned that tends to get the most heat firstly because people feel it is over praised, and also the subject matter and tone, the others I mentioned (even Seven Samurai) have comic relief moments Citizen Kane is dry as bone. I love it as a character piece though. I think you are supposed to come away sincerely saying 'the tragedy of the man' and I do.
>> No. 22985 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 4:41 pm
22985 spacer
You can say that again.
>> No. 23002 Anonymous
24th July 2019
Wednesday 7:05 pm
23002 spacer
Don't-buy-games-for-years-lad here. Saw Dishonored was £1.50 on Steam so I thought what the hell I'll pick it up. Buying the 'Definitive Edition' including all the DLC cost me £3. But then discovered something amusing.

There are the sequel games, Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider. Buying the 'Complete Collection' which includes the DLC and the sequels is currently on offer for £16.49. But there is also a 'Death of the Outsider Deluxe Bundle' which includes both sequels on sale for £8.

So if you bought the Definitive Edition and the Deluxe Bundle you'd pay £11, and get all the games in the Complete Collection for about £5.50 less.

Nice pricing there lads!
>> No. 23003 Anonymous
26th July 2019
Friday 7:09 am
23003 spacer

I was going to argue that you shouldn't judge Half Life on the games that it arguably led to, but I do sort of agree with you. I was only eight when Half Life 1 came out, so HL2 was the game I really remember and was blown away by. In terms of level design, it's stellar, I've only played through the game twice, yet could draw you out entire locations in there if I had to, it's just that memorable.

I definitely agree with you about Doom. I noticed a lot of people (rightly) gushing about how refreshing and perfectly balanced the new reboot was, and I can't help but think that style is exactly what an FPS is supposed to be. I do love Halo, but I'm not sure I love Halo for the gameplay. You can't even sprint in CE.
>> No. 23004 Anonymous
4th August 2019
Sunday 9:23 am
23004 spacer
This week's Epic Games freebies are Alan Wake and For Honor. For the latter it's the standard edition rather than the starter version they've used on most other occasions they've tried giving it away for free.

>> No. 23005 Anonymous
4th August 2019
Sunday 3:10 pm
23005 spacer
Humble Bundle are selling Crusader Kings II and all its DLC. I keep seeing this game everywhere so I thought I'd pick it up for the $1. I go back to Steam and in the reviews everyone is raving about what an amazing deal getting all the DLC is for $15. So caving into peer pressure I went back and purchased it again. You lads can have the spare Steam keys.

Is this morally right? I dunno I'm only depriving the sick kids of $1 aren't I?

Legacy of Rome DLC: CW54A-20R02-love and cherishED-0F5Q5
Sword of Islam DLC: DC2V3-DAFTWOGS-68M5X-MALPJ
>> No. 23006 Anonymous
4th August 2019
Sunday 3:15 pm
23006 spacer
Pushing over and stealing the shoes from a Paradox bod's feet would be morally right. Their DLC is the cheekiest I've seen.
>> No. 23007 Anonymous
4th August 2019
Sunday 3:23 pm
23007 spacer
Yeah, charging a quid for some fucking portraits or whatever is a joke, but I'm presuming that the actual expansions are all solid purchases.

But none of my money is going to them anyway, I always give it all to the charity.
>> No. 23052 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 5:17 pm
23052 spacer
Rockstar are promoting their own games launcher by offering free copies of San Andreas.

>> No. 23053 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 12:43 pm
23053 spacer
Is it just as shite as the Social Club was back in 2008?
>> No. 23054 Anonymous
28th September 2019
Saturday 6:43 pm
23054 spacer
RDR2 PC coming soon then, exclusive to their launcher.
>> No. 23057 Anonymous
30th September 2019
Monday 1:24 pm
23057 spacer
Good thing the PS5 will be out next year so consoles will be cheap as chips. I like my games without invasive DRM, thanks.
>> No. 23058 Anonymous
30th September 2019
Monday 5:29 pm
23058 spacer

I've got bad news for you about the current gen consoles then mate.
>> No. 23073 Anonymous
4th October 2019
Friday 8:47 pm
23073 spacer

Almost. Looks like a Social Club exclusive for all of a month before it comes to Steam in early December. Most media sales are made within the first 2 weeks of release so it might work out for them, who knows.
>> No. 23129 Anonymous
28th October 2019
Monday 2:44 pm
23129 spacer

Screenshot_2019-10-28 Save 78% on Assetto Corsa Ul.png
Assetto Corsa is only £13 on Steam, with all the DLC, right now. It's easily the most entertaining driving sim I've played and there are seemingly endless amounts of DLC for it, I can't recommend it enough.
>> No. 23130 Anonymous
28th October 2019
Monday 7:21 pm
23130 spacer
I meant to say "endless amounts of mods for it", as you can see the DLC is definitively finite.
>> No. 23131 Anonymous
28th October 2019
Monday 11:20 pm
23131 spacer
Interesting - I like a driving SIM and have seen the reviews of I and considered it in the past. I have a Logitech wheel/pedals and one of those driving seats to go with.

