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>> No. 20789 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 2:48 am
20789 spacer
Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo, has died. Aged 55 of a preventable cancer, pretty scary stuff.

He was a truly great games developer, but didn't get involved in the development of games very often nowadays, being the CEO, but when he did they were great. He worked on Super Mario Sunshine as well as LoZ The Wind Waker and Metroid Prime.

He wasn't a celebrity outside of gaming circles in the same way Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were outside their own respective fields, but by rights he should have been. The man was a true prodigy of video game programming and has accomplished feats that would make John Carmack blush. He single handedly coded the game Earthbound from scratch after a team of devs couldn't pull it together and make it work. He coded Pokemon Gold so well and so efficiently it allowed the Gamefreak team to add the region from the Red and Blue into the game as well on the same sized cartridge. His accomplishments aren't sexy or sensational, but they were great nonetheless and his death is a massive loss to the industry.

Rest in Peace, m8.
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>> No. 20790 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 9:43 am
20790 spacer
He made childhood with only 3mb.

RIP you magnificent bastard.

>> No. 20791 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 11:49 am
20791 spacer
I always liked Iwata. RIP.
>> No. 20792 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 12:46 pm
20792 spacer
Wasn't he always popping up in quirky videos and stuff along with Miyamoto? When a chief exec does stuff like that you know they have a passion for the business.
>> No. 20794 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 2:31 pm
20794 spacer
>preventable cancer
Pardon my ignorance, but how exactly is it preventable? He did have the surgery. Did he delay treatment?
>> No. 20796 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 6:10 pm
20796 spacer

Yeah, this nintendo's E3 was all done via puppets and they got a lot of flack for their E3 stuff, actually the last thing he did publicly was apologise to fans for this years presentation.

I guess I see the reason behind the puppets now.

>> No. 20797 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 6:27 pm
20797 spacer
Are you telling me that Earthbound has only one programmer?
>> No. 20799 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 6:52 pm
20799 spacer

If I remember correctly the code was a complete mess and it wasn't going to be released but he said screw that and unfucked it on his own.
>> No. 20800 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 7:01 pm
20800 spacer
Not really. His team unfucked a project that had been in development for four years, and it took them a year to do so.

(This sort of thing has not been that uncommon an occurrence in the games industry, with all due respect to Iwata and co.)
>> No. 20801 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 7:10 pm
20801 spacer
I wonder what will happen to that puppet. Imagine if they kept on using it in Nintendo Direct.
>> No. 20802 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 8:15 pm
20802 spacer

It will be buried with him.
>> No. 20805 Anonymous
14th July 2015
Tuesday 12:39 am
20805 spacer
Imagine some sort of Halloween Direct where it bursts out.

>> No. 20807 Anonymous
14th July 2015
Tuesday 2:06 am
20807 spacer


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