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>> No. 20474 Anonymous
9th June 2015
Tuesday 11:46 pm
20474 spacer
Anybody else playing this one?

I picked it up earlier. I'm trying my best to get into it, and I'd read a fair bit beforehand so thought I knew what to expect, but it's even more obnoxiously difficult than I was expecting. The repetition really wears me down.
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>> No. 20475 Anonymous
10th June 2015
Wednesday 2:56 am
20475 spacer
Why can't real life be like this?
>> No. 20476 Anonymous
10th June 2015
Wednesday 1:41 pm
20476 spacer
>it's even more obnoxiously difficult than I was expecting. The repetition really wears me down.
>> No. 20477 Anonymous
10th June 2015
Wednesday 2:29 pm
20477 spacer

My life's exactly like that.
>> No. 20478 Anonymous
10th June 2015
Wednesday 5:22 pm
20478 spacer
Is this some kind of re-skin of Dark Souls II, OP?
>> No. 20479 Anonymous
10th June 2015
Wednesday 6:15 pm
20479 spacer
Basically, yeah. There's no blocking in this one though, and it looks nicer.
>> No. 21427 Anonymous
21st February 2016
Sunday 1:04 am
21427 spacer
I think I'm finally done with it. Finished a 1-shot NG+ run, no death with no NPC/co-op support for bosses.

It's weird that a game that I didn't like for so many hours wormed its way into becoming my favourite game of last year.

I do wish there was a PC version, but I'm guessing a PS4 emulator isn't going to be a thing any time soon.
>> No. 21428 Anonymous
21st February 2016
Sunday 12:14 pm
21428 spacer
I felt the same way. After my first playthrough, I was very disappointed with it. Less customisation and flexibility than the Souls games, felt needlessly difficult at times, progression could be somewhat obtuse, and the latter half of the game was way less interesting than a twisted dreamscape within the nightmares of Lovecraftian horrors ought to be.

Returning to it roughly a year later, I found it a lot more fun. The parrying and dodging was more interesting than my usual Souls style of turtling with a shield, the world felt more coherent and well thought out than DaSII's retarded geography, and its lack of customisation actually results in a game that could better gear its enemies to the main melee playstyle instead of allowing cheap tactics like spamming Soul Arrows and shit. It also encouraged me to replay the Souls game as a more dodge focused character, not using shields as a crutch. The story is still retarded and the second half of the game is disappointing, and chalice dungeons are dull as fuck.

Probably 6/10 for my first playthrough, but a decent 9/10 when reevaluating it.
>> No. 21430 Anonymous
21st February 2016
Sunday 6:42 pm
21430 spacer
>The story is still retarded
I won't argue that the story is great but the storytelling is refreshingly different to most games - you really do have to piece it together yourself and there's a lot to dig into if you take the time.

>the second half of the game is disappointing
Yeah, it is. Micolash is a particular low point - a boss that alternates between running away from you and being a curiously dull melee fight, with a fiddly-to-dodge 1HKO in the last phase... it's just not up to the standard of the rest of the game. I do like the final bosses, though, they're well made.

>chalice dungeons are dull as fuck.
They add a little replayability and depth to the game but not much; they're kind of a disappointment given the premise. My guess is that they functioned as a dumping ground for content that had been mostly made but didn't fit anywhere else in the game, bosses like the Undead Giant, whose hitboxes are all fucked up, basically unfinished. They also scale weirdly - if you do them during NG then you'll be overlevelled for the main game, but if you wait until NG+ then all but the hardest are boringly easy. I think if they'd been set to unlock at NG+ and scaled appropriately they could've been a better fit and extended the game in a more satisfying manner.

Overall though the narrower focus on one mode of combat definitely resulted in a sharper, more solid game, and I like it more than any of the other Souls games by quite a margin. It'll be interesting to see how DS3 turns out, I'd guess they've got real money behind them these days after the success of Bloodborne and the various ports of SotFS. Not long to wait now, anyway.
>> No. 21519 Anonymous
16th March 2016
Wednesday 1:36 pm
21519 spacer

Can this be the Souls thread?

I've had a hankering for some more Souls in the run up to DS3 coming out next month, and this Salt and Sanctuary came out the other day. It's being called "2D Dark Souls" and while that's accurate I'd say it's been a bit softer and less opaque than DS so far, it feels like it's got some Symphony of the Night mixed in there (there's even a whip ability tree which I'm kind of tempted to go down).

