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>> No. 19510 Anonymous
13th September 2014
Saturday 2:14 pm
19510 spacer
So, Destiny.

...anyone get it? I have been doing the rounds on it, feeling it out and trying to decide whether or not to get it, but it appears to be pretty lacking in content for what it was supposed to be.

In State of the Gaming Industry news, it cost 500 million dollars to develop and market and it has only shipped 8 million, across all 4 platforms, when it needs to sell 17 to break even and there are more pre-owned copies than new ones in my local Game. We may see a policy change from the big devs and not for the better, as The Sims 4 has bombed because it is a massive downgrade due to EA ripping the heart of the game and making it an elaborate shop window.
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>> No. 19511 Anonymous
13th September 2014
Saturday 3:41 pm
19511 spacer
The game looks quite pretty, but having not being a part of the Halo franchise, I hardly see how this is any different from the series.
>> No. 19512 Anonymous
13th September 2014
Saturday 4:26 pm
19512 spacer
General opinion so far seems to be that it's perfectly playable and functional, but it does nothing new. It's just another game thet'll be dead in a year.
>> No. 19513 Anonymous
13th September 2014
Saturday 5:07 pm
19513 spacer
Really sad to know this, I get so frustrated when a game universe is created, fleshed out and played in - when only 1% of it is actually seen/interacted with - the rest is interpreted through text and illustrations.
>> No. 19514 Anonymous
13th September 2014
Saturday 6:11 pm
19514 spacer
Then when a sequel comes along that universe is dismantled.

Still mad at Mass Effect for having a whole article about why weapons don't need to be reloaded then in the next games suddenly "heat sinks" appear. It's not even a good explanation and they don't work how you'd expect them to. Not to mention Shepard (who has been dead for a year or two) suddenly knows how to use these weapons which were invented while he was dead as soon as he comes out his death coma.
>> No. 19515 Anonymous
13th September 2014
Saturday 7:10 pm
19515 spacer
Bungie & Activision! Goodness, I shall cradle my copy of Halo: CE and pray all I see is mirage.

In truth, however, the TV ads did give me a bit of a giddy feeling. But I think that was just nostalgia for the Halo franchise, so clearly in the very veins of the thing.


Surely that's a 9.2/10 from IGN then?
>> No. 19516 Anonymous
13th September 2014
Saturday 7:16 pm
19516 spacer
I've played to about level 5 now and yeah, it's not a bad game, but it's nothing like the game I was excited about two years ago. Doesn't feel very open at all. I'm on 360 if anyone wants to get a fireteam together though.
>> No. 19517 Anonymous
13th September 2014
Saturday 7:25 pm
19517 spacer
I watched the Giant Bomb quick look and they said it was very repetitive. The gunplay is fantastic but the mission structure was just awful as it was a case a "go to destination, kill relatively similar factions of enemies, defeat bullet sponge boss, complete objective" with the only variation being hold out missions.

Also they said playing on your own isn't great. I simply don't trust games with online functionality on consoles. There's a huge chance they pretty much have no players after a month. Even with PC game I don't fully trust them.
>> No. 19534 Anonymous
17th September 2014
Wednesday 1:52 am
19534 spacer

I feel that brother.

Mass Effect 1 had such an awesome body of background, and a really quite enticing, if typical, pulpy storyline. There was so much potential to be had in the Mass Effect universe. I genuinely loved exploring the planets, even though they were dull and repetitive, because the background writing and occasional extras you found made it seem alive.

But then it came time for the sequels, and the executive cracked his whip. "Right, well we already got all the guff out of the way, now crank 'em out before CoD hits our sales! You there, stop fucking around with stats and levels and put in more chest high walls! And make Shephard edgier this time!"
>> No. 19539 Anonymous
17th September 2014
Wednesday 12:20 pm
19539 spacer
I thought ME2 was much more fleshed out as a universe. My main complaint was the planet scanning shit, I don't know how anyone could've mistaken that for fun during development.

