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>> No. 18556 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 1:05 pm
18556 spacer
Any of you lads been playing Rust? It's a survival game. If you do, fancy meeting up on the UK2 server? I've got a base already we can use.
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>> No. 18557 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 1:20 pm
18557 spacer

A friend told me it was rather good, and I've seen someone I don't like very much on Steam playing it too. Can me and my friend kill this 3rd element in a Lord of The Flies type meltdown? Or is it just woodland creatures?

P.S. You arrow appears to have no head.
>> No. 18559 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 1:41 pm
18559 spacer
Reminds me, I probably need a tetanus booster. Thanks OP.
>> No. 18560 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 1:47 pm
18560 spacer
>You arrow appears to have no head.
How does it smell?

Coat, please!
>> No. 18561 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 1:47 pm
18561 spacer
Can I use a cracked version to join?
>> No. 18562 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 2:26 pm
18562 spacer
It is good, but very hard. The screenshot isn't of me, I just grabbed it from google. I wouldn't be equipping arrows in quickbar slots for a start.

It's not really about the creatures much, it's about the people. Everyone is a cunt and the community is full of trolls. I've been playing solo, trying to avoid marauding gangs of Russians with full kevlar and M4's, while sneaking around at night and breaking into people's houses to gather rare supplies. It's the only way I can get some of them.

I've got a fairly big base though. Took quite a while to build.
> Can I use a cracked version to join?
>> No. 18565 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 3:35 pm
18565 spacer
I can't spare fifteen quid on an alpha just to play with you.
>> No. 18566 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 3:43 pm
18566 spacer
Which is why I asked in the OP if anyone has already been playing it.

As an aside, there are seem to be some cheaters who never seem to get banned, so I bet there is a way. Feel free to try.
>> No. 18567 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 3:52 pm
18567 spacer
>marauding gangs of Russians
Why am I not surprised. Where the ability to be a cunt is permitted, the Russians will be there, ten steps ahead of everyone else.
>> No. 18568 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 4:18 pm
18568 spacer
I've got the ability to craft m4's, kevlar and c4 explosive charges now (for blowin the bloody doors off) so having a few mates around to help on excursions would be fun.
>> No. 18569 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 4:20 pm
18569 spacer
> I've been playing solo, trying to avoid marauding gangs of Russians with full kevlar and M4's
>> No. 18570 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 4:20 pm
18570 spacer
I'd love to, I had great fun on dayz, I'm busy for a few weeks though.
>> No. 18571 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 4:21 pm
18571 spacer
Oh and I suppose casual racism is acceptable here now, is it?
>> No. 18572 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 4:31 pm
18572 spacer

I once saw a Japanese man describe Russians as 'like black man but white by accident'
>> No. 18573 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 4:35 pm
18573 spacer
Mate, I campaign for Hope Not Hate, and I still think Russians on the Internet tend to inexplicably act like cunts.
>> No. 18574 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 4:51 pm
18574 spacer
When I first heard that I assumed it was another group of rappers attacking the Wu Tang by saying WU TANG CLAN AIN'T NUFFIN BUT FUCK WITS... that's all I can hear now.
>> No. 18576 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 5:15 pm
18576 spacer

Like hip-hop tinnitus.
>> No. 18577 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 6:31 pm
18577 spacer
>> No. 18578 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 7:19 pm
18578 spacer
I've never played it, but I have it installed if you want to show me the ropes. Message Lee @ http://steamcommunity.com/groups/britfrags
>> No. 18579 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 7:20 pm
18579 spacer
Bigot. You should be ashamed of yourself.

What makes you think he was Japanese? Was it his eyes? Racist.
>> No. 18580 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 7:58 pm
18580 spacer

That's very satirical m8, really good, you should make more posts like this.
>> No. 18601 Anonymous
15th May 2014
Thursday 7:39 pm
18601 spacer
I've joined the group. Are you the guy called Lue-ee then? I've gone to add you, don't think I can message you before then.
>> No. 18602 Anonymous
15th May 2014
Thursday 7:51 pm
18602 spacer
Nevermind, you're obviously the other guy, the one who actually owns Rust. Sent an add request.
>> No. 18604 Anonymous
16th May 2014
Friday 4:00 am
18604 spacer
Did one of you lot message me on steam asking if this was good the other day? If so, erm, it's alright. I'm growing a bit weary of these 'early access' alphas going for the price of a full release, mind. They don't try to hide what you're buying into or anything, but still. Before Minecraft blew up, there wasn't such a thing as paying for an alpha.

I dunno. It's fun if you have a few friends playing, or if you're super into the survivalist type stuff, and it's less buggy than Day Z and the like, but it feels a bit empty.
>> No. 18607 Anonymous
16th May 2014
Friday 10:46 am
18607 spacer
Me and my friends played it for a couple of weeks, we even bought our own server.

It's a nice game and all even for an alpha but the constant need tpo log in to check your shit is still there, if you're still alive and the decay timers are just too much. If yoou lose intrest like we did that is anyway.

