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>> No. 19660 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 12:40 pm
19660 Railroads! vs. Transport Tycoon and War Thunder reviews
Hi .gs, my friends and I are looking for a bit of feedback for our game channel on Youtube. We've recently released two new reviews:
Transport Tycoon vs. Railroads! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEo56FG_xu0
War Thunder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4FOG3C2Kag

Let us know if you like the videos or have any suggestions for the channel, thanks.
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>> No. 19661 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 12:59 pm
19661 spacer
Tried watching the first video. Almost a minute in and no game footage. I think I gave it until a minute after that.
Same with the second video really. Too much arsing about with your mates and not enough actually showing the games. I don't give a fuck whether you played some Commodore game in the 80s, this is meant to be a review of a current game. I think a current game? I hovered over the time bit and scanned through and I saw no game footage.

Before you write me off as being an opinionated arsehole (although I suppose I am one) bear in mind that I am your target audience. I watch quite a few reviews and let's plays on youtube. I play video games every single day of my life, usually for hours at a time.

If you want to do funny little sketches, do a bloody sketch show.

If you want to do videos about video games, for video games fans, then SHOW GAME FOOTAGE and not your ugly mug. Or at the very least, keep your faces in a tiny box in the corner while superimposed over you ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME. I couldn't be fucking arsed to keep watching until you did, so I don't even know if you ever did show any footage of YOU playing the game or just used stock footage.

This all looks like the sort of thing the one show runs, to explain video games to your gran. Yes yes, it's well shot and well produced...but it's fucking bland and boring and not something the target audience will give a shit about.

I wish I had a machine capable of capturing me playing. I wouldn't fuck about like this.
>> No. 19664 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 1:16 pm
19664 spacer
I'll expand on this.

I've so far watched this video for a 53 seconds.


I've seen lots of game footage. I have only heard the reviewers voice, not seen his stupid face. He's done a comparison with a similar game (this one is more geared to realism than World Of Warplanes). Overall, a good 53 seconds, I'll keep watching.

This isn't a TV show. Youtube has a million other channels to switch to. If you don't grab me in the first few seconds, I'm gone. I almost turned off that one because he had that bollocks cut up footage from some old films, but thankfully he kept it short enough, while at the same time talking and leading up to actual game footage at 25 seconds. That's an absolute maximum for today's ADHD addled channel hoppers.
>> No. 19665 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 1:19 pm
19665 spacer
Maybe the OP could try wearing women's slacks?
>> No. 19666 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 1:22 pm
19666 spacer
>let's plays
Have mercy mods, that could actually be a contraction of "let us play".
>> No. 19667 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 1:27 pm
19667 spacer
That is exactly what it is, but those words should be capitalised.
>> No. 19668 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 1:28 pm
19668 spacer
A bit caustically worded, but we appreciate the feedback! There was some concern that we were focusing too much on nostalgia and not enough on the meat of the actual review.

That said we were focusing more on entertainment, but in future we'll probably need to deliver the info in a more punchy format.
>> No. 19669 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 1:33 pm
19669 spacer
>A bit caustically worded
Yeah, I'm a bit grumpy today, sorry.

I was trying to be constructive though. Definitely keep us updated, I'll watch how stuff develops.
>> No. 19670 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 2:46 pm
19670 spacer
It's a bit floopy doopy, RANDUM stuff - not my cup of tea to be honest.
Just show game footage, maybe some references to older stuff, maybe add some interesting behind the scenes facts.
>> No. 19671 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 2:48 pm
19671 spacer
Shouldn't RANDUM have a B on the end?
>> No. 19672 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 4:04 pm
19672 spacer
At what point do you get around to mentioning that Transport Tycoon is fucking boring as fuck?

Don't get me wrong, it's good in lots of ways, but it's definitely the sort of game you play whilst you're doing your homework, like Settlers.
>> No. 19673 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 4:40 pm
19673 spacer
I bet you're some kind of noob that can't even use signals properly.
>> No. 19674 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 4:58 pm
19674 spacer
He probably doesn't even use a patched version, the pleb.
>> No. 19676 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 10:14 pm
19676 spacer
Great feedback, guys.

We do like a bit of floopy doopy and some visual wankery, but you've made me realise perhaps game reviews aren't the place for it.

We did have some ideas for sketches and web shows, so maybe we'll keep it more confined to that.

So far I'm thinking the next 'episode' needs to be punchier, quicker to the point with less fluff, agreed? Any more suggestions?
>> No. 19677 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 10:26 pm
19677 spacer
The presenter is a bit rubbish. The way he narrates is just a bit flat and the stuff he talks about switches between what sounds like reading the back of the CD case out and pointlessly in depth mentions of why the game got removed from Steam or some other rubbish. That's all pretty much irrelevant to the gameplay experience.

I'm pretty impressed by the way the videos are cut, though. Your Premiere guy has potential. Not that the presentation is terrible. But in both cases you're trying to imitate what already exists. Doing a decent job of it, but don't do that, you can't master someone else's style. It's already been done. Explore your own.
>> No. 19678 Anonymous
12th November 2014
Wednesday 11:20 pm
19678 spacer
> We do like a bit of floopy doopy and some visual wankery, but you've made me realise perhaps game reviews aren't the place for it.

(War Thunder Review)
Very much so. Floopy doopy works in let's plays (sort of), but in a review I expect information first, entertainment second (just for reference, I'm the kind of snobby prick that watches the 10 minutes TotalBiscuit spends fawning over FOV sliders because I care about options). I watch game reviews to answer the question "Is it worth my time to play this game?" Floopy doopy witty banter that isn't embedded in information about the game is worthless to me though shame on you for not mentioning Sopwith the game, therefore not feeding my personal nostalgia. In all it seemed almost like a journo trying to expense a day out at a museum by doing a bit about it than a genuine review.

On the plus side the camera work was in keeping with the theme, the sound was good, the elocution of the speaker was very occasioanlly a bit mumbly but otherwise great.

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