I did play as "femshep", not sure how much of a difference that makes re: edginess.
>> No. 19546 Anonymous
17th September 2014
Wednesday 7:45 pm
19546 spacer
>> No. 19547 Anonymous
17th September 2014
Wednesday 8:12 pm
19547 spacer
Gimme a shout if you're still up for it.
>> No. 19548 Anonymous
18th September 2014
Thursday 5:00 am
19548 Greetings!
Feel free to join in the fun and fight censorship at 4ch[a]n org /v/ !
>> No. 19549 Anonymous
18th September 2014
Thursday 5:59 am
19549 spacer
Oh boy golly! That really does sound like a whole lotta fun buddy!
>> No. 19550 Anonymous
18th September 2014
Thursday 6:19 am
19550 spacer
/v/ on the other place really is an awful place, even for that site
>> No. 19551 Anonymous
18th September 2014
Thursday 6:57 am
19551 spacer

This gamergate shit is important to the development of vidya, so I hope it's somewhat relevant. At the very least, keep in mind that we'll be looking for new homes if ours becomes intolerable :)

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 19553 Anonymous
18th September 2014
Thursday 5:17 pm
19553 spacer
It's alright. The end game content is fairly MMOish - strikes and raids where 3-6 players do a linear dungeon full of the same few enemies, and fight bosses which can kill you in three or four shots, but which take upwards of 10 minutes to kill due to being bullet sponges. It's fun and all, and the customisation is decent, but the main story campaign is typical console FPS, the co-op is too tedious. The PvP is standard deathmatch/capture the flag/control the points sort of thing, but it's very fun. I think every couple of weeks they're wheeling out updates with new content, so hopefully with long term support it can be tweaked into something better.

It hasn't met the hype at all, but what does these days?
>> No. 19554 Anonymous
18th September 2014
Thursday 5:40 pm
19554 spacer

Kojima will save us.

Is the new content going to pay to play, do you know?
>> No. 19555 Anonymous
18th September 2014
Thursday 6:02 pm
19555 spacer
What a silly question to ask.
>> No. 19556 Anonymous
18th September 2014
Thursday 7:27 pm
19556 spacer
They added a new Raid this week for free, I reckon it's going to be like WoW - frequent addition of raids, dungeons, equipment, etc. But then for the substantial things, like new planets probably, it's paid DLC. There's a season pass out, £35, for two packs. Not buying that though, unless I'm still having fun with the game and there's plenty of content in the expansions.
>> No. 19557 Anonymous
18th September 2014
Thursday 7:28 pm
19557 spacer
Also, I'll add that I'm impressed with how well it runs. I'm playing it on PS3, and it looks rather good and runs very stably considering it's on decade old hardware.
>> No. 19558 Anonymous
19th September 2014
Friday 1:44 am
19558 spacer
I think if they add a proper in game clan system, voice proximity chat (that you can turn off, of course) and/or more useful emotes or the ability to mark enemies, you'd have a much better game on your hands, assuming content is always being added.

Honestly I feel if this had been developed for the PC it would have been the game we all thought it was going to be two years ago.
>> No. 19713 Anonymous
6th January 2015
Tuesday 1:24 am
19713 Almost 500 hours of gameplay.
So aside from work and the occasional monthly pissup, this game is what I have been doing with my time. Destiny on XBL is the only way I can keep in contact with my uni lad mates since I dropped out of education, hence the amount of hours played. Here's a summary of the game.

As you begin the game and familiarise yourself with the mechanics and how everything works, the focus is pointed towards levelling up a number. Your level caps at 20.

During PVE, fighting an enemy one level higher than you will result in you having a 20% debuff to damage done by you and a 20% increase in damage taken, another 20% is added if the enemy is 2 levels higher, and so on. You can't attempt to fight something exceeding 3 levels above yours. Enemies in the game suffer the same consequences if you're higher than them.

You gain large bulks of XP from doing story missions for the first time on a particular difficulty (There's a harder "heroic" difficulty with a slightly larger bulk of XP).

You also get big bulks of XP from doing these "bounties". You can do up to 6 bounties a day given to you by an NPC in the player hub. They're your classic "Kill X of Y enemy", "Complete X mission on Y difficulty" type objective. A grind done for the sake of leveling. It takes around 40 mins to clear these 6 bounties once you're familiar with the game.

You can gain smaller chunks of XP by playing PVP games or replaying "Strikes". A strike is a long level with more content in than your bog standard mission. There's about 7 throughout the whole story I think? These strikes get very fucking repetitive.

The main focus of the game was to get to level 30, the highest level in the game; quite simply because a higher level means an easier time killing enemies. Once at 20 the quickest way to get to 29 is to wear armour that has a stat called light. There are 4 pieces of armour, Boots, Chestpiece, Gauntlets and helmet. To obtain armour that gives your the required amount of light (27 light per piece) you need to grind through either 53 strikes or 105 PVP games, obtaining enough of a currency called "marks" in order to purchase the armour.

Once you've got the armour, you need to level it up by doing your 6 bounties, every day, for about 3 to 4 days.

When you're 29 the only way to get to 30 is to do a "raid", this is the only memorable part of the game. 5 mates and myself attempted to work out how to make it through, we're all designates roles and have to communicate frequently to overcome what feels like an intense situation.