It should be a solid game once it's released as a proper game though.
>> No. 18653 Anonymous
30th May 2014
Friday 6:08 pm
18653 spacer
I got sick of coming home from work nearly everyday just to find my groups home raided.
Great game but not for me.
>> No. 18654 Anonymous
30th May 2014
Friday 6:15 pm
18654 spacer
State of Decay suffered this too.
I understand why it happens, but surely it should be optional.
>> No. 18655 Anonymous
30th May 2014
Friday 6:35 pm
18655 spacer

I think the need to constantly check in is the main reason I don't play MMOs. I hate myself for play video games anyway, the added obligation is just too much.
>> No. 18740 Anonymous
10th June 2014
Tuesday 7:58 am
18740 spacer
Had a go at this a few hours ago with a lad from another forum. Was quite fun. WE built a little sniper nest near the road and were picking people off with the bolt action rifles. One guy had a base near where we had set up, and we kept killing him every time he left his house, also sniping at him through his window. I gave him a chance to talk to us, but when he got close and I asked if he had a microphone he shook his head. SO I blew him away with a shotgun.

Later on, we set up a trade, wood for metal fragments. We said we had metal fragments, we didn't.

They thought there would only be one of us so I left him out in the open waiting to meet the guy while I went on a rock nearby to get a sniping vantage point. Eventually the guy shows up and walks up to our man and says "Hi, how's it goi-" BLAM he's already been killed by the my friend, who threw down one cloth as a dummy so the guy thinks he's getting something to exchange. We laughed our asses off, collected our 1250 wood, some metal frags and his pistol and got out of there.
>> No. 18741 Anonymous
10th June 2014
Tuesday 8:21 am
18741 spacer

See, now that just sounds really depressing.
>> No. 18742 Anonymous
10th June 2014
Tuesday 8:30 am
18742 spacer
The game makes you like that. It's been called a griefing simulator.
>> No. 18745 Anonymous
10th June 2014
Tuesday 3:59 pm
18745 spacer
'It makes you like that'? Don't bullshit us. The dark side is in you, as it is in everyone else, and you just can't be arsed to rise above it.
>> No. 18749 Anonymous
10th June 2014
Tuesday 10:03 pm
18749 spacer
I tried being nice. I tried helping neighbours. I tried giving tips and advice to new spawns, as well as some resources to get started. Still, when you meet someone, more often than not they will try to kill you. People who pretend to have nothing then suddenly whip out a shotgun and kill you - could happen at any time. After about the 10th time of losing hours worth of resources due to not instantly shooting someone, eventually you just get hard hearted.

The only people you can trust are people you know in real life or people you've met outside the game.
>> No. 18750 Anonymous
10th June 2014
Tuesday 10:39 pm
18750 spacer
What happens when there's no one left to grieve?
>> No. 18751 Anonymous
10th June 2014
Tuesday 11:05 pm
18751 spacer

General Grievous16.jpg
My time ...
>> No. 18752 Anonymous
10th June 2014
Tuesday 11:20 pm
18752 spacer
There's a massive difference between not trusting anyone, and actively fucking people over as you described in your earlier post.
>> No. 18753 Anonymous
11th June 2014
Wednesday 1:46 pm
18753 spacer
That doesn't happen. Well, I have heard of it happening but only when there's a massive group that dominates a server. A two man group isn't going to do that.
There is, but that's just the way it goes.
>> No. 18767 Anonymous
16th June 2014
Monday 12:39 am
18767 spacer
Was playing this again the other day, solo this time. I have a base in the middle of fucking nowhere, so to save time travelling from there when I set out, and also to keep my skills in of fighting from the bottom,. I usually when playing alone start afresh by suiciding so it will spawn me in the inhabited area. Then I'll scrape together a bow and a pickaxe and go looting. Anyway, the other day I did just that. There were a few player backpacks scattered around (normal near a spawn point, people keep suiciding to get a good spawn) and also a few rad animals nearby. I thought maybe one of the player backpacks could have been someone passing through who got killed by a mob, So I checked them. I was right! Got a big cache of gunpowder in one of them, and also some rad suit gear. I decided against putting on the rad suit stuff as the armour effect it has is negligible, and I didn't have any weapons to defend myself with so I'd rather look like a fresh spawn. Turns out this saved my life.

I immediately set off running in the direction of my base. About 20 yards later, I round a corner and hear a loud angry Scottish voice. "Open the fucking door ya cunt!" I hear the tail end of this sentence as I come into view of the man, who straight away aims his bow at me and starts pulling back the drawstring. I do the only thing I could possibly do at that point. Put away my rock and say "Please don't kill me." I don't know what it was that made him relent, but I think it was half the fact that I looked like I had nothing to rob, and also because I faked a Scottish accent when I said don't kill me, to try and make him think I was "like him" or something. Old telesales trick. Whatever it was, it worked. He loosened his bowstring and said
"Aw, awreet, I willnae kill ya."
"Thanks dude."
"I'm gonna kill HIM! Open the fucking door ya bastard!" and he went back to stalking around a 1x1 he was laying siege to that had a furnace burning inside and the sound of footsteps coming from it.
"Fine by me, have fun!" and with that I scarpered off.