I'm too early in to really tell how good it is, but it seems like it's alright at least. I'm not a huge fan of the floppy player character designs, that's my only criticism so far. Apparently it's a signature of the developer but I don't really give a shit about that, it looks out of place in the gloomy world they've made, which looks fantastic.
>> No. 21520 Anonymous
17th March 2016
Thursday 11:41 pm
21520 spacer
It is a lot of fun, though I agree that the human designs are not great, especially compared to the aesthetic of everything else. Has a few mechanics that should have been explained better (like Sanctuary villager limits, changing the creed of a sanctuary). Very impressive game though. It is pretty much a perfect translation of Dark Souls gameplay to the 2D platformer genre, albeit quite a bit easier. If the art style was just a tad gloomier, it could easily pass as an official spin off, what with it having an almost identical UI to an actual Souls game.
>> No. 21554 Anonymous
12th April 2016
Tuesday 7:42 am
21554 spacer
>I think I'm finally done with it.
Ended up doing a no-HUD run, but otherwise I'm done.

After an hour of DS3 I'm pretty sure I know what's going to take its place.
>> No. 21555 Anonymous
13th April 2016
Wednesday 9:54 am
21555 spacer
30 hours in and DS3 is my favourite of the Souls-likes by far. Challenging but without too many bullshit gimmicks (though one of the bosses stands out as having a particularly obnoxious gimmick to the fight). Made me realise how much I hated the amount of health Bloodborne bosses had, it didn't make them more challenging particularly, just dragged things out unnecessarily long.
>> No. 21556 Anonymous
14th April 2016
Thursday 12:43 pm
21556 spacer
Hmm. I'm at Profane Capital and while generally I'm pretty happy with it, I've got some reservations.

It's definitely the most polished of the bunch and I've enjoyed most of what I've played so far, but it's also the fifth (including Bloodborne) and I'm wondering if the gameplay formula is starting to run its course for me. The last quarter or so of each game all felt like a bit of a chore, at least on the first playthrough (I never finished DeS to be fair but I've heard it's the worst of the lot in terms of end-game grind) so I have a feeling the remainder of this one is really going to test my patience.

It's significantly more linear in progression than the others. DeS basically lets you go where you want right from the outset, by comparison DS3 has been one straight line so far. This is nice in that I've had very little of that "I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing right now" feeling (which is a pretty significant chunk of the first ten+ hours for all the others), but the flip side of this is that I don't get the same feeling that I'm adventuring and exploring a world.

I also think it's a good thing that this is supposed to be the last Dark Souls game as thematically From are done here, it's the fourth game where I've fought through their fantasy-medieval castle/forest/swamp/etc. and while I've stopped just to admire the view on a good few occasions in DS3 so far, these locations are wearing thin. The game is absolutely beautiful, don't get me wrong, and the attention to detail in the environments is outstanding, but the feeling that I've been here before has been a little too strong at times.

As it happens I'm off on holiday for a while which is for the best, I'll probably come back and be ready for the rest of it and then play it over and over again for months.

>though one of the bosses stands out as having a particularly obnoxious gimmick to the fight
The only one I struggled with so far was the knight who summons a twin/triplet of himself. The first phase of that fight was absolutely maddening.
>> No. 21557 Anonymous
14th April 2016
Thursday 12:46 pm
21557 spacer
Also I have heard that the console versions are fucked performance-wise, which is pretty disappointing, but I've had no issues on PC - it's just worked and looked great consistently, which is not something I can say for any of the prior games, on any platform.
>> No. 21558 Anonymous
14th April 2016
Thursday 5:18 pm
21558 spacer
I've beat the last boss, and have a few more areas to mop up before going through to New Game+, but there really isn't much branching even later on in the game unfortunately. There's the slight branching at the Boreal Valley, where one branch leads to the Profaned Capital and one Lord Of Cinder, and the other to Anor Londo and another Lord Of Cinder and also at Lothric Castle, with an optional route leading directly to two optional areas, and giving a gesture that allows you to reach another secret area. Definitely the shortest Dark Souls game, though very minimal filler which is a nice change as DaS and DaSII had a few areas that felt very much like padding. I understand why they went for a more linear game though, as one of the main criticisms of DaSII was how unfocused it was. Final boss felt like a suitable conclusion to this thematic arc, and of the boss fights only a couple stand out as gimmicky, and only one of those I would say is actually a bad gimmick (a boss that has like 40000 HP, is resistant to all forms of damage, except for the special attack of one particular weapon that is found in his boss room which does 4000 damage per attack).

I'm hoping, though it's probably hoping in vain, that if they do a sequel it will move away from Medieval western/northern Europe in setting. The greatbow in DaSIII is called the Onislayer instead of the Dragonslayer, so perhaps hints of a more far eastern influence in future games. I wouldn't mind eastern Europe/Balkans/Asia Minor, as those regions tend to be relatively unexplored in gaming. Gameplay I think doesn't need to change much, though I found myself missing the speed of Bloodborne.