This content loses its charm if you look up a guide to spoil it for yourself. Playing through it for the first time was a great experience. It took 3 hours for me and my mates to play through.

Randomly whenever overcoming a prominent point in the raid (defeating a boss) you will get a loot drop which has the potential to give you gear with enough light to take you to level 30. You only get loot drops during your first playthrough of the raid in a week. There are 4 pieces needed, and you can get duplicates. I got to level 30 on the second month after release, that's 8 raids where I got loot.

DLC has been out since, now there's content that makes a lot of previous game play irrelevant.

You can easily acquire level 31 gear since the DLC. They've broken the game. I'm done with it.

Oh, there's also these tiers of rarity that all guns and armour have, the rarest tier is called "exotic". I was attempting to collect all exotic shit, there's approximately 20 exotic guns that all have there own background story and perks that make them desirable. There are fewer pieces of exotic armour I think, never really bothered with that; the gun play is what you play for.

All in all, for a couple of quid It's definitely worth buying a pre-owned copy, you'll have to post in forums to find people to play with a lot though, other wise you'll be unable to play a lot of the content. It's really multiplayer based.

MMO addicts that enjoy the sociable aspect of games like WoW might like this. FPS nuts will adore the gunplay but burn out once the 5 hour story is over. I say story, the lore is very weak.

The game should've been on PC, I'll only play it again if it gets released on Steam.
>> No. 19714 Anonymous
6th January 2015
Tuesday 1:29 am
19714 spacer

Fuck me I really wrote an essay.

A lot of grammar errors, sorry.
Also, 12 bounties a day, not 6.
>> No. 19715 Anonymous
6th January 2015
Tuesday 2:15 am
19715 spacer
It's an excellent write-up, as a relative beginner to Destiny (level 9) I appreciated it.
>> No. 19716 Anonymous
6th January 2015
Tuesday 2:21 am
19716 spacer
I just loaded it up and done the intro bit and now it's all third person and I have no idea what I'm doing. Just seems like a pretty generic FPS so far. Doesn't help that I get a fucking error code and have to reload it every ten minutes.
>> No. 19717 Anonymous
7th January 2015
Wednesday 2:26 am
19717 spacer
Thanks ladm8

It's definitely worth a bit of time. Don't hold out for a great plot though, I'd just enjoy playing around with the guns in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

If anyone's struggling to find someone to raid with, let me know. Helping hand here.
>> No. 19718 Anonymous
9th January 2015
Friday 5:53 pm
19718 spacer
I (>>19716) have played it a bit more now, pretty heavily today. Level 7 now and it's growing on me, it's an interesting game structurally, not sure if I like certain aspects of it though. There's no explanation as to what you're doing or why, I was pretty bemused for the first two hours and was just following waypoints until I was told to do something else. Quite why I'm going from A to B to A to C to A is still beyond me.

The gameplay itself is really fairly repetitive to be honest, but because I'm pretty early on in the game I can hold on. The enemies aren't particularly different from one another, some just have more health than others. I see no particular difference in all the armour things, they just have a bigger number. Certain weapons are fairly redundant, like the sniper rifle, since there's no opportunity to use it from distance that can't be sorted in other ways (ie. one or two seconds sprinting toward them and then using your main weapon and firing off more shots than you would've been able to with the sniper and then switching.

The fact you have to be online all the time bugs me a bit, since it's not really an MMO. I've done nothing with other players yet, I just see them running around doing their thing.

Destiny was supposed to be a foray into new areas of gaming and a big seller for the next generation of consoles, but fundamentally there's nothing different. I can't for the life of me work out how developers can produce a new game and don't seem to have anyone actually play it before it's released.
>> No. 19719 Anonymous
10th January 2015
Saturday 10:52 am
19719 spacer
What platform?
>> No. 19720 Anonymous
11th January 2015
Sunday 12:09 am
19720 spacer
From level 1 to 20, you're basically playing through the story*. There's quite a variety of enemies I reckon, but a lot of them are quite bullet spongey.

The enemies are split into 4 categories;

Fallen, the bug like things you kill at the start of the game. Found commonly on Earth.

Hive, these consist of magical flying wizards and bug like enemies that are similar to fallen but with a different texture. Found commonly on the moon.

Vex, Terminator type robot enemies. Big ones and small ones. Found on Venus.

Cabal, Fat hairy gorillas, found on Mars.

The sniper becomes very relevant later on. At high level gameplay you're pretty much only going to be using the sniper rifle. But I entirely agree with your point, early on the game doesn't push you into varying at all.