Also the other day I did the CLASSIC move of getting the mrs on the microphone pretending it was her playing on my account and wanting people to help her. She wasn't playing, it was me. I'd be naked with a rock. Of course when they get close, is when you whip out the shotgun. Fucking lol.
>> No. 18768 Anonymous
16th June 2014
Monday 9:22 am
18768 spacer
For the first time today, I made an alliance with someone who I hadn't met outside the game.

I was out in the open, basically a fresh spawn (well I looked like one) cooking some ore to make a gun and this guy wandered past. I said hi and he said over the chat don't worry I won't kill you, then wandered off. Later while I had ducked into an abandoned already raided base to get out of site to cook some food and craft some stuff, he came past again. I'd seen in the chat he was looking for a research kit, and I had one on me already I'd dropped from killing animals with my bow. I said he could have it (I already know 99% of the stuff you need to learn with them so I knew he needed it more than me) and he was quite grateful. He then realised he had a microphone somewhere about his house and went to get it. I guarded his sleeping body while he hooked it up and did whatever needed doing to get it to work (involved rebooting windows I think).

After I told him the reason I didn't really need the kit was because I could already research everything, he became quite interested. We got to talking and he had a minor base nearby (as did I) with some supplies in it. I agreed to go to his place and craft some stuff for him.

He also lived out in the mountains with a bunch of other people, which was his more remote base. He'd only had the day for 4 days and they took him under their wing. I don't think they had been playing for long either, because they couldn't craft the sniper gun or any of the cool explosive shit. He said he would take me there to craft stuff but...I didn't even let him finish and said don't worry man, I know how it is.

Just as we were parting ways, I told him I was off to go robbing people's shacks. And turned round to one with a wooden door and said you know who this belongs to? It was his. I said I won't bust that open then...and he didn't even realise that wooden doors could be broken with melee tools. He perked up at this news and we then went around smashing in wooden doors and looting shit until we had m4's and shotguns, and a couple of grenades. Stalked out someone's house and as he left it opened fire. He turned to run back in, and just as he opened the metal door, he got blasted to the floor. Every other door in his base was wooden so we smashed through it and took the stuff we found. Later, someone else did the same to us (well, they got him as he was leaving from my minor base round the corner from his, waiting outside with a shotgun) but the difference here was I had another metal door acting as an airlock so they couldn't get in. I didn't even have a gun with me so I heroically waited till the guy outside got bored and ran off. Which was luckily only after a minute. He didn't have the fire and determination of the Scotsman I had met earlier.

Was nice to meet and cooperate with someone I had only met in the game. And it only took me 350 hours to find a player like that.
>> No. 19586 Anonymous
21st October 2014
Tuesday 11:26 pm
19586 spacer
>> No. 19587 Anonymous
22nd October 2014
Wednesday 12:14 am
19587 spacer
Just a story I got from it.

A friend was really into the game so he had lots of loot. I fresh spawned and found his base, he tells me that him and two other guys are going to raid someone elses base because that someone pissed him off (a whole nother story). So the 4 of us while waiting for nightfall get kitted out. It's a big mission and we don't know what to expect so take lots of ammo, armour, c4 etc.

It starts to get dark and we all set out on our trek to this guys base. Coming over a hill we can just make it out. There's an entrance with a small building, then a path leading to a tower base, and the whole thing is surrounded by spikes. Very well made and looking base.
We find a little glitch over the spikes and get to the base of the tower. Blow the walls and make our way in. But there's nothing fucking in it! We figure the guy bailed (with being threatened a few hours earlier), and we probably just caught some peoples ears with the explosions so decide to get out of there asap.

On our way out, one guy has one C4 left, so he decides to check the building at the entrance. And bloody bingo, it's full of guns, armour, and lots of other goodies. We start to fill our boots but hear a gunshot... "Who the fuck was that?", "Not me" x3. Next second a storm of bullets start flying at us, we take cover and with it being pitch black can only shoot at where we see the gunfire light come from, which was in many directions. One of our guys fucking legged it ha. But the rest of us stood our ground not wanting to lose all this precious loot. Sadly we got slaughtered.

And that was it! Bloody amazing experience,
>> No. 19588 Anonymous
22nd October 2014
Wednesday 1:35 am
19588 spacer
>with it being pitch black can only shoot at where we see the gunfire light come from
OP here. Next time put your gamma up, you can see in the dark.
I used to not do that, but every chucklefuck does so it's the only way to get a level playing field.
>> No. 19589 Anonymous
23rd October 2014
Thursday 10:39 am
19589 spacer
Not a fan of the new update, no towns kinda ruins it for me.

Also turns my graphics card into an oven for some reason.
>> No. 20480 Anonymous
10th June 2015
Wednesday 8:35 pm
20480 spacer


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