I've been playing on PS4, and not had too many performance issues. Little bit of slowdown in a couple of boss fights, but it's only really hindered me against one boss. Overall, very good game, wasn't a disappointment after all the hype, but lacking in much of the series' iconic sense of exploration and accidentally stumbling upon unexpected optional areas.
>> No. 21562 Anonymous
16th April 2016
Saturday 11:43 pm
21562 spacer
>> No. 21563 Anonymous
27th April 2016
Wednesday 4:35 am
21563 spacer
>Final boss felt like a suitable conclusion to this thematic arc
I've just finished it up, the very final boss felt like a joke compared to the twins. I spent at least 3 fucking hours on them* but battered the cinder fella first time; I was standing there just confused when he dropped after a couple of rounds. Mechanically, at least, it didn't really feel like a suitable conclusion for me. I'll probably dig properly into the lore/NPC quests on the next playthrough, if I get around to one, because to be honest I don't have a clue what's going on.

*(side note: I really disliked the Walk of Shame on that one, it was too long and packing a large number of finicky enemies in front of a difficult boss fight swings over from "challenging" to "frustrating as fuck", IMO. The layout with the barriers and so on seemed to be a nice little nod to the Boletarian Palace from the very start of DeS, which is cool from a cyclical perspective, but the stupidly long elevator and the knights at the top were unnecessary.)

I've had a few cracks at dragon rider, getting the dragon down is easy enough but the rider is a right bastard. I've got very little in the way of lightning res (don't have the str/vit for the 95% light shield) and when I screw up and his attacks connect he's damn near one-shotting me. He's the only remaining boss and I solo'd all the rest so I'd really like to get him put away, but I'm not sure if I've got the patience for it. Anyone else made any progress with him?

The feeling of being shuffled from set piece to set piece was really quite disappointing. Even the minor bits of branching in the late game didn't really make any odds.

I'm still puzzled that From haven't implemented proper equipment comparison in their menu. There's room for it and I want to know the actual numbers rather than just "red" or "green". It's a minor thing but it's such an obvious improvement that I can't imagine why it's not there.

On a more positive note, they seem to have finally got their tech together, at least on the PC, which is all I can speak for. I had no problems from start to finish, which was a welcome change, and the game looked consistently amazing throughout. The combat was much improved on the previous Souls games (though I also preferred Bloodborne's speed, I can appreciate the balancing act they had to do to keep the Souls fans happy). And apparently they finally got the message that their engine is crap for tricky platforming - no Blighttown/Gutter/Valley of the Defilement, thank fuck. With some minor exceptions, it felt like the game respected your time more than previous entries, which I guess has been a constant progression through the series.

>I wouldn't mind eastern Europe/Balkans/Asia Minor, as those regions tend to be relatively unexplored in gaming.
You've got my vote, that could be fantastic.
>> No. 21564 Anonymous
27th April 2016
Wednesday 11:28 am
21564 spacer
Anyone who is a fan of the Souls games and has a PS4 with PS Plus, the Nioh alpha demo is available as of yesterday until the 5th of May. Played a few hours, as it's quite a substantial demo, but reckon it's pretty promising. Basically Dark Souls set in Japan, and because it's developed by Team Ninja it's a lot more fast paced and combo based. A few too many mechanics which are needlessly complex for the demo (but I imagine becoming clearer in the full game), but definitely worth playing.
>> No. 21567 Anonymous
30th April 2016
Saturday 11:51 am
21567 spacer
Just a heads up for anyone playing DS3 - right now, poise does literally nothing. The boolean for it is apparently turned off, on all platforms (on PC people have edited the game to turn it back on and it appears to work as it should). So there's not much point in pumping Vit for super heavy armour, and items like the wolf ring that have +poise are completely useless, unless this gets changed.
>> No. 21578 Anonymous
4th May 2016
Wednesday 9:50 pm
21578 spacer

With regards to that walk of shame, did you know there's an elevator that leads up to the area right in front of the doors to the princes? Avoids all the enemies out front. You have to activate it from the top and it takes you down to the area in front of the dragonslayers bridge. There's also a little secret related to it that gave me a giggle when I accidentally found it.
>> No. 21580 Anonymous
5th May 2016
Thursday 1:14 am
21580 spacer
... No. I did not. There's a fucking titanite slab there too which I expect made you giggle. Dunno how I missed this, I always check around boss areas for shortcuts, especially if the run up is feeling too long. Grr.

I've been playing Dark Souls 1 again and that wow, it puts my moaning about walks of shame back into perspective. It also looks surprisingly nice with dsfix and all the graphics gubbins turned up to max, it's held up well visually. Movement and combat feel very clunky after Bloodborne and DS3 though, in that respect I don't think it's aged well at all. I've only got a few more bosses to go, anyway. Then I think I'll have a final grudgefuck with Demon's Souls, get that one put away, and after that surely I'll be done with these fucking weird love/hate games. I dislike a lot of the game design choices in them, but they're strangely compelling nonetheless.

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