Why is it so good? I like Project Cars very much indeed, but with the wheel it's almost too easy once you've practiced enough.
>> No. 23134 Anonymous
29th October 2019
Tuesday 12:21 am
23134 spacer
A couple of years ago I bought a wheel and pedals and thought I'd get into multiplayer racing in Assetto Corsa. Played it for maybe 15 hours total but eventually got bored of it and realised I'm not really into racing sims. I played the shit out of the old GT and Forza games but I was never one to autistically shave milliseconds off my laptimes or engage in the tedium of going around the same track over and over to learn the best racing lines, which is a necessity if you want to be competitive online.

I ended up selling the wheel and pedals, bought an old MS Sidewinder joystick because force feedback in joysticks went the way of the dodo for some reason, and had a blast blasting people in Il-2. Going pew-pew in the air or in space is a more fun thing to simulate than driving around a race track.
>> No. 23135 Anonymous
29th October 2019
Tuesday 8:11 am
23135 spacer
The variety of tracks and the range of cars to drive is what I like most about it. It's definitely more of a sim than Project Cars, although the graphics aren't quite up to the same level. As I, eventually, mentioned it has a modding scene that's second to none. If you have a "local" racetrack that you've always thought "damn, I wish that was in a game for once", someone's probably at least working on adding it. Not that the base game's barren or anything, especially with all the DLC, there's just loads going on beyond that.

>but I was never one to autistically shave milliseconds off my laptimes or engage in the tedium of going around the same track over and over to learn the best racing lines
Oh. Okay.

Il-2's ace too though. I've never managed to get a Sturmovik into space, but maybe I never tried hard enough.
>> No. 23451 Anonymous
21st March 2020
Saturday 8:29 am
23451 spacer

Tomb Raider is free on Steam/Squeenix.


>> No. 23452 Anonymous
21st March 2020
Saturday 10:45 am
23452 spacer

Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable are free on Epic.


>> No. 23456 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 2:12 am
23456 spacer
GOG have put together a bunch of free games, including some proper old-school classics.

>> No. 23458 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 10:50 am
23458 spacer

shadow warrior.png
Are any of them any good though?
>> No. 23459 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 11:12 am
23459 spacer
You seem to have answered your own question.
>> No. 23460 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 11:35 am
23460 spacer

Beneath A Steel Sky, POSTAL and Tyrian 2000 are excellent.
>> No. 23461 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 12:49 pm
23461 spacer
Seconding all of these.

Also if you were into platform games on the PC back in the early 90s then you might have encountered Jill of the Jungle and Bio Menace. Neither were stand-out titles in the shareware era in particular but the former is notable for being programmed by Tim Sweeney, who went on to found Epic, program the Unreal Engine and steer its course from Quake competitor to industry-wide middleware dominance, and then do Fortnite for 250 million kids or whatever it is now. He makes me feel like a right lazy cunt. Bio Menace is just pure Apogee nostalgia. Strangely gory, actually. I quite liked it back in the day.
>> No. 23465 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 5:35 pm
23465 spacer
Beneath a Steel Sky is hilarious and well worth a playthrough. Some of the dialog is brilliant, though the accents on the voice acting can be a little distracting at times. Can't say anything for the other games.
>> No. 23467 Anonymous
22nd March 2020
Sunday 9:31 pm
23467 spacer
Joey was such a little shit.
>> No. 23468 Anonymous
23rd March 2020
Monday 9:42 am
23468 spacer
That's not very nice, Rob.
>> No. 23472 Anonymous
25th March 2020
Wednesday 5:27 pm
23472 spacer

Drawful 2 is currently free on steam

The jackbox games are largely terrible and you only buy each pack to get one game out of them, and now they have made the best one free.
>> No. 23502 Anonymous
6th April 2020
Monday 11:37 pm
23502 spacer
Total War: Shogun 2 will be free between the 18th and 20th.


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