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>> No. 17863 Anonymous
2nd December 2013
Monday 9:52 am

Anyone else played this? If I were an arsehole I'd describe it as Braid meets Portal.

I'm so impressed I'm close to donating to the guy, and I'm one of those cunts who's paid 1p for HIB.

Also, general thread for sharing semi-obscure but neat wee games, fully launched and in development.
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>> No. 17865 Anonymous
2nd December 2013
Monday 12:07 pm
17865 spacer

Great little adventure game.
>> No. 17866 Anonymous
2nd December 2013
Monday 12:10 pm
17866 spacer

>If I were an arsehole I'd describe it as Braid meets Portal.
You'd also be wrong. It's more Braid meets Counterstrike if anything; no portals here.

It does look awesome though.
>> No. 17867 Anonymous
2nd December 2013
Monday 1:03 pm
17867 spacer
By that I meant that, like Portal, it combines mechanics associated with first person shooters to create a puzzle game. This is why using descriptions like that is for arseholes.
>> No. 17868 Anonymous
2nd December 2013
Monday 6:24 pm
17868 spacer
There's a game on Steam called Edge which I've become obsessed with. It seems simple enough at first but I've gone autistic about getting the achievements for it.
It looks simple, but it has hidden depths. What I love about it is it could probably have been made for any spec hardware in the last 20 years.

Also, it will run on my shitty netbook as well as my gaming machine, bonus! It's on sale now probably on Steam, and even if it isn't it's only a few quid. Grab it, well worth it. Also the soundtrack is great (annoyingly, most youtube videos don't use the same tunes, I think this one does though)


Don't bother playing it on mobile (not that I have) because you need clicky buttons for it really.

If there are any spelling/grammar errors in this post then sorry purp, but half the post box is off the screen.
>> No. 17870 Anonymous
2nd December 2013
Monday 6:41 pm
17870 spacer
If this is shit then you owe me 54p. I would accept compensation in salt and vinegar crisps (Walkers grab bag).
>> No. 17871 Anonymous
2nd December 2013
Monday 7:12 pm
17871 spacer
It is irritating and shit.

I would also accept McCoys.
>> No. 17872 Anonymous
2nd December 2013
Monday 7:48 pm
17872 spacer
It was a slow burner for me. I played it for a bit and dismissed it at first as only mildly entertaining, but gradually I found myself coming back to it more and more. I now play it almost every day. I've got the achievment for rank A on all levels and I'm working my way through the one for Rank S+ on all levels.

Leave it installed on any machine you have that is mobile (netbook/laptop) and you'll find yourself playing it one day when you have nothing else to do. I even play it on my desktop now.
>> No. 17873 Anonymous
2nd December 2013
Monday 9:00 pm
17873 spacer
Have you ever played Cu On Pa for the SNES? I think you might enjoy it.
>> No. 17874 Anonymous
2nd December 2013
Monday 9:12 pm
17874 spacer


It looks like Marble Madness but without the, y'know, marbles.
>> No. 18200 Anonymous
26th January 2014
Sunday 12:26 am
18200 spacer

Niddhog was released a few days ago. If you've never heard of it you need to buy it, and if you have heard of it why on earth haven't you bought it?

It's best played as local multiplayer with controllers, but the single player and online (provided you luck into a good connection) aren't bad.
>> No. 21486 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 3:20 pm
21486 spacer
It came out. It's really close to being great, but the main story doesn't have that many levels. There are endless and challenge modes, but they aren't quite as fun.

A level editor would be an excellent addition. I remember they talked about it at some point, shame it didn't make it to the final release. Definitely worth a look anyway (although it'll probably be deeply discounted before too long, price is a bit steep for now).
>> No. 21487 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 5:50 pm
21487 spacer
Why is this blank?


That flashing cube will give me a seizure.
>> No. 21488 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 8:49 pm
21488 spacer
You need to open it in opera, firefox or IE and have Unity web player installed (http://unity3d.com/webplayer/).
>> No. 21489 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 9:03 pm
21489 spacer
Thanks. This is pretty cool even if the graphics leave a lot to the imagination.
>> No. 21490 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 10:34 pm
21490 spacer
£17.99 eh lad. Bit rich for my blood.
>> No. 21491 Anonymous
11th March 2016
Friday 10:46 pm
21491 spacer
Yeah, I got a copy for donating ~£10 to the kickstarter back when I posted the thread, paying full price is a bit of a stretch for what it is. Especially considering that it'll probably go for a couple of quid in a steam sale or end up in a bundle soon enough though.

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