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>> No. 19764 Anonymous
30th January 2015
Friday 1:46 pm
19764 Civ V
Got the complete edition during the Steam sale a while back, have to say I'm loving it.

However, I'm only playing on the warlord difficulty and the only way I can win is through sheer domination - can't seem to get the cultural or peaceful means of winning without a massive hassle.

Any .gs'ers play? I was also thinking of starting some massive week long game with a few people, but I have no idea how it would work.
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>> No. 19765 Anonymous
30th January 2015
Friday 7:58 pm
19765 spacer
I think I got civ 5 in that same sale. I like it, but like you I can only win through warfare. On older civ games you could just keep expanding your boarders until other cities were swallowed up. I would be interested in a game.
>> No. 19766 Anonymous
5th February 2015
Thursday 3:46 pm
19766 spacer

I played over 5,000 hours online of Civ 5 and not been defeated since the early days of Brave New World.

Go straight to the coast, get trade ships knocking food back and forth, and production later on for wonders.. gg.
>> No. 19767 Anonymous
5th February 2015
Thursday 7:15 pm
19767 spacer

All the relevant wonders get snapped up fairly fast though, so to faff about settling on a coast right from the start might backfire.

I'm playing Prince difficulty, and I removed the barbarians, the game is much more accessible, them 'barians were a right pain in the arse.
>> No. 20338 Anonymous
15th May 2015
Friday 10:06 am
20338 spacer

I've recently been playing a fair bit of Civ 4 because the only PC in the house is quite out of date and I don't enjoy playing games on my laptop.

Can you not get a space race victory in Civ 5? You need to build the Apollo Program then get the required sciences for the spaceship parts. Normally the space race is my method of victory with any of the Civ games I have played. Even in the good old days of Civ 1 on floppy disk on a 386. Happy days they were.
>> No. 21053 Anonymous
1st November 2015
Sunday 10:45 am
21053 spacer
I'm going to revive this thread in vain hopes of there being any more .gs players.

So since January, I've progressed quite well - I usually play on Emperor with 12 other civs and win through domination.

One thing that really helped me was watching this lad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjS3YPjGERM

He plays on Deity, and just demolishes the A.I's. I've employed some of his tactics and tricks, which have resulted in consistent improvement.

So and regular players?
>> No. 21054 Anonymous
1st November 2015
Sunday 12:07 pm
21054 spacer

It's been a good few months mostly because I played with friends and we just stopped doing it, I try not to play too much on my own because I'm worried I won't have time for the rest of life (although I was playing at a very high difficulty when I was). Now that you've mentioned it again I'll probably end up playing a few games over the week.

The crucial trick I remember to maxing out on high difficulty games was to build wide, cities that only had about 4 population and not be afraid to burn every city you take to the ground (happiness is a real bugger on greater difficulties).

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