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>> No. 20667 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 4:53 am
20667 spacer
Anyone ever played Don't Starve? They've brought out a co-op version called Don't Starve Together. It's pretty good, anyone fancy a game? Say a time and I'll throw up a server.
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>> No. 20668 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 11:38 am
20668 spacer
We discussed it in the roguelike thread, one lad said he thought it was boringly repetitive and I agreed when I tried it. I could imagine co-op making it quite fun, oddly enough, but I'm not buying it to find out, sorry.
>> No. 20669 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 12:04 pm
20669 spacer

Just from the title this sounds like a game about working-class survival in Cameron's Britain that a mildly stoned Charlie Brooker might make while he was recovering from the flu. I really hope it's that.
>> No. 20670 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 12:37 pm
20670 spacer
Does anyone know how to gain enough strength and stamina to defeat the JobCentre heavies? I had resolved early on that I'd violently resist any benefit sanctions given to me but by the time my JSA advisor grew tired of my excuses I'd become too hungry and weak to resist. The heavies are easily able to pin me down until the police arrive. Do I really have to steal some protein bars or something?
>> No. 20671 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 1:48 pm
20671 spacer
You need to seek out dodgy Dealer Dave who hangs out around Spar at midnight for some special Soap bar, which allows you to mess with time & space.
>> No. 20672 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 3:53 pm
20672 spacer

Don't forget the mini-game in the Spar itself doing the weekly shop where you have to complete a series of puzzles such as working out if a 3 for 2 deal on Birdseye fish fingers is actually better value than Spar own brand and which of the badly-labeled beers are in the "any three for a fiver" offer, all while keeping a running total in your head so you don't get overdrawn and hit with fines by your bank.

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