At the start I just focused on playing Crucible (PvP) and completing the story*.

The best part of the game in my opinion are the raids, which is only attemptable if you're a high level. The 10-30 hours of gameplay before that is what I consider grind content now, I enjoyed it the first time.

The game was advertised to be heavily multiplayer focused but most of the time you'll have to go out of your way to find players. Unless you do Strikes, they're longer levels that batch you in with 2 other players roughly the same level.

In a nutshell, I enjoyed shooting cool things. The gunplay is fun on a maxed out character, and when I'm in a dark room with the game audio playing through my astros, it can get quite tense when your health is low and you're being chased by a wizard; at least it was the first time.

Now when I get on all I think of is, "what have I got left to do before the weekly reset?"

Do the Vault of Glass before you give up on the title. Read up on it if you have to.

You're probably going to find a lot of cunts that will bash you for being inexperienced on your first run of the VoG so if you need a player to show you the ropes and you're on an xbox 360 or xbone add "Kai up of tea".

*When I say story, I just want to make it clear that there's very little lore involved, most of the game consists of "go here", "hold this point".
>> No. 19721 Anonymous
11th January 2015
Sunday 12:14 pm
19721 spacer
I'll add you mate, I'm level 20 now after playing it pretty solidly the last two days.

I dunno. It doesn't really grip me like Halo did or Call of Duty 4. I mean, the only thing that's keeping me going is the fact I haven't done it all yet, rather than me playing it for sheer enjoyment.
>> No. 19724 Anonymous
12th January 2015
Monday 1:32 pm
19724 spacer

There's nothing different because it's Phantasy Star Online, but with less distinction between the different character types.

I'm really enjoying playing it, mind, because I loved Phantasy Star Online and nobody else did, but my friends are all getting on board with Destiny because it plays practically identically to a Halo game. As an RPG guy myself, I'm enjoying the looting and whatnot, but the perks that come with the levelling system seem basically moot, since I'm just going out and pulling right trigger regardless.

I would like to see, as you say, some more variety added to the game. It would be nice to get to the point of doing high level strikes and find that certain enemies were basically invincible if you're X class so you need to have one of each in your party.

The only noticeable different between characters being slightly different grenades and super-charged attacks and a different melee animation is bothering me quite a lot.
>> No. 19725 Anonymous
12th January 2015
Monday 2:53 pm
19725 spacer
It plays quite differently to Halo.

I should know, I've logged many thousands of hours on Halo... It's similar in some respects, but it feels quite different.

There aren't any big set pieces like in Halo, which is a shame. It's all quite repetitive in terms of style - there's no big vehicular assaults, no sniper set pieces, no tight, claustophobic parts (I'm thinking the third level from Halo 1 and The Library), there's no epic assaults such as Assault on the Control Room, it's all just short to medium distance skirmishes until you hit a boss character who is just a matter of blasting a thousand times whilst intermittently warding off a wave of Dregs or whatever.

The fact you have to shoot something thousands of times to kill it is really fucking annoying. I did a Vanguard mission earlier with three others and we were there for about three quarters of an hour trying to defeat this single boss enemy - admittedly we did die near the end the first time so had to do it all again, it was just boring though, frankly.

I don't think I'm giving it enough credit though - I have played it a shittonne in the last few days and have enjoyed a lot of it, but it has a lot of issues and they're bugging me.

In terms of Halo the one I played most was Halo 3 for the multiplayer, and it had a simplicity I miss in modern FPS's. Because it was really a matter of having a range of weapons, grenades and quite basic scenery you could end up playing really very in depth and tactically if you had a team. Fewer variables that ultimately, for me, made for a much more engaging experience. I can't see the same happening for Destiny, controlling parts of a map and holding them, prioritising weapons, timing weapon spawns...
>> No. 19726 Anonymous
12th January 2015
Monday 3:33 pm
19726 spacer
>It plays quite differently to Halo.
From the point of view of someone like me who has played a comparatively superficial amount of the Halo series (completed the first, played bits of the rest), the way Destiny plays is more or less indistinguishable from a Halo game. It sounds like you're so close to the series that the differences seem huge, but gameplay-wise it felt the same to me.

(Not meaning to have a dig btw, just offering a different perspective.)
>> No. 19740 Anonymous
19th January 2015
Monday 11:03 am
19740 spacer
I'm at the point now where I'm level 20 and everything is just a grind to get better gear. For the most part it's really fucking boring, but the strikes and that are actually quite fun with mates.

Has anyone managed to do the weekly strike? Hard as fuck.

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